New Republic RP Episode II: Where Past and Present Collide

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Twilight Janick
I will play Janick, a New Republic N-2 pilot.

Characters available:

1 ARC-170 pilot
1 LAAT/i pilot
1 Imperial pilot (your pick within Imperial craft)

New Republic:
1 LAAT/i pilot
1 N-2 pilot (me)
1 New Republic pilot (your pick within the list of New Republic craft)

You can make up any name you want. Just submit this form.
Hair color/eye color ect.

Rules:No curseing
No flaming
No spamming
You can add any NPC you want, even canon and EU NPCs of that era.

The authorized craft will be as follows:

Imperial craft:
TIE fighter
TIE interceptor
TIE Advanced X1
TIE bomber
TIE hunter

New Republic craft

Here's the plot: Two years after Grand Admiral Thrawn's demise, Grand Admiral Ackbar, the Chief of Staff for Supreme Chancellor Mon Mothma (New Republic), decides it is time to destroy the Imperial air base on Mustafar, who houses some of the most elite pilots of the Empire. He decides to send also some of the most elite pilots of the New Republic. Even though he has given the order to destroy the Super Star Destroyers at all costs, the Bonestorm has been spotted in the same system as Mustafar.

Until I get the authorization of Ushgarak, I'd never authorize anybody to submit his/her character.

You can only play as pilots

Twilight Janick
That is correct until you want to fight on the ground instead on the atmosphere or open space. And I have some NPCs ready.

Twilight Janick
New plot: Two years after Grand Admiral Thrawn's demise, Grand Admiral Ackbar, the Chief of Staff for Supreme Chancellor Mon Mothma (New Republic), decides it is time to destroy the Imperial base on Utapau, who houses many ships and armies of the Empire. He decides to send also some of the most elite troops of the New Republic. Even though he has given the order to destroy the Super Star Destroyers at all costs, the Bonestorm has been spotted in the same system.

New rules: there are two Imperial pilot characters and two New Republic pilot characters. Every additionnal character is fighting on ground. If you want to authorize other aircraft for either side, PM me.

This is a preliminary list of Clone War stuff used by both sides, on a per-side basis. Just add more if necessary.

Both sides:
DC-17s (blaster rifles)
LAAT/is (gunships)

ARC-170s (gunships/starfighters)
AT-TEs (heavy enforcers)

New Republic:
N-1s (starfighters)
Hailfire droids (scout droids)

List of authorized aircraft:
Imperial craft:
TIE fighter
TIE interceptor
TIE Advanced X1
TIE bomber
TIE hunter

New Republic craft

did you get CERTAIN permission?

Twilight Janick
It's certain that the whole thing cannot begin until certain permission is gotten, I forgot to mention that in the last post.

Twilight Janick
Last modification: only one compulsory pilot per side, every extra character will choose his/her side at will and fight on ground unless desired otherwise.

Baston Alveron
hey ill join but im ganna be an imp pilot


Baston Alveron
WHo says hes frickin startin it. hes just gettin members for when and if it does start. now whos thinking like a noob (YOU)

Twilight Janick
Baston, your position as an Imp pilot will be confirmed when the game will actually start, as well as mine as a New Rep pilot will. But the game isn't started yet.

dude If you read my post you would see who is thining liek a N00B (you) because you are not even supposed to start the tghread as in open it or click the new topic thing!!! if anyone posts it before they get permission they almost never get permission and I very much doubt that this one will.

Baston Alveron
im just sayin this could be a possible recriuting thread for and if it happens. dethbringer i dont want any hard feelings between us so i apologize

whatever but still I am not saying this to be mean or anthing just to help you out for you cannot open a recruiting thread until you have obtained proper permission and until you get permission the rules thread is your recruiting thread until you have permission

Baston Alveron
OK thanks, no hard feelings?

Twilight Janick
I don't have any hard feelings, OK?

Baston Alveron

oh and do any of u have star wars galaxies

not me why are you asking Me? mthat is off topic...

Baston Alveron
lol sry well lets try to get permition then

oh and how so u get a pic were urs is instead of my gay typing

Name: Marshall
Age: 18
Sex: male
Spicies: human
Hair color: Blonde
eye color: Green
History: Marshall was born and raised on Naboo. He went to an Imperial Academy and trained as a pilot. He was part of the Empire till he fell in love with a Rebel. he joined the Rebelion two days before she was shoot down by his old unit.

Twilight Janick
OK, I'll try to get permission, or else close that game.

Well, I might join when you do get it.

Ok, the RP got permission. Here's my character form:

Name: Darpan Nagaraj
Age: 23
Allignment: New Republic
Class: Jedi
Rank: Knight
Weapon: Orange Saber (standard)
Appearence: Tan skin, black hair, white shirt/pants, black tunic/gloves/boots.
History: His father died when he Darpan was born. When he grew up, a man told him that the imperials killed him. He doesn't know what really happened, so he just believed the man. When he was 10, he joined the Yavin IV Jedi academy (Luke's) and works his way up to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Twilight Janick
Name: Temy Walker
Age: 135 (looks like a human 27)
Allignment: New Republic
Class: Jedi
Rank: Master
Race: 1/2 Protoss, 1/2 human
Weapon: Yellow and Turquoise Sabers (standard)
Appearence: Yellow skin, brown eyes, black hair, black vest and pants, white T-shirt
Homeworld: Proteidon
History: She is one of the rare Jedi of the Old Republic to survive the Clone Wars. But being expelled from the Jedi Order after the battle of Geonosis was the key to it. When she was 2 years old, she was already doing calculus, stunning her Protoss father and human mother by her extreme intellect. They suspected the Force to act through her, so they contacted the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The midi-chlorian test proved conclusive, since she attained the rank of Knight, she spent most of her years taking Padawans, almost making it to the Jedi Council. Afterwards, she started a heavy metal band in which she was the lead flutist. She didn't have much fame as a Jedi, so she had more fame as a musician than she had as a Jedi Master. Now that the New Republic was in need of Jedi, the Jedi Outcasts who survived the Clone Wars were automatically recruited, as well as the Padawans Jedi Outcasts might have taken.

OOC: The game can't actually begin until the one who was scheduled to play as a Senator had entered his/her bio.

Name: Rhiannon Kateera
Age: 22
Allignment: New Republic
Class: Senator
Race: Human
Weapon: Small Naboo Pistol, which she keeps under her clothes
Try to picture this real, without the wings and stuff, just normal senatorial dressings
Homeworld: Naboo
History: Born into a loving family, Rhia was very happy as a child. She had an older sister and brother. Her and her sister were often found arguing over political matters that came up on the Holonet(still exist?) Both of her parents were Jedi(in the new order right?). They were really good parents, still finding time to work at a homeless shelter, and be good infuences on their children.
At the age of 13 Rhia's parents were murdered by an unknown force. Rhia knew, however, and she blamed herself for not telling her parents. She swore that from that day on she would be heard. She entered into the Legislative Youth program on Naboo and worked her way up to senator. Her brother and sister both went on to study at college, one to be an architect, one to be a pilot.
Personal Belongings: The power cell from her fathers lightsaber.

(Do you need a roleplay sample before we begin, just in case you wish it to improve?)

Twilight Janick
OOC: Now, the game can begin.

IC: Temy is aboard a captured Procurator-class Super Star Destroyer, her flagship (assuming Jedi of that era act like Jedi in the Clone Wars; like generals/admirals), NRSS Starlake, with some of her officers with her in the bridge. One last thing: a Procurator-class Super Star Destroyer looks like an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer that is scaled down to 8 kilometers, the actual size of Executor-class ships is 19 kilometers.

Temy: Major Network, can you locate Senator Kateera?

Major Network: Sir, Senator Kateera is aboard the Malevolent-class Super Star Destroyer Bonestorm.(Image)

Senator Rhiannon Kateera sat in a corner of her small room. The room was painted a pale gray color, intended to make the inhabitant uncomfortable. In her mind she was thinking of various ways of getting out, or just sending out a beacon for help. She looked over at the door, there was a small window that lead out into the corridor.

How did I get here? She thought to herself, but no matter how much she thought about it, she could not remember what had happened.
She gazed into the corridor once more, trying to remember all that was lost.

Darpan was in a briefing room with a commanding officer. The officer walked to Darpan and gave him a command panel. Then the commander said "Darpan, this mission will be dangerous. take it at your own risk." Darpan took the panel and looked it over. It said:

A freight captain who holds valuable information that could be very beneficial to the New Republic came to us for help. He reports that someone has been stalking him. The captain suspects that he's after the information. Accodring to him, the stalker has a lightsaber. Go to the city and make sure no one attacks the capttain.

Darpan said "This is tough? I've faced Sith, commander. This guy's probably just some punk who got a hold of a saber from some sleezy merchant. Of course I'll take it. I could use a break.

Twilight Janick

Darpan got into his head-hunter. As his ship took off, he thought about what the information could be. It wouldn't matter if it fell into the wrong hands. But if Darpan was right about the stalker, then why would he need that kind of information? 30 minutes later, his ship landed on Tanaab. He got out and walked to the city. It was fairly populated, not crowded, and not deserted. He walked over through the streets, watching the coordinates as he passed some shops. Then he heard gun-fire. He ran over to where it originated from, and ran down the ally. he saw a man firing a gun, then a red lightsaber was thrown at him. It cut his arm off, then retained. Darpan ran further and helped the man up. The man said "Help... Me... I... Need to get the Republic important information." Darpan replied "So you're the freight captain? I need to get you to a medical facility!" The man handed Darpan a data chip. "It's all in here... But it's too late... I..." He then died. Darpan then stood up and looked to where the lightsaber came from. "Hmm... I sense you, Jedi..."
a dark voice said from a dark ally. Then Darpan saw the same red saber ignite.

Twilight Janick
OOC: You mean your Z-95 Headhunter made the trip from Utapau to Tanaab for a freight captain?

IC: Major Network used a tripod holoprojector from the kitchens of the ship in order to play the message from the Imperial authorities.

Senator Kateera: The Imperials know that if they mistreat me, they would create a diplomatic nightmare. So they did as much mistreating as would the diplomacy-minded officers in charge of the brigs would allow for.

Temy rushed to her N-2, taking off and engaging TIE fighters.

Darpan took out his lightsaber and ignited it. "A dark Jedi?" The mysterious figure replied "Yes... I will soon be a Sith... The dark side has promised me much..." Darpan highered his saber. "Who are you?" The figure approached, and removed its hood. She was a zabrak with Sith tatooes. "I am Esirr Karra. I have sworn legionce to the dark side, and the imperial remnant will soon belong to me." Karra charged at Darpan with lightning fast movements and struck his saber so hard that he was sent flying into a wall. Darpan got up and then said "Maybe you aren't some punk with a saber after all." He jumped up, and spun kicked Esirr to the ground. Then he lunged forward and stabbed at her, only to strike the ground. "What the... Damn it!" He turned around to see Esirr slashing at him. The slash went through Darpan's tunic, but luckily hadn't struck flesh. Then, Esirr raised her arms and said "You are weak, Jedi!" Suddenly, a blue flash of high power Force lightning blasted at Darpan. He attempted to block it by raising his saber. Darpan then started to being pushed back. "It will not end this way..." he said, keeping stable. He then did something that wouldn't be easy. He lowered his saber, but just before the lightning hit him, he held up his own arm and used the Force to push against the lightning. Then he threw his saber at Esirr.

