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This thread does exactly what it says on the tin. I have returned from holiday and so I will give you all hints!

The reasoning probably needs a little more explaining. As the games are getting a little more complex, dangerous, difficult, and even 'mature', if such a thing is possible, then it is only fair if, as I expect you to play them on your own merits, I try and make up for things when the continuity starts to get lost because I am away. And I am more than aware how easy it is to forget important thingsd over time.

(Seriiously though... some of the more senior members of the teams might want to consider keeping notes. Newer players- don't worry so much, leave it to the vets)

So! Easy format this. Four posts coming, one for each planet currently in play. Enjoy!

Captain REX
Score! That'll help... big grin

*bashes Rand over the head for not planning the Law skill usage right*


The Dark Side storyline being an extended prequel part that leads into a bigger story is probably the simplest. The extension of its plotline happened due to synchronisation issues, but also serves well to get everyone used to the new leaderless Dark Side vibe. It also gives a more extended intro to the evolving nature of the Bureau.

Hence, there are no enormous complications to your task... other than the fact that your task is somewhat complicated.

Having taking the long way around in getting onto the planet, the compensation is that those of you who got through Immigration now actually have fully legit reasons to hang around, unlike the sneaking or Mind Tricking options which would have gotten you out the starport but would have meant you would have had to avoid attention. Now if stopped by security (for whatever inevitable reason you will end up doing so) you can show your permits and feel happy.

That part of the Episode was far from inevitable but was a good opportunity to show off how the Bureau is developing; no longer chasing down Dark Siders on all sides, it is now trying to acclimatise the Galaxy to its way of thinking- there is a 'Them' and an 'Us', and we can only trust ourselves. Your compassionate pleas fell on deaf ears for they have no compassion. If you are of no use to them they don't want you.

For millennia the Republic has been politically fractured- made out to be a good thing by GL, a collection of Sovereign worlds working together, ostensibly, for common good. But in the events of the Prequel films, perceived threats- starting with the apparently unstoppable power of the interstellar corporations- and massive corruption caused by that has led to a demand for more centralised power.

The Bureau workers on Newhaven only occasionally referred to the rules of the planet Newhaven itself. This is highly suspicious because they have very few others laws that they can enforce, though Immigration is their business. They were thinking in Galactic terms, about you entering the Republic. Your characters cannot understand why they are thinking like this- it seems so alien. The answer is more obvious to us as players- the Bureau is thinking in theory as the Empire will end up doing in practice. Right now, though, the Bureau has more ambition than it has power. They didn't want to let you in but they don't have unlimited authority yet. The Dark Siders will observe this slow process from the outside. The Jedi will technically be able to observe it from the inside- but actually they will barely notice until the Clone Wars start and then it is too late to worry.

However, this is a particularly harsh demonstration for ther Dark Side. The whole point of running out to the RIm is to avoid this kind of problem. Newhaven is very rare- a major world that far out. 99% of worlds the Dark Siders might get to in the Republic will not have anything remotely like that level of difficulty to enter- in fact, most will have no checks at all. In the Inner Worlds, however, it is starting to get like that everywhere.

So, if any of you get out the starport by less than legal means, remember to keep your heads down.

Now you must get your gumf. A shield generator is a deliberately difficult target- you can't hide it under your coat. It is almost certain that you are going to have to be forceful somewhere. Your best objective is to get it out with the least hassle possible. The longer you stay here, however, the greater the chance that you will be exposed. Stay queit and it shouldn't be a problem. But two things to bear in mind. First, who seriously believes that no-one will make a mistake at some point? Second... it would be a dull story if you could get clean away with it by caution. Expect a surprise to be thrown at you, which will ramp up the danger and tension.

Locate it, nick it, get away with it. Those are the three parts of your quest. Plan each part carefully, make sure everyone knows what they are doing, and that you have what you need.

Stealing spare parts is much easier, but it is extra effort which means extra time which increases your risk. The extra xp is tempting, I know, but don't over stretch yourselves so badly that it all goes wrong.

Other than that, Newhaven is big and full in the good old Star Wars way- plenty of seedy bars and seedier aliens; the right people can get whatever they want. Best skills- Lying, Persuasion and the old favourite, Savoir-Faire. Intimidation handy in the right situation.

The title of your story, btw, has a double meaning. First of all. this story is the start of your 'Way Back' into Galactic affairs. But it is also a hint to you being able to fight back, as you learn to manage what was once an unstoppable foe. This will look particuarly important in the next Episode as you try and build an organisation that can operate in the Republic despite the Bureau.

Inevitably, it is also the title of a Blake's 7 episode- the first one, in fact.


This incredibly simple story, a direct continuation of the previous two episodes, is the most ambitious of all the current episodes as it builds up to something pretty darn big.

