Star Wars-Bounty Hunter

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(Well, this is my story I ever made...note: this may suck eggs)

Chapter One: The Bounty Hunter

An alien was surrounded by group of bodyguards. Someone was after him and the alien was damn scared. He shivered and shook as if he was vibrator and the body guards were losing its patient. They were inside some of kind of factory, the bodygaurds blocked all the doors so only door that is the entrance and the exit is a door, in a room, front of them. The alien was focusing on the door, shaking. "Im outta here"One of the bodyguard said and yawned. "No no please! I'll double your pay!"The alien begged as the bodyguard laughed and left the room. The bodygaurd payed the price and flew the door. The bodygaurds were alerted and took out their blasters. The alien ran and curled himself in a corner, hoping he live. A small grenade flew and landed in the middle of the BG's(BodyGuard) circle and boom! The bodyguards ran away and fell cause of the explosion. A man wearing blue armor, equipped with two blaster pistols and jetpack entered through the knocked down door. "Knock, knock"The man said said as he twirled his blaster pistols. "ITS HIM!, THE BOUNTY HUNTER!!"The alien cried as he shook fast and screamed. "GET HIM!"One of the bodygaurds yelled as he ran toward the bodygaurd, as he realized he dropped his blaster. But now he didn't care, he was muscular and strong. Bounty Hunter was calm and pointed his pistol toward the gaurd and killed him with a single shot.
He also used his 'gunslinger' move to kill the rest, after that he walked toward the poor alien. "Kevry Keari, dead or alive?"The bounty hunter asked as he stopped front of him. "Alive! PLEASE PLEASE"The alien cried. "As you wish"Bounty Hunter said as he readied to knock him out. "Wait! Who are you?"The alien asked. "Jango Fett"Jango answered as he knocked him out, tied him up, used his Jetpack, then collected his bounty.

(sucks hard doesn' it).

Chapter Two: Another Bounty

Jango's Slave landed on the desert of Tatoonie. "Okay Jango, Ca-Wa San is a dangerous guy, make sure you don't get yourself killed"Boba Fett voice arrived in Jango's helmet. "Have hope for your own father Boba"Jango replied as he strapped his jetpack that had a rocket/missle attatched to it. "Remember, you want him alive not dead"Boba again said. Jango didn't reply, he just put his two blaster pistols in his belt. He got out of Slave and looked around. His blue armor shined and the area was hot. Jango used his jetpack and floated into the air. He flied until he saw line of people walking around. There, he dropped to the ground and checked the area. Some people stared at him and wondered why he was all armored and armed. Jango looked around, walking until he saw one of the thugs of the Ca-Wa San. The bounty hunter walked up to him. The thug was sitting on the chair with other of his friends. The hunter grabbed the thug by the neck and lifted him off the chair. "Who are you?!?"The thug cried as he struggled. "A bounty hunter, wheres Ca-Wa San!"Jango demanded an answer. Other thugs got up and cracked their knuckles. Jango turned toward them and dropped the thug who curled himself in fear. Jango reached his blaster pistols and the thugs ran toward him. Jango pointed his pistol toward one of them and got ready to fire....

Chapter Three: Chasing Ca-Wan San

Jango, using his gunslinger skills with his blaster pistols, he finished off the last one. However, he didn't kill the one he talked to before. He needed to interrogate him. Jango walked toward him and the thug began to run off. Jango jumped and ignited his jetpack then catched up with the thug. He unignited and grabbed him. "Please, don't hurt me!"The thug begged as he struggled to get free. "Wheres Ca-Wa San!"Jango yelled as he shook the thug. "Go to his hut!"Thug cried as he pointed to the hut. "Theres a trapdoor there, it leads to underground where Ca-Wa San makes his busniess!"Thug continued. The bounty hunter turned his head to Ca-Wa San's hut and turned to the thug. Jango headbutted him, knocking him out. The bounty hunter came to the hut, found the trapdoor, and went inside. There he saw Ca-Wa San in his desk, counting the money. He had no thugs thanks to Jango. "You..your that bounty hunter!"Ca-Wa San said getting up. "Ca-Wa San, Dead Or Alive?"Bounty Hunter said, knowing the answer. Ca-Wa San threw a smoke bomb and the bounty hunter was blind for now. After regaining his sight, he saw Ca-Wa San escaping from the trapdoor. He climbed the trapdoor and chased Ca-Wa San. Ca-Wa San climbed into a vehicle and started to fly away. Jango stopped and disappointed that Ca-Wa San didn't put up a fight, instead he flew away. "Boba, get me Slave"Jango said in his communication. "Gotcha!"Boba said as he put the Slave on autopilot. The Slave began to fly toward Tatoonie.

not that bad dude....

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.