HP Story

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Chapter 1
The Dursley's Secret

A boy with untame black hair and glasses named Harry Potter laid down on the grass of the park near Number 4 Privet Drive with a sigh. In his hand he carried parchment, a quill, and an owl. This was a strange sight to see around Privet Drive. In fact, his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would probably have grounded him if they had seen him. You see, Harry Potter was no ordinary boy. According to his aunt and uncle, he was just about as unnormal as a person could be. Harry Potter was a wizard going into his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Pulling out his quill and parchment, Harry began to write three letters. One to Hermione Granger, one to Ron Weasley, and one to the Order of the Phoenix. Last year he had promised to write to each of them once every three days to let them know how he was doing, and in turn, they had all promised to write back to him in detail.
They had sent him letters before, and Harry had made sure that each one of them had told him exactly what was going on. They had to after Voldemort came back last year! Harry had sworn to himself that he would not let anything haappen to them. Not after what happened to Sirius...
"Don't think about that," Harry muttered to himself. He was still grieving the loss of his godfather, Sirius Black. No matter what Dumbledore said, Harry knew that it was his fault that Sirius was dead. If only he hadn't let Voldemort empower him like that... But he would never let anything bad like that ever happen again. He would protect his friends with his life. Voldemort would never get them.
Letting Hedwig out of her cage, Harry handed her the three finished letters. "Hey, Hedwig. O.K., this one's for Number 12 Grimmauld Place, this one's for Ron, and this one's for Hermione. You know where to go. Stay safe."
When Hedwig was out of his sight, Harry started to stand up. "Ow!" yelped Harry as a sharp pain tingled through his scar. "Now, now Harry. We wouldn't want to be getting up so quickly, would we?" said a strangely familiar voice from behind him.
Slowly turning around, Harry faced a man that he had met many times before.
"Malfoy?!?" exclamed Harry as he looked into the slits of Lucious Malfoy's eyes. "What are you doing here? Need a ticket back to Azkaban, cause I'm sure that I can provide you with one." exclaimed Harry, taking out his wand."Harry, Harry, Harry, you don't seem to understand. The dementors are on the Dark Lord's side. They will never hold me captive again."
"Why come here then?" asked Harry, bidding his time as Malfoy and himself turned around in circles.
"Oh, Harry. I am here for my mission. You see, you keep on getting into the way of the Dark Lord. Quite frankly, we can't have you around. I;ll just have to finish you as Bellatrix did to Sirius. I here he was your godfather, huh Potter? That good for nothing-"
"Alohamora!" yelled Harry.
But Malfoy was too quick for him, "Protego!" Harry's spell was blocked.
"Don't talk about Sirius like that." shouted Harry. "I'll kill you!" screamed Harry, running towards Malfoy. But Harry had let his emotions get the better of him.
"Petrificus Totalus!" said Malfoy. "Ahh, Potter. Not so strong now, are we? First I'll finish you then your friends over there at number 12 Grimmauld Place. Yes, we do know where they are."
A look of terror flooded Harry's face. "Avada-"
"Stupefy!" shouted a voice from behind them, followed by a shout of, "Finite!" Harry was unbided just as he saw Malfoy falling to the ground. Looking up, he saw none other than his Aunt Petunia shaking and holding a wand.
"Aunt, Aunt Petunia?"asked Harry. His Aunt Petunia, who hated magic, who hated him, was now standing there performing magic rigth before his very eyes. "What, what are you-"
"Shut up, boy! Go back to the house and speak none of this to Vernon! If he founf out, I don't know what I'd do.Hurry, now before someone sees you!"
"But, but-"
"Just go, Dumbledore will be coming soon."
"Dumbledore?!? Dumbledore!! What-"

That was great!Post more soon please

It was good, but you do realize that you just put out 4 or 5 completely pointless threads. Here's a little advice... I'm not trying to be rude, only to help.
- if you have comments about people's stories, then post them in there or send them a pm, do not start a new thread just to post a comment
- only use one thread for your whole story

otherwise, the story good, but I dunno how likely it is that Petunia is a witch. Then again, JK did say there was more to her than meets the eye. regardless, keep goin', it's one of the best here!

Thanks for reading!!! By the way, you're right! I did post 4 or 5 completely pointless stories on the web, but that's only because I'm kinda new here. I couldn't find my story at first, so I didn't know if it got posted. Anyways, thanks for the advice!

sure, anytime. sorry i wasn't sure if you were new here or not, cuz i think theres another HProx around here somewhere, and i thought they were u! Anyway, post more soon! it's really fast paced!

Hey, everyone! I started writing more in the thread called Chapter1. Plz go there. Thanks!!!

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