Twilight Janick
Temy: Flying is good for droids!

This is what she said when she finishes off a squad of six TIE fighters. Still, the R2 unit took a hit.

Temy: Damn it! We're hit!

Then, she fires at the turbolasers surrounding the docking bay of the Bonestorm. They were too slow to even have a chance to hit Temy's craft.

The lightsaber flashed in a circular motion at Esirr. She quickly ignited her saber in attempt to block it, but it was too late. Her head rolled to a wall, and her body fell to the ground. The lightning stopped blazing, and Darpan disignited his saber after retaining it.

((OOC: May I get clarification on the message from my character?))

Rhia stood up and walked over to the window on the door. She could hear explosions vaguely in the distance, but it didn't feel like they had suffered a very hard hit yet. She could see guards running around aimlessly in the corridor.

Get to the main hatch and man your stations!

Rhia could hear the Captain yelling at his troops, but nothing seemed to be happening. She tapped lightly on the window, a quizzical expression on her face. The only answer she got was a cuss word as the captain headed off down the corridor.

Well fine then, don't tell me! She yelled at the door, but she knew they couldn't hear her. She didn't really care either, maybe she would be getting out of here soon, and she could make a motion in the senate to take care of this mess and send more troops against the Imperials.

Darpan got into his ship and took off. He thought to himself What the hell could be so important about this information?! His head hunter swooped down, but then he noticed something. TIE Fighters were tailing him. Thinking quickly, Darpan went to his left, towards astroids. The TIE's followed him. He went straight through a pair of astroids, and two fighters crashed in an attempt to followsuit. There was one left, so he flew up. Then he went backwards, and he was behind the last fighter. He fired some shots and it was destroyed. But then his ship suddenly stopped moving. A blue light flashed above him. He looked up, and noticed he was being sucked in by a tractor beam. In an attempt to get free, he turned on his turbo-jets. It had no effect. He was now inside an imperial ship.

Twilight Janick
The first thing Temy did was to try docking maneuvers. Once she landed, the first persons she met were of people from the jailer regiment who cares about political prisoners.

Colonel Dozek and Major Zofia: If it isn't High Admiral Temy Walker!

Temy lights up one of her king-size lightsabers (blade length: 1,70 meters) and the stormtroopers opened fire. Shot after shot came back at the people who fired them.

Darpan got out of his ship walking to a door. He used the Force to sense what was behind the doors. Nothing. He walked in and found himself in a control room. There was another door across. He tried opening it, but it was locked. Then, he ignited his saber and burned a hole in the door. He jumped inside and was shot at by a group of about 10 storm-troopers. He forced pushed a few of them, then slashed the rest with his saber. Then he looked at a large door. It said PRISON CHAMBER H-V 2 on it. It was locked, so he tried to burn a hole through this door as well. But right as he ignited his saber, he sensed a saber being thrown at him. He dodged it and turned. "Oh, shit." There were three grey storm troopers, each with a green reactor core implanted into their chest. Their helmets looked like that of Vader, but a bit like storm-troopers' at the same time.
"A Jedi." One of them said. Funny, they had sounded like normal stormies. one jumped at Darpan.

Rhia could now see shots being fired outside of her cell. She stood up to look out the window, but her feet slipped as the ship tilted.

What the heck is going on out there?

There was a small group of gaurds heading one direction and another heading the other way. Suddenly a bolt hit her window. The glass was strong enough that it only crackled, but it did do enough to block her vision from the outside. She stood on her tiptoes, trying to see over the top, but she wasn't quite tall enough. Another bolt hit below the window, and she decided it was time to back away.

Darpan Nagaraj engaged in lightsaber combat with it. Then the other two joined in. He was now fighting 3 super-enhanced storm troopers. He managed to slice one's arm off, the other two both continued to embrace him, and he decided it was time to go on the defense. His idea of defense was Force pushing them out of the way. While one was down, he stabbed in, and had one left. He threw his saber at the remaining trooper and slashed it to death. He retained his saber and disignited it. He continued breaking through the door. He then managed to get through, and walked down a dark hall. Then he heard gunfire on the other end of the hall. He ran to a door and opened it. He suddenly found himself in a battle. There were many imperials, so thinking quickly, he ignited his saber and engaged them.

Twilight Janick
Temy got to the hall leading to the cell A-Y-21-3 and used the Force to sense who was detained behind. It was their Senator Kateera! Temy, engaging Imperial jailers along the way, arrived at the cell A-Y-21-3, cutting its armored door like Qui-Gon in TPM.

Temy: Senator Kateera! I came to save you!

Senator Kateera: Aren't you a little too large to be a Jedi?

((OOC: Third page, oh yah Happy Dance No offense or hard feelings, but Janick, do you always roleplay for fellow characters? ))

Rhia looked up at the tall Jedi, not really noticing her size so much, just relieved to finally be out of her cell.

Master Jedi! You cannot know how pleased I am to see you.

Under her breath she said: Took you long enough!

Senator Kateera was well known for her sense of humor, she always had a wity remark, even in the most desperate of situations. She ducked as blaster fire wizzed their direction. The situation did not look promising.

I am pleased that you came Master, thank you very much, but I must ask..did you bring back up?

He finished slashing the last stormtrooper, then sensed for anymore people. Then he sensed a source of Force energy and another person in a cell. He walked back into the prison room and opened the door.

Rhia looked away from the first Jedi who had entered the room over to the second.

Well, I feel special.

She looked away into the hallway. Of course, she was just kidding, outside of the senate she was always kidding. In truth, she did not feel special at all Outside of the cell blaster fire could be heard, and they still had to exit the ship and get out of the battle. She did not feel any safer now than she had before, even with two Jedi accompanying her.

She inclined her head in encouragement of the second Jedi's arrival, wondering why there were two Jedi aboard this ship in the first place.

Well, it would be a pleasure to stand and chat with you both, but shouldn't we be going?

Twilight Janick
Yes, so Temy got out of the cell to look for a vehicle that could aid all three of them get out of the Bonestorm before it blew up.

Temy: Damn it! The Imperials got one of their own ARC-170s smashing near us!

"We can't take my z-95, it's too small. Plus it's caught in a tractor beam."

If we can locate it, I fly an old Naboo Skiff. It is somewhere on this ship. Rhia looked around. She had no idea where they might have put it when they caught her.

Where is the hanger? Maybe the Jedi knew more than she did...

Twilight Janick
Temy ran to the hangar, where she found out that the old Naboo Skiff was hung up to the ceiling of the hangar, without any way to reach it.

Except for the ladders usually used by TIE pilots (and to a lesser extent, the ARC-170 crewmen), there was no way to get in. She used the Force to open the hatch of the Naboo Skiff. Still not enough to get in that ship.

Temy: TKF-821:Wait! TKF-821, do you copy?

Seeing that TKF-821 (a clone pilot) didn't answer, she decided to go out and check for whatever problem that should happen to TKF-821's comm unit.

(using mind trick) Temy: Sir, where are the ladders for the pilots?

TKF-821: Just behind that deadlock door.

Then, her lightsaber out, she killed the pilot, leaving nothing but charred flesh on the ground. And cut down the deadbolts of the door.


Twilight Janick
I might continue the ladder door scene. Once the deadbolts are gone, a series of mobile ladders is hidden beneath. Using the Force to open the doors wide, and then move one of the ladders, she has been detected by a... hailfire droid!

Temy: All units! There is a mad hailfire droid in the hangar!

However, she is powerful enough to pull the hailfire droid in the vacuum. Remember, Luke Skywalker, at this time, is as powerful as Clone Wars cartoons Yoda. It meant that Temy wasn't quite as powerful as him, the current chairman of the Jedi Council. And then, she could access the Naboo Skiff hung up like if it was under repairs, opening the entrance hatch first.

"I'll take care of this droid... I'm extra good at destroying droids." Darpan ignited his saber and jumped at the hailfire droid. He slashes at one of its wheels, but he noticed that there was a protective shield on it. "Damn, the hailfires I always fought had horrible defense. Why does this one have a shield?!" He used the Force to smash the droid into a wall, but the wheels started spinning again, and charged back.

Twilight Janick
So Temy hopped into her N-2 while the hailfire droid's missiles utterly destroyed the Headhunter and the ladder.

"Hold on, Darpan!" she said as she fired a few shots of laser cannons to dent the enemy shields.

Darpan backflipped and landed on the ground. His lightsaber was on the other side of the room. He used Force speed to try and dodge the droid's laser-fire.

Twilight Janick
OOC: The missiles were exhausted?

IC: Temy is doing somersaults in a very restricted place, trying not to hit the Naboo Skiff. She fired laser cannons at the hailfire droid, utterly ruining it. Off her N-2, she finds another ladder to get into that skiff, only to find... MagnaGuards!

Nagaraj looked backed to the MG's. "Damn it, not those trash heaps again!" He picked up his saber and ignited it. Then, with his most powerful effort, he Force pushed one back into the wall. Its mechanics started to spark and combust, but it was still standing. It charges at Darpan, so he slashed at the droid.

Twilight Janick
Luckily the Naboo Skiff only had two of them in the cockpit. Because the Empire planned to steal it and to have MGs man it. Which meant that Temy only had to face one. She made the mechanics malfunction, but it is still standing. However, she slashed at the droid while it barely recovered from its shock with the pilot's seat, destroying it. Finally, she invited the Senator to board the ship.

Rhia nodded graciously and boarded the ship, waiting for the Darpan to enter. She quickly went around, checking to see if it was safe to fly. As soon as she had confirmed that if they took off, they wouldn't hurt the ship or themeselves, she activated the engines.

I am not entirely sure of our location, Master Jedi. Maybe it would be better if you piloted the ship. Rhia blushed slightly as she stepped out of the way. Already her mind was elsewhere, in the senate where she could make a motion.

You have no idea how grateful I am that you two came to my rescue. Your efforts will be recognized in the Galactic Senate, I asure you. Rhia herself bowed to the two Jedi, trying her hardest to express her gratitude. She felt safe for the first time in weeks, but she couldn't shake the feeling they were not out of danger yet. They still had to get the ship out of the Bonestorm, and leave the battle...

Twilight Janick
Temy piloted the Naboo Skiff out of the hangar bay of the Bonestorm, with Darpan sleeping on the communications module. With the enemy ship on the verge of explosion, she had to jump out of the Utapau system before the Bonestorm blows up.

Rhia looked over out the window of her old Skiff. She sighed deeply as she watched the pinpoints of stars turn to neverending streams.

So how long have you been a pilot, Master Jedi?

Rhia tried to start a conversation with her Jedi rescuer. After a week in a cell, you wish to talk with someone. She looked at the way her hands moved over the controls, glad to have something to concentrate on.

