Resident Evil 4

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Yeah, I get bored too easy. Anyways, RE4 is a product of Capcom. Patent pending. And all that other legal crap.

Blah, blah, blah.

Anyways, please note that the script and dialogue will not be exactly the same as in-game. What, you didn't think I would remember everything, did you??

This story was written with the help of the GameFAQs site, with their blessed game script and walkthroughs.


Six years had passed.

The memories still haunted his mind, and Leon S. Kennedy knew that the demons in his head would never completely go away. They would be there, always.

First came the incident in the Arklay mountains. Strange disappearances and attacks by supposedly "wild animals" had increased the general paranoia of some of the residents that were hiking. At first, Leon was skeptical before he had actually arrived in Raccoon.

Buncha weirdos, he had thought. How ironic was the fact that he was to be proven wrong the very next week.

The S.T.A.R.S. team, the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad were sent in to investigate the source of these issues, but many members were victimized. This was unknown to Leon before he joined the force.

He had signed up for the Raccoon City police department a month beforehand, and his captain had told him to be on time. So young Leon S. Kennedy had packed up his belongings and headed straight to the little city, where he hoped to find solace and peace.

Sadly, what he found there were far beyond the results.

Zombies. Hundreds of them.

It seemed impossible to him at first, until one of them had tried to chow down on Leon's neck. He remembered that night so clearly.

And after the zombies came monsters. But he had made allies along the way. Ada Wong. Claire Redfield.

And without the company of Ada, he and Claire and a little girl had managed to escape that particular nightmare.
First day on the job, Leon thought bemusedly. And I get attacked by a bunch of crazy cannibal zombies and monsters. What a way to go.

Raccoon City had been obliterated, razed to the very ground. Now Leon was looking for another job, and he had got one; the bodyguard of the President's family. Or more specifially at the moment, his daughter, Ashley Graham.
Strangely, he was assigned to the job right before she was kidnapped.

And that was the reason why Leon S. Kennedy, former R.C.P.D officer, was sitting in a beat-up car with two wisecracking European policemen. Recent intelligience had seen spottings of a girl that matched Ashley's description.

The cops were annoying, to say the least. They kept trying to pry classified information from Leon.

The first one laughed. "Why do I always get the short end of the stick?"
Leon shook his head, very slightly.
The second one chuckled. "Yo, who are you really? You are a long way from home, cowboy."

Cowboy? Leon snorted inwardly.

"You have my sympathies." the guy finished.
Leon shrugged it off. "I guess that's a local's way of breaking the ice. Anyways, you know what this is all about. My assignment is to search for the president's missing daughter."

The first speaker laughed skeptically. "What, all by yourself?"

Leon rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you boys didn't just tag along so we could sing Kumbiyah together at some Boy Scouts bonfire. Then again, maybe you did."
Bunch of idiots....
The second laughed. "Oh, you crazy American. It's a direct order from the Chief himself. I tell ya', it's no big thing."

"I'm counting on you guys." Leon said, growing impatient.

The car stopped, and the driver hobbled out and urinated on a tree. He finished, and got back inside, shivering.
"Ah, it's all cold all of a sudden. Must be my imagination. Sorry it took so long."

They stopped at the bridge.
"Just up ahead is the village." the driver informed Leon.
"Right, I'll go and have a look around."

Cop two chuckled. "We'll stay and watch the car. Don't want to get any parking tickets."
"Right, parking tickets." Leon said sarcastically. Geez, who are these guys?

Leon unholstered his Beretta .22, chambered a round, and plodded forward.

The wind whistled, and Leon shuddered. There was something wrong about all this. But for the moment, he ignored the ominous feeling.

There was a cottage up the path. Leon jogged up, Beretta at the ready. You could never tell what form danger would be in.
As Leon stepped inside, he heard the crackling of a fire, and movement. He peeked around the corner, and saw an elderly man with his back to the entrance, tending to the fire.
Leon relaxed. Phew. Well, least he ain't a zombie.

It might've been good to establish his presence, so Leon cleared his throat. "Uh, excuse me."
The villager ignored him.
More ignorance. Huh? Maybe this guy's deaf or something.
But the villager stood back up, and looked at Leon with a decidedly peeved expression on his face.

Leon pulled a photo of Ashley's smiling face out and showed it to the old man. "I was wondering if you'd seen this girl anywhere."

The old man spoke, but it was a different language than English. More like Spanish. And Leon knew enough Spanish to know that the old man was saying: "Who the hell are you? Get the hell out of here."

Leon raised and eyebrow and shrugged carelessly. "Sorry to have bothered you."
He could do with a little teaching of manners. Leon thought, heading out.

