Eight Legged Freaks

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WTF WAS THAT?! was this supposed to be a horror film with comedy, a comedy film with horror or just sum kind of spoof so summin. whatever it was, it was neither funny nor scary. when i finished watching this, i said "WTF WAS THAT!?"

p.s. the gurl,sam, is pretty hot wink

ive never heard of it, does it have spiders? how do you mix horror and comedy?????

What do you mean how do you mix horror and comedy?
Every horror movie has comedy.

Eight - Legged Freaks is basically a 'mock-up' of all those 50's b-movies, i feel it is more of a comedy then anything else although there are elements of both action and mild horror to boot, although i found it not at all scary.

Yeah i agree it was old school b-movie style

Tired Hiker
I liked Eight Legged Freaks the same way I liked Lake Placid. Goofy and fun.

Mafia Girl
I never saw it...a friend said it was the stupiest movie she'd ever seen

I gotta agree it was definitely a different movie, but try not to think to much into it. Jus' sit back an' laugh. An' I don't see how ya would be able to catergorize it as a horror movie

Well it has huge spiders that kill ppl lol
Might not be scary but its still a monster movie.

Those spiders are funny when they run after someone

the movie had a young Scarlett Johannson before she became the star that she is today.

The spiders made "splorch" and "yiipee" sounds when they died....come on....you gotta appreciate that laughing


They should have toned down the comedy some and played up the horror aspect more and it could have be a good movie, in the vein of Tremors. Now that was a good B movie send up.

laughing out loud it was okay i suppose but not to my taste in movies

i hate spiders but the jumpin 1s are funnysmile

I was just laughin throughout the whole movie... there wasn't ANY scarry about it. All the spiders were like stupid and they all made cartoony sounds... so yeah... not a real great horror movie.. but for a comedy.. it was okay

You know what, I enjoyed this movie a lot, fun fun movie. and how people were expecting a scary horror is beyond me...

I thought it was ok. The best part about it was that I wrote a killer review of it for school and got an A big grin

laughing out loud

eight legged freaks failed becuase it tried to be a serious flick. It would have done better if it was presented primarily as a spoof.

Red Superfly
I just thought it was cack.

that movie was great got back u eight legged freaks

I thought the mall part was the best.

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