Chapter 1

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Hi, I'm gonna start writing my version of the book. Tell me what you think!

Chapter 1
The Dursley's Secret

A boy with untame black hair and glasses named Harry Potter laid down on the grass of the park near Number 4 Privet Drive with a sigh. In his hand he carried parchment, a quill, and an owl. This was a strange sight to see around Privet Drive. In fact, his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would probably have grounded him if they had seen him. You see, Harry Potter was no ordinary boy. According to his aunt and uncle, he was just about as unnormal as a person could be. Harry Potter was a wizard going into his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Pulling out his quill and parchment, Harry began to write three letters. One to Hermione Granger, one to Ron Weasley, and one to the Order of the Phoenix. Last year he had promised to write to each of them once every three days to let them know how he was doing, and in turn, they had all promised to write back to him in detail.
They had sent him letters before, and Harry had made sure that each one of them had told him exactly what was going on. They had to after Voldemort came back last year! Harry had sworn to himself that he would not let anything haappen to them. Not after what happened to Sirius...
"Don't think about that," Harry muttered to himself. He was still grieving the loss of his godfather, Sirius Black. No matter what Dumbledore said, Harry knew that it was his fault that Sirius was dead. If only he hadn't let Voldemort empower him like that... But he would never let anything bad like that ever happen again. He would protect his friends with his life. Voldemort would never get them.
Letting Hedwig out of her cage, Harry handed her the three finished letters. "Hey, Hedwig. O.K., this one's for Number 12 Grimmauld Place, this one's for Ron, and this one's for Hermione. You know where to go. Stay safe."
When Hedwig was out of his sight, Harry started to stand up. "Ow!" yelped Harry as a sharp pain tingled through his scar. "Now, now Harry. We wouldn't want to be getting up so quickly, would we?" said a strangely familiar voice from behind him.
Slowly turning around, Harry faced a man that he had met many times before.
"Malfoy?!?" exclamed Harry as he looked into the slits of Lucious Malfoy's eyes. "What are you doing here? Need a ticket back to Azkaban, cause I'm sure that I can provide you with one." exclaimed Harry, taking out his wand."Harry, Harry, Harry, you don't seem to understand. The dementors are on the Dark Lord's side. They will never hold me captive again."
"Why come here then?" asked Harry, bidding his time as Malfoy and himself turned around in circles.
"Oh, Harry. I am here for my mission. You see, you keep on getting into the way of the Dark Lord. Quite frankly, we can't have you around. I;ll just have to finish you as Bellatrix did to Sirius. I here he was your godfather, huh Potter? That good for nothing-"
"Alohamora!" yelled Harry.
But Malfoy was too quick for him, "Protego!" Harry's spell was blocked.
"Don't talk about Sirius like that." shouted Harry. "I'll kill you!" screamed Harry, running towards Malfoy. But Harry had let his emotions get the better of him.
"Petrificus Totalus!" said Malfoy. "Ahh, Potter. Not so strong now, are we? First I'll finish you then your friends over there at number 12 Grimmauld Place. Yes, we do know where they are."
A look of terror flooded Harry's face. "Avada-"
"Stupefy!" shouted a voice from behind them, followed by a shout of, "Finite!" Harry was unbided just as he saw Malfoy falling to the ground. Looking up, he saw none other than his Aunt Petunia shaking and holding a wand.
"Aunt, Aunt Petunia?"asked Harry. His Aunt Petunia, who hated magic, who hated him, was now standing there performing magic rigth before his very eyes. "What, what are you-"
"Shut up, boy! Go back to the house and speak none of this to Vernon! If he founf out, I don't know what I'd do.Hurry, now before someone sees you!"
"But, but-"
"Just go, Dumbledore will be coming soon."
"Dumbledore?!? Dumbledore!! What-"


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Hi, everyone!!! This is the 6th book. Sorry I started late. I just found this site! This is the second chapter. Tell me if you like it or not!!!

