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Momo anime fan
I love Code lyoko, Cardcaptors, teen titans, Mew mew power, Avatar: the last airbender,zatch bell, And W.i.t.c.h. My favorite colors are blue and yellow ,my best friend likes the same things I do.

Bienvenidos al mundo del KMC welcome2

wave hi

Momo anime fan
My real name is Chandler Meagan Crepeau. Yes I know that is a wierd last name ,but I am French, Irish, and English.What are my favorite characters? well they are Yuna, Rikku, Kairi, Katara, Sakura, Meilin, Madison, Aeilita, Hay Lin, Cornelia, and Corina. Please write back soon for my Final Fantasy X-2 and my favorites. Oh I almost forgot My birthday is May 24, I am a Gemini. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Darth Mantis
Welcome Anime fan

Mew Cherry

Momo anime fan
Hey did any of you see my other 2 posts?

Welcome to KMC!

Momo anime fan
Okay so what is this no one has sent a new reply that I know of, but lots of people read these messages. oh and someone from years ago came back. Do any of you go to Christ the king if you do post yes or no or whatever and put your real name if you do go to Christ the King. The picture I have on this message is to see if any one posts a message like if Jessie posts a message about this probably saying ( Bring it Bubba Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA!). Just making sure.

welcome u can pm me anytime!

Momo anime fan
Okay I have to go right now but post new mesages for both subjects okay. Bye.

Hi I also like code lyoko and teen titians. pizza

Darth Nauj
Welcome big grin


Code; Lyoko, Teen Titans, Mew Mew Power's OK (B careful on the thread, they prefer Tokyo Mew Mew and will eat Mew Mew Power fans allive laughing JK, JK!), Avatar rox my sox, and, ummmmm.......

Welcome 2 KMC forums! Feel free 2 PM me NEtime. big grin

Momo anime fan
Did you read or post anything on my Final Fantasy thread, my code lyoko thread, or my new on my friends 909090898099809( or something like that). If you did tell other people to too!

Would anyone know where to get this Code Lyoko Them Song, I brother is getting upset with me cause I promised him, That I could find it. Darn it looked on ever search engine. Plz help me

Momo anime fan
i found it a long time ago but i found it on google so you could try that and just keep looking at the different websites

u want the theme song? go here. it's a web site made by MerMorgan02 and atb18. >

scroll all the way down, then feel free to select NE of the links.

morgan never told me about her is awesome...

hello embarrasment my name is brigitte. I have a boyfriend aaron. I like code lyoko, fruits basket, teen titans, avatar, mew mew power ok, I guess. And my favorite video games are kingdom hearts and final fantasy and final fantasy 2 embarrasment love bunny

Momo anime fan
I went there the other day and the website didn't have the theme song and i think they mean as an mp3 or something.

hey people code lyoko and teen titans are AWESOME! so is CSI buts thats off subject

hey i forgot to add that avatar is awesome too

so have any of u guys seen the new teen tiatns and code lyoko episodes on TV?

well i have a different version by 'Noam' the original french singer for code lyoko if you want it

Hey and Welcome to the mad house:P

Hiya! I'm Katie! Code:Lyoko ROX MY SOCKS!!!! i like avitar:the last airbender, teen titans, and danny phantom, and pretty much any anime there is!

Does anyone here know how to put the picture things on here?homer

Hey, MerMorgan02, I don 't think you love Code Lyoko as much as I do. I watch it while doing my home work, i know the WHOLE themesong, I have the 1st DVD & i 'm getting the 2nd one for x-mas, i have posters, the trading card game, the book, & my own website.droolio

Hey, does anyone here own any manga? Well, I own Tokyo Mew Mew 1-5, Dranball & Dragonball Z, Naruto, Inuyasha, & Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany others. I also own Cine -manga.gossip

can someone tell me what site i can get the english version of the theme song (not the one that is a direct translation of the french version) the on that is the played in the beggining of each episode in U.S.A.

Momo anime fan
Hi I got the first dvd for christmas along with dn angel books 4 and 5, the dn angel dvds 3 and 4, the second and third naruto books, a code lyoko cinemanga, kingdom hearts cd, and my personal faves are teen titans game boy game, nintendogs, and a nintendo ds.

dragon reaper
yumi's fit

dragon reaper

WHO ALL LIKES TEEN TITANS & CODE LYOKO AS MUCH AS I DO???????????????????????????????????????????????P.M ME!!!!!!PLEAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

River Wild
Welcome to KMC! Happy Dance

Welcome to Kmc Feel free to post in my thread ''K.Diddy's place of Love'' In the Off topic forum

Maya Zurak
Welcome to KMC

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