Twilight Janick
Temy: You know, when you lived a hundred years as a Jedi Master, you got to learn how to pilot a hyperspace-capable ship somewhere during that time! And I'll let you know that I traveled all the way from Coruscant to Utapau and now back to Coruscant to rescue you.

Rhia: So you were sent by the Senate or the Jedi Council?

Rhia looked quizzically at the Jedi. She did not believe the senate would have sent him, recently they had been uneasy about the position of the Jedi. She looked away, trying to hide her eyes.

Nevermind. She said lightly, trying to sound as if she wasn't worried. Why would the Jedi want to rescue a senator?

Have you heard of the "Jedi Governence Decree" Master? The "Jedi Governence Decree" had been brought up by a senator from Malastare after a suspected Jedi attack. Rhia hadn't believed it a year ago, and still didn't. It was a loud of crap, in her opinion.

Darpan looked at Rhia. "What? No I haven't." He said, slicing the middle of one of the MG's staff apart. Then he kicked it into a grinding machine, and it was instantly torn apart.

Tengu Man
(hey guys mind if i jump in)

Name: Vall Dracus
Age: 25
Class: Jedi/Smuggler
Rank: Knight
Species: Black Human
New Republic
Weapon: Lightsaber (Green), blaster pistol

Bio: From Cloud City, with pride, fought along side Lando at Taanab and was a smuggler with him and Solo when he was younger, but after becoming a jedi he left his smuggler days behind.....or did he? He has a really young attitude, (even for his age) but gets serious when he needs to, he is a very loyal friend, and is happy to take a partner any time.

Tengu Man
As Vall was walking down the halls of the Yavin Academy, he watched as many students began their training under masters and even in groups or solo learning from jedi holocrons.

They were very young some in their teen years, others in their mid 20s to 30s, but you have to start somewhere, he thought to himself. He contiued on until he got to the audience chambers (seen in the final scene of a A New Hope), where he saw what appeared to be Luke Skywalker staring out at the horizon, but really he was medidtating, not wanting to disturb him he started to turn back.

"Vall," Vall turned around " Luke." a smile came to Vall's face. " How have you been," Luke asked. " Im fine," he said happily, there was a silence between them. " Look, i have to go.....take care of somethings, i might be gone for awhile," he said. Luke Laughed "Oh really, well i won't keep you, but make sure you come back, there some students who want you to teach them." Vall Laughed " Yeah yeah, ill get to that, so uhhhh I guess i'll see ya when i see ya." "Take care, and may the force be with you Vall," "You too," he responded " May the force be with you Skywalker." There was a silence between the two, and then Vall gave him a wave, and he walked away.

Originally posted by Ballister
Darpan looked at Rhia. "What? No I haven't." He said, slicing the middle of one of the MG's staff apart. Then he kicked it into a grinding machine, and it was instantly torn apart.

Rhia looked over at Darpan.

It seems like something you should recognize, though you are not a politician. Rhia smiled. At one point, it could have been taken as a serious threat to the Jedi. Since then it has been pushed away. The senators do not doubt you as much as they would have when the Decree was first addressed.

Rhia looked away back out the window. Everything was so calm now, and it was that exact calm that made her frustrated. She couldn't wait to get back to the senate where she could talk with fellow politicians, and have them understand.


Twilight Janick
At last, Temy made the skiff jump out of hyperspace.

Temy: Senator, we are making our final approach towards Coruscant. Our plan to aid you address that motion calling for allocation of more resources towards war activities is to be on your hovering platform as witnesses in case the Speaker demands evidence. For that, all three of us need to be in the Senate, even if the Jedi are only there to escort you. Because you'll make most of the work.

"I need to get back to the academy. I got delayed by that little ship detour."

((OOC: Niether, it is not mentioned in the plot so I cannot make it up myself. Perhaps a few Jedi acted strangely around the most well known senators?))

Thank you, Master Jedi. Once more, I must express how grateful I am that you two came. Rhia looked out at the approaching planet. I will appreiciate your presence at the meeting. I am sure there will be a need for evidence.

((OOC: Short I know, but I have a family get together. If need be, you can puppet my character onto Coruscant.))

"Well, even though I ended up saving you, I never planned to do so. Only to get out of the ship alive. I need to get to the Jedi academy on Yavin IV. I need a new starfighter anyways, I might as well stop on Coruscant." He pulled out his lightsaber. The hilt was broken open, and the insides were exposed. "And maybe a new saber too. I guess this one got cut by the magnaguard's electro staff."

Tengu Man
Vall entered the hangar to find his old R4 unit waiting for him near his ship, one of the jedi walked towards him, " I figured you might want him back, he said your the originial owner," Vall respoded "Thank You." The R4 unit rolled over to him spouting bleeps and boops in happiness, Vall Laughed " I missed you too R4, you ready to get out of here?" He loaded the droid onto to his X-wing, and they took off. (OOC: dont worry, im just using the X-wing as transportation, not aerial combat)

Vall: Put in the coordinates for Coruscant.......... ok good....good alright prepare to make the jump to hyperspace........ and NOW!!

in seconds te ship blasted off into hyperspace. Destination: Coruscant

Tengu Man
The X-wing pulls out of hyperspace into Coruscant, as the ship makes its apporach to one of the landing pads, This part of coruscant was forgotten and old, a perfect place to hide and for crime to go unchecked. He saw trouble immediately, Figures, he thought to himself. 5 thugs were going to have their way with an inocent woman.

Vall walked over, the woman was screaming for help, " Is there a problem fellas?" Vall said smiling, as if to find the whole situtation humorous. 4 of the thugs pulled out blasters or virbroblades, the other one held the girl" Get out of here punk, before we decide to "play" with you too." Vall laughed confidently, "I dont like your idea of playing, or your attitude, or your way with women, Ill give you 2 choices, walk away, or die, your call. The thugs were puzzeled as to why he was so confident, he smiled and pulled back the side of his jacket to reveal a lightsaber, immeadetly all the thugs dropped thier weapons and ran away. He walked over to the girl " are you all right?" Suddenly he caught a quick hand across the face, the girl screamed " You thought that was funny, my life was at stake!!!" Vall looked at her surprised " Ya know, you could show more gratitude, i SAVED you life," " You were laughing the whole time, does the little damsel in distress scenario make you happy," Vall went from surprised to pissed, he sighed " I dont have time for this, your welcome." he began walking away

She screamed more " Where do you think your going!!!"He turned around " None of you business, ok, i saved you life, me and you do not have to associate any more, cmon R4." " wait, you cant leave me here."
" Are you serious you cant find a way back home?" she respoded " well there are still more thugs out there and... Vall interupted "I didnt come here to save you, and diffinitely not get slaped in the face for it." " but you have to, your a jedi, you have to protect the innocent." there was a silence between, Vall was obviously annoyed, and now it seems as though she was enjoying the arguement. Vall looked over at R4, "well what do you think?" the droid sputtered out bleep and boops, Vall lowered his head and sighed. " where do you live?" she responded " Just follow me, ohh and im really sorry for hitting you, i was just so angry and well." Vall interupted, " dont worry about it."

The 3 began their journey out of the slums of Coruscant......

Tengu Man
As the 3 were walking.......

" So uhhh whats your name?" she asked, "Vall Dracus." "Are you still mad at me," she asked, Vall was getting irritated "no" she noticed how angry he was, she didnt ask any more questions. Vall turned to look at her, she very beautiful, even though she was a twi'lek, he was a little attracted to her, she looked to be in her early 20s. " lets stop and rest a bit, its already late." they all sat, down around a fire R4 had prepared, she fell asleep fast, R4 turned off, and Vall was by himself, watching over them all. He started thinking about her again,he sighed, it started raining all of a sudden. The were safe from te rain, but there was something about the rain that sort calmed Vall, he looked at her again, he knew it was wrong but curiosity was killing him, he used the force to look into her past, he saw images of her in pain, sorrow, loneliness, he felt bad for blowing her off the way he did, and even now for looking at her past. He stoped, and then went to sleep.

In the morning.......

she woke him up, " get up sleepy head, we have leave, its not much farther." He got up "ok, ok, lets go." 10 minutes into the trip " so uhhh i never got you name," she smiled, " Ohh you care now, my name is Cora Voan." He smiled " thats a beautiful name." they stared at each other, then Vall turned away and began walking, She started thinking about him, and laughed a little.

Tengu Man
the 3 arrived at her home......

Cora: were here
Vall: finally,
Cora stared at him, still curious about him
Vall: so uhhhh i guess this is it
Cora: Leaving so soon?
Vall: yeah we have to leave, to drop off a shipment for a client of mine, i dont want to leave him waiting anymore, than i already have.
Cora: well i can give you a lift, it will take you forever to get back to your ship
Vall: thanks
Vall started remebering about the fire last night
Vall: Do you wanna tag along?
She smiled
Cora: of course, let me get the ship ready
Vall: you may wanna get a blaster while your at it.
they both laughed
after evrything was ready the 2 blasted off
they got back to the ship to find evreything destroyed, including his ship.

"What the hell, who did this?" " it must have been those thugs," Cora respoded. he sighed, this is rediculous he thought to himself. " Im sorry Vall," " Its not you fault, I..." She interupted " No it is, if i hadnt dragged you into this your ship would be fine, and..." then Vall interupted "NO, i protected you by choice, dont worry about it." she looked at him, she felt a little guilty inside, but she was happy to finally have someone that cared about her, even if it was for a short time. " well we cant drop off the shipment R4, contact Telbora, and tell him its no good." " So what now?" Cora asked " do you know how to get the senate building, im sure the politicians well lend me a ship, I think something might be going on over there, a jedi sent me a message about escorting." " sure i can get you there." she said

they all blasted off headed for the senate chambers......

Twilight Janick
After she landed, Temy found a speeder like Senator Greyshade's (the one Anakin used to chase Zam Wesell) and brought Rhia in.

Temy: I know, as your savior, I have a debt of honor with you. The least I could do is to provide you the evidence as to support your motion calling for more resources allocated towards war activities. I know how urgent and grave the situation is, for I fought many times the Imperials as an admiral. To Senators, I am better known as an admiral than I am as a Jedi.

Rhia: Do what I say, and your presence will be of a great aid to the New Republic. Trust me, I'll guide you to the one place you will have to be when the Speaker or the Chancellor will ask for evidence.

As the duo rushed in the hallways of the Senate, they missed the topics scheduled before the war motion. To Rhia, everything else didn't matter much by now. By the time they arrived to their hovering platform, it was almost time to address that motion the Senator wanted so much to address since she was in the clutches of the Imperial Remnant.

Supreme Chancellor (Leia Organa Solo): The current topic in our schedule is Senator Kateera of Naboo and her war motion.

Senator Kateera: This war motion that I wish to address has roots which began when Grand Admiral Thrawn was still alive. Since we are losing ships day after day, we need more troops and ships to recapture them.

Senator Bolt (representing Malastare): This is scandalous!

Senate speaker: We will hear, later, the reaction of the representative of Malastare.

Senator We (representing Kamino): I protest! You have no evidence! This can't be!

Senator Bolt: The Congress of Malastare approves what the representative of Kamino said. I demand evidence!

