Essential Gamecube Games?

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I just bought my Gamecube... I have Metroid Prime and Zelda: TWW, but what other games should I get? I've never been a fan of Resident Evil (Partly because zombies scare the crap out of me, and I can't get rated M games), but what else that is Gamecube exclusive should I get? Preferably cheap games... my wallet isn't that thick. Unless you count the cobwebs.

Red Superfly




DDR MarioMix when it comes out.

Well, let me see.

Mario Sunshine was great,

Metroid Prime I and II were also great.

Super Smash Bros: Melee is amazing

Soul Calibur is a good game

Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader was great

Mario kart Double Dash was also great.

Red Superfly
Yes Star Wars Rogue Leader is a great buy.

should be able to pick up jedi outcast cheap...and get the rogue squadron games too

x-men legands is good also

Phoenix Aska
for GC it's hard to say..because it has games that came out for other platforms too but...

i'd say the top like 5 would be

Resident Evil 4
Super Smash Bros melee
Mario Sunshine
Soul Calibur 2
Tales of Symphonia

other games would be

fire emblem
custom robo
starfox adventures
metroid prime
the legend of zelda the windwaker
viewtiful joe

Tales of Symphonia is probably the best Gamecube game.

that game is good

You should definitely get Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Even if you have no one else to play with, it's still fun to play.

Maybe you could get Viewtiful Joe 1 or 2. They are awesome games and each are under $20.

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Eternal darkness.

Baten Kaitos is really really good.
And the graphics look good too, even thought the only cinematics are in the oppening credits, the ingame graphics are nice.
They say it may be the best looking game on the Gamecube.

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