Would The Matrix have been better If there where no sequals.

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Grand Moff Gav,

it would have been better if there were no matrix

Well then why are you on this thread?

I think that the second movie is the best of the three. So I say that it was good to make them. If they did not make three everyone would have been mad that they did not fallow up on the story is it was a no win kind of thing if you ask me.

Hmmm. I personally didn't like the 2nd one. After seeing all of them I wished they had left it alone with just one. But if they had done that then, I may have wanted a sequel. Kind of a paradox thing going on.

Grand Moff Gav,
I would have liked it if they left it at the first film.

I don't know for sure no expression

This place is liked a ****ing broken record.

Not really...wasn't that great to begin with...so I didn't mind the Sequels.....

I agree Reloaded was the best.

2 & 3 were good...

The first left me hanging too much, so yes they should have.

Originally posted by Korri
This place is liked a ****ing broken record.
Yeah, the same old sh*... erm

Grand Moff Gav,
Perhaps the matreix thread should close i am not in here often

The Matrix sequels were inevitable. Seeing as how the Wachowski brothers saw how much money spawned from the first installment.

But, the sequels should've been as thought-provoking as the first. There wasn't anything to boggle the ming in Reloaded/Revolutions. Mostly just a lot of dialogue and eye candy effects to keep you hooked into the Matrix(no pun intended), so you would buy the soundtrack, The Animatrix, and Enter the Matrix.

That is where you are wrong DirectorFitz. The Matrix was always conceived as a trilogy. the Wachowski Bros, had written The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, and Matrix Revolutions years before they were made into movies. They wrote all three stories on yellow notepads. When the Wachowski's pitched the trilogy to the WB, they liked it and they wanted to do the whole trilgoy, but they were unsure if it would be successful. So they told them that if the Matrix was a hit, they would greenlight Reloaded and Revloutions. I think the reason the sequals were not well received is because of the marketing of the sequals, and the loss of Lorenzo Di Boniventura, the man in charge of the WB at the time the first matrix movie was made. When the WB fired him, they made a big mistake.

The cult fandom of the Original matrix would have been sustained if there were no sequals. The problem with the second two movies was that they were trying to appeal to an MTV audience. the fact is, MTV ruins everything sacred.

I might be the only on here that thinks this but I loved the sequals as well as the 1st one.

Your not the only one DarthLazious. I loved all three movies. It is one of the greatest trilogy of our time visucally and box office wise.

I like the 1st the best

Originally posted by vader519
Your not the only one DarthLazious. I loved all three movies. It is one of the greatest trilogy of our time visucally and box office wise.

evil face

Well I'm glad not to be the only one who thinks so.

The first matrix is by far the greatest, then Revolution and Reloaded far far far behind.

What made the first matrix the best? dodging bullets! pretty much the first time we've all seen bullet time sfx at its best! and i think lastly that the fact that agents are hugely feared made it better.

Yes. no expression

The first Matrix is pretty much a complete story - Smith explodes and Neo explains that he stays behind explaining that he aims to show those people a world without boundaies (aka to free them), an idea reassured by the ending scene with the 'System Failure' message.

I agree that the second Matrix was nice, but the third ruined it all! It`s so disappointing - Trin dies, Neo transforms into ... light ... I guess...

I agree that the first movie was complete in and of itself. In fact the very first time I saw the movie, I thought to myself, after Neo flew off, he went on to destroy the machines and eventually humanity became what it once was. Then Reloaded and Revolutions came along, as one long movie remember? They changed my perspective on filmmaking in general, especially Revolutions. The war was ended, but did they really win? You know what I mean? They're still gonna be living the same way, just without the threat of annhilation. I expected and clear "Humans win!" ending, and instead got something that was thought provoking. ON that point, I felt reloaded was very thought provoking, making facts like there were more ones before Neo, setting up more controls that the humans didn't even knew existed! Revolutions was just a contiuation of reloaded, no need to delve deeper into the rabbit hole, things were already set into motion from reloaded. I enjoyed The Matrix it was possibly the best piece of cinema I have seen since I have been alive. Reloaded and Revolutions didn't live up to the originality, but it continued the story, which I didn't mind.

The endings may no have been crowd-pleasingly spectacular, but they were unique.

I think they made the Matrix as it was supposed to be made..think about it:

Matrix one: was about birth
Matrix two: was about life
Matrix three: was about death

It all makes sense.

It would have been better.

Neo_Version 7
The franchise perhaps but the film stands alone as being a great movie. Nothing can change that.

hell no. i seriously don't understand why people hate on the matrix sequels.all three of them were excellent films,no plot holes,good cast and acting,good plot,good effects.what's not to love

wow it'd been 10 years since the first one. it was a blast. of course it needed sequels.

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So as to provoke discussion, you can check out my reviews for all three films in my sig.

I don't believe the 'sequels' were really sequels at all. They were continuations of an existing story. The way I think of it, The Matrix is Neo's origin story whilst Reloaded and Revolutions are his journey as a superhero. The film also deals with incredibly complex themes and ideas and does it all while waving the banner of an action adventure sci-fi movie.

The trilogy truly is a misunderstood modern masterpiece.

The sequels were worth watching but they killed the mystery in the original's storyline (one of the best things of the first movie).

Yea the first one just had something I loved the movie, but i didn't hate on the sequels either but i just think the first was the best out of the three.

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