The first important point here- the Jedi specifically selected a combat mission here. Therefore, they are inevitably bound towards the fighting.

The Renegades actually have more of an Investigation here, as they make another attempt to blow out the plans of the Union.

It's not that the Renegades don't care about the Cult, they just think that, ultimately, the Union is the bigger problem and it is their responsibility to fix that.

And it is not that the Jedi do not appreciate the possible importance of the Union link... but they have a job to do. People are dying and no-one can deny that the Cult must be stopped.

So, for the Jedi, you are in the lucky position of not having to worry that juch about thinking- that's why you chose a combat mission, right? All you have to do is work on the best way to go to Charaeus and give the Cult a good kicking, and then manage the eventual fight correctly. Is your whole story going to be that simple? No, of course not, but you'll be surprised how straightforward it is, especially in this Episode. It's a straightforward story all around, but it will be one that should please you all very much, especially if you are veteran Star Wars fans.

You Renegades, fronting your own story for the first time ever, have a harder time. You've done well in estbalishing that your objective is to look for the Cult's hidden base, which almost certainly is the Union link. It was around here that Cannes 'lost' the equipment and material, after all, not out in Charaeus- where they could never possibly have gotten that much stuff out to without looking very suspicious- especially with that big sensor network built by Alzarius pointing that way.

But you need more infotmation to find that base, and this is where the investigation is. So, as a reminder, here are the mysteries you are working with:

1. Cult Micro-motive. What did they attack that liner for? Why specifically attack that target, so far in, so well defended, when to get tractor parts there must have been much better targets- cargo ships carrying much more, for a start. They are very utilitarian. They are sociopathic, not psychopathic. They never attack for no reason. Find that reason! A good clue for you on this one is that you have walked right past it. Maybe things aren't as clear as they seem here. Investigate thoroughly.

2. Cult macro-motive. Beyond that particular attack, why are the Cult doing this at all? Kiro has told you of this easy rhythm the Cult had gotten into of taking just enough to get what they need, and being too far out for anyone to bother to do anything about them- the border worlds suffer in silence from a weak Republic. But now they have stepped up the violence, you guys have been called in. Have the Cult simply gotten too cocky? You doubt it. What's changed for them to no longer care about retaliation? This is a question that the Jedi, going to Charaeus, can help you on.

3. Logistics. As Vlad has already been exploring, you can logically narrow down the kinds of places they can come from. The sensor logs are good help on this, and as many logical limiting factors as you can think of. Put yourselves in their position.

A good time to practice your grassroots investigation powers.

Casting a shadow over Jedi and Renegade alike is the background threat of Mr. Big- whatever it is out there which apparently can total anything in its path, and happily includes Jedi in that. As if the hints in the thread aren't enough, to give a reference to the title of the story, Jedi are normally considered the Hunters in the Galaxy.

Plenty to do, then. Jedi get on to twatting-ville, and Renegades have to suss out that link. As I say, it is a simple story, but with a big heart, and it is going to be rather spectacular, I hope.


Just two players is no problem, these Jedi stories can be done with just one. Just a shame it is two unskilled characters. No matter- you must rely on your natural wits! I have faith in you!

Meanwhile, first of all. No beating around the bush here. These stories are big cookies! The Jedi are going hardcore now. Watch out.

That said, the Jwdi had a chance to take a combat mission, and this isn't it. There is danger but not much actual twatting to be done for the vast majority of it. This is an Investigation; it's just going to throw a few curveballs at you, is all.

Now, due to a variety of circumstances, you guys have only just scratched the surface of this story. Hence, I cannot give you hints on any of the deeper stuff. No matter! Plenty to concentrate on. Assuming you will soon bypass the blood test issue, you will settle into your regimen. The trick is to fit your investigations between everything else you are doing. Everything else you are doing does have some relevance also, however, as you will see.

So, what are you working on doing then? Well...

1. Trace the drugs. This is the most important part! It's very easy to say "Well, Aspidrol is being sold, Spiridos has Aspidrol, therefore we already know Spiridos is selling aspidrol." But legally that is meaningless. Assuming- and the Jedi are pretty sure (not to mention the giveaway that Spiridos itself won't help)- the info that it is on Spiridos is 100% correct, then you only have a glimpse into the puzzle; you have to fill in the blanks. HOW is this link maintained? Spiridos can have four billion billion litres of the stuff, but it's no good for criminal gain if it just sits there, being used, horror of horrors, for medicinal reasons. Somehow you doubt that the hospital has a market stall at the back side saying "Illegal drugs for sale here." Nor is this some back seat shanty world- it is slap bang in the middle of civilisation. This is a sophisitctaed operation for a sophisticated area- how are criminals turning legal drugs to illegal use? Find that out, for without it you have nothing.

