My love for Pharaoh Yami

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It's summer, and I'm laying in my queen size bed, thinking that this is too early in the morning for me. I pull the egyptian cotton cover over my head and begin to fall asleep dreaming about the day with the pharaoh. Suddenly a maid enters the room, her name is Sinia.

Sinia begins to brush my brown hair, and when she finishes with that she puts my head dressings on, (you known,like the crown, and jewlery stuffs).

Anyways, I begin walking down the hall, and then I make a right and enter the grand hall for breakfast with the Pharaoh, I look at him, and blush a little bit, and he motioned me to sit next to him.

I notice that he is wearing a dress tunic (all guys in egypt wear them I think anyways) and he has a lot of gold around his neck, and a crown, that comes, down in the center to meet at his nose (well, i am kinda trying to describe him, but I'm no good at it...just picture him, in that one episode, where he is sitting on the throne, that's what he look likes.)

The pharaoh begins to talk to me, after I finished eating he gets up and takes my hand, and leads me to the balcony.

Me and Yami approach the edge of the balcony, and the pharaoh says, "The sunrise is beautiful today..." I sigh and reply, "Yes it is..." then Yami turns to me and grabs my hands and says, "But you are more beautiful."

I begin to turn 50 shades of reds and then my knees felt wierd, and I fell, but luckily the pharaoh caught me in time. Now I'm blushing even more, as I am in the pharaoh's arms. He begins to move close to me, then a priest came and said, "Pharaoh Yami, we need your help right now."

Yami drew his arms away from my waist, and then leaves me on the balcony. I looked at him, until his figure disappeared into the shadows. I place my elbow on the edge of the balcony and sigh.

I stay there for about 15 minutes thinking about what might had happen, but brushed it off, and started heading towards my favorite spot. The Secret Garden. I arrived on the 2nd floor of the palace, and stood inbetween a drawing of the pharaoh and the dark magician, I then whispered the key, "Setura Avarsa".

Out of no where, a portal opened for me, and I walked through it. The next thing I know I'm in an enchanted garden with waterfalls, and everything beautiful. I walk up next to a pond and sat on the edge, I looked down and saw my reflection. After a couple of minutes I hear a voice.

The voice spoke out again, but this time I recognized it. "Steph!" I turned around and saw that it was Yami. I slowly got up and turned around, "Yami, what are you doing here, I thought that the priests needed your help???"

Yami smiled and said, "They only needed me for a while, I been looking all over for you." I smiled and then said, "Why??" Yami then walked over to me and lifted my chin up, "Because, can you find a better person for me to spend time with." I blush as Yami moved towards me and his soft lips touches mine.

I kissed him back and then me and Yami are both glowing. Yami has his arms around me and I think, * This is so romantic...* Then he whispers to me, "I love you, Steph." Shocked, I tell him, I love him too.

Yami then says, "I have something for you." He pulled out a little small gold box, and placed it in my hands, I begin to open it and I see see a flower, I opened the entire thing as gasped, it was a diamond hibiscus (my favorite flower!).

I took it out of the box and looked at Yami, I then said, "How did you find this??" Yami smiled and said, "Well, when you were 5, you loved that flower so much, I mean you would never let it out of you sight, until you lost it..."

I looked at the diamond, it fit perfectly in my palm, then I looked at Yami, and said, "Yeah...I remember, I thought I would never find it, because I was leaving..."

Yami then said, "Yes, you were leaving, where, I did not know...but you didn't really lose it, I kinda borrowed it." I blinked and looked at him, "Um...borrowed it why???" Yami blushed and said, "Yeah...I thought I was never going to see you again, so I kept it with me..."

I then motion towards him and kiss him. I then draw back and look into those eyes, that make me weak all over.

Yami smiled and said, "I kept it with me, for a long time...10 years..." I then said, "...10" Yami replied, "Yeah...I was 7 at the time, I had a huge crush on you..."

I looked at him, "Really?? Well, I guess your plan worked after all, Yami." He smiled and said, "Yes, it did." Then I looked at the diamond, and said, " did you know that I was ever going to come back, I mean..." Yami laughed a little and replied, "I didn't, but I believe in a thing called, faith, besides, a pharaoh always gets what he wants."

I blushed and then someone else entered through the portal and spoke, "Pharaoh Yami, there are some visitors waiting for you in the Grand Hall." Yami, kissed me again and whispered, "I'll be back, soon Steph..." Then he left with the priest.

I then decided to go back to my room, and it took a couple of minutes, and I see a door, and walked through it, then I headed over to my vanity and sat down on the chair. Still holding the hibiscus in my hand, I place it in a gold box with hieroglyphs, and lock it up.

Then I decided to take a bath, so I headed into my bathroom, and see maids their already preparing it too. One of them approaches me and says in a polite manner, "Princess Stephanie, what scent do you want today?" As she held in her hand 3 vases, I started to smell the scents and chose...jasmine.

The maids poured in the scent, and started to sprinkle the flowers of my choice into the tub, (this is really big, like pool, lol.)

They left the room, and I took off my tunic, and jewelry, and went into the tub. I bathe and then one of the maids entered, (I know it's wierd, but I think that is how things are done...)

Anyways, she says to me, "Princess Stephanie, here are the clothes the Pharaoh would like for you to wear." I replyed back, "Thank you, Kiya..." She bows, and exits, then I grabed an egyptain cotton towel, and wraped it around my body. I noticed there are petals on my shoulder and I brushed it off.

The maids then come and fix my hair, then I started to walk down the hall, and I entered the room, and see Yami sitting next to a beautiful girl!!

I played it cool and went and sat down next to Yami. Yami smiled at me and said, "Steph, this is my cousin, Phaia, she just came back from Rome."

I sighed and said, "Hello." Phaia, then replied, "Princess Stephanie?" I nodded and she said in excited tone, "Oh...I remember now, you used to play with me when we were little!"

I looked shocked, and then spoke out loudly by accident, "Seems, like everyone knows about me since I was little."

I clamped my mouth with my hands and Yami gave me a confused look, "Steph, don't you remember, Phaia and I sure do..." I shook my head, and thought this was wierd. Phaia, then asked, "So how are your parents?"

I then replyed "Their okay..." then Phaia said, "So where have you been in the past 10 years, I mean I come to visit Yami every 2 years, but you never showed up?"

I am like confused beyond the point where I just want to leave, I said softly, "Um...I have been at my mother and father's palace, why?" Yami stood their in shock looking at how I was turning all pale, "Steph are you okay??"

I looked at Yami and said "Not really..." He then gets up and walks towards me and says, "Maybe you need to rest, here I'll walk you to your room." He gave me his hand and we started walking. Phaia looking at me said to herself, "Something is definitely wrong here, how can she forget everything that happened..."

As I'm walking down the hall I started to feel faint, Yami then puts his arms around my waist supporting me. I see an Egyptain Asp slither in front of me, and Yami reached his hand out and sent the snake to the Shadow Realm. I started to feel weak, then I blacked out.

Yami, trying to wake me up calls for help, then he carries me bridal style to my room. He places me on the bed, and then he turns around and sees everyone there.

Yami said, "Somethings wrong, Steph, isn't awake, she can't possibly faint...what happened?" Then the apothecary walks up to my body, and checks me for any sign of magic, poison, or sickness.

He turns to Yami and says, "The Shadows have been feeding on her mystical powers." Yami gasped and said, "She has powers????" The apothecary replied, "Yes, see on her right shoulder there's a birth mark, not a tatoo, in a secrect hieroglyph language,it says, Perfection is a treasure, that the dark desires, but only the truth, can free her..."

Yami then said, "So she is what the darkness wants right?? *grunts* The Shadows are darkness, said only the truth can free her, right...well...Phaia and I were talking about the truth, didn't that free Steph...".-Stephanie-.(I'm kinda in a coma, so but none of this is real) I wake up and look around everything seems normal, I looked around and then the entire room is filled with darkness.

-Present time- Yami looks at the apothecary and grabs him by his shirt, "How, do we get her back!" Yami is now furious, he let's go of the apothecary, and walks up to the side of my bed, and holds my hand, then he kisses it. The apothecary said nothing and Yami gets up and walks away.

(Yami...)-Stephanie- (Okay when every I do my name, I'm in a different realm.) I'm feeling helpless, then I feel warmth on the back of my hand, and I know that Yami kissed my hand.

Yami steps out of my room, and he is filled with anger, he hits the wall with his fist, (Ouch) then mumbles, "I'll find a way to bring you back..." He walks to his magic chamber, and begins to pilled up the books, and studies about The Shadows, after 2 days and nights of not sleeping he finally finds a way to bring me back.

He reads what he wrote out loud and says, "An object belonging to the victim of the Shadows, can only be brought back by a person, and an object they love truly. But so, the person must go in deep into the mind of the victim and free them from there."

Yami rolls up the parchments, and starts walking towards my room.-Stephanie-. I sit there, afraid to move, I don't know the time, or day, and I feel so cold, I whispered to myself, "Yami...where are you..." I think to myself.

Yami walks into my room, and maids are attending to me, then he crouches down and kisses my forehead, -Stephanie-. "Yami..." I feel warmth on my forehead.-Present time. Yami whispers to me, "I know how to free you...just hold on Steph..."

Then the priests walked into my room, and talks to Yami, "You have to be insane, Pharaoh Yami, your willing to risk your mind, for some girl??" He looks at them and gets up, "Yes, why, is there sometime wrong about that?"

The priests looked at each other, "Pharaoh Yami, think about what you are doing, your endangering your line, (future generation), your people, and yourself. Tell me is it worth it for this girl, in fact you can have any other girl, why choose this one."

Yami is furious now, (He really loves me, sighs) Yami smirks and replied, "Because I love her, that's why, my priest, you should know your place, and not meddle with the my affairs, after all, it's my decision."

Yami looks towards one of the guards, "Take them away for now!" The priests resisted, and calmly walked out of my room. Yami then turns around and looks at me, he sees that I'm clenching my hands, and he looks at one of the maids.

"The apothecary tells me she is fighting the shadows, all of her motor reflexes still work." He smiles then walks towards my vanity he grabs my jewelery box.

Yami then opens it, inside is my diamond hibiscus, he takes it and walks up to me, he tells one of the maids, "I need items from this list, please go and get it quickly." He hands Sinia the list and she hurries off to get it, he begins to stroke my hair, and whisper, "Hold on...Steph...I'm coming"

Hours later Sinia comes back with all the things that Yami needs, he walks up to her, and gets the items, then he starts putting things together, and as he reads the instructions.

Thirty minutes later he was finish, he then told Sinia, "Look, if I don't come back in 4 hours, I want you to use this to get me out." He hands her a liquid potion, she noddes, and Yami picks me up and lays me in a circle of objects, (I'm not going to list them.)

He places me in the center, and then he begins to chant. Next thing I know is my body and his, begins to glow and he falls backwards, into a deep sleep. The maid looking shocked just waited for time.-Stephanie-. (Know Yami is in my dimension) I looked around, and felt something different, I felt life. I then yelled out.

Yami appears and in his hand is my diamond hibiscus he holds onto it tight, and then looks around, it's completley dark, and hard to see anything.

I yell out, "YAMI!!!", Yami turns toward the noise, and started running in my direction, a couple of minutes later he sees me.

I looked at him, and cry, and he hugs me. (Aw...), then he whispers to me, "Do you remember me??" I nodded and said, "Yes..." Yami then kisses my forehead, and I see color coming back to my cheeks, then he says, "Okay, Steph, I want you to remember this."

He pulls out the flower and place it in my plam. I looked at it and said, "It's so beautiful...I remember it!" Yami smiles at me and says, "Great! We don't have much time..."

The space begins to move towards me and Yami. He looks around, and hands me a piece of paper, he then says to me, "Look to escape this place, you have to read this...It's something I found out...I can't explain now...we don't have a lot of time, just believe in yourself, and it you will prevail."

I opened the paper and started to read it...I noticed, that it said my name and I looked at Yami and then started reading it, "I now accept, what time has come, to hold a place that now is done. I found my path, and understand, that I rule supreme in this land..."

I paused and looked at Yami, he nodded and urged me to continue on, "Objectify by what's called fate, I open my heart to this day, to free my mind and my mate, shadows be gone for I dominate."

I then saw that my flower begin to glow, and when I looked around the place was crumbling...I then looked at Yami and he smiled and said, "You did it! Now, we must wait for this place to fall into light."

I looked around and see shadows, forming in to people, they start approaching me and scream, "Stephanie!!!!How dare you do this to us!!!!We can destroy your memories again!"

I then whispered, "Again..." The shadows started running towards me and I kinda get scared and then it says, "I won't let you escape, I don't know how you did when you were five, but it won't happen again!" The the thing throws a dark energy ball type thing at me and I feel different as auras start to cover me and Yami's body.

Then I blinked and the big black orbs also get a pink glow around it as it shrinks, I gasped, and then realized that I have powers (cool!) I turned to Yami, and he nods, I then know what I must do now.

So the Shadow people begin to scream and one by one they disappear into nothing. Then there was light and I started to float up into the ring of light, and then whole place started crumbling down. Yami holds me close to his body as I begin to feel the power of having my mind and body reunited.

Yami opens his eyes, and blinks for a couple of seconds, then he lifts his head and looks over at me, he whispers "Please, make it Steph, I love you too much, to let you go..."

Then I let out a small noise and opened my eyes, and blinked also, I looked at Yami and he smiles at me, I then said softly, "...Yami..." He smiles again, and said, "Yes..." I looked at him trying to get up but I can't, and he sees that, so he picks me up bridal style and places me on my bed, then he strokes my hair, and kisses my forehead.

I smiled, as my eyes started turning black, I blackout! Yami then looked at me and said, "You'll need your rest Steph, it's okay I'll watch over you..."

After a while I finally wake up, and see Yami sleeping in a throne type chair, holding my hand, (aw...)he wakes up and I say, "Um...*blush*...Yami, how long have I been out?"

He smiles and said, "Two days..." I looked at him, and said, "So have you been here for two days???" He smiles at me and replies, "Yes, I didn't want to leave you until you were rested again." I then smiled and then I move towards him, and kiss him, softly on the lips.

Yami blushes and said, "You must be starving!" I nodded and then he moves the chair, and I slid out of bed, and try to stand on my feet, I fell, but Yami caught me, he laughed and said, "I guess, your legs are out of it, it has been almost 3 days since you last used them."

I blushed and said, "Oh...I am going to try to walk..." Yami still has his right arm around my waist, and then I placed my left hand with his for support.

He smiles at me and as I try to walk, finally after a while I reached the Grand Hall, and Yami helps me sit down. I blushed and said, "Thank you..." He then replies, "Your welcome, Steph."

I looked at Yami, and blushed, because he looked at me. I started eating, and trust me I ate a lot, then the entertainers, started blowing fire, and juggling and stuff.

It finally ended and then I got up, but Yami comes from behind me and helps me again walk to my room. As I'm walking down that corridor, he looks to his left, and sees the moon shining at the both of me.

