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What are some of your guys favorite movies besides Star Wars. My top 5 non-Star Wars are as follows:

1. Chasing Amy
2. The Matrix
3. Indiana Jones trilogy
4. Boondock Saints
5. Mallrats

I like way too many movies to list here....

What about Dogma, JM? smile

1.) Indiana Jones Trilogy
2.) Shawshank Redemption
3.) The Fugitive
4.) Jaws
5.) Braveheart
6.) The Goonies
7.) Batman
8.) Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
9.) Animal House
10.) Forrest Gump
11.) Dumb and Dumber
12.) Willlow
13.) Clear and Preasant Danger
14.) Hook
15.) One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest
16.) A Few Good Men
17.) Ace Ventura
18.) Pulp Fiction
19.) The Matrix
20.) Watership Down(also an incredible book)
21.) The Usual Suspects
22.) Jurassic Park
23.) Rain Man
24.) Happy Gilmore
25.) The Secret of NIMH

Very few American movies make it out here, I have vacationed to New York a couple times every now and then, I will refrain from listing German flicks, so here are my top 5 (American) favs:

1)Jurassic Park
2)The Lost World
5)The Matrix (I saw this movie while it was in the theatres! So intense)

All great movies UBH!!! I didn't like The Lost World as much as the first JP. Jumanji is real cool.

All the movies picked are really good. I also like the Jurassic Park duology, soon to be trilogy, but the books are better, and yes Dim I liked Dogma, and Clerks too, but the other Kevin Smith movis I just like a little better, I like how they always do a little something from Star Wars.

Darth Daft
I like

The Matrix
Indiana Jones Trilogy (and the series)
The Fifth Element
Schindler's List
Saving Private Ryan
Apocolypse Now
Leon (The Professional)
Blade Runner
There's Something about Mary
Austin Powers

There are tons of others, but I can't think of them right now.

The Professional is a great movie, so is Austin powerssmile I forgot about those.

I like how a lot of you like movies that have Star Wars people in them, I do that too. Speaking of which has anyone seen Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor? It was a little gross but I still really liked it, I just forgot to put it on my list.

Darth Daft
Yeah thats a great movie. I reckon that Robert Carlyle would make a great Moff Tarking, he has the right cheek bones.
Other movies I like are

Resevoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
The Faculty
The Shining
From Dusk till Dawn

Might I remind all you literater-haters, that any book is better than the movie, I have seen no exceptions. Also, they are making a Jurassic Park 3??!?!?!?! Please tell me your joking that would be the best!

I agree UBH. All the books that I have read that have been turned into movies; the books were ten times better. And yes, Jurassic Park 3 is on its way to theaters as early as this summer I believe, but there was no book this time. They are bringing back Sam Niel to play Alan Grant but thats all I know.

Don't forget Planet of the Apes.

JP3 is doing a webcast thing from the set in December. TFN had some info on it today infact and a feature at www.movieheadlines.com

Favorite movies in no particular order.

Singing in the Rain
When Harry met Sally
Sleepless in Seatle
Batman (All of them including "and Robin" though it did start getting silly)
The Back to the Future trilogy
Men in Black
Silent Running (Makes me cry when he leaves the robots)
Sliding Doors
Total Recall
Jurrasic Park, wasn't so keen on Lost World though (Books are better)
Top Gun (I feel the need... The need for Speed!!!)
All the Star Treks (Sorry!)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Toy Story 1 & 2
An American Werewolf in London
Tarzan (Disney's)
Rocky Series

Darth Daft
Well apart from Star Trek I must say they are all particularly good movies in my opinion. smile

How about Scream 1 and 3?

Darth Daft
I've only seen the first one and I thought it was okay. I've heard the others aren't as good.

King Jedi
There are too many American movies I like to list here but my favourite British movies are:
1. Trainspotting
2. Brassed Off
3. Shallow Grave
4. Zulu
5. Braveheart (even though it's really American)

I can't stand the Matrix. It's the most overated, pretencious peice of junk I've ever seen. The guys who made that also made Dark City which is the same story but a far, far better movie.

I saw about 75% of Scream on TV the night B4 halloween, missed the beginning but it did look OK. I have heard that they went down hill after that.

The 3rd one was pretty good but the 2nd one was awful.

Maybe I'll have to check them out. One I didn;t include which I saw 3 weeks back, it was release only then in the UK, was Disney's Dinosaur. Absolutely fantatsic movie. Really for kids but had enough action and sispence for the adults as well.

Officially the biggest visual effects movie of all time with over 1500 effects shots apparently.

I know your going to hate me for saying this but I loved The Ninja Turtles Movie.stick out tongue

Okay...some movies I like...(I can't really say favorites..way too many for that)

LA Confiditental
Pulp Fiction
Forbidden Planet
To Kill a Mocking Bird
My Fair Lady
City of Lost Children
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
Clockwork Orange
Dr. StrangeLove
American Beauty
The Truman Show
Being John Malkavich
The Secret of Roan Inish
Blade Runner
You've Got Mail
Apocalypse Now
The Very Thought of You
The Godfather 1&2
Like Chocolate for Water
Mystery Men
Forrest Gump
Sling Blade
The Fugitive
One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest
Breakfast at Tiffany's
African Queen

Okay..that's a few...

Mystery Men?laughing out loud That movie was awful.

