The King's Chopsticks

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Twilight Janick
It all began on a neutral planet. The rest of the galaxy, put aside the few neutral planets, was at war as either the Galactic Empire or the New Republic, constitued of the former Rebel Alliance.

Mustafar was kept in peace as long as its volcanic surface kept both sides from waging war there. However, settlers from many races settled there in search for metals, but instead they found granite, still an appreciated stone variety for floorwork. Its king, Sun Fac, wanted chopsticks made out of ivory to eat his rice bowl with. Following that strange demand, his wife, Takara and his sister-in-law, Takassa, began panicking and his diviner, Medousa, predicted that the planet will face titanic problems.

- Your Majesty, it is in the following order that the problems will come: it will sound small at first, but if we don't act very quickly, it will morph into planetwide problems. It will start with a gold bowl to go with your ivory chopsticks, then by jade glasses and plates of gold with precious stones into it. You would change the meals by then. You would certainly want to eat fine meats and exotic meals. All that luxury will demand of you to wear clothes made in rare tissues, And you would like to modernize the palace and make of an additional level a new reception room. Then you would ask for financial aid to either the Empire or the New Republic. And think that enemies from other planets will like to take your planet away and your army, combined to those of your financier, might be defeated and the victors will blindly destroy what you put years to build.All of this because you wanted to eat, one day, with ivory chopsticks.

Twilight Janick
Sun Fac: I want ivory chopsticks no matter what!
Medousa: Everything I want, Majesty, is for the good of the planet, stay humble and continue using your wooden chopsticks.

Almost immediately, a ghost appears in front of Sun Fac while Medousa returns to her office.

Ghost: I know you want to change all the dishes in that stinking palace. Here's one tip for you: put all the dishes up for bids. You know I have already been Queen of that planet. The dishes I acquired have been rented out by Roseline III, I know some dishes are lost. But please, don't buy golden plates or cups, take plated silver plates and ceramic cups.
Sun Fac: Please introduce yourself! I am Sun Fac, my lady.
Ghost: My name is Blythe II, but call me Blythe for short. Medousa! Medousa!

The king counted with sheer numbers. He went to the conclusion that only a third of the original dishes remain. While Blythe returned haunting the abandoned quarry, Medousa knew that some citizens either sold or threw away Blythe's dishes. Luckily, a prisoner arrested for homework smuggling gave the ivory chopsticks the king wanted so much.

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