He smiles, and said, "You look beautiful tonight..." I looked at him, and blushed, "Thank you..." He laughes, and finally when we reached my room, the maids came in and take me.Yami then said, "Sweet dreams Steph."

He kisses me and I blush again, then he leaves. The maids start taking me to my bathroom, and prepare the bath for me, I decide to use Jasmine again, since it relaxes my mind, and body. I finally take my bath and soaked in it, then I grabed a towel and wrapped it around myself, and seen that my clothes are prepared for me.

I pulled on a very comfortable dress, that was had a v-neck, and a band on my waist, it was about knee lenght, and it was white. (I don't know what kind of nightgowns they wore, but oh well!) The maids then brushed my hair, and then I slipped into bed and then went to sleep.

Then around midnight a shadow started casting on my body, I felt a present, and slowly opened my eyes, I looked and saw a person holding a dagger ready to stab me.

I gave a blood-curling scream and moved out of the way, just before the dagger begins to plunged into my pillow. Then all of a sudden, the fire is lite, and I see the killers face clearly I gasp as I see that its Phaia, holding the dagger.

I looked at her and said, "Phaia, why are you doing this, you don't really want to hurt me do you??" Because her eyes were looked crazy, like thristing for revenge.

She looked at me and said, "Yes, I do." I looked at her as I started backing away, until I was finally up against the wall. I replied, "Why?", she smirks at me and said, "Why??Isn't it obvious, I love Yami, and I don't want him to waste his life on you. Besides, your not even family. (I know it's wierd, but before I think you had to marry a family member to be pure, or to keep the wealth in the family or sometime like that, anyways.) I mean how can he spend his life with you, your not exactly his type."

I then replied to her kinda angry, "And what is his type anyways?" She grined and said, "I am, anyways, that won't be a problem anymore, since you won't exist in this world anymore. I don't know how you did escape twice from the Shadows, but now I have to do things myself."

I whispered, "So your the one who sent me there?" She laughs and said, "Yes, when you were five, and now, but I don't know how you escaped, I was hoping that Yami, would see someone else to love, like me. But he only liked me as a cousin, so that was a dread. I always hated you, Stephanie, even the sound of your name, it's not even Greek, or Egyptain."

I looked at her and said, "How can you hate me, you don't even know me!" She smirked and said, "I hated you because Yami, liked you so much, that he would always talk about you all the time. Even when you haven't show up in 10 years! I just got sick of it, beside, our parents decided to have an arranged marriage, I was happy with it but he wasn't. Unfortunatly, after Yami's parents found out that he refused to marry me when he turns 18. They said to him it was okay, I was furious! But they said to him, that if he had trouble finding one, then he would have to marry me. So you see, I am eliminating my only problem, you."

I looked at her disgusted, "That's gross, that you would want to marry your cousin, I mean, come on..."

Then the doors opened me and Phaia turned around and saw Yami, and inside I looked happy to see him. He said to Phaia, "Phaia, what are you doing?"

She turned around and said, "What do you think I was doing." Then I saw the opportune moment and ran towards Yami, he held me in his arms, and I cried a little on his shoulder. He whispered to me, "It's okay Steph."

He then gives an evil glare (Hot!) at Phaia, and said, " have a dagger in your hand. I can't believe that you planned on killing Steph. I mean that is really low." Phaia turned around and gave me an evil look then said to Yami, "I only did it, because I love you so much Yami."

He looks at her digust, and replied, "If you really love me, then you wouldn't have done this, because you would want what's best for me." She starts to walk closer to me until she is stopped, by the hate in Yami's eyes. She replied weakly, "But...Yami..." Yami still has his arms around my waist, and I just stood there listening to the conversation.

Phaia then said, "Well, if I can't have you, then nobody can." Then she clenches the dagger and throws it at me. But Yami, caught it barely before it touched me, his grip on it wasn't good, part of the dagger, actually broke the skin, and he started bleeding a little, I looked at his right hand, and then he drops the dagger.

(Ouch!) I noticed that his ring finger and his pinky were bleeding, and then I started to get really worried. Then he laughes and said, "I know your an expert with daggers, but you just made the wrong move Phaia, I'm so sorry, but any words you'd like to say?" She had a tear rolling down her face and said softly, "No."

Then he raises his right hand and banishes her to the Shadow Realm. Her body fell down, he then turns around to me. Still concerned about his hand he looks at me and says, "Are you alright Steph?"

I nodded and then said, "Your hand, let me help with that." I walked back into my room, and walked around Phaia's body, and went into my drawer, I then pulled out some herbs and stuff, and a cloth like thing, and walked over to Yami.

I cleaned his wound, and put the herb on he flinches, I said, "Stay still, I know it stings." Then I wrapped each finger individually and tight, the entire time he was looking at me, and then I looked up and said, "All better..." he then kisses me with passion.

I decided to kiss him back the same way it was delivered, then I heard footsteps, and the palace guards came and took Phaia's body away. I then looked at Yami, and blushed because he is so close to me. Then he said, "You must be tired...I think you better get back to sleep."

I replied back, "No, not really, I mean after all that happened it's hard to fall back to sleep." He laughs and then said, "Great, I want to show you something..." He grabs my hand, and I follow him.

Yami took my hand then as we were walking down towards a long corridor, I noticed that we were going to the the 1st floor. After a while we were outside, and we started walking towards the stable.

I looked at the night sky, it's so beautiful stars shining and the moon, beaming on there faces making us glow. Yami then turns to me and says, "How about a ride? I want to show you a site that is so beautiful during this time." I said, "Sure..." Then Yami hops on a brown horse with a little white star shape on it's forehead.

Yami then offers me his hand and I get on the horse, (remember I'm wearing a dress, so...) I have both of my legs on one side then Yami said, "Hold on...Steph." So I slowly wrap my arms around his waist, (lol) then we two started riding.

I just remembered that I haven't really told Yami what happened between me and Phaia, but I looked at him, and then leaned my head on the back of his shoulder, he said, "We'll be there in a couple of minutes."

I blushed and then in no time we get there, he got down from the hourse, and the he puts his hands around my waist, and I hop down, then when I get to the ground, me and Yami's faces are near each other.

He still has his hands around my waist, and he kisses me. (aww...) Anyways, he then draws back and whispers to me, "Come, it's just around the corner..."

Yami then takes my hand and starts leading me to "the place" (lol). Finally the two of us get there, and I see a little gazebo, with vines and flowers growing on it, he said, "It's right there."

Yami points his fingers, then we start walking towards it, I noticed that the vines and flowers are Jasmine. I breathed in deeping and said, "It's so pretty..."

I blushed and then Yami said, "Don't you remember this place..." I shook my head and Yami said, "Oh, I thought this could help you remember, I mean most of your past memories have been taken away from you, since you were held captive in the Shadows."

Yami laughed and then looked at me and said, "I remember that when we were little, we used to go here all the time, and make our parents worry about us. I mean, this spot and place, was our little secret."

I blushed and said, "I kinda remember..." Yami then turned his head and started blushing, "Don't you remember what else happened here??" I looked at him, and said, while touching his lips, "Yes...I got my first kiss here..."

He blushes even more, then I looked at him, " long have you liked me??" He looks at me and says, "Ever since I knew you..."

I started walking towards him, then I heard a creak, I gasped and crouch down, then I said, " this the..." He nodded and walks towards me, and crouches down.

"Our memory box...I almost forgot about this." Yami said, as he started prying the wood off. Inside I noticed a gold box, still in very good condition. I got up and sat on the bench to my right, and so did Yami.

I tried opened it, but couldn't there's a lock that looked like a heart, Yami, then looked at me, he said, "Do you still have that heart necklace?"

I nodded and took it off my necklace, I noticed that it was only half a heart, and the back side was very riged, Yami pull out something and took my heart, and put it together. "It becomes the key..." He places it in the key hole, and turns it several time, then the box opened, I looked inside and saw a small portrait of me and Yami, when we were little kids.

I said, "Oh my god, you are so cute." He blushes as I looked at the little Yami. (That is so cute!) Then I see myself infront of Yami, (Okay, I am siting Yami has his head rested on my shoulder with his arms around me, that's in the portrait.) I whispered, "That was me???"

Yami nods and then I started going into the box, I found letters, and toys, and lot's of childish things. Then I saw at the bottom of the box, my birthday and Yami's, I looked at the date, and noticed that Yami's birthday was in 4 more days.

I gasped inside then looked at Yami and said, "Um...look here, your birthday is coming up in 4 more days...your turning 17...right?" He shook his head and said, "I'm turning 18..." (remember what Phaia said earlier.) I blushed and said, "Wow...18..." he looks at me and said, "I will always be two years older than you Steph..."

I looked at him, and then at the box, and saw my birhtday, it said that I was already 16, I saw that my b-day was a month before him, exactly.

I thought to myself that it was wierd. Then he said to me, "Yeah...I know exactly what I want this year." I looked at him and said in an excited voice, "What!?" He starts to lean towards me and kisses me with passion, then I hear a noise coming from the bushes.

I looked at the bush, and though no possible way it could be a human, but then I notice that it had a white tail, then it popped out of the bush.

I saw it was a cute little gray kitten. Yami, laughed and said, "Nala, what are you doing out here." I looked at him, and then he picked up the little kitten, it started to purr.

I said, " that yours?" He shook his head, and said, "Actually, I was going to give it too you, since you love animals." He hands the little gray kitten to me, it starts to purr, I blushed and said, "Thank you."

He smiled and said, "Though, I don't know how it escape from the kingdom, and followed us, Nala, is definitley adventurous." I smiled and noticed that Nala started making really big eyes at me, I laughed and said, "It's so cute, Yami."

He smiles and looks at me, then he said, "Follow me." I looked at him funny, and then I put the box away, and took the little key, out and placed Nala on the ground, Yami then took my hand and said, "It's okay Nala can follow, she is a tough kitten."

Then he started leading me away from the gazebo, (Okay, this is kinda like an oasis, forest type, thing, with wood and water and stuff, not dry and desertous). I notice that Nala was having fun with my shadow, and giggled, then Yami stopped, and he went behind me and whispered in my ears, "Close your eyes."

I said, "Okay..." and he took both my hands, and guided me to the place he was going to take me. Then after a while, he said, "Open your eyes."

I looked and saw that the sun was just across the horizon, and the beautiful waterfall, was making rainbow, I looked and saw that I was on a hill full of grass, I looked at Yami and said, "This is so...enchanting, and magical..."

Then I looked away, and looked at the scenery, the entire time, Yami had his eyes on me. Yami then walked up, close to me until our noses were touching, I looked at him, and he put his arms around my waist, and I blushed.

He kisses me and then whispered, "You know, I'm glad, that I'm with you..." I blushed and leaned my head on his shoulder and said, "Why??"

He smiles and said, "Because, I want to be with you forever..." I smiled, and felt happy inside then I lifted my head off his shoulder, and kissed him, then I said, "I want to be with you forever too..."

Yami blushes, as the wind is blowing my hair, he said, "Really???" I nodded and then he whispered into my ear, "I know, I won't be able to see you like this for a couple of days, but on the day of my birthday, meet me here at midnight."

I looked at him, and said, "Okay...why..." He then replied, "It's a surprise..." I blushed, and then he said, "We have to be heading back now, they are probably looking for us.

He kisses me again, and then we started walking towards the gazebo, and after a while, we finally reach there, and he hopped on the horse, I picked up Nala, and he reached out for my hand, and pulled me up. Then we started heading back to the kingdom.

Finally we reached the palace and he puts the horse in the stable, and I still had Nala in my arms she is sleeping by now. Yami, walks me to my room, and at the door, he kisses me. I kissed him back, and said, "Goodnight, Yami."

Then he looks at me and says, "Goodnight, Steph." I head inside my room, and closed the door, I then place Nala on my bed, and I slipped in and thought about the night I had, and went to sleep. (Okay, I am going to fast forward it 3 days, because like Yami said, he is not going to be with me much, so what's the point right? Anyways, today is his b-day).

-Yami's B-day-. The maids wake me up and said, "Princess Stephanie, today is the Pharaoh's birthday, and he request that you wear this to the celebration, this evening."

I asked her, "What time, is it? She replied, "Well, Princess, it's noon, you sleep, through the morning." I blinked and walked up to the dress, it was beautiful. It was white, and it was off the shoulders with my right arm covered in a sheer material, and it so happens that the part with the off the shoulders part was the right shoulder.

It had a band around the waist as usual, with hieroglyphs, and it was gold with a touch of green and pink in it. Then the bottom of the skirt, was sort of an a-line dress, with embroderies on the rim of the skirt, same as the band, and it was several layers of sheer fabric, on the skirt.

It was breathless, and beautiful, so the maids said, "We better start getting ready, everyone in the kingdom, it preparing the Pharaoh's birthday, and we must get you finished." So I took my bath in Jasmine, and it took about an hour. Then I put on the dress, and the maids, tied all the ribbons, and stuff, making sure, that it was perfect, on me.

Then they did my hair, it was in a half up do, with half of my hair falling down on my back, and it was really straight. Then they started putting jewerly and stuff in my hair, and neck, and etc...I finally put on my sandals, and it matched my dress, not like anyone would see them.

I looked in the mirror and said, "Oh's so beautiful." The maids then said, "You should look beautiful, some of the materials on this dress, were imported from Rome..." I blinked, and noticed that the colors were.

I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. Then thought, "I seriously look like I'm getting married or something." I gasped, and then remembered about what Phaia said, I cheered happily inside, and the maids said, "Oh Pharaoh Yami will be so pleased, you look like the morning sun."

I blushed and said, "Thank you." The maids looked at the sun and said, "Oh the ceremony is about to begin, it took us 4 hours to get your ready." My eyes widen, and said, "Four hours??" Then the maid said, come now, we mustn't keep the Pharaoh waiting."

I asked them, "But I thought it didn't start until 2 more hours." She laughed and said, "No, that's the party, this is the ceremony." Finally I reached the Grand Hall, and saw Yami, I saw, a lot of people to, many other princesses, royals, pharaohs, and such. I started heading in and everyone started bowing, I then bowed to Yami, and he raised he hand, and motioned me to sit to his right.

So I did, and I looked left and saw him, his throne was huge, and I just looked around and noticed that there were tons of people.

I kinda felt nervous and Yami said, "It's okay Steph..." I blushed and looked at him, then noticed that the ceremony was about to begin, (I am going to skip it, let's just say that you know, a lot of chanting and stuff, I am not really going to go into detail, but you understand, the offers, presents, and such.)

Then after the ceremony ended, I noticed that Yami was going to make a speech, and after a while it ended, and everyone started to leave, I got up and Yami offered his hand and said, "Now for the entertainment."

Just before I took his hand, I looked at the sun, and saw that it was a 3 hour ceremony. I then walked towards the next room, and saw juggling, fire spitting, and dancing, I thought, "This is wierd."

Then a man, who looked like another pharaoh said, "Oh, Pharaoh Atemu, I would like to congratulate you, on being a man." Yami was still holding my hand and said, "Thank you Pharaoh Hashim."

