Magneto vs Adam Warlock

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Feeble Force
Who wins?

What to choose what to choose.....

Should Warlock just suck out his soul? Blast him into dust? or just rape his mind?

Yeah, Adam is too versatile and powerful. Even if Mags brings his A-game, he can't beat Adam. Magneto is knocking at the door of being a cosmic-level being, but he isn't there yet. Pretty much anything or anyone cosmic would whup the crap out of him.


Adam is powerful, but his durability is a big question mark. He's been put down by the likes of Spider-Man. Classic Magneto loses badly, but new Magneto wins 6/10. If Doom could get a knockout on Warlock, then Magneto can DEFINITELY do it. Of course, of Warlock goes for the soul suck right away (which he never does), he wins every time.

long pig
demi....c'mon now.

Warlock's durability is immense, he's taken hits from Galactus with no shield, taken super novas with no effect, been punched by people with power gem with no effect.
His durability is as good as superman's, if not better.

Magneto has no chance, ever. Warlock is his superior in everything.

Warlock 10/10

Would Magneto survive this?

Could Magneto punk Mephisto?


Adam is an enigma... His power wanes because of the vampiric tendencies of the soul gem. Adams base powers are greatly diminished because the soul gem keeps sucking the juice out of him. But the soul gem has it's own special powers it endows Adam with.

He also possesses his Karmic Staff:

These are powers that he has, but aren't classified into a bio, and is only seen in his comics:

Warlock Wins...

Lord S
Amen, Sentry! thumb up

Warlock is on another level compared to Maggie...he is slowly becoming one of my favourite characters.

Cosmic Flame
Slowly, Lord S? Warlock totally rocks. He's definitely one of my fave 5.

long pig
Warlock has always been ownage.

He's in my top five as well.

I mean seriously.......He's standing eye to eye with Galactus, and Galactus says "Galactus does not heed the words of insects, even gold ones" and Adam says: "Then Galactus is a fool" right to his face!

arghhhhh -explodes from all the ownage-


Heh, didn't see that pic of what I quoted at the top, it didn't load the first time. I was close!

Sweet Debate but Warlock take this mann
The Soul Gem Hurt Champion (Who had the power Gem)
In the Durability department what protection does Mags have against the power of the soul Gem

long pig
I always wondered if Strange could take Adam.

'I always wondered if Strange could take Adam'

Good Question Dude wink

Could Strange beat Mags????????

long pig
Only way Mags could beat Strange would be if it was in a game of poker......and Strange wasn't playing.

'Only way Mags could beat Strange would be if it was in a game of poker......and Strange wasn't playing'
hahah well funny

I know little about strang can you tell me more ???????????????

K Von Doom
Warlock is outside the influence of Order and Chaos - which is probably why he was able to reform instantly after Galactus disintegrated him.

Mags and Strange fought to a draw. Mags reasoned that mystical power is simply unstudied science but ultimately still yielded to the same basic principles as everything else. It actually worked.

Warlock seems to have uneven showings. The pics you posted are impressive, and difficult to reconcile with his low showings against Doom, Spider-Man and others. At his best, he takes this. But the Warlock I've seen loses.

K Von Doom
Warlock was likely weakened in his fight against Kang so Doom was able to take him out with one blast. Doom was able to use his armor's guidance systems to track, predict and evade magical bolts so it's likely that what Magneto was saying to Strange is true.

long pig
When did Magneto fight Strange to a draw?
Got an issue #?

It was an issue of Defenders when they first encountered each other. Somewhere in the teens. Their second battle I read in an I, Magneto reprint. That was where he talked about his analysis of magic still being based on physical laws, though being unknown.

Warlock having a close battle with Kang is also something that leads me to believe that he's inconsistent. Kang was recently beaten by the Young Avengers, who only two issues ago were beaten by street thugs. Kang was also beaten by Captain America.

My analysis - Warlock at his best owns Magneto. But I rarely see that Warlock, and thus won't give Warlock more than 6/10 against him. Certainly not 10/10.

Worklock takes this

Soul Gem? anyone?

yeah, Warlock dominates this one

Warlock wins.

Warlock murders him. Only mutants that have been given cosmic status or to mentioned to be in cosmic class are X-Man, God-like Cable, Franklin Richards and Apocalypse, and Phonix if we count it of course.

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