T2: Alternate Ending

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For those of you who don't know this, there was an alternate ending to T2 which was drastically different from the ending we saw in the threatrical version of the film.

Discuss this alternate ending here and voice your opinion.

If you haven't seen the alternate ending then no fear, the scene can be read below in the text taken from the screenplay of T2. The alternate ending comes just after the T-800 sinks into the liquid lava.

HOLD ON JOHN AND SARAH, watching through the heat ripples as we--



Tilting down reveal that we are in a park, very green. People are casually dressed, having fun. Cycling, reading... children are playing in a playground.

Beyond the line of tree we see the skyline of Washington, D.C., with the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. The skyline is subtly changed, with a lot of new buildings, advanced high-rises.


July 11, 2029

WE BOOM DOWN AND TRACK LATERALLY through a playground in the foreground. Children swinging on swings. Sliding down slides.
Timeless things that 4 decades of technical advancement will not
change. As we track we hear:

August 29th 1997 came and went. Nothing much
happened. Michael Jackson turned forty. There
was no Judgment Day. People went to work as
they always do, laughed, complained, watched
TV, made love.

We pass a jungle gym, neither melted nor burned, but full of kids swinging and yelling raucously. Past it we drop down to see a boy pumping the pedals of a tricycle.

I wanted to run down the street yelling... to
grab them all and say "Every day form this day
is a gift. Use it well!" Instead I got drunk.

STILL TRACKING we come to rest on an elderly woman seated on a bench. It is SARAH, now 64 years old. The world has aged her, but she seems at peace in this moment. She speaks into a microcassette recorder.

That was thirty years ago. But the dark future
which never came still exists for me, and it
always will, like the traces of a dream lingering
in the morning light. And the war against the
machines goes on. Or, to be more precise, the
war against those who build the wrong machines.

There is a man in is forties playing with two small children
nearby. He turns. It is John Connor. Through he has the same stern features in adulthood, there is no eye-patch, no scarring. He is far from the haggard man on grim destiny we saw in the world that might have been. But there is still penetrating intelligence, even wisdom, in his eyes.

John fights the war differently than it was
foretold. Here, on the battlefield of the
Senate, the weapons are common sense... and

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD GIRL runs to her to have her shoelace tied.

Tie me, grandma.

Grandma Sarah smiles. It is the only time we have seen her smile so far. She bends as the little girls puts her foot up on the bench. She ties as we hear:

The luxury of hope was given to me by the
Terminator. Because if a machine can learn
the value of human life... maybe we can too.

Sarah ruffles the kids's hair as she runs off to play with her dad.


Pics of Linda Hamilton preparing for and ultimately filming the alternate ending.

http://tinypic.com/5xsiva http://tinypic.com/5xsj08 http://tinypic.com/5xsj1f

Whoa i never knew about that, nice pick up TFP.

First off, that ending is less emotional than the more open ended finale we saw in the original ending. Thats why its better to stick with that, the intense moment of Arnie being lowered down gets lost in this ending.

We pretty much already know that all has been saved, there really is no point on restating that fact. (although turns out, T3 came along).

So in actual fact, this ending would pretty much contradict the existance of T3 altogether ! Hey suddenly I love this ending !

lol jokes.

LOL i heard about the alternate ending, but never actually seen it or read the script. Big ups to TFP for providing it!

Happy Dance

Personally, it's not a bad ending, but like vrulz said, it sorta kills the emotional ending when the T-800 is lowered into the metal. To me, the original ending is one of the best endings i've seen in a movie, so why tamper with it?

Although i think this alternate ending is available on the special director's cut DVD (am i right?), so it's a nice little "special/extra features" addition to the DVD.

"I now know why you cry, but it is something I can never do..."
This quote/line will forever be embedded in my mind, reminding me of one of the best endings to a great movie i have ever seen. Courtesy of the "lovable" T-800 of T2, lol

True, it'll contradict with the existence of T3, but then again, T3 was a whole big bloody contradiction itself lol big grin

Yea that ending blows. I heard about it when I was reading the screenplay a while ago. It's stupid, the one Cameron chose is much better.

We can be grateful that the best ending was indeed chosen. It has been too often now where I find deleted scenes were in fact much better than some of the included scenes in recent movies.

That ending should have indeed been cut. I wish in the original Terminator release that Cameron would have stuck back in the extra scenes with Lt. Traxler, especially the scene where he realizes that Reese is telling the truth. They did encorporate a lot of deleted scenes in T2, so I wonder why they made them "extras" in T1 and didn't put them back in.