Then I noticed that two girls about my age walking up to Pharaoh Hashim and said, "Father..." I tried to keep my cool, as the girls were flirting with Yami. Then Hashim said, "Atemu, these are my daughters, Aset and Hathor." He said, "Hello..."

Then I rolled my eyes, and tried to leave, but Yami wouldn't let my hand go, I looked at him, and thought it was sweet. So I ended up staying with him. Finally all three of them left, and Yami whispered in my ear, "I didn't want you to leave, if you did, then they would never let me go or leave, you see, I don't care about them...they are just trying to set me up."

I nodded and then Yami said, "Sorry, if this is boring to you, but I rather have you by my side, with me, than somewhere else." I blushed, and he kisses my lips softly.

Then after 3 hours later, it was 10, I noticed that Priest Seto was walking towards me and Yami, he then said, "Pharaoh Atemu, we need to talk to you." Yami kissed my hands before leaving, and I just watched him leave, then I started walking, and looked out and saw the moon. I just stood there, looking at it, and I kinda lost track of time, I now noticed that it was 11:30, leaving the sun-dial, I started walking towards to stable.

Then I bumped into Aset and Hathor, I said, "Um...excuse me." Then I walked right passed them, then Aset said, "Look, that's the girl, that Atemu, likes." Hathor laughes and said, "She is so wierd, I mean her name isn't even Egyptian."

I stopped and remembered what Phaia said, then I turned around said, "I should watch my tongue if I were you." Then Aset, stuck her tongue at me, and I started feeling wierd, like something was following through my veins.

I raised my right hand and they started floating in the air. I blinked, and thought it was wierd, they started screaming, then Hathor said, "Let us down, Stephanie!" I said, "No." Then Aset said, "If you don't we'll tell Atemu."

I started making them go up and down, they started screaming. I laughed and said, "You know, I really dislike girls like you, the ones who think they can get their way, but when they don't they just become a even bigger pain." Aset started talking, "You'll pay for this Stephanie."

I laughed and started moving my hand, then I noticed that they were pinned to the wall, I put my hand down and said, "Aset, try using something else beside your mouth for once, and actually use your brain, if you had one." They started screaming, and Hathor said, "There is no possible way, you could do that!" I started to walk away and said, "Do what?"

Hathor then replied, "Magic..." I said, "Well, didn't I just do something like that?" I started walking away, and heard the girls screaming. After a while I got on a white horse, and started riding to the place that I needed to be.

I finally reached there, and noticed that Yami's horse was already there, I started walking to the hill, and saw him, I got there, and he smiled and said, "I wondered where you were, you were 5 minutes late." I blushed and said, "I'm sorry, Yami, I ran into some trouble." He looked at me concerned and then put his arms around me, he said, "What kind of trouble..."

I placed my head on his shoulder and said, " know Aset and Hathor were giving me trouble, and I don't know what happened, but...I acidentally made them fly in the air, and then I pined them to the wall." Yami started laughing, "Really...Steph..." I looked at him, and said, "I think I did something bad."

I drew back and turned around the wind was blowing in my hair, Yami then came behind me and put his arms around me and placed his head on my shoulder, he whispered, "It's okay Steph, your powers are becoming real..."

I gasped and said, "Powers...but how..." he laughed and said, "You know, from where you were trapped..."

I looked down, and said, "Well, I never acted like that, I mean, so unrational, and cruel..." Yami then said to me, "It's okay Steph, I mean, it happens to all of us." I then turned around still having Yami's arms around me.

I gave him a kiss, and said, "Um...Yami...why do they call you Atemu, I mean I call you Yami..." He blushes and said, "Well, Atemu is my real name, and I like it when you call me Yami, you say it so cute. I mean would you rather have me call you Stephanie, or Steph." I nodded, and he said, "Look at the stars, they are so beautiful." He pointed out one that was really bright, I started feeling happier, and smiled.

Yami then said, "Um...Steph..." I looked at him and said, "Yes, Yami..." He looked at me and it was serious, he continue, "Uh...the reason why I wanted to meet you here is..." He started to bend down on one knee, and took my hand, I gasped and he said, "I want to be with you, so marry me."

I blushed and started to speak, when he pulled out a box, and then he said, "Steph, I love you, and I can't face the fact, that if I'm not with you, I can't go on in this world. So marry me and we can be together forever." He slips the ring on my finger, and I say,"Yes, I do."

He smiles at me then gives me a kiss. Then I asked, "Um...Yami, I have to tell you something..." I take his hands, and looked into his eyes.

"Uh..Remember when Phaia tried to kill me...well she said something about you having an arranged marriage with what happened to that." Yami smiled and replied, "I knew that when I was 18 I had to marry her, but how could you possibly love someone, who was arranged for you. I couldn't possibly live life like that.
So, my parents gave me the option of finding someone on my own, and that was you. I rather die, then marry someone I didn't love, and didn't love me back." I blushed and then said, " long did you plan this..."

Looking at the ring, it was gold with hieroglyphs, and there was like a flower type stone, it was really pretty, and delicate looking. He smiled and looked at me, "Ever since I first met you." I blushed even more, I gave him a hug, and then a kiss.

He then said, "Steph..." I looked at Yami, "Yes."

He smiled and said, "You look beautiful tonight..." I blushed even more then said, "Thank you..." He laughed and said, "Guess you are my blushing bride..." I blushed and said, "Really..." Then he holds me in his arms and kisses me.

Then after a while, I too was talking, and it was getting late, I just watched the sun rise, and I fell asleep. Yami carried me bridal style to the horse. He got on and I sat in front of him, after all I am asleep.

I finally reached the kingdom, and he carries me again bridal style to my room. He lays me on my bed, and strokes my hair, then kisses my hand and said, "I love you...Steph."

For some odd reason, I said, "I love you...too..." He smiled and kissed my forehead, and left the room.

I finally wake up and noticed that it was about 10:32, and I got up I see the maids running in towards me, I was still wearing the dress from last night. One of them said, "Where were you Princess Stephanie! We were worried!"

I rubbed my eyes and started heading towards the bathroom. I replied, "I was with Atemu..." They all gasped as they saw my left hand.

Then I took my bath, and got dressed in a white tunic that was strapless, and it had a gold band, that turned into a bow in the back, it also had a slit in the back starting at the bottom of the dress.

They did my hair, and decided to leave it down strait. I yawned again, as I slipped into my sandals. Then I started heading down to the Grand Hall. The maids were heading down there with me, finally I reached down there and saw Yami, so I was going to sit down, until Yami walked up to me and gave me a kiss, and then lead me to my seat. (Aw...)

Anyways, I ate my food, and then the priest were looking at me. I whispered to Yami, "Um...Yami...why are they staring..." Then one of the priest said, "Congratulations Princess Stephanie..." I blushed and said, "Uh...Thank you..."

Then one said, "I always knew that you'd end up marrying Pharaoh Atemu." I looked at Yami, and thought it was wierd...Then I asked to excuse myself, and I left.

Then Yami came after me, he grabs my wrists, and pulls me in closer towards him, then he lifts my head up with his hand and said, "Sorry, if they were impolite, it's that, I don't know how everyone knows in the kingdom..."

I smiled and looked at him, "Oh it's was just strange, that's all..." He kisses me and then said, "Okay, I'll see you later Steph..." I nodded as he drew away his body from me. Then I decided to go for a wal, so I did, and I bumped into a girl with jet black hair, and brown eyes, and I said, "Oh...I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going..."

She looked at me and then she gasped, she stuttered a little bit, and said, "Your...Princess Stephanie...I'm so sorry..." I noticed that she wasn't a servant, but something else, I looked at her, and asked, "What's your name?"

She replied, not looking at me directly, "It's Isis." I said, "That's a pretty name..." She replied softly, "Thank you..." Then I noticed that I've seen her before, but couldn't remember when. Then she said, "Excuse, me Princess Stephanie, I must get going..."

I nodded, and she started walking at a fast pace. I shrugged it off, then decided to go outside. After a while, I finally get there, and the sun hits my nose. I smiled, and then saw my little kitten, Nala, outside, I laughed and picked her up, then I said, "How did you get outside?" I then noticed that Nala had something on her neck, like a collar, I said to myself, "I don't remember putting this on you."

I looked at it closely, and saw that it said in hieroglyphs, Atemu and Stephanie, I thought, that it was wierd, and figured that Yami must have put it there. Then someone taps my shoulder and I turn around, and see Priest Seto.

He says to me, "Princess Stephanie, you shouldn't be out on a day like this." I looked at him and said, "Why what's wrong with it?" He looks around and says, "It's not safe out here, I recommend that you go back into the palace where your safe."

I laughed and he gave a puzzled look, then said, "Why it's beautiful outside, why is it not safe?" He replied, "I cannot speak of it...but I warned you." He then storms off I shrugged it of, and placed Nala on the floor, as I noticed a shadow type thing lurking beyond the corner of my eyes.

I decided to see what it is, I noticed some eyes that were really wierd, then someone grabs my hand, I turned around and saw it was Yami, I sighed and said, "You scared me Yami!" He laughed and said, "Well, I bet Seto has already told you about not going outside." I nodded, and looked back at the direction of the eyes, it was gone. Then I looked at Yami, and he starts to walk with me still holding my hand.

Nala follows me and she is trying to catch mine and Yami's shadow. Finally I get inside, and he says to me, "Steph, I don't know how to say this...but...I don't want you to get hurt, so please stay away from going outside. There is trouble, but I'm not sure of it." He kisses me softly on the lips and I said, "Okay..."

Then I noticed those eyes again, and pulled in closer to Yami and whispered, "Yami, there are glowing eyes behind you, I seen it twice already..." He says, "It's okay Steph..." he turns arounds and he didn't see anything, he whispers to me, "As long as you don't approach it, then you'll be okay..." He then sees the look on my face and said, "Cheer up Steph, you and I have been in tougher situations."

I sit looking at that spot and said "Yami...your right..." He looks at me and says, "I must go now, even though I don't want to, but I'll see you later, Steph..." He kisses me and starts to walk away. I sighed and picked up Nala and started walking, I finally reached the 2nd floor, and stood between the two drawings and whispered, "Setura Avarsa."

Then I went through the portal, and saw how beautiful it was, I put down Nala and walked up to the pond. I looked at my reflection and then saw Nala splashing the water, but then that's where it gets really wierd, I noticed that the water droplets are floating in the air, and it seems like time has stop, but I noticed that Nala is still moving.

I remembered what I did to those girls, and said, "Hm...I wonder..." I lifted my right hand and placed the water droplet on my hand, it didn't sit on my hand it kinda just hover. I tried to move it with my hands then it didn't work. But then I thought about it and it moved I gasped and said, "No way I can move it with my mind!"

So like I praticed moving things with my mind, it was wierd, but fun, then I said to myself, "Okay so I can move a lot of things...I wonder if I could lift myself."

I thought about it and I did, it was like I was flying, I thought it was strange, I never knew I had powers before then I placed myself on the ground and said, "Okay so there's no need to use hands, only if you can focus with your mind..."

I laughed and then wondered what kinds of powers I have, then I noticed that someone else was walking up from behind me and said, "Pharaoh Atemu would like to see you."

I turned around and saw Seto again. He escorted me towards the Grand Hall, and I saw those eyes again, I shrugged it off, and thought, that it was wierd. I finally reached there and saw Yami, he walked up to I and said, "Are you okay?"

I nodded and said, "Yes...but I have to tell you something...I can move things with my mind." He looked at me and said, "Really..." I nodded and said, "Look at that chair, it will float in the air." So I concentrated on the chair and it lifted up, then Yami looked at me and said, "That's great Steph! Your powers are growing, but I didn't expect them to happen this fast."

Then a little girl walks up. I noticed that its the same girl I bummed into earlier, I said, "Hi Isis!" She blushed and Yami said, "Guess you two have met already, Isis is here to learn about the kingdom, since she is from far away." I nodded and she then said, "Pharaoh Atemu, the priest requires your assistance." I sighed and Yami kisses my cheek and leaves.

So it was just me and Isis, and I said, "So...Isis, why are you here to learn about the kingdom." She replied softly, "Well, as you know Pharaoh Atemu is a great leader, and I was just wondering on how the this kingdom works from others." I nodded, and looked at her and said, "You remind me of someone..." She said, "It's because, I'm Phaia's little sister."

I gasped and looked at Yami and then back at her I said, "Oh..." She said, "I never did like my sister, I found out what happened, she deserved what she did to you or was going to do." I looked at her kinda shocked and said, "Oh...okay..." She then said, "Yeah, she was very selfish, she was always the favorite with our parents. But I'm glad that your going to marry Atemu, he is so lucky."

I blushed and said, "Why, thank you, your so nice." She shrugs and says, "Yes, I am complete opposite of my sister." Then she took a breath and said, "Please excuse me, I must get going now..." She then left, I looked outside an noticed that it was getting late. So I headed off to my room, and I took my bath and wore my nightgown.

It was like the one nightgown I wore before a v-neck with a band around my waist, and it was knee length, and it was colored white. Except the band around my waist was colored a light blue. Then I went to sleep.

I remembered what I did to those girls, and said, "Hm...I wonder..." I lifted my right hand and placed the water droplet on my hand, it didn't sit on my hand it kinda just hover.

I tried to move it with my hands then it didn't work. But then I thought about it and it moved I gasped and said, "No way I can move it with my mind!"

So like I praticed moving things with my mind, it was wierd, but fun, then I said to myself, "Okay so I can move a lot of things...I wonder if I could lift myself."

I thought about it and I did, it was like I was flying, I thought it was strange, I never knew I had powers before then I placed myself on the ground and said, "Okay so there's no need to use hands, only if you can focus with your mind..."

I laughed and then wondered what kinds of powers I'd have, then I noticed that someone else was walking up from behind me and said, "Pharaoh Atemu would like to see you."

I turned around and saw Seto again. He escorted me towards the Grand Hall, and I saw those eyes again, I shrugged it off, and thought, that it was wierd. I finally reached there and saw Yami, he walked up to me and said, "Are you okay?"

I nodded and said, "Yes...but I have to tell you something...I can move things with my mind." He looked at me and said, "Really..." I nodded and said, "Look at that chair, it will float in the air." So I concentrated on the chair and it lifted up, then Yami looked at me and said, "That's great Steph! Your powers are growing, but I didn't expect them to happen this fast."

Then a little girl walks up I noticed that its that girl I bummed into earlier, I said, "Hi Isis!" She blushed and Yami said, "Guess you two have met already, Isis is here to learn about the kingdom, since she is from far away."

I nodded and she then said, "Pharaoh Atemu, the priest requires your assistance." I sighed and Yami kisses my cheek and leaves. So it was just me and Isis, and I said, "So...Isis, why are you here to learn about the kingdom." She replied softly, "Well, as you know Pharaoh Atemu is a great leader, and I was just wondering on how the this kingdom works from others."

