Terminator 4

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(Note: I do not OWN Terminator)

T E R M I N A T O R - F O U R: Bible Times

Three men walked down in the night with three camels. It was the time when Jesus was born. The men were enjoying the walk and talking. Suddenly they saw a naked man that appeared out of nowhere. He was buffed and fit. The naked man walked to the three explorers.

Man#2: Enjoying the night my brother?
Terminator 101: Your robes, give them to me.
Man#2: Well we came here bearing many gifts however my robe is not one of them.
Terminator: What are you? Some kind of wise guy?
Man#2: Well yes...

The Terminator punched the man and knocked the other two out. He took the man#2's robe and wore it. He walked to Jesus's house and saw no-one was there. He clicked very small button on the left of his chest. Something opened and a hatch opened. There was a shotgun, ammo, and a sunglass. He took the sunglass.

Terminator: Hasta La Vista baby Jesus!

To Be Continued.

33 Y E A R S L A T E R

Jesus: Does everyone have enough?
People: Yes, thank you Jesus
Jesus: Good, now back to my service, I--

Terminator appeared with the shotgun and the people ran. Soldiers, three of them came running.

Terminator: GET DOWN!

Jesus got down and Terminator shot the soldiers. BOOM, PUMP, BOOM, PUMP, BOOM, PUMP, the soldiers died. Terminator walked to Jesus and let out a hand.

Terminator: Come with me if you want to live
Jesus: Why you doing this?
Terminator: They were gonna arrest you
Jesus: I know!
Terminator: And crucify you!
Jesus: This supposed to happen!
Terminator: What are you? A Glutton for punishment?

To Be Continued!


Holy Crap that was funny laughing out loud

5 Minutes Leta!

Jesus: What are you?
Terminator: I am Terminator Model 101.
Jesus: Wha?
Terminator: I am a cyborg from a future
Jesus: Wha the fu--
Terminator: I am covered with cybernetic organsm. Includes blood, organs, and all that.
Jesus: What are you again?

Terminator stops and looks like jesus.

Terminator: Im a freakin metal man from the future you dummy.
Jesus: Oookay

They kept walking and Terminator spotted three soldiers. Terminator pumped the shotgun but Jesus lifted the shotgun, resulting shooting the air.

Jesus: You cannot go around killing people!
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Because its one of the god's command: Thou shall not kill
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Because it is a sin!
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Because its not nice!
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Oh my...Forgive him father, he is a...what are you again?
Terminator: A Terminator Model 101, a cyborg from a...
Jesus: Okay okay! Forgive him father, he is a terminator model 101, a cyborg from the future.

To be continued.

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