Damn I haven't even seen those T1 deleted scenes....

Is there a T1 special collector's edition DVD? I wanna get it, along with the T2 special edition DVD. I've only got T1 on tape (which i taped off TV a while ago), and the normal T2 DVD, with no extra features or deleted scenes.

Better than nothing, ive got neither, nor on DVD or tape.. nothing.

Haha, yeah, i guess it's much better than nothing, but good movies like T1 and T2 should be kept in pristine condition in DVD format lol

Yo vrulz, we should hold a Terminator movie marathon once i get T1 and T3 on DVD! (altho i'm pretty reluctant on buying T3 lol)

Anyone else wanna venture from your respective countries to Kiwi-Land (ie: New Zealand) and join us? lol stick out tongue

Hey sounds like a plan TMac !

We still have our Star Wars marathon planned too remember :P

U Neek
Originally posted by vvvrulz
Damn I haven't even seen those T1 deleted scenes....

vvvrulz, yo, you are so missing out not seeing the deleted scenes from T1...

There was something that Kyle did near the end of T1 that has always bothered me until I bought T1 on DVD. The scene I'm referring to is when they're making one final escape from Arnie and Kyle is driving a pick up truck type vehicle. Terminator is on a motorbike.

Anyways, Kyle is driving, when all of a sudden Sarah takes a bomb out of a rucksack and gives Kyle the kind of look to say: "We can try getting rid of Terminator with these."

So they switch, Sarah drives and Kyle tries to destroy Terminator with these bombs. That always bothered me cos I thought the expression on Kyle's face at the time said: "Yeah, maybe we can use the bombs to destroy our opponent."

If you watch the deleted scenes from T1, those bombs were actually made to destroy the Cyberdyne factory. It never dawned on me until I saw the deleted scenes, showing Sarah being taken away from the factory in an ambulance after Terminator has been destroyed, that the bombs were actually to be used to destroy the building that the final battle between Sarah and Terminator takes place in.

And of course there's the scene where two tech guys are looking at the microprocessor from the crushed Cyborg...This scene would have laid down the foundations for a second movie for sure. That scene just blew me away man, thinking that these guys were speeding up the judgement day process with this tiny thing they had in their hands.

Connor had looked up Cyberdyne's address in the phone book.

Yeah, you guys should definitly pick up the T1 special edition and T2 Ultimate Edition.

Don't be fooled by the T2 Extreme DVD with the endo-skull on the cover. It has different, more modern special features that discuss the impact T2 has on film-making, but the Ultimate Edition goes into great detail about the making of T2 specificially. It has files on all the weapons used in the movie, how they did each special effect, make up, costumes and everything. It even has specials on how they made T2:3D.

The bonus materials are about as comprehensive as the Lord of the Rings special features, if not more so. I highly recommend it for any Terminator fan.

U Neek
Yes yes, listen to chriscaffee. Ignore T2 Extreme Edition and pick up T2 Special Edition. My favourite thing about T2 Special Edition is the teaser trailer - the BEST teaser trailer in the history of movies (the trailer shows an "Arnold" style Terminator being built).

Thanks U-Neek, ill definately hunt down the Special Edition of T1, those scenes sound like a must-see. Its a mystery why they were left out, they seem to bear great significance to the storyline.

U Neek
Cameron said it was down to screen time that the scenes were cut from Terminator 1...Also, trying to bring Skynet down by destroying Cyberdyne was something that would be explored in the sequel to Terminator...So if T1's deleted scenes had not been cut from the main film, then there would possibly be no T2.

Thank God though that the scenes were cut because in my opinion, T2 set a new standard for how films are made. People talk about George Lucas and his original Star Wars trilogy but for me it's Cameron. He is the perfect Director.

And my bad, it's not T2 special edition, it's T2 Ultimate DVD Edition (2 discs) that you want.

http://tinypic.com/6psqdd http://tinypic.com/6psqqx http://tinypic.com/6psqs8

John Connor

actually a tiny mistake. Michael jackson turned 39 that day.. anyways ya the alternative ending was drastially different. but cameron didnt put it on because he just didnt want to blow out another terminator movie... i mean in his heart there must have been somewhere where he wanted to make another terminator movie

I didnt realise there was an altenative ending.... Im glad it wasnt used!!

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