I nodded, and looked at her and said, "You remind me of someone..." She said, "It's because, I'm Phaia's little sister." I gasped and looked at Yami and then back at her I said, "Oh..." She said, "I never did like my sister, I found out what happened, she deserved what she did to you or was going to do."

I looked at her kinda shocked and said, "Oh...okay..." She then said, "Yeah, she was very selfish, she was always the favorite with our parents. But I'm glad that your going to marry Atemu, he is so lucky."

I blushed and said, "Why, thank you, your so nice." She shrugs and says, "Yes, I am complete opposite of my sister." Then she took a breath and said, "Please excuse me, I must get going now..."

She then left, I looked outside an noticed that it was getting late. So I headed off to my room, and I took my bath and wore my nightgown.

It was like the one nightgown I wore before a v-neck with a band around my waist, and it was knee length, and it was colored white. Except the band around my waist was colored a light blue. Then I went to sleep.

I started to dream about something, then something brushed up againist my leg, I thought it was Nala, and decided to ignore it.

Then I heard someone breathing on me, I started to scream, and I actually managed to do it for about a couple of seconds, and the lights turned on. By now a strong hold was covering my mouth, I was not that scared but shock, I noticed that it was a guy, and he was very tan.

I looked around the room, and picked up the chair with my mind and slammed it into to him. He released me for a little bit, but took back control he said to me in an evil voice, "Look here now, don't think you can escape, because I won't seems. Like you have some powers eh?"

Then Yami appeared. I tried to break free but couldn't then the person headlocked me and I yelled, "I can't break free, he's too strong...HELP YAMI!"

Yami then looked at the person, he saw the Millennium Rod, he then said, "Let her go!" The voice replied, and I struggled to breath, trying everything to hit him with flying objects (heh!), the voice replied, "Look, now Atemu, if you do as I say, then she won't get hurt, that means that if another person shows up, I disappear with her."

Yami gave a smirk and said, "What do you want?" He replied, "Your puzzle..." Then Seto appeared and said, "I heard a scream, and ran this way..." he took a pause and said, "that's my rod!" Then the voice said, "Too had your chance and now you lost it." I was still struggling and bit him until there was blood, he still wouldn't let go, and I said, ""

When we two disappeared, Yami said, "Damn..." Seto then said, "Well you knew it was bound to happen...and now he has the upper hand, not to mention, my rod, Stephanie, and her powers." Yami just stood there angry, and said, "I can't believe I lost you again...I will find you..."

Seto then said, "Come on, we can still track her down, I mean...their's still hope." Seto then walked out of my room, and looked back then he closed the door. Then they were off to track me, somehow after some research. Okay so I'm struggling and the voice says, "You are a tough one..."

Then I started to feel wierd, and I blacked out. After a while I woke up noticing that I'm still in my clothes, I sighed and looked around, I was on a bed chained, I started struggling, trying to break the chains, but it was hopeless, my mind was too tired.

I looked around somemore and notice that the room, was really huge, it had a desk and all the furniture, then I observed that the ceiling was very high, and I though, that the place was rather cool, I said to myself, "I must be undergroud. Oh I hope Yami finds me soon..."

Then I heard voices, and I try to attempt to break the chains again. But I just laid my head back. The door started to open and two guys entered the tan one that kidnapped me and a white haired guy with red eyes. The tan one said, "Well finally the princess wakes up, how did you sleep?"

I gave him an evil look and said, "Who are you?" He gave a smirk, and said, "I'm Marik,and this is Bakura." He said to me as he sit next to me on the bed, then all of a sudden a shield pops up, I looked at it, and Marik touches it, he said, "Well, like that would protect you for long."

Then the shield goes away, I thought, "This could definetly help me..." Then he said, "Now I will unlock you, if you promise not to run away. A beautiful girl like you shouldn't be in chains."

I replied, "Fine..." He begins to unlock my hands and feet, and I rubbed then then I said, "Why did you take me?" He then replied, "For leverage..."

I noticed that Bakura hadn't said a thing, but he just looked at me. I felt a chill on my back and shuddered then Marik says, "Okay, now I must go, but seriously don't run away, or you will be hurt, Bakura I want you to watch her, but don't do anything to her, don't even lay a finger on her."

I noticed that he had a ring around his neck, I gasped and thought, "These guys all have Millennium items...this is so wierd..." Then Marik left, and Bakura just pulled up a chair and sat down and just watched me.

I decided to do nothing then I looked at Bakura and said, "What are you looking at?" I pulled my knees closer to my body, and he replied, "You..."

I then looked at him, and said, "Why?" He smirked and said, "Because you have no idea how lucky you are..." I raised an eyebrow and said, "What do you mean?"

He then replied, "Why do you think that Marik hasn't already done something to you?" I said softly, "Because he needs me for leverage." He smirked, and replied, "Smart girl, and because your too beautiful to be messed with."

I kinda started to blush but tried to hide it by putting my head on my knees, then I said, "Why are you in this anyways, you can do so much better than to work at his side." He grins and said, "Have you ever heard of the Millennium Items?"

I looked up and said, "Yes..." He smiled, which is unusual and continued, "My village made them, it cost all of their lives, and now I want revenge on the Pharaoh." I looked at him and said, "I'm sorry..." He looked at me and said, "It's not your fault, besides, tools of darkness, usually does that to a person."

I asked him, "How many were there you know?" He said, "seven."

So I talked to Bakura for a while, I thought that he wasn't that much of a bad person, but his intentions weren't good. Then I looked and saw the doorknob turn and saw Marik.

Marik laid some clothes on the bed, and said, "I see that your unharm. Breakfast will be served." I nodded and then Marik and Bakura left the room, I looked around and saw the bathroom so I grabbed the clothes and locked the door.

I took a bath, after all I feel dirty and put on the clothes that Marik brought for me. I gasped because it fitted me perfectly. It was a very deep v-neck that went down to my belly button but it had chains that connected the fabric. It was sleeveless, and had purple rims on the edge, and the rim of the skirt. I looked at it as the gold touched the my stomach, I felt kinda wierd since this clothes was kinda revealing.

I then thought, "Okay...this is wierd, let's not forget that Yami is going to save me...".

-Yami-."Ugh...I can't believe I lost her again...We be searching for hours...I knew I should have never left her side. Now who nows what he is going to do to her..."

Seto them said, "We'll find her, all we need is something of hers to trace." Yami slapped his head, "What about her flower." He pulled it out of his pocket and Seto said, "Is it close to her?" Yami nodded and they begin to start a spell to find me.

-Stephanie-.I begin to open the door and walked through I placed my nightgown on the dresser, and then Marik walks through, I looked around and he said "Come this way..." I was kinda scared and followed, I'm the first to walk out of the door, and he says, "That dress fits you perfect." Inside my digust, and then I crossed my arms, then he starts to lead the way as he places his hand on my back.

I grabbed my nightgown and then storm off, I turned right, and then saw a door that was leading upstairs, I saw a guard come approaching me so I knocked him out against the wall. I heard voices screaming my name out.

Finally I reached outside it was unpleasant, it was a sandstorm, but I knew I had to escape. I looked around finding that there was no time to waste and saw a horse, I untied it and hopped onto it. Then the horse carried me off to the north, the direction of Yami's kingdom. I was still holding the reign and I folded my nightgown into a triangle and made a scarf to cover my nose and mouth.

(See it was useful after all.) After a while the storm calmed down and I noticed that I was in an oasis. I looked at the pack on the horse and searched through it, I found a cloak and I wore it after shaking the sand off my body, and some food, I ate some and gave the horse some too. I noticed that I was half-a-day from the palace and I decided to go on, but the horse was tired, so I let it rest for 30 mins.

-Yami- They were riding as fast with a couple of men behind, and Yami had the look of determination in his eyes, "I'll find you even if I have to tear up the world..." he said to himself.

-Stephanie-.I noticed that the winds were changing I woke the horse up and it neighed and I untied it and hopped on I started riding again.

The desert hot sun was scorching me and just beyond the horizon I noticed some heavily clock people about 6 of them coming to my direction. I just kept going and finally they weren't so far away.

The heavily cloaked people finally caught up to me and I'm thinkng, "Great!" Then one of the cloaked people talked to me and said, "Where are you going?" I replied, "I'm going to..."

Then I passed out, then one of them pulled off my scarf and gasp and said, "It's Princess Stephanie." Yami jumped off the horse and held me in his arms, I looked at him and said, "Am I dead?" He smiled and hugged me and said, "No your far from it did you escape?" Seto then said, "Is my rod there." I looked at him and then said, "Yeah, this Marik person was using, it. They might still be there."

Yami then said, "I'm so glad that your alive..." I smiled and then he picked me up bridal style and then he placed me on the horse he got up and then Seto said, "I'm going after them." Yami then nodded and said, "You can take the men, you'll need it." Then they rode off and it was just me and Yami.

After a while I fell asleep and when I woke up I said, "Where are we?" Yami then replied, "We're almost home..." I then laid my head against his chest and looked at the scenery. After a couple hours, I finally reached there, and he puts the horse in the stable. Yami has his arms around my waist and helps me to my room. Then the maids came in and Yami said, "I promise I won't let anything happen to you." I replied softly, "If that happened then nothing would ever happen."

He then left, and I took my bath and put on my nightgown, it's a spagehtti strap and a band around my waist and its knee length. Then I brushed my hair. Then the door knocked and it was Yami the maids left and he walked up to me and kissed me. He then said, "I'm so glad your back."

I kissed him and said, "You must be tired..." Then he had that seriously look on his face that is so cute! He said to me, "I think you should sit down." So I hopped on my bed and sat he pulled up a chair and said, "Look, Steph, I don't know why things are so wierd, but it obviously involves you...I just don't..."

I then said, "What?" he replied, "I just don't want to lose you again..." I looked at him and said, "You won't..." He smiled and said, "You better get some sleep..." I started to lay down and said, "Aren't you tired Yami?" He just sat there in the chair and said, "No..." I turned to my slid and said, "Your worried that someone might take me again, right."

He looks down and I say, "That is so sweet...but if you are going to be there all night you should be comfortable..." He looks at me and then said, "" I scooted over and said, "You can sleep on this side..."(Were not doing anything he's just sleeping with me)

Yami blushes big time and said, "Are you sure?" I nodded and said, "This will be like when we were little, don't you remember, our parents would always put us to sleep and you and I would always end up in the same room." Yami blushed and then laid on the bed and I laid down and he looks at me and I said, "Is something wrong?"

He shakes his head and takes my left hand and said, "You still have it?" I nodded and said, "Yeah...", I then said, "Well good night Yami." I then fall asleep, Yami just watches me and then he fell asleep, still holding my hand. (Aw...)

Next morning I slowly opened my eyes and I noticed that his arm is around my waist I turn around and his face is right next to mine.

I blushed then I got up, and moved his arms then I looked at him, and I thought that he looks so cute when sleeping. I then walked out to the balcony, and I looked around, I then feel someone's arms around my waist and I know it's Yami, he kisses my cheek, and I turn around and said, "See nothing happened to me..."

He smiled and I said, "It's a beautiful morning..." He then kisses me with passion and said, "Yes it is..." then he took a paused and said, "I know that this is short, but..." he looks at my ring and I noticed and said, "You want to know when we get married right?" He nods and gives me a kawaii smile.

I said, "Um...don't know...I guess whenever you want to, I'm just glad to be back home..." I kiss him, then he said, "Let's get married tomorrow..." I blinked and then said, "Okay..."

He smiled and then gave me a passionate kiss, I embraced it and put my arms around his neck. Then he draws back, and just looks at me as our noses are touching each other.-Skip to tomorrow-.(I know but nothing much happen that day, so here's the part you all been waiting for.)

I wake up and rubbed my eyes, the maid opened the drapes, and the sun hits my face. Then I went to take my bath and then a maid helps me into a beautiful dress. It was strapless and it was very layered at the bottom, of course theres a band around my waist that ties into a bow, and there are a lot of gold inscription on it.

After that they did my hair which was down and very straight, and they put a lot of jewerly on me, the metal was cool as I slipped on my sandals, like anyone would see.

I started to walk down, and I reached the grand hall, and there were tons of people I gasped, as I walked down I noticed that all the girls were crying, and the guys were drooling. I took in a deep breath and headed towards Yami, then I sat down and he held my hand.

The ceremony began, and after a while, we were officially husband and wife. We then danced and ate, and there were certainly a lot of presents. After a couple of hours everyone went home, then I noticed a girl with very light brown hair, almost to say golden, and green eyes.

I walked up to her and said, "Nefertiri??" She turned around and said, "Stephanie, how are you?" I nodded and then I said, "Thanks..." She replied to me, "For what?" I then said, "You know Bakura saved my life, and it's all thanks to you..." She smiled and said, "Well, little sis, no problem, he's really sweet and caring, I feel sorry for him, that bad things happened..."

She looked and saw Bakura, I noticed and he looked okay, then she said, "I must go now...I'll see you some other time, congratulations!" She took Bakura's hand and then they dissapeared.

I sighed as someones' arms was wrapped around my waist and I said, "Yami..." I turned around and Yami kissed me then he said, "Let's go for a walk, my bride." I blushed and then nodded, I took his hands and then we started to go for a walk.

I started to take a walk and he said, "I'm so glad that we can be together know you'll always be in my heart..." I blushed and then said, "I feel the same way too..."

He then lifted my chin and gave me a intense and passionate kiss, that left me weak in the knees. I sighed and then said, "You know I love you." He smiles and said, "I love you too."

Then I finally reached a huge door, I noticed it's different, then I kinda looked shocked, it's Yami's chamber. He opens the door, and I noticed that, it was dark except for the little light coming from the drapes, and candles everywhere (giggles). We then did you know what. (You know what you always do after you get merried, can't say cause it would be against the rules of this site.)

*@The Next [email protected]*

The sun hit my nose and I blinked and then I, pulled the sheet over my body, and wraped it around myself. Then I looked at Yami, he is sleeping like an angel, then I slid out of bed and wrap it around my whole body, and grabbed it so it doesn't fall down. I looked outside, and I looked as the sun was rising, I thought to myself, "Okay...this is beautiful..."

Then someone's arm wraps around me and I knew it was Yami, and he kisses me on the neck. He has the other sheet around his uh..waist...then I turned around and kiss him, softly on the lips. He smiles and said, "I love the way you kiss, and I love you..."

I blushed and then I kissed him again, and said, "I love you too..." Then I just watched the sunrise, and then we both went inside, he layed on the bed, and I start to head towards the bathroom. Just before I went in I looked at him, and blushed.

I headed into the bathroom, to take a bath duh! I choose to bath in roses, and in my head I'm thinking of Yami and our new life together. Then I grab a towel and wrap it around myself. I slip into a white tunic that had gold trim around the edges, and it is a v-neck cut.

I then went out and saw Yami sleeping on the bed, he gets up and kisses me and says, "Good morning..." he gives me a sweet light passionate kiss and then heads to the bathroom himself. I just go outside on the balcony, and watch as the new morning is waken up by the calling of the birds.

