Furu Ki: Ronin Shinobi (Singular Author)

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Dawn approached the Town of Chibi like God had put a glistening light apon Japan.

The only one awake was a Horserider. A noble Guardian of the town. He gathered his Katana and placed it on the Horse's saddle. The Rider braced his face and flipped his hair back with his available hand. The Rider looked ready for any incoming danger. He grabbed the pachet of the Saddle and hopped onto the Horse. The sides of his mouth reached the high of each cheek. He was smiling...

The Rider began to tug at the strings of the Horse. The Horse moved apon obligation and began to circulate the town....

This Rider was no regular Horserider or person... You could tell by his shining red armor that he was no regular civilian riding a horse. Armor braced his body. A large bright red chestplate has strapped to his fair sized frame. As was some red forearm braces lined with golden stripes and shoulder pads with gold streaming along the edges. His large knee pads, Shin pads and quad armor all guarded him with the shiny colour of Red. The armored man was accompanied with a Short Katana sword, along with a longer one strapped to his horse. This was no Civilian.....

This was a Samurai.

His name was Moto Akigawa, and he was the Sunrise Guardian of Chibi. The thirty four year old experienced Samurai was guarding the small and hidden town of Chibi.... But why?

Off in the distance of an old tree was a Dark Figure crouching on a large and thick branch. This figure wore a Dark Tunic on his small, but muscular framing. He beared various shaped scars on his face but could barely be seen because the lower half of his face was covered by a black garb. His upper half beared his short and spiky glistening black hair. His eyes were a darkened Hazel colour and he wore shoes that were made of a soft material. His pants were black and he had a stretch black material over his shins. This material was covered with a small black metal plate. His Forearms were also covered in this black plating. He had a Black Ronin Ninja sword attached to his leg and two oddly shaped Ninja Sickles on his back. Shurikens also wrapped around his leg on a small band.

This black figure was an Assassin of great efficiency.... An Assassin better known as a Ninja. His name was Kuro Tokushima and he was a twenty eight year old Ronin Ninja. He reason for being Masterless is best left unknown and his past dwells with many murders under his blade. And he is watching over the small town of Chibi.... But why?

The town of Chibi was silent but for an exception of hooves softly battering the grass of the town paths. That wouldn't be the only noise to brace the small town....

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