KMC Fightclub.

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Big Evil
Okay, here's the first match YOU requested..

Advent Children.

In a deep dark alley Spidergirl swings through her webbing then stops and sees a little girl staring blankly at her..

Spidergirl: Are you lost little girl?
Advent Children: No, but your soul is.. o_o
Spidergirl: My soul? Are you one of them crack baby kids from Cypler road?!
Advent Children: No, but your mother snorts cocaine, and has sex with hairy pimps who give her smack for booty.. o_o
Spidergirl: You know nothing about my personal life you little *****, shutup!
Advent Children: I know all your secrets, and so does he. o_o
Spidergirl: Who is "he"?
Advent Children: He is they who is never to be spoken of. o_o
Spidergirl: Who is they never to be spoken of?
Advent Children: He.. o_o
Spidergirl: They is he and--UHH! *Spidergirl kicks the psychotic psychic kid making her go flying into a brick wall*
Advent Children: Psychometabolism keeps my body invunerable and pure. Unlike your soul. o_o *Spidergirl shoots Advent with some webbing, swings her a couple times, then throws her in a dumpster truck and as the truck rides off into the next disposal area, the child is now someone else's headache*
Spidergirl: What a strange person..
Spidergirl: Who the **** are you?!
Michal Moore: I am he..
Spidergirl: WHO THE **** IS HE?! >_<
Michael Moore: He is they who are never to be spoken of..
Spidergirl: But they--but your Michael.. *Spidergirl puts a gun to her head and shoots herself*
Michael Moore: Now if only I could get Bush to do that. Hmm.. she was a cutey.. *As you see Michael Moore pick up Spidergirl and carry her into a shady hotel you hear the music by sirmixalot "bigg butts"*

WINNER: Michael Moore. Or more appropiately, Advent Children.

are you serious...why did you give me such an ugly character.....and i lose!..sigh...


That was still a nice match you know.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.