One important point to note here is that Spiridos itself is not the centre of a criminal empire. Drugs are not being distributed around the Galaxy from here! No, Spiridos is the suspected SOURCE of the drugs. Some vast criminal enterprise is getting its drugs for distribution from Spiridos. They don't know who that is; they are hoping that you will find that out.

2. Find the perpetrators. It's not the whole planet. Following on from the point above, this is just the starting point. Now, it is clear that someone here- probably lots of people- are making huge amounts of money from this drug selling. Judging by the unhelpful attitude from the planet, lots of important people are involved. But don't go suspecting everyone. Your job is to find who in the hospital is performing whatever process in point one above that is getting these drugs out to the criminals and therefore into the Galaxy. You are policemen; find your suspect. Or suspects.

3. Get the evidence. The whole thing is pointless if you can't prove it. Once you have established what is going on, buold your legal case.

Once you have achieved point 3, you can safely blow your cover and make arrests.

And no, this time it is DEFINITELY not going to be that simple- but none of the above is a waste of time, it is all relevant.

This story is part of a new storyline that should be very interesting indeed. Spiridos itself is an example of the problem of the Republic- not that it is evil, just... maladjusted. Spiridos is a centre of medical excellence that could benefit the entire Galaxy; instead, it seeks to make profit. It's fine hospitals have, as you see, become hedonistic pleasure paradises, for the richest in the Galaxy to use. There's nothing literally WRONG with it. It's just not helpful to the Galaxy as a whole, and a lot of the Republic is like that. Little wonder that some have turned easily to drug peddling- it is only a logical step. You're here to put that right, as is your job, so it is a good chance to feel good about yourselves.

But there is a lot to this story, and it is going to dominate things for some while. Be aware.

annd then the really headbangingly complicated and evil one...


The same deal as above- big things for the Jedi. Unlike Spiridos, you have gone a bit beyond the surface here, so what do we now have?

The first purely diplomatic mission- always envisaged to be played through by Gundy- we have a very different situation here. Despite the presence of two armed forces- one quite large but untrained, one very large and deadly- the Jedi are in absolutely no imminent danger at all. Indeed, having being given control of the army, the Jedi are in fact unstoppably powerful, with only their sense and their conscience preventing abuse of it. Note- the Dark Siders never get chances like that. Nothing WOULD stop them. It is, of course, intentionally frustrating for the Jedi to be the most powerful people on the planet, yet unable to do anything helpful.

Of course, you can help, just the army is not much good to you- and for once, nor are your sabres. It's down to your interpersonal and diplomatic skills.

Meanwhile, you have a detailed social mix. Not surrounded by criminals and the scum of the Galaxy, nor by corporate lackeys and interstellar billionaires, this time you are in the company of cultured, sophisticated, educated people. Even the General is no pig-headed psycho, but a highly educated and deeply trained aristocratic officer. Yet horribly absurd things seem to be happening at the heart of the Republic- hostilities are on the brink of starting. It seems stupid. The people aren't stupid. So what the hell gives?

Ok, we have a big list of things to work on here. Let's get into it. First off- it is a diplomatic mission. Understand the people!

1. Kuylen. You've touched on his reasons but gone into no detail. Why is he here? He was asked to seems not quite enough- does he seem like the sort of person who does things just because asked? You will note that Kuylen is apparently running this planet, and not even the Venerable Z'Har fully controls him. Come to that, how did it get to the point where the Mercenary they ask for help ends up running the planet, leaving the elected leader watching nervously from the sidelines? So this man, eerily like his cousin, who naturally assumes planetary control... did he really come scurrying here at the behest of the Z'Har? No, he wants to be here. Why?

What kind of man is he? At first, it seemed that his determination for a military solution would make your mission impossible. But then it soon became apparent that it was Kuylen who was waiting for the solution that he hopes will get the Rebels to surrender without any loss of life or property damage- and it was the Venerable Z'Har who was asking Kuylen to mount a direct assault as soon as possible that could cause a slaughter and would almost certainly damage the Sanctuary, perhaps severely... simply because the Venerable Z'Har seems unable to wait for the artillery train to arrive. (Talking of which, where the bloody hell is it? What did Anaz do, leave it behind by mistake?). Then before you know it, Mr. General proves so loyal to the Republic that he defies the Z'Har and places absolute faith in you, the Jedi, when he could have started hostilities there and then if he wanted to.

Yet... he doesn't seem to like you, as such. Or the Jedi. You doubt he has met many before, It seems to be institutional. So what is going on there?

2. Skorzeny. This man is a gift- use him. An intellectual, friendly, committed man with virtually no willpower who wants everything to turn out right. He'll give you all the help he can. The whole story is totally unfair on him- he's caught in a situation he cannot handle. Yet he is head of state in this planet of geniuses- how did that occur, a situation where it was able to get this bad? Something clearly went terribly wrong, what was it?