Anyways, Yami comes behind me and puts his arms around me. Yami kisses me softly on the neck and rests his head on me, then he whispered, "You must be starving...let's go eat..." I nod and he takes my hand and I walked by his side, he gives me a kawaii smile, and finally we get to the grand hall.

I eat breakfast, then after a while he just looked deep into my eyes, I blush, then he gets up and says, "Steph, do you want to go to your favorite place?" I nod, and finally we get inbetween the two portraits, Yami whispers, "Setura Avarsa."

Then we were walking through I entered and gasped, it looked different, but still beautiful. I looked down into the pond, and then Yami splashes me.

Anyways after that I feel a disturbance in the air, Yami notices it too. Then a priest comes in and says, "Pharaoh Yami, and Queen Stephanie, Seto's been hurt badly!" (Hehe, Queen) We then head down and I see Seto, he is bleeding and bruised all over.

Yami runs up to him and said, "Are you okay?" He gasped and said slowly, "Yes...I got my rod back..." Then he collasped, I looked shocked then Yami said, "Take him to his room, and get him treated right away." I then walked with him and Yami said, "I knew I should have gone with them..."

I then looked at Yami and sighed, "He'll be okay..." Yami then gives me a smile, and said, "Okay...let's go see..." So we followed him, and they placed him down on his bed, the maids started treating and then Yami said, "Seto, what about the others?"

He sighes and slowly replied, "They ran off, so I was left to fight all of them alone..." I then said, "Oh my..." Then Seto was going to reply back but he closed his eyes and rested. We then left the room, and then Yami takes my hand and says, "I must go do something...first, but...I'll be back, Steph..."

He kisses me softly on the lips, and left. I looked shocked, then shrugged it off, so I decide to go to my old room, I stepped inside and so many memories came back to me.

I noticed that a book was laying on my bed, it was strange, I looked at it, and I opened the book, I gasped and said, "This is a journal...oh my it's...Yami's."

I begin to open the journal, you notice that hieroglyphs on the front cover it said, "Atemu..." I gasped and said, "How could his journal be in my room..." I turned to the first page, it was dated back 10 years ago when I was little.

I was surprised that Yami had legiable handwriting when he was little. Soon I began to read, "Today, I met Stephanie for the first time, she is so pretty and nice. Some day...I wish I could marry someone like her, or maybe it will be her."

I smiled and then continued to read until I finally went to a page I then read to myself, "Stephanie, is going home, I hope I could see her again...I had so much fun with her...I know she will come back..."

I thought about how cute it was that he wrote his feelings down, then I noticed that after that one entry, the ones after it were blank, I looked through all of it and then saw letters at the end of the journal, I reard it and it said, "Ten years have passed, and she hasn't come back, not once, how I long for the look of her sweet face...I kept something for her, I feel bad, I took her precious jewel, the flower, as she calls it. To this day, I still wait for her return, even through the downpours of my country. I am now pharaoh, and I have gone through so much...I do not want to marry Phaia, so my parents called it off...luckily there is still hope, and I'll wait for her..." I have a tear roll down my cheek as I closed the journal.

Then the door opens I wiped my tears, and Yami stepped in, he said, "Steph, are you okay?" I nod and he sees the journal he said, "How did you find that?" I looked at him and I said, "It was laying on my bed..." He smiles and said, "I haven't seen that in a while..."

He looks at me, " long I been in love with you..." I nodded and said, "It's sweet..." He sits down next to me, and says, "Yeah, I wrote you letters, but it seems that you never recieve them..." I looked at him, "...I guess...things worked out for the best..."

He lifts my chin, then kisses me passionatly." He draws back and I sigh then he pulls me closer to his body, I rest my head on his shoulder,(aww) and I can feel his heart beating. He then says, "Do you want to go for a ride?"

I nod, and he gets up and offers me his hand and I take it, then he leads me to the stable. I decide that this time I am going to ride a horse.

Soon we get to the place where the gazebo is, I get off my horse, and I looked at the place, I said, "It looks different..." Yami then said, "Yes...this forest changes from time to time...for as long as I can remember..."

I slip my hand into his, and he blushes, we then go to the top of the hill as before, and I say, "This place...has so many memories, for us..." Yami replied, "Yes..." I then continued, "I can't believe it, right here, where we are standing, feels like something magical..."

Yami then pulls me in and he gives me another kiss...then he draws back and our foreheads are touching, he puts a finger on my lips and says, "Yes...this place is magical, just enjoy it..." I blush, and give him a kiss, then Yami sees something from across the horizon...I look there too, and notice that it was a group of travelers. He says, "It's okay..."

Then I feel a warm breeze across my cheek, I noticed that the wind is cooling down. He then says to me, "Steph, I have to tell you something...but don't worry..." I o, as he continues, "Well, there's new evil lurking, but we haven't found it yet. It's supposely a new dark leader has taken place, and is trying to rule the world...I must save it...I don't know who...but his present is close by...even when we're safe behind the palace walls."

I say, "But..." Yami covers my mouth as someone from underneath me too say something...I too look down from the cliff, and saw a mysterious form talking to several riders. I kept quiet, as the voice appeared, "The Pharaoh, has no idea what's in store for him...unfortunatley I am the new dark leader that is fighting against him, instead of for him..."

I thought to myself, "I know that voice but who from..." Then the voice continued, and it left...Yami then whispered to me, " see...Steph, I don't know why...but things are getting dangerous around here..." I replied..."I understand..."

Then the riders say, "I smell something sweet..." then another replies, "Oh course you do, were in a forest..." then the first rider looks up at the cliff, and I draw back, he whispers, "That must be the leader, come let's head back..." So we then slowly head back to the horse, I get on and we started riding...then I heard other footsteps and Yami stopped, then we noticed a bunch of riders coming towards us.

I then started riding, because if I didn't I would surely get trampled. Then one said, "That the smell...get it!" So we are riding for our lifes, when one rider catches up to me. I looked at him and threw him off his horse (telekinesis), then the others got angry and started pulling out their swords, I said, "I can't fight them...there are too many..."

Yami pulled out two swords, and hands me one...I looked at him and said, "You expect me to fight..." He nods and say, "If you can't use your powers use this..."Then our horses start picking up pace. I noticed we weren't that far from the palace, and the hoards stoped running after us.

We finally reached palace grounds, and I said slowly trying to catch my breath, "Who were those, and why were they after us..." Yami then said, "There probably after me...and you..." I looked at him, and he continues, "But...were safe on palace grounds, for now..." Then we started to head inside.

It was night now, and I took a bath and all slipped into my nightgown, and sat on the edge of my bed, thinking, "That voice...I know it from somewhere..." Then I felt a hand on my shoulder it was Yami he said, "We better get some rest..." I then laid down on my bed, and Yami was to my left.

Next morning I found Yami's arm around my waist, I carefully moved it, and took a bath then I changed into my clothes.

Then I exited the room, and saw Yami looking at the balcony window. He then looks at me and walks up and kisses me. Then he said, "Are you okay?" He then heads towards the bathroom.

I then pulled out a gold book, it had ancient markings on it and a lock. In the back was a hidden compartment. I started to write something on the first page, Atemu and Stephanie, then Yami comes behind me and says, "What are you doing?"

I say, "Writing down the family tree, who knows, wouldn't it be exciting to let the future generation know about all those who lived before them?" He knows, and said, "Starting with us right?" I nod, and locked it up, and put it in a safe place.

Then I looked at Yami and said, "You know ever since yesterday, I had a wierd that new dark leader, is someone close by...I recognized his voice..." Yami gave me a serious look, then said, "Same here...I thought it was..." and we both said at the same time, "Seto..."

I gasped and his eyes widen, then he says, "Okay, now I know I'm not hallucinating..." He gets up and walks over to the door, then he says, "I'll be back..." I then said to him, "I'm coming with you..." So I did, and then we reached Seto's room, and opened it, I saw Seto sitting in a chair and he said calmly, "What is it my Pharaoh..." As he was twirling his Millenium rod.

Yami said, "You have a lot of explaining to do..." He gets up and says, " heard what happened last night..." I was still shocked, and then Seto said, "Yes...I am the force that is now against you Pharaoh! I have my own servants to over throw you..." I looked at him and said, "Why are you doing this?" He scoffs, and said, "Isn't it obvious?"

Then in a blink of an eye, he disappeared, I said, "That's wierd..." Then Yami looks at me and said, "Now is going to be the darkess hour ever..." He kisses my forehead, and then one of the maids say, "My Pharaoh, we have company in the Grand Hall..." Yami takes my hand and I follow him.

When we reached the Grand Hall, I saw more cloaked people, I thought, "This is definitely wierd..." Then I sat at my throne, and hours passed, and Yami and the travelers talked. I almost fell asleep when somthing rubbed up against my leg.

It was Nala, I picked her up and she started purring, I smiled, and Yami looked at me and laughed a little. Then the meeting between the travelers were over, I sighed and said, "So it's true...and now...we must prepare ourselves..." I looked at him and said, "Prepare ourselves for what?"

He gave me a blank look and did a *anime fall*. He laughed and said, "Haven't you been paying attention to what just occur?" I shook my head and he smiled at me and said, "Steph...well...let's just say...there's more trouble in the future." I nodded and he laid back in his throne.

Anyways after a while he got up and he offered his hand, and I took it after placing Nala down. We went to eat, and then he started to say, "Steph, I might be gone for a while..." I looked at him and I said softly, "Why?" He looks down and then walks closer to me and says, "War is upon us, and I have to make sure our people are safe...who knows what Seto...or the other dark lords, are going to do..."

I then looked away, and a tear rolled down my cheek, he then embraced me and I laid my head on his shoulder, as he strokes my hair. He whispered softly to me, "I don't want to leave you...but my country needs me..." There was a pause, and I replied softly, "I understand...I'm going to miss you..." I looked at him, and he replied, "I'm going to miss you too." Then he kisses me softly on the lips, pulling me closer towards his body.

Then he sighed and said slowly, "I'm glad you understand...under the circumstances, I'll be leaving tomorrow..." My eyes widen and I whispered, "No...your leaving already..." He nods and I just sulk for a moment, and then I try to put on a brave face...

"Do you know when your coming back?" He sighed again and said, "Probably in a month..." I look down and he said, "Well...Steph...I'm really sorry for leaving you like this...If I could I wouldn't go...but I must..." I blinked and placed a finger over his lips. I said, "Don't make it worse...let's just spend time together before you leave..."

Next morning I wake up and saw that Yami was still sleeping, I went to take a bath and change into my clothes, I touched my necklace, the one my mother and father gave me, it was a circle and it had my favorite flower in the center, and on the border it said my name.

I sighed and noticed that Yami was up, he got dressed, and he walks up to me and says, "I have to go to the front gate now..." I followed him and when we reached it, he started to walk, but I didn't let go of his hand, he turns to me and then pulls me into an embrace, and kisses me like there's no tommorow, he pulls back and I said, "I have something for you..."

I take off my necklace and place it in his hand, he looks at me and said, "Why are you giving me this?" I replied, and I closed his hand, "It's so you can find your way back, and so you can remember all the good that your fighting for..."

I kissed him again and he puts the necklace on, he said, "Thank you Steph, I love you..." I said in return, "I love you too..." Then he starts to walk off, and he gets on his horse, tears start to roll down my cheek and Yami started riding off with his priest. He did manage to look back at me, and didn't look again, for it was to unbearable to see my face. I just started to weep, as his body becomes the size of a grain of rice, heading towards the horizon.

I just stood there crying for a while until someone places their hand on my shoulder, I looked and saw Sinia say, "He'll be back..." I wiped my tears, and started walking really slowly towards my room, (by this I mean the one me and Yami share) I lie down on the bed face down and started crying into a pillow.

Several days has passed by and I'm still crying, and then I heard voices outside my room, I noticed that it was the maids, I recognize that one of them was Sinia, she said, "Thank you for bringing the food, though, she hasn't slept, ate, or did anything, for the last 3 days, except cry...I wish I could help, but..."

Then the other voice spoke, "Well...she can cry as much as she wants to, but try to make her's not good for her to starve herself..."Then nod and Sinia takes the tray, and she walks in and said, "Queen Stephanie, you must be starving..." I looked at her and said, "No...I'm not..."

Sinia then said, "You must eat, you haven't in three don't think Pharaoh Yami wouldn't like to see you like this." I get up and wiped my tears, my eyes are kinda puffy and I said, "Your right..." I then started to eat, Sinia smiles and said, "There it's okay now...just remember, he'll be back..." I thought I was going to cry again, but I didn't instead I nodded.

Anyways I finish eating then I lied down and thought about how Yami is, I reached to touch my necklace, but remembered I gave it to Yami. Then Sinia said, "Your bath is ready..."

So I went and took a bath, I came out refreshed and I just laid there is a white sheer tunic, that was like a halter, with gold trimming around. I laid on my bed, and slept, in my dream I saw Yami fighting, then a dark figure arose from the shadows, and he was approaching towards Yami's back, I screamed and then I woke up.

I sat straight up feeling cold and damp, I got up and said, "It was just a dream..." I then walked towards the balcony and looked at the stars, I missed how he would take me to the forest, and we would just stare up at the stars and talk.

A tear rolled down my cheek and then it feel on my hand, I looked and noticed that where the tear dropped it started to change into a beautiful flower, I picked it up and smelled it.

So I went back to bed and slept, (I'm going to skip to the next month since nothing really happened I just cried and waited for Yami's return.)-Next month- I woke up and realized that it has been a month since Yami left, I then heard the door opened and Sinia said, "The Pharaoh he has returned!"

I got up and said, "Really?" She nods and grabs my hand and we run toward the opening gates. I stopped and looked and saw Yami, he looked okay he got down from his horse, and I gasped and he walked towards me and gave me a hug, and then he kisses me passionatley.

I say "I missed you so much!" he smiles and then said, "I missed you too...I tried coming sooner, but I was in a difficult position." I still had my arms around him, and I draw back because my hand was wet, I pulled it, and noticed it was Yami's blood, I then said, "Your hurt..."

He replied, "Yeah...I got injured, I was fighting and this thing came from behind me and stabbed me..." I gasped then I was about to say, "I had..." I covered my mouth with the hand that didn't have blood and I ran over to the bushes and vomitted. Sinia ran up to me and said, "Are you okay, Queen Stephanie..."

I turned around and then I started to feel dizzy, soon my eyes turned black and you fell. Thankfully Yami caught me, and he said, "Steph, are you okay?" He then carried me bridal style to my room and laid me on the bed, then the apothecary came in and said, "What's wrong I came here as soon as possible..." Yami said, "I think she fainted at the site of blood..."

The apothecary started doing tests on me and after a couple of hours I woke up and noticed that Yami was lieing right next to me, I got up and said, "What happened?" Yami looked at me and it was a concerned face and he said, "I don't know...the apothecary hasn't came back with you diagonisis yet."