He heard the rustle of metal behind him, and was startled to see an axehead raised.
What the fu-?!

Reacting instinctively, he ducked and rolled, avoiding the swing.
"Freeze!" he barked commandingly. "I said, freeze!"

His voice was authorative, and god, why wouldn't the man stop?

The man raised an axe again, and Leon instinctively shot a .22 round into the man's neck with the help of a customized laser sight.

He gargled and clutched at his throat, but stood up again and raised the axe.
Leon was numb, and barely avoided the next swing.
Jesus Christ, firepower like that had oughtta have taken down a normal being. God's sake, it should've taken down a zombie!

This time he aimed for the head again, and was rewarded by a very large exit hole, courtesy of the .22 hollow point. The guy dropped finally, and Leon stood with his weapon trained on him, making sure that he didn't move.
What happened next caused the former cop to leap back a pace in startlement: the body began to dissolve, straight through the planking.
Okay, that is definitely screwed up.

At least he wasn't a threat anymore. But Leon had to go back and tell the local cops what had happened.
As soon as he took one step, however, Leon heard tires squealing. He dashed to the window and saw several of those crazy villagers chasing the cop's car. Cop two had his sidearm out and was firing wildly, but one round with awry and riccochetted off a steel support girder and right through the driver's hand. He howled in pain, and inadvertently jerked the steering wheel.

The police car toppled into the river.

"Shit." There goes my chances for a ride back home. Better call his supervisor to see what the hell he was supposed to do.

The A/V transciever was state of the art. Not only did it allow the correspondents to hear each other perfectly, it allowed them to see each other too.
A moment later, Sara Hunnigan's bespectacled face hovered into view.
"There was a hostile local here," Leon told her. "I had no choice but to neutralize him."
It was better to know that they were stronger than elephants, even zombies. Otherwise she might've thought he was going off the hook.
"Get out of there and head toward the village." she said decisively.

Before Leon headed out the door, he went upstairs to check for any others, and to get a good view of outside.
Something was sitting on the desk in the corner. Leon picked it up; it was a faded box. Something rattled inside.
He reached inside at pulled out a clip for a .22.

This didn't make sense; if they had firearms and ammo here, why the hell would they bother to use melee weapons? Maybe they were just too old-fashioned. Or didn't know how to load and shoot.

Either way, Leon was grateful for the ammo, and shoved the extra clip into one of his side pockets.
He peered out the window and saw three other villagers.

Shit, I have to get past them. Wonder how much ammo's that going to take?

He headed back out the front door, and around back to a wagon. There was no alternative way out, and Leon cursed the fact that he had to take on three more.
There were boxes scattered about the wagon, and Leon broke them, hopeful for some more ammo, and possibly even another firearm. He didn't find any, but he did find a small plant, and Leon recognized it as sanicle. Sanicle was great at antibacterial and healing purposes, and some of its chemical compounds were used in healing solutions. He pocketed the plant, knowing that there was a good chance he'd have to grind it up later and use it on himself.

Maybe he could get a good head shot on them before they noticed, but all hopes of that were lost as one of them, who was chopping wood, raised his hand and pointed at Leon, bellowing something in Spanish.

Not three seconds later, the rest were advancing on Leon, sprinting. With no time to aim, Leon fired as best as he could. The round hit the lead villager in the lower shin, and he stumbled, giving Leon a bit of good news. At least they can feel pain. But what the hell is making them so damn strong?

The second stopped sprinting suddenly, and raised his axe, as if stalking Leon. Villager number two did the same. Fallen villager picked himself up again.
Leon drew a bead with the laser just under the first guy's eye, and fired. Villager number one roared, and staggered back, clutching his face. Another round tore an entry point through the back of his head, and he dropped.

Four more headshots and the two others went down. Leon stopped to watch their bodies dissolve, leaving the heavily stained clothes behind. The smell was horrible.

Jeez, makes me wonder how many there's gonna be in the village. The thought wasn't exactly pleasant.
His boot knocked against something in one of the clothes and he rummaged to find another, slightly sticky handgun clip.
Huh. So they carry ammo around, and for what?

He ejected the mostly-empty one, and loaded the new.

Leon stepped through the opening in the fence and noticed a shed off to his right. It was clear, but some boxes were on the shelves. There was yet another handgun clip on a small table.
He pocketed the clip and smashed the boxes to find several shiny gold coins, strange lettering etched on them. He pocketed those too, not knowing if they'd come in useful.
Maybe you could bribe them to tell you where the hell Ashley is. Leon thought, smiling grimly.

Very good work. I have a rfew RE2-3 ones, myself, they're nothing too spectacular, but I like em. Are you working on any more RE fanfics?

laughing Oh wow, someone actually posted. And no.

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