And so how did he end up here? What does he want now? What is his agenda?

3. The Venerable Z'Har. The head of the Z'Har, the most respected oif the Z'Har, a man with no power but apparently infinite authority on Cassilis. Even the Government do everything he says. These people swear blind he is the most intelligent man on the planet, which must make him candidate for most intelligent in the Galaxy.

So why... just WHY... is this man of all people the most psychotic and unpleasant of all? Why does he hate you? Why did he try to keep you away? Why has he decided to solve a political issue on a pacifist world with an army?

4. Volun. You haven't met him yet- tricky. But from what you know, you can already start thinking about things. Here is the list:

a. Volun was armed right from the start, where the rest of the rebels were not.

b. He is a trader, with strong support from the farmers

c. He is very rich

d, He is, apparently, very stubborn.

You can start making some theories out of that.

Meanwhile, away from the people, onto the situation.

5. The Sanctuary. This is the big complicator., It's very simple to say "Avoid conflict at all costs." But that would be too simple. Proper diplomacy is never that simple. Saving the Sanctuary is vital. It's a stupendous landmark, like Big Ben or the White House or the Kremlin or even the Pyramids. It is worth fighting to protect- and you as Jedi are the kind of people that do that. If you prevaricate and delay so much that the Sanctuary gets torched by irate Rebels to prove their point, whilat all that time you had an army that could have saved it... it will be disaster, a disaster flashed across the Galaxy with your names at the top. Kuylen tells you you should strike now; you think there is too much unknown to do that. You are probably right- but so is he; the longer you wait, the greater the risk.

6. The issue. You kinda looked at this and then went away. I know it seems boring, but it is very Star Wars- taxes starting a dispute- and actually you can start getting useful iunformation from it very quickly. A tax dispute, you are told, now turning to armed conflict- echoes of Naboo, but far from the Feds this time. WHAT tax dispute? What is in dispute, exactly? And how did it get from taxes to the demand to abolish the Z'Har- a ludicrous demand, surely? And from there to aggression, and now war... what were the steps?

7. Negotiations. You must start these! Without them you will never hear the other side, never meet Volun, never have options to find the truth. You must find a proposal that both sides accept to re-start them. But if that seems too big a task, have a closer look at what that means. It has to be a proposal that both sides accept- NOT one that is 'fair' to both sides. You suggested saying to the Rebels you wanted to hear their demands with a view to maybe meeting them. I told you that Skorzeny would not accept proposing that., Which he won't, but then you tried to think of something that he would accept AND the Rebels would. No wonder you can't- if that were possible, negotiations would still be going. You need to do something that will bring the Rebels back to the table. But on the other side, you only have to coinvince Skorzeny to make a proposal. Don't treat him like an enemy- work with him. He can see a bigger picture if you give him a good one.

8. Jedi. A subtext here is the interrelation of ancient organisations- the Jedi, the Z'Har, the Boyar. Central to that is that these other organisations do not like the Jedi- you see evidence for that everywhere. What's the problem? They clearly can't have moral issue with you. They respect your authority. So... what's the deal?

And finally... although not directly relevant, you may want to think about the original Kuylen. He was always a man of mystery. For the first time ever, you have a chance to find out a bit about his background. As Rex commented, the circumstances about his birth are very tragic, when you look at it.

It's simply a chance to understand his motivations a bit better- and in observing Anaz, you get a distorted, but interesting viewpoint on the man Kuylen was.


Thanks for the Summary,
You gave me alot of Idea's of questions for everyone.

That certainly helps, Ush, thank you. big grin

Any other areas people are stuck on?

Some one-off hints for folks, to keep the momentum going.

Cassilis- don't be afraid to ask people about their motivations and reasons for all manner of things. Even if they are evasive, you will get clues. The person who will give you the straightest answers is Anaz.

Spiridos- now that other people are starting to show up, you have something to work with. You still have at least onme very important thing to experience before you really get to grips with the full scenario, but I will point out for now- what sort of Priest can afford to use this place?

Alzarius- the Jedi need to get to Charaeus ASAP. Renegades... strip away all other complications and stick to the basics. The Cult attacks to steal cargo they badly need. That is your anomaly; solve it.

Newhaven- I notice you guys are terrified of attracting Bureau attention. This is good! But you actually have no idea what actual danger there is from them. You may be overstating it; remember, you are not the subjects of a Galactic manhunt any more. Meanwhile, as for the starport, they are never going to be persuaded to let you out on nice grounds. If you play Law, play it like a Lawyer- "You HAVE to let them go because of x, and if you don't I'll bring the Courts into it."

Find your x and you can move on.

i'd love to have law skill erm

as for them not attracting attention...merely the fact that they would be searched for, after the escape is something that i'm not sure we need

Nothing to stop you spending xp on Law, Dexx!

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