I looked at him and said, "Oh...well what I was going to tell you was, that I had a dream of you fighting, and this dark shadowy thing came behind you, and...that's when I woke up..." Yami smiled and said, "I guess your powers are growing..." Then the apothecary came in and said, "May I speak to Queen Stephanie alone?"

Yami nodded and left the room, the apothecary then said in a shakey voice, "Your pregnant...". He sighed and I sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "Is that possible?"

He nods, and says, "Congratulations..." He bowed then left the room, and then Yami entered, his look on his face was shock and he said, "I was eavesdropping..." I looked at him and he smiled and gave me a hug, he then said, "Wow...your pregnant..."

He sit down and then continued, "A heir to the throne, this is great Steph!" I looked at him and said, "Really?" He nods and kisses me on the lips and says, "I hope we can be great parents to our son." I then said, "What if it's a daughter?" He smiles and say, "Either way, we'll love them no matter what."

Soon over a period of time, everyone knew about me bearing a heir for the kingdom. I sighed as I sat at my throne, Yami then said, "Well...I don't know much...but let's see what food doesn't make you sick..." I thought it was okay since after all I can prevent further food intakes that made me nauseous.

After a while, I found that I couldn't have seafood, and that was it. I then noticed that it was getting late I rubbed my eyes, and stood up, Yami helped me and I said, "Um...I can still get up and walk you know, Yami..." He laughes and said, "Just precaution..."

Then we went to our room. He sat there on the bed, as I took a bath, later I came out, then he kissed her again and said, "I been thinking, about our future, and I just wanted to let you know that...I love you..." I blushed and said, "I love you too..." He gave me a kawaii smile, then he went into the bathroom, I sat in a chair and I just started reading a book.

Then I laid in bed, and before I knew it I had fell asleep. Yami came out of the bathroom, and then pulled the covers over me he then kissed my forehead and then went to sleep himself.

I then started having a dream about leaning on a balcony, and I saw Yami approaching me, he kisses me and said, "You must's not safe here anymore..." I looked at him and said, "Why?" He then said, "Apparently a Shadow Duel is going to occur, and who knows what going to happen..."

I looked at him and said, "Let me guess your in it?" He nods and said, "Yes, Seto has challenged me, and the world is at stake..." My eyes widen and then I noticed that I was looking at a little playpin and said, "What about Yugi, our son?" (Yes, that Yugi, its who little Yugi was in his past, yes I know he was Yami, I'm just saying this cause the little baby looks how little Yugi looks now.) He looks at the little boy with violet eyes and said, "He'll be okay...all that matters is your safety and his..."

I looked at him and said, "What about you...aren't you coming with us?" He shakes his head and said, "I must stay here and fight to protect all that's good..." I looked down and then I find myself waking up, my breathing pace is fasten, and I find myself, looking at Yami he is sleeping peacefully next to me. I'm thinking in my head, "Okay...that was wierd...was that the future..." I remembered the little boy that looked just like Yami and I then thought, "It must be...but...why am I getting these visions..." I thought about it, and then I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and sat straight up, I couldn't think of anything else besides that dream or vision I had, I then felt sick again, and ran towards the bathroom. While I was inside I said, "'s just a little morning sickness..." I then washed my face with ice cold water, and etc...I then came out from the bathroom and saw Yami still sleeping, I headed out, and closed the door behind me. I was starving, so I decided to go eat breakfast, and started heading towards the Grand Hall. You finally get there and sat down.

I ate a lot, and then Yami appeared at the arch of the Grand Hall, he looked at me and smiled, he kissed my forehead and then said, "How are you today, Steph?" I replied, "I'm okay for now, I don't really know but all of a sudden, I just felt extremely hungry..."

(Okay I know that it sounds wierd, but remember this is Steph's first-child, she doesn't really know what to expect.) Yami smiled and sat down and ate, after we finished eating, he got up and I took his hand and he leads me to the balcony.

Finally we reached a balcony, it was the first one we've been on. Yami looks at me and says, "I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I want our child to be happy and normal as we grew up..." I laughed and said, "Normal??You have to be kidding, Yami..."

He looks at me and said, "Oh...your right...our lives weren't normal, at least for others..." I then said, "Yami, I have something to tell concerns our" He looked at me and walks up closer and asked, "What?" I replied, "Well, lately I been getting these visions, and the last one I had was the one of you being" I took a pause and continued, "I saw a glimpse of the future...I can't explain, but I know that our child is a boy...and that..."

He lifts my chin up with his hand and said, "It's okay...know we don't want to change the future too much now..." I nod and he then said, "Steph, I been thinking about naming our child, if it was a girl, I like the name her, Neferura, and if it's a boy, Yugi, what do you think Steph?"

My eyes widen, and I said, "It sounds great! Um...what was the name of the boy again Yami?" He smiled and said, "Yugi...why?" He then realizes it and said, "Oh...okay...I get it..." Then we just talk for awhile.

Then after a while, one of the maids came and said, "My Pharaoh, and Queen, guests have arrived." So we walked to the Grand Hall, I saw four people then one of them walked up to me and said, "Stephanie, I missed you so!"

She undid her veil and I saw it was my mother, I gasped and said, "Mother?" She gave me a hug, and said, "Atemu, you have grown..." she laughed, and then said, "Well, we heard the news, and decided to come here..." I said, "Oh...but your so far away from Cairo..."

She nodded and said, "Yes, but to see my daughter and my new son-in-law, is worth it." Then the rest walked up to me, then took of their head things (like you know hats, scarfs, whatever...) and I looked at the two the left were Yami's parents, his father was tall, dark, and handsom (figure, Yami turned out like him) his mother was very kind, and sweet, long black hair with violet eyes.

My parents, my mother had dark brown hair, and hazel eyes, while my father, had green eyes of jade color, with black hair. Anyways, Yami's mother came up to me and said, "Oh a grandchild isn't this exciting, I wonder..." I just stood there kinda shocked, then Yami's mother said, "Atemu, I'm so glad that you are wedded to someone you love...I am so sorry for trying to arrange a marriage for you."

Yami replied, "That's okay mother..." Then my parents seperated us, and so I was talking to my parents and Yami with his. It was very awkward, and trust me all parents are, anyways then I was being bombared by questions, and I felt dizzy, so I said, "Excuse, mother and father..."

I ran off, Yami noticed it and did the same thing, and went after me. He said, "Steph!" He finally caught up to me and said, "Are you okay?" I nod and said, "I kinda faked it, I mean...all those questions, made me..."

He laughed and said, "Thank goodness, you saved me parents...were strange indeed..." I laughed and then said, "Well...I hope we don't turn out like them..." We both laugh, then we heard footsteps, and I peeked out from the corner of the hall and saw my parents, and started to laugh, then Yami grabbed my hand and said, "Remember the good times?" I nod, and said, "Yeah, always running away from our parents."

So we started heading off somewhere, and I heard their voices I recognized, that my mother was saying, "Oh dear...they did it again, remember when they were little?" Then Atemu's mother said, "Yes...but I wonder where they are off too?" Me and Yami started laughing and finally reached the stables.

Yami got on I did too, then we started riding, forgetting about all the danger that surrounds us. Finally we reached to the gazebo and Yami helped me off, he gave me a sweet kiss on the lips, I smiled and blushed then he brushed a strand of hair off my face and whispered, "Steph..." I said, "Yes..." As our noses touch, he whispered again, "I love you..."

I blushed and said, "I love you too..." Then Yami grabbed my hand and said, "Follow me..." I smiled, and followed him, I ended up in the gazebo, and I was about to say something, when Yami put a finger on my lip. He went to the middle of the floor, where my things were hidden, and he sat down, and brushed the dirt off the floor, I then sat down next to him and said, "What's that?"

I noticed hieroglyphs on the floor, Yami said, "Well, you remember this place was our hideaway, but I'm going to show you, another secret place." I looked and he then said, "Put your hand on the inscriptions..." I then placed my right hand on the hieroglyphs, and then placed Yami's hand on top of mine. He whispered some words, and then the gazebo started going underground.

I gasped a little and noticed that as I was going down, I felt something familar about it. Then the gazebo stop and Yami stepped out and whispered another word, then the fire were lit, I then got out, and the gazebo started going up again. I looked at Yami and said, "So...this place amazing..."

He nods and said, " is...this place is our little must be wondering about the words I been saying?" I nod and Yami says, "Well...let's just say it our names, and magical prescene..." I then looked at the wall and saw more paintings and pictures of us. I then smiled and Yami said, "This isn't the best part Steph."

I took his hand, and he started to lead me through the hallway. I end up being in a huge room, that wall filled with so many things. I looked around and said, "Um...Yami how does this room exist, wouldn't the roof cave?" He replies, "No, it's wierd, I thought the same too, but for some reason, this place is built on a magic portal that keeps this place intact." I looked around and then stepped on something, I looked down and saw a little doll, I gasped because the doll had black hair, and purple eyes, and rosy lips.

I picked it up and said, "Wait, I know this doll..." Yami turned around to me and said, "Of course, I think I remember it too...I'm not sure, but you surely love that doll." I placed it down and Yami said, "This was the toy room, I remember playing here for hours and sometimes days, but the best part of this place is not that far, come..."

I followed Yami as I walked through all the toys, finally I reached a room and heard water running, I noticed, that a water fall was to my right. I said, "This definetly looks like the Secret Garden..." Yami nods and said, "Yes...but it's not...this was your favorite room...out of all the others..." I replied, "There are others?" He nods and then he said, "Yes...actually you did all of this..."

My eyes widen and then I spoke, "Really??" Yami laughed and said, "Over a period of time though...remember we were little..." I smiled and sat down near the edge of the pond, and dipped my feet in. Yami sat down next to me, smiled and said, "It's so relaxing..." I nod, and said, "Yes..." Yami then puts his hand around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. (awww)

I then noticed that something was under the water like a box, I lifted it with my mind, and then it was brought up to the surface. Then I placed it in my hand, I opened it, and Yami said, "I almost forgot...we had more that a couple of memory boxes laying around..."

I opened it and saw a mirror, a hair comb, and I carefully picked up the mirror and said, "'s so beautiful..." I noticed that it was oval shaped, and it had flowers around the border, and the handel was beautifully shaped as a waterfall. Yami then picked up the hair comb and moved my hair back gently and placed it in my hair.

I blushed and he said, "I think I gave that to you on your 4th look really beautiful..." I blushed some more, and Yami moved towards me and gave me a romantic kiss. He then draws back, and I blushed and kissed him back. Then we just sat there, and the water started to glow, a bright white color, I saw a bubble, it was wierd, I thought, then it started to get bigger, me and Yami just sat there, he said, "It must be a spirit of some sort..." I whispered back, "How??"

Yami pointed at the water, "See those ripples in the water, it's gentle, and unison. By the look of it, it seems like an angel..." The light started getting brighter until a person appeared, I noticed that she was very pale, and cold. She stay on the water dressed in a very white tunic, and she said, "Stephanie and Atemu?"

I nodded and she slowly walked towards me, I noticed that she was sort of walking on water. She finally reached me and said, "It has been so long since I have seen you both here, you must not remember me..." I then said, "" She smiled and I felt the warmth of her prescene. She said, "I'm Nadia, spirit of this pond..."

She bowed down, then she continued, "You both have grown so much...but...there is something different..." I look at Yami and he nods.

"There is nothing different about me," I said. Nadia, then looks at me and said, "Your aura, is so full of life, peace and balance...but...I sense that you are with child..." My eyes widen and I said, " do you know??"

She laughed and said, "'s obvious, but what concerns me, is that you two haven't been here for ages..." Yami then said, "Of course, you must know much..."

Then Nadia had a strange look on her face, an expression of silence and fear, I looked at the water and noticed that is rippling, I gasped and Nadia said, "Atemu and Stephanie, it is no longer safe here, go back to the kingdom, there is a dark shadow creeping among us...please go...and it's good to see you two again..."

Yami then leads me back towards the entrance, we both step inside the gazebo and started to head up. When I got there, everything looks dead, I gasped and said, "What happened?? The trees are limp, and dark, like the life has been taken away from them..."

Yami then said, "Nadia is right...we must go Steph...something is strange about this..." we then both get on the horse, and ride off, I'm holding on tight to Yami, and as we are riding I noticed that the sky is getting dark, everything around me seems to be fading away.

Finally we get there, and Yami gets off the horse and helps me, I feel like the life is being sucked out of me, and I faint, luckily Yami caught me, he then carried me bridal style to my room and layed me down. He whispers, "What's happening..."

I slowly opened my eyes and see that Yami is sitting next to me. I softly said, "I feel so weak...but yet..." He puts a finger towards my lip and spoke softly, "It's okay, rest..." So I did, then one of the priests comes in and said, "My Pharaoh, it seems that the dark lord is spreading his dark powers across the plain...there is no stopping him..."

Yami gets up and kisses my forehead and said, "I'll be back..." He leaves the room for a couple of minutes, I then felt like something is lurking around, I opened my eyes again, and I noticed that a dark shadow is standing right over me. Then a clear force-field comes, I realized that I'm not doing it, and I feel a slight pain in my abdomen.

Then the voice said, "So it seems that, this child is more formidable than I precede, no worries I'll be back, Stephanie." Then the shadow left, and my shield went away, I thought and then Yami came in, and I looked at him and said, "There was a shadow thing could not touch said...this child is more formidable than I precede..." Yami raised an eyebrow and walked up to me and said, "I sure that it was Seto..."

My eyes widen, and the I said, "Oh...then..." I fell asleep, (I'm going to fast forward it a month, since nothing happened much, I'm about more than a month pregnant, and Yami has always been at my side. *cute*)

I opened my eyes, and noticed that it was morning, I felt sick, and went to the bathroom, then after a while I came out and said to myself, "I hate being sick every single morning..." I then noticed that Yami was still sleeping and in his hand he had a scroll, I dare not read it but I decided to read it anyway.

So I walked up to Yami and carefully pulled it out of his hand, and unwinded it. It was a plan of some sort, I looked at it carefully then it read "Yugi/Neferura's room..." I smiled and then Yami woke up I looked at him and gave him a big hug, and then a kiss, he blushed and said, "Um...I guess you saw the plan?"

I nod and then handed back the scroll, Yami had a kawaii smile on his face and said, "I been doing more thinking, and I just did this last night but, I made a room for our son or daughter..." (Aw...)

I smiled some more and said, "That is so sweet, Yami...but you know that our son is not due for a while..." He laughed and then said, "Right..." then he gave a pause and said, "You must be starving, how about we get something to eat?" I nodded.

We then get to the dinning room and I see lots of presents, I looked at Yami and he said, "I don't know who they're from, or what they are..." I looked and opened a letter that was on my seat, it read, "Dear Atemu and Stephanie, I know you must be wondering what these gifts are for, but well preparation is a must! Just to let you know these are for the baby. Love, your parents."

I looked at Yami and said, " I'm only a month pregnant, and their already making a big deal out of it..." Yami smiled and said, "Of course it's a big deal, it's our first child, their first grand-child, and a heir to the long line of great Pharaohs." (I mean by that, is that sure there were other pharaohs and this is a continuance of my line, by that it's me and Yami.)

