WB Announces JLA RPG

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WB Announces JLA RPG
After selling the rights to an MMO based on the comic series, Warner Bros. announces an RPG based on the DC Comics franchise is in development.
By Eduardo Vasconcellos | July 7, 2005

According to Gamespot.com, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has announced that an RPG based on the Justice League of America is currently in production.

Since its debut in 1960, JLA has seen various comic book series and has spawned various animated series including the Super Friends and the current Justice League Unlimited shown on Cartoon Network.

Despite the developer not being revealed, Warner Bros did comment on a few details of the game, including a partial roster of Justice Leaguers, including the legendary core team including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash and Martian Manhunter. Each member of the League will have individual powers and fighting styles. Players will also be able to customize the heroes as they progress through the game.

The JLA RPG is expected to be released in the fall of 2006 for the PS2 and Xbox.

I have been hanging for a JL game and a Batman RPG for ages. Now we get both in one. rolling on floor laughing

It wil blow, but people will eat it up because it will have famous avatars.

EvilCap America
Happy Dance

Im SO there especially if anything Titans or anything JSA related works its way in.Hell Aquaman alone is worth the price of admission

If it is anything like the Marvel RPG on Runaways #1, I am so going to buy it.

If it is something where you create your own, unique hero, why do we need it, we already have City Of Heroes.

And besides, SOE is in it. After Star War Galaxies, I refuse to touch anything that has SOE on it.

And I already made an thread about this.erm

Edit: Wait...I just realized that this is not about the DC MMORPG they are making...sorry. embarrasment

Well, I might buy this game if it is good.

Sounds cool.

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