Rhia: To prove these factoids, I invite High Admiral Walker, commander of the forces in the Utapau Sector, to address herself for the Republican High Command.

Temy: Honorable representatives of the Republic, I'd like to report a grave situation. The Imperial Remnant sent a fleet to capture Utapau. Though we destroyed the enemy flagship, this has been done at the cost of several dozens of cruisers. During the battle, I saved Senator Kateera from the clutches of the Imperial Remnant. Nowhere the situation is as critical as it is now.

((OOC: Uh, no offense, didn't I say "puppet"?))

Rhia stood back and listened to the Jedi speak. Her eyes wandered expertly over the senators, monitoring their reactions. When they had entered the Senate building she had thrown off the title of Rhia, and became once more, Senator Kateera of Naboo. She had known that the senators would demand evidence, but the mere word of a Jedi would not be enough. They needed real evidence.

She winced at the jeers from the senators. They weren't believing it. She shook her head and stepped up next to Master Walker.

Don't be blind Senators! Ever since this began you have seen it! Don't deny it. Now they have made an act that cannot be ignored. Take action before this gets any worse. If we do not send extra forces we will endager that citizens of the Republic. I ask you, would you allow your children to run around while you know what is going on in space right now?

Rhia looked over at the Jedi, a little uneasy at questioning her in front of the senate.

I ask you, Master Jedi, is help needed?

Tengu Man
Vall and Cora arrived at the senate chambers, to find the senators all in session over a large and what appeared to be heated debate, the both of them didnt really care, but listned on in curiosity......

Cora: I wonder what they are arguing about?
Vall: I dont know, but it must be important
Cora: who is that talking, i think ive seen her on the holovids
Vall: hmmm, thats senator Kateera from Naboo, and... she is standing next to a Jedi?
Cora: how do you know she is a jedi
Vall: I've seen her before at the academy, but... what is she doing here?
Cora: Hey, maybe she can give us a ride off planet
Vall: Us? what us?
Cora: Hey you said i could tag along, besides there is nothing here for me anymore, my family is long dead, and ive been living by myself for quite awhile. besides you could use a partner
Vall smiled
Vall: well, it has been awhile since i had a partner, just make sure you can hold your own, i wont be able to save you all the time, as a matter of fact you havent even prove to me how tough you are.
Cora: trust me ive got skills, slicing, repair, piloting, you name it, and im pretty handy with a blaster, I uhhhhh just... misplaced mine..earlier
Vall: sure, what ever you say

Vall and Cora turned to look back into the audience chambers where the senators were still in debate.....

Twilight Janick
Temy: To answer your question, Senator, since I am better known to the other Senators as an admiral than I am as a Jedi, though some of you folks know me solely as a Jedi who sends reports from the front line, I do know that even though I went to Utapau solely to save a Senator, since the very moment from which I was inside the Bonestorm, I knew that aid became more necessary than ever. Because below, there were innocent citizens whose lives were endangered. The senator from Utapau can witness from it firsthand. I know that we might lose some valuable taxpayers if we don't act quickly. Those taxpayers have elected you Senators, just give their favor back. Just ask the senator from Utapau; he may answer the same thing about how necessary help is required and how quickly it has to be demanded.

Rhia looked away from the Jedi, turning once more to face the senate.

I am not asking you to send all troops out, I just want the fighters in space to have help. Surely you can see that they are fighting a loosing battle, even with the destruction of the main ship? We are a United Republic, yet we are pushing this battle out of our minds! Please senators, don't ignore the reports you see on the Holonet every morning, act on them!

Rhia listened to the hushed senate, just waiting for a response from one of them...

Twilight Janick
Temy looked away from the Speaker and the Chancellor to face the other senators.

Senator Corall (representing Neimoidia): I assume this is the right course of action to take, Admiral. Senator, it might be true that we the politicians push the battle out of our minds, the Admiral is correct. If we don't act rapidly out in deep space, financially, we may lose more than what we needed to spend according to the motion. Because we will lose planets whose combined share of tax income is greater than the expenditure required to defend them.

The debates might continue, the Senate might still be engulfed in turmoil, but the motion MUST be in force, Rhia thought. Still, Temy had one of her scouts in a holocomm.

Republic scout lieutenant: Admiral, we intercepted enemy communications indicating that the Empire intend to capture Hypori. We can't wait much longer, I'm afraid the space mines won't do. I do know that Hypori is a major manufacturing base, that's why I report that as being urgent warning.

Tengu Man
Vall: hmmmmmm
Vall was in deep thought
Vall: i wonder what will happen if the republic does send aid to the battle near Utapau, they might not even get there in time
Cora: sounds bad, maybe we should ask someone else, i know somone in sector 18 that can help us out.
Vall: sounds like they need help, you said you were a good pilot didnt you? It might be time to put those skills to use
Cora: Are you Crazy!!! i dont wanna get caught up in a struggle like that, Vall lets just leave
Vall: No, it wouldnt be right if i didnt help out a fellow jedi at a time like this, besides this will be a nice adventure for the both of us.
Cora: maybe for you, your a jedi, you've got the force, a lightsaber, if anything you'll probably enjoy all that action, all i've got is a blaster, ill probably get killed the moment i get out there
Vall: Well thinking like that will get you killed, thats for sure.
Cora: Listen Vall, all im saying is that this seems like a very dangerous mission, we could lose our lives, and why, for adventure?
Vall: no, because its the right thing to do
Cora: your forgetting im not a jedi
Vall: Why does it matter, in many ways, you are just as cable as a jedi.... i see strength where you do not, and you are very strong...... so are you with me or not?
There was silence between them
Cora: fine but if we get out of this, your gonna take me on a vacation somewhere.
Vall laughed
Vall: how about the beaches of Ithor
Cora: Perfect!!
Vall: Partners?
Vall extened his hand
Cora: partners

The 2 smiled and shook hands, afterwards they continued to look on as the discussion continued........

Twilight Janick
OOC: You're going after Hypori, not Utapau. I guess Hypori is closer to Coruscant than Utapau is.

Tengu Man
Originally posted by Twilight Janick
OOC: You're going after Hypori, not Utapau. I guess Hypori is closer to Coruscant than Utapau is. OOC: ohh my bad, my characters are trying to get a ride with you or help join the battle.

((OOC: It seems to be that random people are roleplaying the Chancellor. Is it ok that I speak on her behalf? If not just ignore her words and continue the session I guess.))

Rhia looked over at the newcomer, and then at the small clock in her pod.

Well Admiral, we have done all that we can for now. Now that the motion is before the senate, I can continue to push for it without your help. It seems as if you have business elsewhere.

Rhia was slightly shaken at the newcomers words, reallizing just how serious the situation was. She turned towards the podium, entering a private message to the Supreme Chancellor:

It seems as though the Jedi must leave, Your Excellency. May I ask for the senate to be adjourned?

Rhia noted the slight nod of the Chancellors head, and turned back towards the Jedi.

Although extra troops may not be available, we can provide starfighters. If you need them, that is. Will you be going?

Twilight Janick
Temy (by PM): Thank you, Your Excellency. I guess starfighters will do for now. Since I had been called to Hypori, I will leave the Senate.

Temy waited for the hovering platform to dock in and then she left the Senate building.

Temy: Can anybody tell me where is the next ship for Hypori?

Bystander: The next ship for Hypori? You are a bounty hunter?

Temy: Yes, sir. I'm tracking an Imperial smuggler and the last HoloNet report indicates that he is fighting the New Republic on that planet or over it.

Darpan pulled out his control panel. He signalled to Luke. "Hello, Luke. The mission was a success. I was captured by an imperial ship on the way back, but I escaped with the help of a Jedi and senator. I'll need you to send over a starfighter. Any would be alright." As he turned it off, he unclipped his broken lightsaber. He took off the emmiter and removed the crystals. He threw the remains into a chasm, and walked back to the landing panel. Hours later, he saw a large cargo ship. It unloaded a new type of starfighter he'd never seen. The pilot got out and said "Darpan Nagaraj?" "Yes" Darpan responded. "This is a new starfighter. It was recently built, and Luke wanted you to have it. It's called a U/C-wing."

Twilight Janick
Bystander: The next ship for Hypori is 500 kilometers from here, in the warehouse sector.

Temy: I know of only one place who accepts ships to war zones within that range: the 742 Evergreen Palace.

Temy thought that the 742 Evergreen Palace was the place where she could find the ship for Hypori. But when she got there...

Temy: I'd like to buy a ticket for a ship bound to Hypori, please.

Ticket vendor: Look at the price of that ticket! I'm sure the imperial owner of that ship wouldn't mind to set the price of that business-class ticket as equal to a second-rate ticket.

Temy: Look, I'm a bounty hunter, and you're gonna sell me that ticket to the second-rate price.

Ticket vendor: You're a bounty hunter, and I'm going to sell you that ticket to the second-rate price.

Temy Force-stunned the ticket vendor and took the ticket away.

Tengu Man
Walking out of the building.........

Cora: Wow that was intersting
Vall: we better find that jedi before , she leaves the planet
Cora: i think i saw her heading for the shuttle station
Vall: ok lets....
Vall was interupted by his comlink
Kyle: Whats up kid?
A smile came to Vall's face
Vall: Well, well long time no see
Kyle: yeah, it has been awhile hasnt it?
Vall: did you clear up that mess on Ord Mantell
Kyle: The damn hutt-slime lead me on a quite a bantha chase, but i got him eventually.
Vall: I didnt think nemodians were that pesky
Kyle: yeah, well apparently you havent met their royal bodyguards, fierce as Wookies, but dumber than gundarks
They both laughed
Cora: who are you talking to?
To Cora
Vall: a friend
Vall: So what do you need?
Kyle: well i was in the sector, and your signal poped up on my radar, figured I'd ask you instead of Jan, one of my old frieghtera is docked at an impound station, after they took it I never bothered to get it back, do you think you can take it out for me? Ill pay you back the credits later.
Vall: Ya know, i think i could do that for you, but instead of credits, do you think i could borrow it for a bit.
Kyle: Sure...... but what for?
Vall: Well i dont have a ship, and me and my friend need a way of this planet.
Kyle: ok, well ill see you at the academy, Ill upload the loaction of the impound station into your datapad it isnt far from where you are now, as a matter of fact its near the old Jedi Temple
Vall: Alright Katarn Ill get it done, Vall out
Cora: so whats the plan?
Vall: well we need to find her first then, we'll go get the ship.
Cora: hey there she is

the 2 ran over to the jedi......

Vall:......... you wont be needing that ticket, We can help you with your ship problem, me and my partner were watching the court session, and we want to help, if you come with us we can give you a ride off planet, to Hypori. Our ship is near the Jedi Temple.
Vall: Im Vall Dracus, and this my partner Cora Voan, were here to help............

Twilight Janick
Temy left that ticket, then took the next subway for the Jedi Temple.

Tengu Man
OOC: you can use my characters for short dialog and conversations

Darpan jumped into his new ship. It sped off extremely swiftly, and landed in the Jedi temple. "Damn, that thing really kicks the HeadHunter's ass." He jumped out and walked in. As he walked by, many Jedi padawans ran over. "Are you a Jedi knight?" "Yes, I am." Darpan replied. "Will we be knights too someday?" Darpan looked at the crystals in his palm. "You just might." He walked off towards the crystal chambers.