I blinked and smiled and said, "Okay...I think your being a bit dramatic." Yami smiled and we both sat down and ate, Yami then said, "There are so many gifts here..." I nod, and then he says, "Have I ever told you that I love you?" I blushed and said, "Yes you have and every single day since we met, I love you too..."

Yami smiled, and then said, "I want to show you something..." Yami reached out his hand and I take it, then followed him, I ended up going towards my room, and noticed that there was another door not far from it, he opened the door, and I saw a huge room, I knew it had to be the nursery.

I smiled and gave Yami a kiss, and said, "It's beautiful...oh look..." I was basically wowed in amazement, then I noticed a book laying on a table I opened it, and knew that it was for my child.

I smiled some more and Yami then said, "It's not finished yet, there's still more improvement..." I looked at him and said, "I think it's so perfect..." We then talked for hours, and then later on it was lunch, and I ate and etc. Later on it started getting late. I was so tired and it was 7:12, and I laided on my bed and went to sleep.

I started to dream, and that dream turned into a nightmare, I found myself holding my child, when all of a sudden swarms of evil surrounded me, and tried to take away my baby. I kept destroying them but there were too many, and one evil leader took it away from, me then said, "You lost Stephanie, there ours now..." I started to cry and said, "No!!!" That's when I woke up, touching my abdomen, I sighed.

My breathing starts to regulate, when all of a sudden I saw something move, I said something and the fire in your room lighted up. Yami woke up and mumbled, "What is it?" I looked at him and said, "I saw something move..." Then a cold and clammy hand was placed over my mouth, and Yami jumped out and grabbed his dagger, and pierce the thing behind me, but it went right through it.

I tried to free myself while staying calm, then Yami banished it to the Shadow Realm, he then ran up to me and held me in an embrace, that I whispered, "There's more..." As more came, I looked around and noticed that I was surrounded, I held on tighter to Yami and he whispered to me, "I think their after you..." I looked around some more and then all of a sudden a bright light surrounded me and spread out in a powerful blast. They were gone for a sec, but more multiple, then they started to talk, and I said, "Yami, I think there trying to say something, I sure it's clicks or something..."

Then a tall dark leader came forward, I looked at him, and he gave me chills. He said, "Bring the girl to me!" The swarms of shadows started to approach me when Yami said, "Stop!" They did and it was wierd, then he turned around still holding on to me saying, "What do you want?!" The leader said, "The master told me to bring her to him..." Yami looked around and said, "Who is you master?"

the leader laughed and said, "The new dark lord...that shall not be named..." I whispered to Yami, "It's Seto..." Yami nodded and then one of the minions tried to touch me, but got incinerated. I looked and said, "That's wierd, hm..."

I decided to touch one of them, and they started to incinerate without regenerating. Then the leader said, "If you don't come quietly your loved one will be hurt. Since you cannot be touched." Yami then said, "No she won't!" I then noticed that the ones that I touched were a lot smaller, than the others, then I realize that when one of them touched me they had a substance on their hand.

I gasped, and then the shadows started to creep under my feet and it grabbed Yami pulling him towards the ground, until his feet were no longer visible. I looked and tried to pull him out and the leader said, "It's no use, now come before he goes deeper in the pool."

I gave him a disgusted look and said, "Why should I trust you?" He gave an evil laugh and said, "Because you have no other choice." I looked at Yami then around, I knew he was right, and I sighed and said, "I have to Yami..."

I gave him a kiss and stood up then I said, "If I go, then free him, and don't harm him..." The leader freed Yami just as he said, and Yami was now right in front of me. I smiled and gave him a hug, then I felt like I was being pulled away from him, and soon I was at the leader's side. He said, "Come...I made my deal..."

With a wave of his hand a portal appeared and all the other shadow things were gone, Yami gave me the look of, I will get you back. I started crying as I went through.

After a while I found myself in a dark and cold place, it seemed like nothing existed, then a voice I recognized said, "That took longer than I expected, my Shadow Minions should have done better, but your here, and that's good." I knew it was Seto, and his face was revealed by the light, he has changed, so much.

Then I replied, "What is it that you want?" He smirks and said, "What else would I want, your the bait, and maybe I'll consider you at my side." I started to feel sick, and this time it wasn't because of my being pregnant. He then said, "Take her to her room, guards."

So I was now heading to my prison room, and I saw that it looked exactly like my old room (the one before I had to share with Yami.) I looked around and then the guards closes my door and I said, "This looks like...I wonder..."

I then started to move a desk with my mind, and I got furious and said, "Darn...the escape doors aren't's not an exact replica." I sat on my bed, placing my hand on my abdomen, and started to cry, because I missed Yami, and everything good about the world.

Then I noticed that the tears started to form into one big puddle, and I saw a glimpse of Yami. I got up and went over to it, I started to say, "Yami?" In the picture he said, "Steph? Is that you? I must be hallucinating..." I then realized that he could hear me and I started to say, "I'm held prisoner, there's no escape, I don't know where I am..."

He looks around and said, "Steph, I hear you, but can you tell me what's going on?" I explained to him what happened with the tears, then the door started to open and I grabbed a towel and quickly wiped my tears, and just sat there looking sad, inside I knew I had a plan fixed up.

The door opened and guess who walked in......Seto of course he looks at me and said, "My my, why are you crying on the floor?" I didn't reply to him, he gives a smirk and said, "I expect to see you at breakfast there is a change of clothes in the bathroom..."

Then he left, and I just sat there, kinda crying, and got up, I headed towards the bathroom and it looked exactly like my old one, I took a bath and slipped into the fresh clothes that were laying on a table. I looked at it, and saw that it was slits in the sleeve, and the material was sheer, and there were cuffs around my wrist, and it was scoop neckline, and a band right aroound my waist, and it was a long flowy tunic.

I then cried some more, and another pool of tears formed, I saw Yami and said, "Yami?" He looks around and said, "Yes, Steph, I'm here..." I reached out my hand to touch his face, when the coolness of the liquid touched my fingers. Yami replied, "I can feel your touch..."

He places a hand where I touched him, I smiled a bit and said, "I'm a prison, and it's exactly like my room...the old one..." Yami smiled and said, "I been trying to trace you down, and all I found out was that your in a dimension between the real world and the shadow realm..."

I gasped then I heard footsteps in my room, I said goodbye to Yami and then placed a towel over my pool of tears, lifted and saw it was gone. Someone knocked on the door of the bathroom, and I breath in calmy and opened it, I saw a girl about my age or younger saying, "Queen Stephanie...he is waiting..."

I then said, "What's your name?" she bowed down and said "Luna..." I then said, "Like the moon? That's a pretty name..." She said softly, "Thank you..." Then she leads me throught the hallway, and I looked around and saw lots of those shadow creatures like the ones back home.

I finally reached my destination, and was seated down, I then noticed that something was on my feet, and I looked down and saw cobras wraping around hissing at me, I looked up and Seto was laughing, "It's so you don't escape now..."

I looked at him and tried to calm down so they don't bite me. As every second passed I felt the constrict getting tighter. I ate my food, I was starving and just sat there, I started thinking, and then I started to cry.

Seto then said, "Will you stop crying! It's driving me mad here, every single minute, you pour tears out like a waterfall!" That only made things wore, I put you head down on the table and started to cry some more, for some reason when a tear dropped down on one of the snakes it fled.

Seto then placed a hand on his face and said, "Okay...what's wrong?" I looked at him and said, "Isn't it kinda obvious, you kept me prisoner, and you ask me what's wrong?" He looks shocked at me, and you stands up and walks away.

But the doorway was blocked, but I just knocked the guards out, I knew that I couldn't escape, since there is no way out, so I just went back to my look-a-like room. I closed the door and leaned against it crying some more, then I wiped my tears and said, "I'll find a way..."

I then got up and noticed the dresser, and I moved it with my mind to block the door, then I sat down on my bed and touched my abdomen, and sighed, I thought, "Okay...this is wierd...I must find a way out of here, Yami said, it's a dimension between the real world and shadow...what if!"

I jumped and then said out loud, "Combine them!" I quickly shut my mouth and then said in my mind, "Magically...yes..." Then I looked around and said, "Um...I have the real world magic, but what about shadow realm?"

I thought for a second and said, "The Millenium Rod, of I need a spell..." I thought long and hard about this, noticing that this would be difficult, then I thought of a spell a really good one.

Then I heard knocking on the door and it tried to open, when I just slammed it with my mind. Then I heard Seto's voice saying, "You think this is fun and games, Stephanie...well your wrong..."

Then a huge explosion occured, I blinked and figured he used his Rod to blast through the door. I sighed as he came through angryily. I rolled your eyes and said, "What do you want now?"

He smirked and said, "I dislike the way your acting, it's so unlike you..." I looked at him and said, "What do you mean so unlike me? You don't even know me!" He gave a smirk and approached me, I decided to Put up a shield, but then all of a sudden, I didn't and something else did, he looked at me and said, "Hm...I almost forgot you were having an heir for Atemu..."

I shudder at the way Seto said it, then he continued, "You'll never find a way out, because you need this..." He waved his Millenium Rod, I turned my head and he then said, "Now, I hold the advantage...maybe I'll keep you long enough until you have to do what I say." I looked at him evilly and said, "I'll never be yours..."

Seto gave a smirk and said, "Oh, we'll see about that..." He then leaves my room, and I just sat there, I cried some more until I saw Yami and then I said, "I found out a way out of here, but I need shadow magic..." Yami then said, "Good, well since this thing, maybe I can lend you my magic, I mean you already have the other half." I smiled and said, "Thanks you think we can do this now?" He nods and I smiled.

I started to say some words from my spell, and a little portal started to appear, "Shadow and Light combine..." Then I heard a really loud knock on my door, I moved another heavy object to block the door, and continued, "these two differenty reality, into one..." I heard a blast and said, "Okay Yami...I'm halfway there..."

The desk was blowned away and then I said, "I think I been caught Yami, I'll see you later, he must not find out..." He nods and I placed a towel over the pool of tears, and Seto came in furious, he said, "Trying to escape are we?"

He pointed his Millennium rod at the small portal and that made it go away, then he said, "Your becoming a handful, Stephanie..." He points the Millennium Rod at me and I am lifted from the ground, then he walks towards me and circles around me as he said, " should have known better...I can sense when there is a powerful magical disturbance presence here in my domain."

I looked at him and said, "Yeah and what are you going to do about it?" He puts me down and said, "Bind your powers of course, only temporary if course." I looked at him and said, "Bind my can't possibly do that."

He grins and said, "Oh but I can..." He grips me firmly around the waist I tried to resist and push him away but he ended it with a kiss on my lips. I pushed him back and tried to slam him into the wall, when I couldn't I freaked out, I tried it again but I couldn't, "How dare you!" I said angrily.

He gives a smirk and said, "Now you can't escape...even though your magic and etc...have been immobilize from doing any damage here..." I then said, "Well if you were going to bind my powers, did you have to kiss me, you imbecile!"

He then said cooly, "If I was a foolish person, then I would have let you keep your powers, am I not right? Beside can you find a quicker way to draw someone's power?" I crossed my arms and said, "What do you mean by draw?"

He gives a grin and said, "For the time you don't harm yourself, you may actually make it out in one piece, now that your powers are gone..." He left the room and once again I tried to move the tiniest thing, which was a pebble. I couldn't and now I felt frustrated.

I then started to cry a bite and the pool did not form, I whispered, "No..." Then I just sat there holding my stomach saying, "This can't be happening..." I then laid on my bed and cried some more, I though, "My powers are gone, I can't go home, I miss Yami, and I'm trapped in this place..."

Hours pass and then Luna came in again, she bowed and said, "Lunch is served my Queen..." I said, "I'm not hungry..." She walked over to me and begins to stroke my hair saying, "My lady, you must eat, under your conditions..." I looked at her and sat up and said, "No, really I'm not hungry..."

She sighed and said, "Okay...I'll go tell him..." She got up and then left the room, and walked towards the grand hall, she arrived and said, "Queen Stephanie, will not be joining you at this hour, sir..." Seto then said, "Why not?!" Luna kinda jumped back a bit and said, "She's not hungry...sir..."

He places his hand on his cheek and leaned on the table and said, "Well, fine, do as you please, your dismissed." She bows, and takes a plate of my food, and brings it back to me, she knocks on my door, and I just sat there, she placed the food near my nightstand and said, "If your hungry your food is right here, my lady..." I looked at her and said, "Luna, how come you serve for Seto?"

She sat down on the edge of my bed and said, "It's because, I'm held here against my will, like you...but only I am a mere simpleton, you are someone of great importance to him and the world..." I looked at her and said, "Why am I such a great importance to him?"

She sighes and said, "It's simple, he wants something he can't have...and he will go to his limits to get whatever he desires..." I looked at her and then said softly, "How do you know so much?" She replied, "I just do..." She gets up and said, "I'll be back my lady..."

Then she left the door, I looked at my plate of food, and said, "She seems really nice..." then I picked my plate up and ate a grape. Later on I finished eating, and just laid there.

Then after a while I begin to hear chants, I got up and opened my door, I then noticed that the shadow guards were standing there, and I said, "Do you know what's happening?" He gives me a look and said, "There's a shadow duel taking place, I suggest you go back inside..."

I looked at them and said, "I want to see it!" They nod and said, "Follow me..." I found them to be rather nice, and I thought, "It must be because I don't have my powers..." I ended up in front of a double door, and he nods for me to go inside, I opened the door, and I felt a chill, as I saw what was happening clearly.

There were these stone tablets, with monsters on them I said, "I think I seen this before..." I recognized who was dueling, Seto of course and a visitor, I heard the chants, and I just kinda stood there in shock. Seto then realized I was there and said, "Look now, we have a royal guest to watch us..."

I was a little shocked when some robed people took me and placed me in a throne chair, near Seto, they said, "You will enjoy this..." I looked at them then the tablets, Seto's was a dragon, and I caught a glimpse of the other, and his was a knight of some sort.

Seto started talking and I tuned it out, and then the stones flipped around and monsters came out of them, I gasped at the enormity of the beast, it was like nothing I have ever seen before. I then heard Seto saying, "Blue Eyes, attack!"

The other beast was destroyed, and the tablet was crumbled, I looked at the dragon and felt it's awesome power, I looked around and saw carvings on the walls, I looked and saw something familar, like a duel between two people, (No it's not that tablet that predictes the outcome of Seto and Yami's Duel.)

It was really wierd, then all the chanting stoped, I looked around and saw Seto he gave a smirk and said, "So I guess you saw the carving..." I nodded and he starts to walk closer to me, I kinda freaked out and said, "Don't come near me!" He grins and said, "I just wanted to show you something..."

He took my hand, and held it tight, I tried to break free from it and he placed his hand on the circle in the carving. The wall slid, and my eyes turned wider, then I started walking a bunch of stairs, the air was dank and had a wierd smell. I arrived at my destination and saw a bunch of carvings on the wall and a body laying on the center of the room, I looked and said, "What did you do??"

