the terminator storyline.. A RIP OFF? I DONT THINK SO

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i was just browsing the matrix forums and saw this. i cant believe that this woman has recieved so much money for a plain lie. just look into this 1 will ya

first of all she says she gave her EPIC to networks or something in mid 1983. well HELLO? terminator was all made by 1984 so i can guess that the work started in 1983. i find it REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD TO BELIEVE THAT JAMES CAMERON WOULD RIP OFF FROM SOME1 BECAUSE I WANT THESE REPORTS TO BE DENIED FLAT OUT.

i couldnt care less about those wachenski siblings, i donno maybe they did rip it off from THE THIRD EYE but i wanna clear james cameron out of all of this. i certainly believe that james cameron didnt have anything to do with this.
in the special edition of the first terminator movie james explained how he though of the idea of a terminator movie. he had visions of this endo skeleton constantly haunting him, and then he made a storyline on his own which is fair to say was not the most difficult storyline to come up with..

what are your suggestions on this?


this link might calm us down


here is her interview.. i must say i find the I'LL BE BACK part interesting. but why has this not be noticed before if it were such a big thing... i still dont believe this crap

Yep i'm with ya Alic, those reports are absolute bullocks. Cameron's ideas had to be original, if anything, I'd the the matrix ripped their ideas off the Terminator series !!

they didnt rip it off

Yeah Cameron's idea came from a dream he had of the endoskeleton rising from the ashes and then he had an image of this mangled robot chasing a girl with a knife. He made paintings of both images and then came up with the plot. Even if the plot was "inspired" by this woman, the Terminator does not belong to her, unless she appeared in his dream and told him about it. Some people...

the woman needs to get a life

well apparently rumours have been spread that she got 2 billion out of all this. which is bogus i guess.


The Ones
its because shes a unemployed black woman that needs some quick rich schemes. so she made the story from both and dated it "1980" though i do find it kind of suspicious that the wachowskis are "camera shy" and "dont do interviews"

Well this woman is totally a hard core matirx fan! Anyway did any body also hear that some person(s) are also sueing people behind the Terminator films (producers or someone(s)) for using their idea of a liquid robot. i read this somewhere and it said that Cameron stole the idea from these people to use in T2. Now surely Cameron didn't steal these people's ideas? Looks to me that T3 is the only real 'original' idea. But I'm not saying these claims are real, but those matrix fans can be a right group of...........

Anyway I'm back, and it's been a long time since I posted anything, so for those who missed me, I said I would be back!

(Sorry for the Terminator tie ins in the paragraph above)

Of course some parts of the background story were ripped by Cameron (from Asimov e.g.), but that's ok, 'cause you can't make a robot movie without using Asimov's ideas.

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