Chapter 2
The Order

"I'm not leaving!" exclaimed Harry. "Not until you tell me what's going on."
"This wand is not meant to be used on you!" said Aunt Petunia, raising her wand to Harry's level.
"Now, Petunia, that won't be necessary." said a calming voice from behind Harry that he clearly recognized as Dumbledore's.
"I'm sorry, Dumbledore. I stopped Lucious. but I could not persuade Harry to return home." snarled Aunt Petunia, glaring at Harry.
"No need for apologies, Petunia. To tell you the truth, I really did not expext Harry to leve." said Dumbledore, giving Harry a wry smile. "How has your summer been, Harry?"
"How has my, how has my summer been? I just got attacked my Malfoy and found out that my aunt Petunia is a witch, and you're asking me how my summer's been?"
"Ah, Harry. I know you better than to believe that I can stall you in any sort of way." said Dumbledore. "I will answer any questions that you have."
"First of all, Aunt Petunia. You never told me that you were a witch."
"You see Harry," began Dumbledore.
"No, it's all right, Dumbledore. I think that I can answer this one." said Aunt Petunia. " "You see, Harry. Last year when I realized that Voldemort had come back again, I knew that you were being serious. Who could joke about a thing like that? After peering out my window the night that you and Dudley were attacked by deementors, I saw Mrs. Figg talking to a man that disappeared right before my very eyes. I immediatly knew that she was obviously in touch with the magical world. The night after the attack I went over to her house and got in touch with Albus, here." she said, raising her hand towards him. "I told him that I understood from teh letter taht he had left me when he placed you in my possesion that I would have to protect you. I took it upon my honor to protect you against situations that you could not handle, such as this one with Lucious. I told Vernon that I would be attending seminars once a week to apply for a job. What I was really doing was going to Dumbledore to refresh my memory on my spellwork so that I could protect you from situations like this."
"Wow!" whispered Harry, who was in shock.
"Now if you don't mind, I have to get back home before Vernon worries." said Aunt Petunia, raising her long neck to its fullest extent as she turned around to go home.
"Aunt Petunia, wait!" shouted Harry. When she had turned around, Harry managed to stammer, "Thanks. Thank for, for everything."
Smiling at him, Aunt Petunia said, "You are very welcome now. Stay safe." For once, Harry was glad to have her as an aunt. "Oh, and Harry. You should know that I loved my sister very much. I was just so angry that she didn't leave the magical world before, before Voldemort." Harry saw a tear streaking down her cheek. "Now, I must be going. Good night to both of you."
When Aunt Petunia had walked away, Harry turned to Dumbledore, who was smiling at him. Suddenlt, Harry remembered. "I, I can't believe I forgot." stammered Harry.
"What is it?" asked Dumbledore, looking alarmed.
"The Order, the Order." said Harry, looking petrified. Dumbledore, they know about Grimmauld Place. Malfoy told me! They know where it is!"
Looking fierce, Dumbledore grabbed hold of Harry's arm and disapperated to Sirius' home.

When they arrived at number 12 Grimmauld Place, Harry was surprised to see that it was still standing. "Come with me, Harry." said Dumbledore. Entering Grimmauld Place, Harry felt as if he was being ambushed. A crowd of people were all hugging him.
"Oh, Harry, dear, it's so nice to see you." exclaimed Mrs. Weasly, hugging him so tight that Harry felt like he was choking.
"It's nice to see you, back, Potter." said Moody, shaking Harry's hand.
"Harry!" shouted a pretty red-haired girl that was hugging him whom Harry did not recognize at first. "I missed you so much!"
"Ginny?" asked Harry, glancing down at her.
"Of, course." laughed Ginny, letting go of him. To much of his surprise, Harry was disappointed that she had stopped hugging him so soon.
"Everyone," said Dumbledore. Harry had almost forgotten that he was there. "An unexpected emergency has come to my attention. We need to have a meeting now." All of the members of the Order except Mrs. Weasley filed after Dumbledore.
"Harry, dear." said Mrs. Weasley. "If you'd like, there's a plate of food left for you in the kitchen."
"Thanks, Mrs. Weasley." said Harr as he watched her file in behind the other members.
Harry sighed. Being in his dead godfather's house made him feel sad all over again. If he stayed there much longer, he was sure that he was going to loose it. He knew that it was his fault that Sirius was dead. If only he hadn't believed Voldemort... "I'm so sorry, Sirius." whispered Harry.
"Harry." said a voice behind him, making him jump. "Harry I'm so sorry about Sirius."
"Oh, it's you Ginny." replied Harry in relief. "I didn't know that you were still here.
"Yeah, I stayed. But, seriously, if there's ever anything that you need-"
"I'm fine, thanks." said Harry, trying to stay off topic. "Do you know where Hermione and Ron are?"
"Third floor, door on the left, said Ginny sounding disappointed. "See you later, then?" asked Ginny questionly.
"See you." replied Harry, jumping up teh stairs two at a time. He had to tell the both of them what had just happened. Reaching the door and opening it, Harry was shocked. There was Hermione and Ron, holding hands! They appeared to be in deep dicussion. "No." thought Harry. Maybe he was wrong. Looking again and turning his head, Harry saw that he was right. "He-Hello?" said Harry with a grin.
"Harry?!?" shouted Hermione and Ron both at the same time as they both jumped up, letting go of each other's hands. "We didn't realize that you were back." said Hermione.
"Of course not." said Harry, his grin widening. "I wouldn't want to disturb your deep discusion."
"Oh, that." replied Hermione.
"I was just, um, reading her palm," replied Ron in a rush.
"Yes," said Hermione.
"Sure," said Harry.
"So, how are you?" asked Hermione, blushing a deep crimson the shade of Ron's hair.
Harry laughed and then told them everything that had happened.
"Wow," replied Ron.
"Yeah," said Hermione. "I can't believe Lucious did that. Are you O.K.?"
"Course he is, said Ron." Harry grinned. "Never would have guessed that your aunt was a witch, though. Wonder what house she was in?"
"Probably Gryffindor," said Harry, yawning. "Never had time to ask.
"Well," said Hermione. "I guess I'd better be leaving then. Night Harry. Night Ron."
"Oh, don't you mean your sweetheart Ron?" asked Harry laughing. Hermione then closed teh door very fast, just as Ron hit Harry with a pillow hard in the head.
"Well mate," said Ron. "I guess we should probably get some sleep. Night, Harry."
"Night," said Harry, as he laid down and immediatly fell asleep.
It seemed moments later when they heard Mrs. Weasley's shrill scream and a voice said, "Harry, Ron run! Grimmauld Place has been attacked! Run!!!"

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