Twilight Janick
Temy met a crowd of younglings.

Whie Malreaux: Aren't you a little bit too large to be a Jedi Knight?

Temy: No, sir. Jedi are Jedi regardless of the size.

Zett Jukassa (clone of the one who was killed in the Jedi Temple years ago): Will we be Jedi Knights someday?

Temy: If you don't die before the Trials, yes, you will.

Tengu Man
walking out of the subway to the temple...........

She looked up at the temple
Cora: Cool
Vall: i like the academy on Yavin better, the order operates there.this is just another learning center, well actually the main one if you consider how much knowledge is in there.
Cora: hey vall, whats it like to have the force.
Vall: its pretty cool, its noisy depending on where you go, high force sensitive places are noisy as hell, its nerve racking.
He laughed
Cora: Noisy?
Vall: the force allows you to hear and do things, others cant. But, in some ways its a burden just as it is a gift.
Cora: shoot, if i had the ability to jump high, swing a lightsaber around, and lift things with my mind, the possiblites are endless
Vall: trust me, its way more complicated then that
Cora: you dont really sound like you appreciate the force
Vall: i do, dont get me wrong, i love it, but the responsibliy that comes with it... and all the twist and turns, (he sighed) its tiring....... honestly i dont how he does it.
Cora: who?
Vall: Luke Skywalker
She lit up with excitement
Cora: you know skywalker? no way, hes a legend
Vall: hes also a kind friend, ill take you to meet him one day.

They finally got to the temple.........

Cora:its big..... hey where you goin?
Vall: to the 3rd spire
Cora: whats there?
Vall: the closest equipement room is there
Cora: whats all this wrekage from, ive seen like 4 fallen pillars
Vall was silent
Vall: ill tell you later
Cora: tell me now, its obvious we have a way to walk
Vall sighed: a long time ago, a jedi knight betrayed the order, i dont know who it was, he dissappeared not long after, but he and thousands of clone troopers attacked the temple killing thousands of jedi, even younglings........ the temple was left in ruin, not long after, Darth Vader and the emperor appeared and the empire took over.
Cora: so thats what happend to the jedi?
Vall: yeah, and it was bad and it stayed that way for years, until skywalker came.
Cora: where did vader and the emperor come from?
Vall: im not sure, Luke told me, he was the jedi knight that betrayed the order, and luke also told me that, that same jedi is his father, as for the emperor, he was the chancellor of the republic, but is turns out he was a sith lord, but the story is longer and much more complicated
Cora: whats a sith lord?
Vall: ill tell you later
Cora: will you stop that
Vall: ok, ok, a sith lord is.........

they continued walking and talking.............

When Darpan arrived at the crystal cave, he dropped his crystals at the entrance. "May the next padawan use these crystals." He said to himself. At the end of the cave, he saw something glimmer. He walked toward it, and looked down at the object. It was a lightsaber that had markings of the Sith on it. "These are..." "Sith markings..." a voice said.
Darpan looked around, and an elder emmerged. "Hello, young Jedi. I see you've found the Saber of Alypso..." Darpan looked at the saber closely. "Saber of Alypso?"

The elder stepped forward. "Yes. It belonged to a Sith lord called Darth Alypso millions of years ago... She was the most powerful Sith in her time, and she built this lightsaber using Sith energy. The energy was stored in these markings, and when she died, she incased all her power into the saber. Afraid that the power would overwhelm the universe, the old Jedi order buried it on this planet, I found it, and left it here, in hopes that a Jedi... would claim it and use its power for the ressurection of the Sith." Darpan stepped back. "And who are you?!" he raised his right arm, ready to defend himself with the Force. "I am but a mere elder. You can call me Sargii." Darpan replied "And you think I'm this Jedi? Why should I turn? I have no reason to join the Sith." Sargii looked at the saber. "But you do have reasons to gain almighty power... Take this saber, and use it to destroy the Jedi. Gain ultimate strength, and have no parallel in power." Darpan walked to the saber. "So... This saber will make me the strongest person in the world? And I will become lord of the Sith?" Sargii picked up the saber and gave it to Darpan. "Only if you have the will." Darpan took the saber from him and ignited it. A stream of blood red energy extended from the emmiter, and lit the cave. "Yes... I will use this power to become invincible..." Sargii smiled. "Then you will now be called... Darth Celstra..."

Twilight Janick
And then, a crewman employed by the Jedi Temple called out Temy on the PA to summon her to the hangar, as well as all other passengers to Hypori.

PA: Attention all passengers for the flight bound for Hypori, board immediately!

Tengu Man
In the Equipment Room.......

Cora: your pretty muscular for somebody so skinny
Vall Sacasticaly: heh thanks alot
Cora: relax im just kidding
Vall: do you mind? im trying to put some gear on, no girls allowed
Cora: fine fine,
she walked out smiling, and looked back as he began to take off therest of his clothes
Vall: HEY!!!!!!!!
she laughed
Vall put on some gauntlets (like the one on anakin's robotic hand), sliped some brown pants and boots on, and put on a brownish/red poncho( like Qui Gon's in TPM, except different color) over his shirt and jacket. he grabbed a belt with a magnetic clip for his lightsaber. he ignited his lightsaber for a moment and started thinking. The room was lit up from the green saber.
Vall: wow ive had this one forever, and it still works like a charm, i should probably clean it one more time.
He withdrew his saber and walked out
Cora: finally, you take longer then i do to get dressed.
Vall: very funny, now lets grab the ship out of impound so we can go

At the impound station......

Vall: im picking up a ship for Kyle Katarn, heres the ship data
Droid: I am also going to need his ID for the transaction to occur
Vall gave the droid the data kyle sent him
Droid: one moment........... everything appears to be in good order, please wait while one of the mechanics brings the ship out of the dock, it has been cleaned and repaired.
Vall: thank you
Cora: i hope we dont get killed, in space
Vall: what makes you think that?
Cora: did you hear them they said it was gonna be a space battle
im a good pilot, but ive never been shot it, flying through asteroids and being shot at in an open starfield are 2 diffrent things
Vall: you need more confidence, you'll be fine just stick close to me, and i promise you'll survive.
Cora: you make it sound so easy
Vall: there always a brighted side to look at
Droid: the ship is now ready for you
Vall: thank you, now lets go
Cora: nice ship

the 2 jumped in and flew back to the temple to pick up the other Jedi........

"Thank you, Sargii." Darth Celstra said "I will wear the title proudly. What shall I do first?" Sargii looked to the cave's entrance. "You won't be able to kill all of the Jedi in this temple... Or at least not now. I'll see if you truely have the skill to handle the Saber of Alypso. There are some Jedi outside of this cave. 4 of them. Take them out, and I will see if you are ready." "Very well, master." Darth Celstra left the cave and walked to the Jedi. "Umm, hello. Need somethin'?" Celstra ignited the saber. "I need you dead." He struck at one of the Jedi, and killede him. The other three ignited their saber and slashed at Celstra. Celstra blew through their attacks, with no relent. With all of his rage, he sliced off one's leg, and stabbed the other's chest. The last Jedi closed her eyes, and her lightsaber floated in the air. It started to slash at Celstra, and he managed to cut the hilt in half. Then he Force gripped her, and slammed her on the stone floor. Sargii emmerged from the cave. "Good, good, you are ready to learn the powers of the Dark Side... and the Saber of Alypso... Come, I will teach you the ways of the Sith..." Sargii lead Celstra back into the cave, and they trained for hours. When they were complete, they walked over to Celstra's U/C wing. "Now, go to your first mission. You must go to Hypori, and destroy the passangers on the ship that will be going there. After that, you must go to a tran station, and blow it up. The city there will also be annihalated, and you will escape." Celstra looked into the sky. "I will enjoy destroying everyone there with my new powers..." He got into his ship, and flew off.

Tengu Man
At the Temple Hangar.........

Vall shouting: ok, ok come on, hurry up is that everybody?
he walked to the cockpit, Cora was setting evreything up
Vall: we good to go?
Cora: yup how many passengers we got?
Vall: 5 jedi and 2 mechanics
Cora: ok we should be to good to go,
On the intercom: evrebody strap your seatbelts on for take off
Cora: ok lets do it
the ship ignited its engines and flew off........

Cora: destination Hypori, put in the coordinates Vall
Vall: ok, punch it!

the ship took off into hyperspace.........

Cora: i put the ship on auto pilot until we get to Hypori, we can relax now
Vall: this ship is big, i wonder how kyle gotta hold of this one
Cora: yeah these are typically expensive.
Vall: Hypori is pretty far, we'll be in hyperspace for awhile

Cora walked over to a large window and looked out at the stars whizzing by so fast. she started thinking about the last time she went off-planet which was in, fact not since she lost her ship betting at the cantinas. she kept thinking about the adventure, and the life she had before, as a scout. Piloting was what she loved. Vall was sitting down talking with other jedi, then he looked over at Cora stading alone. he walked over
Vall: why arent you talking to anybody?
Cora: I dont know anbody, espcially not jedi
Vall: you could talk to the mechanics
Cora: they're working
Vall: you could talk to me
she was silent
Vall: whats wrong Cora, you seem like you have alot on your mind
Cora: im surprised you havent read my mind already
Vall: actually..........
Cora: i hate you
he laughed
Cora: whats so funny?
Vall: you are the biggest mystery to me
Cora: oh am i?
Vall: yeah you are but its ok, i like the company
she turned to the window
Cora: go away, i dont want to talk to you
Vall didnt move, he looked out the window
Vall: things feel so calm when your out in hyperspace, i like the feeling
She said calmly:ya know, you're pretty big mystery yourself........ theres so many things i want to ask you, i dont even know where to begin, and we've only known each other for about a week
Vall: well...... ask away
Cora: when you saved me, that actually meant alot to me. my parents are long gone, died fighting for the alliance. I was by myself, young too, very young, luckily i was smart, i taught myself how to survive, heh or so i thought, until you came.
Vall was silent
Cora:I dont know what its like to have a brother, somebody who always has your back, its just me, I always thought that they're was somebody out there who would come save me, who would be there every time i needed them. and here you are, you saved me, invited me to be your partner, and you promised to protect me. that means alot to me, more than you know Vall, more than you know.
Vall was speechless
Cora:if I could feel the force Vall for one second, i would use it to read your mind, like you did me, and dont think i dont know about that either, but i would..... theres so much about you and the Jedi Order itself, i find so intriging.
Cora: after this is over...........promise you wont leave me, i dont have a jedi order to go back to, no family, just that aparment back in the slums of courscant. you....... even after your done, you still have duties as a Jedi, a diplomat, you'll go all over the galaxy, me what will I do, where will i go next?
Vall: Cora..... I know your hurt inside, because your lonely, and everybody is gone, but i cant always be there for you, you have to find strength in yourself. My presence will not do that for you.........
she turned to him, a tear ran down her cheek
Cora: hold me

he embraced her, and for that moment, she felt safe inside.......