Yes..but Ben Stiller was funny...

You like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I don't think you have any room talk laughing out loud

I guess your right.Did you see Meet The Parents? That is one of my top ten favorite movies.

Darth Daft
You have a great taste in movies, Dim. Many of them I like too.

Thanks DD...

EJ, haven't seen Meet the Parents...I haven't really heard anything about it.

You haven't?And Dim,I agree with Daft.You do have great taste.

I agree, Dim made some great choices, here are some more:
Major League(1st only)
Uncle Buck
The Devil's Advocate
Godfather II
All the Jaws
Man on the Moon
Ace Ventura
The Truman Show
Enemy of the State
The Fugitive
Road Trip
Office Space
Dirty Work
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
A Life Less Ordinary
Brassed Off
Eye of the Beholder
Double Jeopardy

I know some of these are dublicates but oh well.

King Jedi
Here are some of the movies I have been most let down by:

1. The Matrix ( stupid and will be forgot in 10 years)
2. The Deer Hunter (the Wedding Scene lasted ONE HOUR!)
3. Godfather 1,2,3 (boring and predictable)
4. Apocalypse Now (Great until the end )

A couple I missed.

The Breakfast Club
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

KJ, how could you not like the Matrix. The special effects are ushering in a new era of visual effects. I guess the story line was predictable but so are all movies, more or less(except ESB of course)

Well, if you compare it to Dark City I don't really like the Matrix either...it's a glossed up ripoff in some ways..Dark City was much more whimsicial..and fresh.

And Dim contiues her ongoing persuit to use the word "whimsicial" as often as possible. smile

whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsy whimsicial whimsy whimsy whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsicial whimsy!!!!!!!! stick out tongue

it's a wonderful word...

King Jedi
Regarding the Matrix, as Luke Skywalker once said "what a peice of junk".

The acting is terrible, the script is worse, the whole look of the film is stolen from Japanese Manga films and what's with the bad guys? Are they supposed to be scary? They look like librarians. I also hated all the super trendy names like Morpheus and Neo. It's a complete joke. The special effects didn't amaze me in any way because they were only there because the story and action was so terrible. The special effects are already being re-produced better in T.V ads and pop videos. In ten years, who is really going to remember the Matrix?
Dim is right about Dark City, it's ten times better than The Matrix.

Darth Daft
I personally thought the Matrix was quite excellent. I haven't seen Dark City, but I'm sure The Matrix still has an original plotline.

You really need to see Dark City DD..there's alot that they ripped
off and then commericalized...you'd be suprised...

Speaking of things being ripped off, has anyone read the Harry
Potter books? I have not read them, but my dad has(he's a Star
Wars fan too) and he says he can't believe the author hasn't
been sued yet. He said she takes things from SW and especially
the Wizard of Oz. I guess thats why there so popular, they take
other stories that people already love and just rework them.

Yeah, it's called formula writing. Terrible idea but they makes
their money so they don't care

As for
the Matrix I have only seen in on a 4 inch screen on the plane
last yaer and I found it very confusing.

King Jedi
If you saw it on a 40ft screen it still wouldn't be any better,
unless you get off on special effects. Someone told me about
Harry Potter as well. Harry was sent to live with his aunt and
uncle when he was a baby to protect him from his destiny. Sound

DD- Here is the basic story of Dark City:<
Aliens have destroyed Earth and so they have created an artificial
world for people to live in so they can control them. But one
man "the chosen one" finds out that the world he's
living in isn't real and so he goes and saves the day. Does that
sound familiar? Why can't anyone make anything origional instead
of ripping other people off?

Darth Daft
Wo, that really does sound exactly the same as the Matrix. And
while on Harry Potter, I've only read the first book, but I don'
t think it rips off Star Wars that much. The foster parents he
lives with are evil and hate him, unlike Owen and Beru. And the
main bad guy isn't his father either, that's for sure.

King Jedi
I heard that the villan was a relative.
Is anyone looking forward to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I'm not. From what I've seen on the net it doesn't look that good and I don't really like any of the actors in it apart from Christopher Lee, but that's only because he is in Ep2.

Actually I think all stories fall under 6 archetypes...But I don't remember what they are so don't ask me. My point is that there is going to be a bit of a similarity with stories but what I hate is when they copy the details and visuals.

King Jedi
I think re-making your own movie like they did with Dark City and the Matrix is worse than stealing an idea from someone else.

Yeah, I agree, that was a blantant rip.

Darth Daft
I've only read the first book of the LOTR trilogy so I'm looking forward to the first film. I'll have to read the others too.

I am totally looking forward to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Those are some great books. Some movies I love that you guys reminded me of:

Pulp Fiction
LA Confidential
Resevior Dogs
American Beauty
Crimes and Misdemeanors

I acyuallt found that Jurassic Park the movie was more effevtive then the book. Despite how wonderfully well-writen, scientific and detailed it was the movie enchanted to whole country and let us realistically see these dinosaurs. It left millions breathless and brought fame to Michael Crighton, for those reasons I have JP as one of the few movies that if not better then the book was more meaningful.

Ratcat, a great book was Watership Down, written by English author Richard Adams. If you want your kids to see a movie you can love to(steer 'em away from Pokemon) rent the animated version of Watership Down. A great movie, for like 6/7 and up.

Some of my favorite movies are Cujo and freddy vs jason.

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