Terminator In Bible Times

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Didn't check it but is that the Mad-TV skit? That was hilarious

Funny you mention Terminator and the Bible as apparently there are those that believe the story, characters, etc. closely resemble that of events and individuals included in the writings of the Bible.

The text on the page itself where I found this article is too lengthy for me to include entirely in this post, but I'll post about a half portion in order to give you a taste of what they believe.


The Terminator series structures itself around the Bible story of Jesus Christ. In fact, the main character John Conner's initials are J.C. Also, the dual natures of the terminators should also be noted (photo, right). They are human/machine as Jesus was human/divine.

Terminator 1 (1984) was pattered after archangel Gabriel's visit to earth to inform Virgin Mary she was going to give birth to the savior of the world.

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is pattered after Virgin Mary, the single mother of Jesus. The name Sarah comes from hero of Hebrew scriptures who gives birth to Isaac -the child of promise. Sarah is the prototype of Mary. The machines who rule the future (the evil gods of this world) send an unstoppable Terminator to assassinate the yet unborn John Connor (JC).This cyborg sent back from the future (a sense of eternity here) is a mix of Lucifer and Gabriel, both Arch Angels in the Scriptures.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) gets its story line from Gabriel's warning the Holy Family of the plan to kill the child around the flight into Egypt.

The subtitle is interesting here: The Day Of Judgment -a biblical term. It begins ten years later after the savior, JC, has been born. In this episode the machines (like the evil king Herod in the Jesus story- try to kill JC again in a parallel to the biblical story of the massacre of innocence in Matthew Chapter 2. Robert Patrick plays the satanic role of T-1000 (the reign of Satan in scriptures is 1000 years).

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) presents the death, burial of JC, Armageddon, and the approaching Day of Judgment.

The Terminator carries the coffin containing John Conner, symbolic of the angels at the tomb of Jesus. There are, in fact three symbolic deaths and resurrections of JC in this episode. The first is in the back room of the Animal Clinic where John Conner is entombed in a dog cage (photo, left). The second is the coffin scene (sited above) and the third is found in the ending scene where John Conner is locked away deep in earth in a bomb shelter, safe from the Armageddon battle engulfing the entire earth. Basically this is a blending of Jesus' death and resurrection story with the Apocalypse of the book of Revelation. Kristanna Loken plays T-X (Terminator X), a portrayal of the evil one (Satan). Other recent films have used woman in the Satan role include: The Jesus Series, Bedazzled, and the forth coming Passion by Mel Gibson. Perhaps the next episode will, no doubt, feature the emergence of JC to save planet earth from the machines (Satan's forces) as in the book of Revelation.

lol i saw that on i think saturday night live, t800 send back in time to save jesus. and there is this part i think where jesus wants the t800 to follow his instructions and the t800 keeps saying WHY WHY WHY.. in the funniest way

and i think it was called t3:something bible lol

I'm sure there is some biblical significance behind The Terminator, as The Bible and it's teachings are ingrained in our culture, but I don't think it's intended to be an allegory. Simularities are bound to happen just by shear coincidence and the fact that dramatic story telling often employs similar themes: persecution, love, a savior... these are all common to many other movies: Superman, The Matrix, Spiderman, Armageddon, The Predator, The Running Man, The Bourne Identity, Batman (Begins, a highly recommend it if you guys haven't seen it)... the list just goes on.

It's easy to see religious themes in just about anything. It's all in how you look at it.

You could compare John Connor to the Devil if you wanted to.

thats funny

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