I noticed that it was a girl, and I ran up to her, I brushed the hair off her face, and I gasped, "Nefertiri?" I looked at Seto angrily and said, "You better explain about this!"

He grins and said, "It's only a mere bait, beside her resucuer will come soon, like all will." I hear Nefertiri let out a noise, and she opened her eyes, she looked at me and said, "Uh...hello am I?" I looked at her and said, "We're trapped in a dimension...with Seto..."

She got up and said, "Oh...well, how did I get here?" Seto then interrupted and said, "My minions kidnapped you..." Nefertiri then said, "Why?" He looked at her and said, "I need something..." Then he left, and the door slidded close, and it was just me and Nefertiri. I looked at her, and said, "It's good to see you, Nefertiri...but tell me, what happened, I know I got kidnapped, what about you?"

She breathed in and said, "Well the last thing I remember was screaming, out Bakura's name...that's strange..." She placed her hand on her neck, and she said, "My necklace is gone..." I looked at her and said,"How can you be so calm right now?"

She looked at me with those green eyes, and said, "I have a feeling that he will stop at nothing to come and get me..." I looked at her and said, "Yeah...I know what you mean, but I'm at a different situation..."

She raised an eyebrow and said, "What's wrong?" I said calmly, "Well let's just say, my powers have been stripped, and I am defenseless in protecting my child..." She said, "Oh...well..." Then light started to show through the sliding wall door, and I saw Luna again, I told Nefertiri that it was okay and she followed right behind me.

After a while Luna stopped in the middle of the hall and said, "This is not good, my queen..." I looked at her and said, "What's not good?" Nefertiri then said, "Please continue..." Luna did and said, "They're coming..."

She looks around and noticed that the shadows started to act funny, I did too, and she then said in a haste, "Follow me..." I did, and after a while I reached a room, she closed it and said, "We're safe for now..."

Nefertiri shook her head and said, "What do you mean they're coming?" Luna then replied, "The shadows, they sense that someone is trying to penetrate this dimension, thus, almost devouring everything..."

Then suddenly a portal appeared in the room I am currently in, and out came two people, I noticed that it was Yami and Bakura. Nefertiri ran up and said, "I knew you'd save me!" She then gave him a quick kiss and said, "Let's get out of here." Yami ran up to me and said, "Are you okay??"

I nodded and then said, "He took away my powers though, it's temporary..." He smiles and embraces me then said, "Like Nefertiri said, we must get out of here..." We started to walk towards the portal, Bakura and Nefertiri walking in first, then I said, "Thank you Luna..."

She nods, and the door started to make a thud, then me and Yami walked through the portal, I felt kinda odd, and bad for leaving Luna. Then in a couple of seconds I reached the palace library. I saw Bakura nd Nefertiri there, and Bakura said, "Atemu, don't think that we'll ever join forces again. I just came here to rescue, my love."

Then they both disappeared, I looked at Yami and gave him a kiss and said, "I knew you'd come rescue me...I'm so glad to be back home..." He smiled and said, "Yes, but I had no other choice than to team up with Bakura, since I tried to contact you again, I figured he had disabled your magic..."

I smiled and said, "Yes..." He then said, "Um...Steph, I thought I was dreaming when I heard your voice, it was strange, for I think we were connected in a way..."

I looked at him and said, "Oh yes, I guess I forgot to tell you this, but...I think I got a new power, I can see whoever I's weird..."

Yami smiled again and gave me another hug and said, "I'm just glad your back, but I have been noticing that you have been kidnapped several times..." I heard a noise and looked in that direction and saw Nala, she purred at me then walked away, I smiled and then Yami said, "You look tired, Steph."

I yawned and bit and laughed and said, "I guess so, since I have been keeping watch of myself..." Me and Yami then walked to my room, and I was to tired to do anything else.

I fell asleep, I started to have a vivid dream, there were chants and everything, I noticed that I laid on the ground lifeless, as an aura was glowing from my body, then a voice said, "If I can't have you then nobody can..."

Then a bright light beamed from my lifeless body, and exploded to the ends of the world then the voice said again, "The only way to kill a beautiful girl is to drain all of her life force..." I suddenly woke up again and see a figure standing next to me, I looked closer and saw Yami sitting there. I sighed and said, "Why aren't you sleeping?"

He says, "It's because I don't want anything bad to happen to you..." I smiled and gave him and hug and said, "Oh...Yami..." He then said, "You should go back to sleep..." He laid me down and kissed my forehead, I watched him and then fell asleep.

When I woke up I noticed that Yami was still kinda sleeping, and he was holding my hand, I smiled and then quietly slipped out of bed, I breath in and said, "Okay...let's see..." I looked around the room, and tried to use my powers, I manage to lift a flower, I smiled and said, "Yes!"

I then covered my mouth and then carefully lifted Yami's body to the bed, and I whispered, "Okay..." Then I went to take a bath and changed into a white tunic that was very elegant and I came back. I noticed that Yami was still sleeping, and I walked up to him, I brushed a strand of hair off his face and just enjoyed seeing him sleep, I smiled.

(Okay guys, I going to fast forward it about 3 months, because nothing really happen, I mean some of the evil people tried to kidnapped me but they failed, and now I'm three months pregnant duh! So the baby is definately showing.)

I'm sitting on my throne reading a book, and I looked up and noticed that I felt a slight pain in my lower abdomen, I was mainly just sitting around, since Yami didn't want me to get hurt, so I'm a little bored, and I thought I should visit one of my favorite places, The Secret Garden, I walked and finally I reached the two paintings and whispered, "Setura Avarsa..."

I then walked through the portal, I was glad that the place hasn't died yet, for the last 3 months everything seemed lifeless and dead, I smiled as I sat down next to the pond, I basically enjoyed the moment. Then a hand was placed on my shoulder I reached for it and noticed it was Yami's I turned around and looked at him. He sat down next to me and said, "I see that you haven't been to this place in a while."

I smiled and said, "Well, I got kinda bored..." He looks down and said, "I'm sorry that your not able to explore around as you use to." I then said while looking at the waterfall, "It's okay Yami...I understand, the circumstance around us is not so's just boring..."

He then said, "You look radiant..." I laughed and said, "Sure...Yami that's just morning sickness..." He smiled and said, "Oh..." He then gave me a sweet kiss and I blushed, then he said, "You know what..." I whispered, "What??" He gets up and gives me a hand and said, "I have something to show you..." I followed him and he said, "Close your eyes..."

So I did I finally reached the destination and he said, "Now you can open them..." I saw the nursery room again, except this time it was finished I looked at him and said, "'s beautiful..." He smiled and said, "Yeah the entire time, I was working on this piece by piece..." I smiled and leaned over to give him a kiss, (the baby...remember?)

He smiled and then said, "I'm glad you like it..." Then a gust of wind came from the window I looked at Yami and he went to look at it, I followed him, and looked outside, I noticed, that a storm was picking up. He closed the window and embraced me and said, "It's going to be okay..."

I then felt a pain in my lower abdomen and Yami noticed and helped me sit in a chair he asked, "Are you okay, Steph?" I then said, "Yeah, it's okay..." Then a priest comes and said, "My Pharaoh, we need you..." He kisses my forehead and said, "It's okay this is one of the safest rooms in the palace, since our child will need protection. He then left, and I just sat there.

I then touched the arm rest and had a vision, I was holding my child and as I looked out of that window, I saw Seto coming, Yami rushed in and said, "You have to go's not safe..." I followed him. I then placed my hand on my head and said, "That's wierd..."

Yami comes back and said, "It just keeps getting worse..." I looked at him and said, "What do you mean?" He replies, "It's getting so bad here, that some of the town people are moving away..." I looked at him and said, "Moving??" He nods and said, "Yes...they plan on evacuating the city, in a month...they can sense that this place, our home, is no longer safe..."

I replied, "Oh..." I then heard someone call out my name, I got up and Yami said, "Steph are you okay??" I was in a trance and I just followed that voice, Yami stopped in front of me and said, "Stop...Steph...don't follow it..."

I couldn't hear him and then I felt that sharp pain in my lower abdomen, I then said, "What happen a moment ago I was in the nursery..." He smiled and embraced me again, I then said, "That voice was so familiar."

Yami then said, "I fear that it's Seto trying to get you again..." I then shook my head and said, "No, it's not's someone else, it's more feminine..." Yami just raised an eyebrow and said, "Well..." I started to feel faint, and Yami started saying again, "Steph!"

I then blacked out, before I fainted the last thing I saw was Yami trying to wake me up carries me back to my room, he lays me down on the bed and sits there, he strokes my hair and said, "Steph."

-Stephanie-. I woke up and rubbed my eyes, I felt like my mind had been seperated again, I looked around and noticed that everything around me was black and dark. I then heard a voice, a familiar voice, I turnd to it, and saw a women, her faced was covered by the darkness, and then she came out, I gasped as I saw Phaia.

I then said, "Phaia, what are you doing here, I thought..." She cut into me, "Yes you thought that I was in the Shadow Realm right?" I just looked at her and she continued, "Wrong, I am now in place where it's all in between, and you know what the priced I pay to just be away from the Shadow Realm."

I then said, "" I noticed that she was still angry at me and everything, Phaia then said, "My Body..." I looked at her and then said, "Your body? But if you do get reincarnated you can't go back..." She looked at me and said "Yes, that is why I brought you here, so I can take over your body, when your mind is dead..." I gasped, and then touched my stomach again.

She then said, "I heard everything, your having Atemu's child, hm...when I get back, I'm making you lose it..." I then got up and said, "There is no way your winning my body..." She gives a smirk and then said, "Oh yes I am, in this place I make the rules...and beside how hard is it to win against someone who is pregnant?" I clenched my fist and felt furious.

-Atemu-. "Steph..." he saw my fist, he holds on to it, and said, "Fight it...".

-Stephanie-.Phaia laughed again and said, "Are you ready?" I then said, "Just because I'm having a child, doesn't mean I'm not stronger..." Then the place changed into a grand hall, I looked around and saw weapons on the wall.

I gasped, and then she picked up a sword, and said, "Ready..." I then picked up a sword with my mind and placed it in my hand and she said, "So...Stephanie, seems like your powers work here...too bad..."

She attacked me, she was very forceful, but I kept my cool, and barely moved, she then backs away and said, "So weapon fighting is going to do me good." She throws a dagger towards my direction and it misses me barely, but it left a cut on my right arm. She then said, "Bring it..." I sighed and looked at her, I already knew I was going to win, I then said, "It's over..."

The place then turns back to the beginning all black and dark, then she said, "How did you do that?" I just said sarcastically, "I just can..." Then I raised my hand, and it looked like I was squeezing something, Phaia's eye widen and said, "My heart..."

I finally had a closed fist and then she said, "You'll pay for isn't the last you seen of me..." Then she went lifeless and these shadow things came to pick her and went down to the ground. I saw them disappear.

I shook my head then a beam of light surrounded me, I felt like my body and mind were beinging united again, and I said, "Okay..." I woke up again and then looked to my right arm, it was bleeding, I then said, "So...if I got hurt in that place then it shows up here..."

I gasp for a moment, thinking about what I did to Phaia, stopping her heart beat, then Yami looked at me and said, "Oh Steph...your back..." He gave me a passionate kiss and draws back, I smiled and said, "Yeah...I am..."

Yami then takes my hand and puts it in his, he then says, "What happen?" I sighed and said, "Let's just say that Phaia, was trying to come back to the real world, and she planned on taking my body, but I defeated her easily..." Yami smiled and said, "I'm glad...but she does have a lot of hate..."

I placed a finger over his mouth and then he said, "You have a cut..." He then treats it, and wraps it around with gauze, I smiled, and then I said, "I'm tired."

Yami smiled and then watched me fall asleep, then he went to the other side of the bed, and laid there watching me, he smiled and then said, "Everyday, I bless with this angel..." Then he fell asleep.

(Okay so I'm going to fast forward it 6 months, nothing happened much, and I'm very close to my due date, with the baby and all. My nine months in duh, and my power kept growing, more demons and etc...came after me, but I was too strong for them. Yami spent more time with me, but during a time period he had to go away for a week, but came back safe.)

I was sitting peacefully at my throne drawing something, then I felt a kick, I smiled and Yami said, "Is he kicking again?" I nodded, then I felt an even bigger kick, I said, "That's wierd..." I shrugged it off and then said to Yami, "I'm going for a walk..." He nods and then kisses me and said, "Be careful..." I then smiled and started walked, holding my stomach.

After a while I crouch again and I leaned on the wall, I looked down and noticed that water was coming from me. I gasped then one of the maids said, "Your water broke, your highness..." She then brought me to a special room, and I just laid there on the bed, she then motions the other maid to tell Yami. She told me to breath, the pain just kept getting worse, as I was having contractions.

Yami was waiting outside, and it was a long and tiresome process, after about 4 hours of labor, I finally gave birth, (I know but I'm not going into details, you know how it is.)

I just laid there all sweaty, as the maids laid a cool cloth on my hand, then they did there thing and cleaned the baby and checked it, and then they handed it to me, I smiled and one of the maids said, "It's a boy, congratulations, your highness, it's a healthy boy..."

I smiled and then one of them went to the door and got Yami, he came in, and smiled and walked towards me, he then said, "It's a boy..." I smiled and then he said, "May I hold him?" I nod and he took the baby from me and cradled him, he smiled and I said, "Now what name did you want for our son again?" He smiled and said, "Yugi." I just laid there resting for a bit, and Yami then said, "This is great, Steph."

After a while, I went back to my room, and Yami still holding him, then the baby reached for his finger, and Yami said, "Look, he's grabbing my finger..." I smiled and looked at him and thought it was so cute, then the baby started to cry.

Yami then had an anime sweatdrop and said, "Uh...what now? I didn't do anything." I looked puzzled too and then a nurse came in and said, "Your highness, Yugi, is hungry..." I looked at him and took him from Yami carefully, and said, ""

I just looked at my baby, then I breast fed him, I sighed and the nurse told me everything, Yami looked and said, "You mean every 2 hours, he's going to need something?" She nods, then she said, "If your to tired, I could help you, Queen Stephanie?" I nod and said, "Yes, that would be most delightful..."

She then said, "For now it's okay, your away, but I'll take night shift..." She then excuses herself, and the baby stops sucking, I closed my top, and then the baby started to cry again, I looked at Yami, and then placed the baby's head on my shoulder, and patted him gently on his back, then he burped, and Yami said, "I guess, this was more responsibilty than I expected..."

I laughed and then Yugi went to sleep in my arms, I sat on the edge of my bed, and smiled. He still hasn't opened his eyes yet, but I could tell that he had Yami's nose, mouth, and face. He had my hair color, and he was just so cute. Then Yami sat down next to me and put his arm around me and said, "He's so cute..." I replied, "Just like you..." He blushed, and we just sat there.

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