super race

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silver surfer vs kingdom come flash vs gladitor. the winner gets a lifetime worth of droolio waffles....

flash, SS, gladiator......

Blair Wind
waffles?? laughing

I'd race for waffles.

Anywho, I think Flash would finish the race before he started running.

Flash wins. I dont know who is faster between Surfer and Glads. It doesnt matter though. Flash eats all the waffles.

Flash is so fast he can beat himself in a race. He wins.

Solidus Snake
flash. any day

flash wins and before they can even think about thinking he runs to the end of the galaxy a million times destroys the empire of Gladiator's origin (forgot the name at the moment) and then gives him that radiation. and as well he kills every single one of the people on Norrin's home planet and puts a billion boston cream pies infront of his face.

is this just a pure race? can they cheat?

how fast is Kingdom Come flash?

Kingdom Come Flash is one with the Speed Force, and he's pretty much everywhere at the same time, if that gives you an idea.

long pig
So, he's basically Makkari?
Makkari<sp?> attained the highest amount of speed possible, he was 100% speed. Makkari can become speed and be everywhere at once and all that jazz.

ya but flash is not bond by one demesion or unevirse.when his every where his every where. he was able to pull an old man from the specters relm

Solidus Snake
yea....that was awesome.....he shocked everyone

Who is Makkari and what is he from? I keep hearing about him.

maggnus's son quick silver he is to fast and he can think faster then a super computer

^ Quicksilver is no where near the level of these guys in speed. Hes barely faster than Northstar. Both of whom are still in the low mach categories.

actauly north star is 99% light speed

^ It was said that he CAN go 99% the speed of light. Hes never gone that fast. At least not that i know of.

actauly he has. aura his sister done it a good amount of times. any faster then that and they would die

flash is so fast he will eat teh waffles then win the race...backwards

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