Twilight Janick
Temy: Attention all Jedi! We suspect that there is a Sith Lord chasing us!

Temy had a bad feeling about Darpan. He was on his way to Hypori too!

Celstra sped toward Hypori. "It seems that there are some more Jedi up ahead... No matter, they will all be annihalated by my powers... The dark side is stronger than any other force in the universe..." He looked at the radar. "Alright, I'm right behind a ship... There's some Force energy on it... But nothing Alypso and I can't handle."

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Tengu Man
Pulling out of hyperspace........

Cora: there it is
Vall on the Intercom: We'll be docking with the Republic warship, The Liberator.
Cora: ok ive sent in our docking code, well be landing in a little bit

the ship flew in to the space hangar on the ship, all the jedi exited, and went up to the briefing room where the Commander was waiting for them all.

Vall: you comin?
Cora: uhhhh, no i don't need to hear the briefing, ill just follow your lead.
Vall grabbed her hand and dragged her out the ship
Cora: hey will you stop
Vall: no, now come on before were late, there gonna have the meeting without us.

Vall and Cora walked into the briefing room where the Jedi and Clone high command were discussing the battle plan...........

Celstra flew faster and faster until he saw a ship in the distance. "That's the ship that has a Jedi on it... I'll have to destroy it." He started firing lasers at it.

Twilight Janick
OOC: Celstra can slaughter every fighter in play, both Imperial and Republican.

IC: Still, Temy used a N-1 docked in the Liberator to go from the Liberator to the Starlake.

R2-D3: There is a C-Wing threatening us right on my tail!

((OOC:I am very sorry to have to do this, but I myself must bow out of the roleplay. At the moment I have far to much to do, and am likely engaged in several different roleplays on the net. It is my displeasure to have to leave this one, but I hope you will understand that I no longer have the time to engage in this roleplay. If you wish, you can puppet the character I played "Rhiannon Kateera", but since she is a product, and therefore a piece, of my mind, I must ask of you to try and refrain from this action. This is not the only, and certainly not the first, place I have roleplayed this character, and in each new roleplay her attitude is different. There is no possible way of any of you knowing what she would say when, so I must ask you, without any hard feelings, not to pain me with attempting to be her. Since a character cannot just disappear, so to speak, you may dispose of her as you wish. I once again express my apologies at having to leave this roleplay, and at paining you with such a long "good-bye" speech as I have written. Now I sound like Mr. Collins, so on that very disturbing note, I bid thee Au Revoir.))

Twilight Janick
OOC: Just say that Kateera had gone to Hypori but got killed on her way to that planet.

Celstra started twirling in air, and shot at the wing of the ship.

Tengu Man
In the briefing room......

Clone: alright the battle has been firece so far, but we have just received reinforcements, and things should start looking up
everyone in the room listened
Clone: OK for those of you who have just gotten out here, its rough and the battle is fierce, we will have the Jedi leading squadrons against the imperial starfighters.
Clone: so far we have received heavy casualities, and our on a constant defensive. we have come up with a plan, to counter act the strong imperial attack. As of now the imperials are trying to box us in, and then pick off our capital ships one by one. we have already lost 2 cruisers and a medical frigate. the time is now for us to strike back........
Clone: Our next offensive will be on the imperial star destroyers, the plan will be to take the Superior Clone pilots lead by 2 jedi knights on a hit and run mission. We will split them up into 2 squads. the other ships will act as decoys and provide cover for the squad. one Jedi has already volunteered to lead one squad, is there anyone else who will answer the call to duty.
Everyone was silent......
Vall: ill step up
Clone: then its settled, you and the other Jedi, will lead our specially trained pilots on a bombing run of the star destroyers, and bulk cruisers. the rest of you like i said will provide cover. good luck
The clone commander walked over to Vall
Clone: may the force be with you master jedi, our pilots will do the best they can
Vall: thats all i expect
Cora grabbed Vall's arm
Cora: are you crazy, thats a suicide mission and you know it
Vall: somebody has to step up, well be ok.
Cora: no Vall, you'll die out there, please dont do this
Vall: stay on the bridge with the High Command, i asked him to watch over you, he needs you for a job as a matter of fact. please Cora my life before thousands of others is something i cant live with unless i do something, those soldiers need a leader.
Cora: please come back alive
Vall: i promise
They hugged...... Vall went down to the hangar to prepare for launch
Jedi: hi I'm Diel
Vall: Vall
Diel: are you ready
Vall: as ready as ill ever be.
the 2 yelled out to the other elite pilots to get thier ships and balst off into the battle overhead..............

Tengu Man
they all took off in Arc 170s....just before entering the battlezone............

Diel: all ships report in
Vall: Gold leader here
N-1: Gold 2, good to go
N-34: Gold 3, every thing green

G-7: Blue 2, all systems green
N-567: Blue 3, good
Diel: blue leader, ready to go

Vall: ok lets do this, all other aircrafts listen up, be ready to provide cover when we begin our run
Diel: blue squad, form up
Vall: good luck everyone and may the force be with us all........

Tengu Man
At the battlezone...........

Clone Pilot: they're all over me!!!!! help!!!!!
three imperial fighters were locked on a lone clone pilot, just as they were about to finish him off, all three ships were destroyed, the squadron flew through full speed........ all that was seen was a blur.

Clone Pilot: what the?

meanwhile a republic cruiser was under heavy attack, with all defenses disabled, another squadrond flew in from the left and ravaged all imperial interceptors and bombers before another shot was fired........

the blurs united into 2 squads and blasted forward at the first star destroyer
Vall: break up, gold squadron, follow me
Gold squadron: yes sir!
Diel: Red squad, we'll take the high road
Red Squardon: yes sir!

the 2 sqauds attacked the destroyer head on, one flew under the belly of the ship, while the other attacked topside.
Diel: red sqaud break up into pairs, here comes the deck!!!!
the 2 fired maverick missles right into the bridge, the ship was disabled instantaly
Vall: nice hit, lets clear out

both squadrons cleared the destroyer and move on to the next one,
Vall: Gold squad launch seismic charges!!!
all three figthers launched seismic chrages, in seconds the star destroyer was ripped a part by three blue rings of sei
Vall: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, nice work group
Diel: dont get to excited, we still have a lot more to do

the two squads continued there run, 2 down many many more to go..............

Tengu Man
Originally posted by Tengu Man
they all took off in Arc 170s....just before entering the battlezone............

Diel: all ships report in
Vall: Gold leader here
N-1: Gold 2, good to go
N-34: Gold 3, every thing green

G-7: Blue 2, all systems green
N-567: Blue 3, good
Diel: blue leader, ready to go

Vall: ok lets do this, all other aircrafts listen up, be ready to provide cover when we begin our run
Diel: blue squad, form up
Vall: good luck everyone and may the force be with us all........ OOC: whoops change that to A-wings

Twilight Janick
Temy and her squadron (Interbox Squadron) of N-1s, and Silver Squadron (all of V-Wings), led by Temy's apprentice on trials, started an attack run on Star Destroyers. Two of the N-1s going on the underside, the others going topside. *Star Destroyer shield dome explodes*

Temy: All craft report in!
Cynthia: Silver Leader here.
Nortek: Silver 2 is go.
M-234: Silver 3 is go.
Pigma: Silver 4, standing by.

Data: Interbox 2, standing by.
Krystal: Interbox 3, all systems green.
G-215: Interbox 4, ready to go.

There are more pilots than that, but it was unneccessary to go through all of them. Data fired a proton torpedo at the underside shield dome, while G-215 fired maverick torpedoes at the bridge.

Temy: This is what we call fireworks!

Tengu Man
The A-wings whizzed in out of the battery fire by the Destroyers

Vall: Diel form up on left wing, were gonna do this one in style
Diel: red 3 to from on Gold leader's 6
N-567: yes sir
Diel: im on your wing
Vall: good, now follow my lead
Vall: form up in Delta-Z pattern

Vall's A-wing spiraled, all the other crafts spiraled in unison, with the A-wings in full thorttle speed they all fired proton torpedoes, and broke off with the missle still spiraling, Vall and Diel used the force to curve the missles dircetly into the ships exhaust pipes
Vall laughed
Diel: you're really enjoying this arent you

Twilight Janick
Cynthia's V-Wing spiraled upon the port side of an enemy Allegiance-class Super Star Destroyer (the Allegiance-class is given that designation despite being only 2.2 kms long) and began firing at the generator domes while the Starlake fired at its bridge.

Temy: All craft, attack the Pestilence!

The Pestilence was another Allegiance-class Super Star Destroyer upon which Temy opened fire underside and Data, the dorsal turbolaser emplacements.

Two of the clones were suddenly blasted into stars. Celstra's U/C wing swiftly sped by, and in front of another clone's ship.

Clone#1: I've got this one. He pretty much gave me a free target.
Clone#2: Watch out! It's gotta be a trap!

The U/C wing did a flip and ended up behind the two clones' ships.

Clone#1: Oh no!!! We're going down!

The two clones were also obliterated into stars, and the U/C wing went in between the two explosions.

Celstra: These clones... Can't think at all.

He sped into the Pestilence's area, and fired off at some of the Interbox Squadron.

Tengu Man
Diel: you're really enjoying this arent you
Vall: are you kidding? we make Rogue Squadron look bad!
High Command: Master Jedi, we need the 2 of you to infiltrate one of their Flag Ships.
Vall: What for?
High Command: Our ground forces need support, and we need to pinpoint the location of thier mainbase so we can stop this battle once and for all.
Diel: consider it done
Vall: all aircraft break off and return to the liberator for further orders.
Gold and Blue Squadron: yes sir

both of their squadrons took off for the Liberator, while they flew forward to one of the Imperial Flag Ships

Diel: lets take that one
Vall: watch out!!!

they were intercepted by Tie Fighters, and also being shot at by the ship's batteries and turrents.

Diel: this wont be easy
Vall: we need a diversion, quick!!
High Command: we will provide cover for you

th liberator intercepted the flag ship and they were locked in battle against each other.

Meanwhile the A-wings shot at the sheild generators, and flew into the hangar (episode 3 style), Vall and Diel hopped out of their ships, ignited their lightsabers, and cut down the stormtroopers and pilots, in a whirl of flashing light.

Tengu Man
In the flagship hangar............

Diel: lets get to the bridge
Vall: good idea

the 2 jedi knights ran out of the hangar to the corridors that lead to the turbolifts

Vall: uh-oh trouble!!
Diel: here they come!!

The 2 jedi ignited their lightsabers and deflected the blaster fire by the Stormtroopers, Vall force pushed a few of them down, whiel Diel lunged towards the troopers and cut them down. the 2 jedi continued down the corridors to the turbolift where 3 shadowtroopers were waiting for them.

