Teen titans story PLEase READ!!!

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"hi batman we havent seen you in long while..."cyborg shaking a bit. "Boy are glad to see you..."BB Said relieved. "whats going on?"batman said. "robin is missing! we beleive slade kidnapped him!"starfire said tearfuly.
3 weeks earlyer
"You cant esape robin, no one to save you this time. give up"slade shoves robin against wall in to container , glass ceils up gass starts filling up container. "If you would just join me all of this wouldn't be nessesary." slade continued "I'll.... never join .....you" now stuggling to breathe. "you may wish to rethink that soon.."comented slade smileing under the mask."they will evenullaly turn on you..." .robin started to pass out."good bye robin see ya soon.."
"hugh?"robin woke up"it was only a dream."breathing heavy. walked in to living room "whats going on?is somthing wrong?"robin asked. Star"Robin, your safe,,,where were you last night?" robin suprised"what?" bb"you wernt in the tower last night, robin. you okay"looking at the scared version of robin who quickly recovered."i dont remember ,guys" "well get up to the med lab to check you out!!"cyborg said slightly frantic.
an hour later
"well nothing seems to be wrong you probly were just sleep walking..."
try to assure every one "dont worry rob.."

Two week later
"Robin you ve been acting weird all week! snap out of it!"bb yelled "what are you talking about??"Robin confused "robin you attacked me! You broke the controlers! AND YOU ATE ALL THE WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!" Star " calm down BB " sternly."how can you still stick up for him after.. after he he well you saw him he tried to destroy the tower! Hes been dangerous latly hes out of control!"BB. Cyborg "robin tell us what s going on maby we can help...". RAven " or we have to put you in jail,"."I Dont Know"robin said sadly." WE're ,we're sorry robin"cyborg replied."no i under stand." robin tryed to stay calm.
A day later at the jail
"hello robie poo, HA HA ha... Look at the boy wonder now"comments from his captured foes he tried to block out.

"hello, robin are you ready?"slade said."yes,...,Master."said robin eyes glowing red. "meet are new friend."motions to figure,"hello,robin remember me?OH I see you do"JOKER EXCLAIMS"oh goody"
T Tower
"mesage from the prison robins escaped!"Yelled BB."WHAT?!?"cyborg."well , i geuss it was only a matter of time, when you think a bout it.."raven said fighting tears."NO! this can t be! IT CANT. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING!"star said flowing with tears.
"Well actually there is... THIS was left in his cell...but they couldnt figure it out... "hand it over bb" raven said hopefuly.

2 days later
"i figured it out, oh NO!!"raven excaimed"you've lost your friend, now he my ward, you put up a good fight till now but your to late!"read raven."no slades got him!"star said "we wont lose hope btu what can we do we are no match!"."well we could..."BB stared "no even if we did ask robin would never forgive us."cyborg stated."WE dont have a choice!" raven spat back.
"Hello? Al? we need help"

(please add on!)

Whoa, I'm confused....what happened to Robin? When did they put him in jail? And why the crap is Joker working with Slade? confused blink huh
My brain hurts....i gotta go lie down....

Sucks, sucks, sucks.

Your grammar is an atrocity unto the English language--see my signature for more details--there is no description, almost everything is dialogue, and you complement the preceding with incessant, idiotic tag lines.

i have to admit you need to fix the grammar and narration. And if you wanted people to add on it should've been in the multi-fiction area

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.