Final Fantasy VIII-Good or Bad?

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What do you think?

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I hated it dreadful
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I liked it... but this is the wrong section... smile

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yeah, sorry buddy, but this forum is for sci fi or fantasy movies only.



best one was 7, most challanging

I just recently played thru 8 a couple of weeks ago, and my initial impressions I had when I first played thru it 4 years ago were still their, disappointment.

The game is simply not cut out for the massive storyline, they didn't take the necessary time to develop the relationship between Rinoa and Squall, the characters, or the story. Everything felt rushed in the game, partly because it seemed that the game was too preoccupied with having action and fighting rather then good story telling.

It's the worst FF game in the series, I think.

Gen. Grievous
I enjoyed it, not the best FF game ever but it was enjoyable. My squall had his best weapon in disk one and was doing an enormous amount of damage and Rinoa is hot so thats another reason.

It's not really a "bad" game, but compared to other FF games it really fell short, it's still fun to play, though the draw system was really poorly intigrated, way to redundant and time consuming.

Neo_Version 7
Squall was awesome. yes

I liked that boxing guy too. laughing out loud

I liked the characters.

I hated the story.

I kinda liked the battle system.

I HATED spending hours just to draw magic for ONE spell.

I loved the GFs.

I HATED the GFs after seeing the summon sequences again and again.

I liked FF8. Not as much as 7, but it was good. The gunblade was pretty cool, but the story was a little "eh". I liked the draw system a little, but it did get a bit annoying.

It was the first FF game I played and I loved it. The characters have depth, the story was different, visually appealing, and there was always something in game to play, be it perfecting your GFs, junctioning your chars to suit the battle, defeating Omega weapon - or the card game and side plots =)

The game was pretty good in my opinion. The idea of applying magic onto armor to make it stronger was pretty neat. Unfortunately I still hated drawing magic and it took me ages to learn to play the triple triad game right and get all of the cards.

FFVIII was good but not one of the great Final Fantasy games


FF8 is okay, minus the card game. 7 is a huge piece of shit, yeah fanboys/girls come get me! stick out tongue

1. The card game was the best thing about 8, everythign else was mediocre.

2. 7 is one of the best games in the series, too call it a piece of shit is grossly incorrect, did you even play it/beat it?

Both 7/8 rocked... Though after watching advent children I'm reminded 7 did rock first... You can't argue with the daddy that is 7...

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