Vall: i thought Katarn destroyed the project for those things
Diel: so did i

the shadowtroopers ignited ligthsabers and lunged at the Jedi, Vall deflected the attack by one of them, while Diel jumped out of the way of the other attackers. Vall turned to his Ataru stance, and quickly lunged at the 2 troopers in a green flash of acrobatics, while Diel handled the other one with Makashi. its wasnt long before Diel killed the trooper with his finesse. He then went on to help take care of the other 2. They both formed together side by side and attacked the 2 troopers in an almost synchronized attack, taking them on with pefect precision. After killing all three of them, the jedi rode the turbolift to the Bridge. At the corridor leading to the bridge they were met by more stortroopers

Imperial Officer: intruders, kill them!!!!!!

the jedi handled the guards with ease and entered the bridge, and had to deal with more 2 Shadowtroopers.

Diel: ill handle these 2, you clear the bridge and download that data
Vall: ok

the 2 shadowtroopers attacked Diel at the same time (like in epsode 3), and Diel was the defensive. He managed on his own but it was becoming increasingly harder for him as another trooper ingited a lightsaber joined in making it 3 on 1.

Diel: Vall hurry!!!!

Vall rushed the entire bridge taking out all the officers and stormtroopers

he ran over to one of the terminals, and downloaded the information of the bases whereabouts into his datapad.

Vall: come on, come one....... got it, here i come!!!!!

but before he could get there, Diel was stabbed and killed
Vall: no!!!!!!
he fell to the ground and the troopers turn to Vall, Vall ignited his saber and got into Ataru stance.

Vall: 3 on 1, (he sighed) lucky me

the troopers lunged at him, he deflected all of their attacks, and was on the defensive, he jumped down to the lower control deck, for more ground, the troopers followed down, he threw his lightsaber at the pillars causing the deck to collapse, the troopers were caught of guard, and Vall launged at one and stabbed him through the chest. He took on the other 2, and cut one's arm off, then his head. its was now 1 on 1.

Tengu Man
On the bridge.......

Vall and a shadowtrooper were goin at, but the trooper could not keep up. Vall destroyed his lightsaber, but before he could finish him off the ship started rumbling. Vall had forgotten that the Liberator was attaking the ship also. the trooper made a run for it
Vall: ohhhh no you dont
Vall pulled out his blaster and shot him,
Vall: i gotta get out of here.
Vall looked at Diel's body, he sensed a small spark of life within him and grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder
Vall: damn your heavy
he then took off for the turbolift, using force speed he got there in a matter of seconds. he rode the turbolift to the corridors below. Vall saw troopers and pilots running to abandon ship, he didnt bother to attack them, he ran to the hangar and hopped into on eof the Lambda Shuttles and flew off before the ship was destroyed.

Vall: this Vall Dracus, im coming in on a imperia vessel, lower the sheilds

The ship allowed the shuttle to come in, Cora ran into the hangar, vall walked out of the ship with Deil on his shoulders, the medics ran over to him.......
Vall:you 2 get him to a bacta tank hurry!!!!!
Cora: Vall!!!!!!
Cora ran over and hugged him
Cora: i thought you died in the explosion
Vall: im ok, hes hurt really badly though, i dont know that he will make it
the 2 of them went up to the bridge

Vall: heres the data
Clone: good work, we'll send our army there immediately, hopefully by disabling the ground forces we can put an in to this mess, it seems as though the ships are coming from the planet at diffrent areas, trying to take us by surprise, but they wont keep us guessing any more, thank you master jedi, your coruageous work has helped us greatly
Vall left the bridge and went into the Med. Room.
Med. Droid: he was on the brink of death, but it seems like he will be ok, he barely made it through. the stab to his chest was a lucky one. nothing but severed muscles.
Vall: will be ok?
Diel: he'll need surgery to heal from the muscles wounds.
Vall sighed
Vall: thank you
he walked out of the room and looked through one of the windows
Cora walked up beside him
Cora: you're going back out there arent you?
Vall: yeah
Cora: be careful
Vall: i will
Vall hugged her goodbye, and left the med. room, he left for the hangar and took off in another A-wing, his ship blasted back into the battlezone..........

Celstra intercommed to Darth Esserec.

Celstra: Master, I've taken out many of their forces. All is well. What is my next order of operation?
Esserec: Good... Intercept the ship called the Liberator, take out any New Republic forces you may find. I also sense a Jedi onboard the Liberator.
Celstra: As do I. They're quite powerful...
Esserec: Don't let them stop you, though. Your strength in the Force and saber skill combined with the dark side is invincible
Celstra: I will not fail you, master. Celstra out.

Several Stormtroopers managed to break through the liberator's hangar shield and th U/C wing flashed in. Celstra got out.

Clone: Commander Nagaraj, good to see you again. Why are you here, though? Shouldn't you be on Yavin IV?
Celstra: I left that name behind me... I am now the destroyer of the New Republic
Clone: Wha-

Celstra stabbed his saber through the clone, and walked down into the hangar exit. He opened the door to the bridge.

Tengu Man
flying through the battle..................

Vall: whoa
vall said to himself feeling a sudden overwhelming dark presence, he turned back to look at the Liberator. his intercom flashed on

Vall: yeah?
Cora: Vall, we need you here hurry!!!
Vall: what is it?
Cora: i dont know but soldiers are dropping left and right, and i dont know what it is, i think imperial got on board, and wait a minute......
Vall suddenly realized where the enegry was coming from
Vall turned his ship wrong and blasted back to the Liberator.
Vall blasted in to the hangar and docked his ship to find stormtroopers waiting for him, he flashed his lightsaber on and jumped at the troopers cutting them all down.

Vall: what is that?
he looked down at a clone trooper, he had been stabbed and just recently. he examined the body
Vall: lightsaber

Vall ran through the corridor, he saw bodies everywhere, his first thought was to rescue Cora.
Vall: Cora!! Cora!!
he was screaming her name, but she didnt respond, he sensed her presence on board, but didnt know where she was. He arrived at the brige, still confused as to how all of this happened.

He started feeeling a cold shiver running down his spine.
He turned around to a sight he thought he would never see............

Celstra appeared before Vall. "Looking for your friend, I suppose. She's still alive, but I don't think you'll see her ever again.... Now, face the power of a true Force user!" Celstra took off his robe and ignited his saber. He shot Sith lightning at Vall.

Tengu Man
Vall ignited his lightsaber and deflected the lightning elsewhere. he raised his saber into Ataru stance.

Vall: I dont know who you are, but i'll make you pay for this

He jumped at Celstra, and their epic saber duel began.........

Tengu Man
Vall swung high at Celstra but he blocked it with ease, Vall went on a heavy offensive forcing the dark jedi back, they saber locked and stared into each other eyes, into their souls. Celstra used force lightning and sent Vall flying out the doors of the bridge.

the battle continued in the corridors, Celstra walked out, and Vall got back on his feet, Celstra was now on the offensive, Vall was having trouble deflecting his saber attacks, but he managed to keep up. Celstra swung low at Vall's feet, with quick acrobatics, he did a corkscrew flip right over the blade (like in Darth Maul vs. Obi Wan). He spun back at Celstra and they went at it again. this time Vall pushed himself to the limit using acrobatics and speed, the full length of the Ataru lightsaber Form. but as Vall picked up the pace so did Celstra.

As Vall got faster Celstra got even more faster, Vall jumped back to gain ground, Celstra walked towards and stopped. They stared each other down.

Vall started thinking: why is he getting stronger?

Vall turned around and slashed open the turbolift and jumped down towards the hangar, Celstra followed. There were still some ships docked, but there was plenty of room. The duel would continue in the hangar...............

Celstra backflipped up to an arch. He used Force pull to rip a piece of metal off the cieling and chucked it at Vall. Then he turned around and saw a power claw fixing a destroyed starfighter. He jumped on one of the blades and let it take him up to the second hangar level. You follow me up and I start slashing at you. You Force push me back into the razer blades, but before they could chop me up, I kicked one of the blades off.

Tengu Man
Vall used the force and hurled an X-wing at Celstra, Celstra pushed it back at Vall, Vall jumped on the ship while it was in midair and jumped towards Celstra, and attempted a overhead slash. Celstra blocked, and came around with a counteract, he cut a part of Vall's jacket. Vall took off his jacket and threw it Celstra. Celstra force pushed it away, Vall charged Celstra and they went at it, slash to slash, swing to swing, lunge to lunge. Suddenly Cora ran into the hangar, with a blaster in her hand.

Vall: Cora get into one of the ships fly away from here
Cora: but what abou-
Vall: GO, GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!!!!!

Celstra jumped up higher until he was in the ship's energy generator core. He was standing on an arch that was built over the energy core. If someone were to fall off, they would be destroyed by the energy of the generator core.

Celstra: Is that all you've got, Jedi?

He Force pulled Vall into the generator core, but Vall jumped back up onto the arch that Celstra was standing on. They started clashing sabers again.

Tengu Man
They saber locked........

Vall: what the hell do you want, why are you doing this?
Vall pushed him back
Vall: your stronger then me, but i wont stop fighting, as long as your intentions are evil, this battle will go on forever, my will is 3 times stronger then my own power.

Vall raised his blade again, he jumped across the core and slashed at Celstra, Vall was getting tired, swings slower, less power behind each swing. he kept on the offense, but eventually he began to wonder if he could really win this battle. His training had taught him, that victory does always go to the stronger foe. he had to be smart

Tengu Man
Vall stopped fighting, he stepped back, and withdrew his saber, Celstra was confused, there was silence between them.....

Vall: so what is?......... power?............ control?
this fighting is pointless, what will you gain out of taking innocent lives?

Tengu Man
Originally posted by Tengu Man
They saber locked........

Vall: what the hell do you want, why are you doing this?
Vall pushed him back
Vall: your stronger then me, but i wont stop fighting, as long as your intentions are evil, this battle will go on forever, my will is 3 times stronger then my own power.

Vall raised his blade again, he jumped across the core and slashed at Celstra, Vall was getting tired, swings slower, less power behind each swing. he kept on the offense, but eventually he began to wonder if he could really win this battle. His training had taught him, that victory does always go to the stronger foe. he had to be smart change does to dosen't

Celstra lowered his saber.

Celstra: What will I gain from taking innocent lives? It is what I must do to achieve my tasks, my missions, my life. I chose to become a Sith for more reasons than power... Reasons that could not be understood. I will destroy this ship so the empire could rise once again... With me as the emperor!

Celstra lunged at Vall, but Vall kicked Celstra off the arch. Celstra fell down into the generastor core, and his most of his tunic was destroyed. In addition, half his face was burned, and the energy started to rip through his torso. To save himself, he caught onto a moving platform and pulled himself up.

When Celstra turned to you, you notice that half of his face is deformed. His eyes glowed yellow.

Celstra: I will not fail the Sith!

He Force pulled you down to the platform.

Tengu Man
Vall fell to the platform, and almost fell off into the genrator,Celstra swung as him, he quickly got up to block his attack, Vall lowered his saber......

Vall: look where your madness has gotten you. The sith care about themselves, your not failing anybody but yourself!!!.......... and now you are broken.
The remnant is nothing more then soldiers too proud to face reality. well you can be the emperor of that illusion.

Celstra swung at Vall.

Celstra: The remnent is weak. They are nothing but foolish troopers who can't comprehend the sheer power of the Force... Let alone the Dark side. I will not kill you, but I will let the Force do that...

