Hydroman & Namor vs Thor

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Quick Freeze
whe submerged in water namor can become as strong as the hulk. however if he is away for too long he becomes weaker. how will he fare againsth the mighty thor with someone who can constantly regenerate him.

The Mighty Thor will whip up a handy portal to Dimension X and kick Namor into it.

Jobs a good'un. smile

Thor is too strong and too powerful for Namor and Hydroman...plus Hydroman doesn't need to be in this fight...he is useless against the Mighty Thor!

Solidus Snake
hed electrocute them all and then throw them into the sun.

Hydroman is a non factor. Really did he ever do something that made someone go " woa!!" ?

Bettwen Namor and Thor the big T wins, hes better practically at everything except swimming with green shorts shifty

Blair Wind
i dont think he meant that Hydroman was actually fighting (i could be wrong) I thought it was that he refreshes Namor so its like he was still in water....idk....

Dark Thor
thor can strike the 2 hydro guys with lightning from his control over weather elements

I think Blair Wind had a good point...HydroMan will be like the water boy...hahahah eek!

* watches again* Oh wait if hydro is just to keep namor charger thats another thing...

..well not really. Thor will have alot more of a workout but Hes still the best of Namor physically and faster. Not to mention the hammer.

If Subes takes the fight underwater maybe...thats how his two wins against the Hulk happened. Otherwise hes down

Its been said that Namor and Thor fought a couple of times before. The fights werent to the finish however. Im still trying to find the comics though.

Namor has also said to be in the same power league as Hulk and Thor.

I know Namor and Hercules fough quite alot. Dont recall many fights between him and Thor (then again i dont read aeverything wink

If you manage to track them, tell how they went.

And yes namor is in the same league as herc/Hulk/thor/current She_hulk physically speaking. But that is when he is wet. Thats why i said that underwater its his game.

Out of it more likely Thor.

Quick Freeze
hydroman is there to ensue that namor is at his peak at all times. namor at his peak IS at Thor/Hulk level with out a doubt, he almost beat silver surfer. i have the defenders issues where they say it. i think if namor is smart he can find a way to use his advantages and defeat thor.

plus hydroman is unkillable because he can just put is evaporated particles back together.

So Thor needs to get rid of Hydro first before continuing his fight with Namor...after that it's over!!

Solidus Snake
hit namor wid lightning and telepot him into an active volcano

Hydro can be evaporated. Doesnt spidey usually beats him that way? Thor has the tools to do that.

Namor will held is own pretty well until the water element is a play in the game. Without it Thor will eventually will....sooner or later.

Knwoing Namor it will probably be later wink

same strength level maybe, but deffinitely not the hand to hand combat skills. thor would beat namor even without mjolnir

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