He turned and Force jumped onto a large metal door. He used the Force to super-charge the generator core, so that it would be overwhelemed with energy. Then he broke the metal door so Vall couldn't follow him.

Tengu Man
Vall sighed

Vall: theres gotta be some way out of this
Vall was thinking, but he was also running out of time, the generator core was overloading with energy. but out of nowhere, his comlink started flashing

Cora: need some help?
Vall: Cora!!! what are you still doing here
Cora: Saving you, i wasnt about to leave without you, theres a door further up the shaft, you're gonna have to jump high and fast, ive already opened it for you, hurry Vall
Vall: thanks, now i owe you
Vall jumped up hopping catwalk to catwalk making his way to the door at the top of the genertor shaft. he got to the door where Cora was waiting for him
Cora: lets get out of here this ship is gonna blow.
Vall: wait i have to get back to the bridge and...
Cora flashed the data disk
Cora: you mean this
Vall grabbed her and gave her a quick kiss
Cora was surprised, but enjoyed the moment anyway
Vall: your the greatest, lets get out of here

the 2 ran down the corridor, to the hangar on the other side of the ship, where there were a few more ships.

they hopped in Kyle's ship and blasted off, right before the ship exploded, Vall looked at the window to see another ship making a getaway from the Liberator. Vall knew they would meet again, and soon.

They flew to the Starlake and dropped off the data. they left the battezone and headed for Yavin IV............

Tengu Man
While in Hyperspace.......

Vall: ohhhh no, i forgot about Diel.
Cora: hes back there, I pushed him on his bed to the ship before i came and rescued you.
She laughed
Vall: whats so funny?
Cora: i just rescued 2 jedi, wow, what a day
Vall: yeah you did great, confidence goes a long way huh?
Cora: are you kidding? i was scared to death out there
Vall: courage is doing what you're afraid to do.
Cora: thanks Vall
Vall: i told you, you would be ok, i wasnt even by your side and you still did great
Cora: yeah well, thats enough action for me, thats for sure
Vall: Yavin IV is pretty far from Hypori, you may want to get some rest
Cora: what about you, you must be exhausted, im surprised you havent even collapsed.
Vall: ill be fine.. go get some rest
Cora went to one of the bedrooms in the ship
R4 rolled into the cockpit
Vall: can you watch over the ship for me, i gotta get some rest
the droid complied, Vall went to the med room to check on Diel
Vall: you ok
Diel had regained conscieness but was still weak
Diel: yeah...... im ok (he coughed) damn that hurts
Vall: were on our way Yavin IV, you'll be able to rest easy there, go ahead get some sleep now though
Vall left the med room and went back to the cockpit
Vall: go ahead and power down R4 i'll take it from here.
Ten mintues later Vall had dosed off to sleep in his chair
Cora walked into the cockpit, and smiled at Vall knocked out in his chair. she ran her hand gently over his forehead. she went to the sleeping quaters and got him a blanket. She watched over the ship until they arrived at Yavin......

Celstra landed on Utapeau once again. He got out and walked to Darth Esserec's HeadQuarters. The fight with Vall had greatly tired him, and he would need medical treatment for the scars he got from the energy core. He walked inside and saw a bunch of capsules that contained ShadowTroopers.

Celstra: That ShadowTrooper project... Esserec is attempting to restart it?
Esserec: Yes... Kyle Katarn thought he had destroyed them for good, but it seems he was wrong. You look scarred. Did you come across too much trouble?
Celstra: A Jedi, but I used the Dark Side to kill him. He was taken into the generator core and his body was destroyed.
Esserec: What about the burn on your face? We just cover it with something... a metal panel perhaps?
Celstra: Very well.

They walked to the medical room, and they put a metal panel to cover half of Celstra's face. They gave him a new Sith tunic and trained him in the darker arts of the Dark Side.

Twilight Janick
Temy provided cover for the Starlake in order to assault the ship Celstra was on.

In a Sith tranining course...

Celstra: Ok, master. I'm ready.
Esserec: Very well. I will now send out the ShadowTroopers.

5 ShadowTroopers came out of a door and ignited their sabers. Celstra also ignited his saber. He had managed to transform the Saber of Alypso into a double-edged saber with different Sith markings. It would from then on be called the Saber of Celstra, because Darth Celstra had put his soul into it. He had done what Alypso had done, and one day, when Celstra died, the Saber of Celstra would go on to another Sith lord, and then another, and so forth. The ShadowTroopers jumped at him, but Celstra counter-attacked by blasting two with Sith Lightning of the highest madnitude. Their skeletons were instantly fried, and they were sent flying back into walls. The remaining three managed to get to Celstra in saber combat. But Celstra's superior saber skills were too much. After a minute, Celstra cut one in half. The remaining two started attacking faster, and Celstra had to step his pace up. All that could be seen was a flourish of red flashes, and then, one of the ShadowTrooper's heads rolled to the ground. The last ShadowTrooper was instantly killed, and just when he thought he had won, a large door opened behind him. Out came a large metallic creature that looked just like General Grievous. Except much larger, more menacing, and with 6 arms, each holding an ignited saber.

Esserec: You've managed to take out a few ShadowTroopers, but can you take out a monstrosity that is an advanced version of a great general that was in the Clone Wars?
Celstra: I assume you're reffering to the great General Grievous, who was trained by a powerful Sith lord? I've read about him in the Jedi archives. I won't be destroyed by such a weakling.

Celstra lunged toward the monstrosity.

Twilight Janick
And Temy landed on the planet only to be met by a six-armed monstruosity, all six of them having a saber on it.

Temy: Cynthia, you'd better watch out!

Cynthia: Damn it! I'd better use up my Force-lightning ability!

Tengu Man
The ship landed in the hangar of the Yavin Academy, Skywalker was in the hanagr waiting for Vall.........

Vall and Cora stepped of the ship
Cora: wow, Luke Skywalker
Luke: how did your.........errend go?
Vall: lets talk about this in private, right now theres a wounded jedi on board and he needs attention.
Luke: lets go to the audience chambers
Vall: Cora stay with Diel.
they left the hangar, while Cora and other jedi ran to the ship to attend to the wounded jedi.

In the audience chambers......

Vall: im sure you already know about whats going on out on Hypori.
Luke: yes i do, i sent Masters to deal with that, hows is everything going out there?
Vall: were winning, the situation shoud be resolved by the end of the month.
They were silent
Luke: you got pretty sidetracked on your little errand, how did you end up in the battle on Hypori
Vall: a very very long story
Luke: so what happend on Hypori, i sense the scars of battle on you
Vall: i ran into a dark jedi........ with power of unbeliveabel magnitude............ he slaughtered all the troops onboard the ship i was with.
Luke was surprised
Vall: i was out in space, but before i realised what had happened, it was too late, when i got back he was waiting for me
Luke: you fought?
Vall: yes, but he got away
Luke turned around and looked out the temple, he closed his eyes
Luke: i do feel a distrubance in the force
Vall: his power is like nothing i've ever felt before, but im confident i can beat him
Luke: fighting is not the only ansewer Vall, you know this
Vall: he tried to kill me
Luke: I trust you will make the right choice.
Vall was silent
Luke: get some rest Vall, we will discuss this later
Vall turned and walked out of the audience chamber.........

Tengu Man
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Celstra saw the two Jedi.

Celstra: Jedi... Shall I destroy them, master?
Esserec: No, let the beast do that. They seem weak...

The monster charges at Temy and Cynthia and slashes its sabers at them.

Tengu Man
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Twilight Janick
Cynthia's Foce Lightning hotwired two of the foe's lightsabers on his left.

Beast: En garde, High Admiral Walker!

Temy ignited her two lightsabers. Their blades were at least 50% longer than those of their foe.

Celstra: Master, I think they might have an edge over it. They're stronger than I thought... What shall I do?
Essrec: Take them out. Don't worry about the beast, I'll set it so that it only attacks the Jedi, and not you.
Celstra: Very well.

Celstra proceeded towards the two Jedi. He ignited one end of his saber and jumped at them, twirling his saber.

Tengu Man
Still in the Audience Chambers............

Vall: wait
Vall turned around
Vall: you know him dont you
Luke: yes
Vall: well.....arent you going to tell me
Luke: I made contact wit him a little while back, i havent heard from him since. i dont know what happened to him, but i dont know he was going in that direction. whether the disturbance in the force is him or not im not sure, but i sense more then one force at work.
Vall: hes not alone?
Luke: i'm not sure, but i dont think he is
Vall: come with me then
Luke: no, this is your battle, we jedi do no aprrove of violence and combat, and if so, only for the sake of defense, but for every battle a Jedi emerges from, he should learn more about himself and the force. I will no rob this from you. I have faith in you.
Vall: so who is this dark jedi?
Luke: his name i belive is Darpan, i dont know all the Jedi personally, so there is not much i can tell you about him.
Vall was in deep thought
Luke: what will you do
Vall: im going to Chandrila, i need isolation, i need to learn more
Luke: you are very powerful Vall, and equally wise. may the force be with you.
Vall: wait before i leave, will you spar with me, there is something i need to see?
Luke: if you think it will help
Luke ignited his saber
Vall did the same

Vall entered his Ataru stance, Luke lowered his blade to Shien.
Vall jumped in the air, luke did too, they slashed each other in mid air, both blocking as they past each other, Vall jumped off the wall back at Luke, Luke blocked is and they went hand with slahses and cuts, high to midlevel, lukes iron defense, Vall slashed many times but couldnt get at luke once. Luke counterattacked one of Vall's slash, and knocked his saber away, Luke had his saber pointed at Vall's chest. Vall jumped in the air over Luke force grabbed his saber, Luke slashed at Vall while falling, but he blocked, Luke came around with a slash at his feet, Vall fliped over his blade, and spun back for a strike at Luke's torso, but he blocked it with ease.

There duel had progressed for about 15 minutes, and was starting to attract a crowd of other Jedi who watched on. Cora walked in to see what all the Jedi were talking and gathering about. He saw Vall and Luke engaged in combat.

there was a pause in the battle, both watched each other and raised there blades above each other heads ( like Aotc duel, anakin vs. Dooku)
they both swung and moved in a somewhat synchornized movement, as their battle went from fast and acrobatic, to precise and elegant. More and more jedi gathered to see the legendary Jedi master fight. Luke met a slash at the legs with Vall's, but then spun around Vall's left, disarmed him in the process and ended up directly behind him with both blades at his throat. everyone was amazed, Luke deignited both saber and gave Vall's saber back to him. the crowd broke up, but Cora reamied waiting for Vall, while a few other Jedi stayed to talk to Luke.

Walking out the audience chambers

Vall: how did you do that?
Luke: its an advanced shien style move, but i can teach it to you
Vall: thank you
Luke: remeber, each duel is a learning experience, but sometimes you can learn alot more from not fighting at all.
Vall: i wont fail you
Luke: no Vall, dont fail yourself

Tengu Man
Vall and Cora left the audience chamber to one of the balcony like areas in the temple, they looked out at the sunset

Cora: where to?
Vall: Chandrila
Cora: where is that?
Vall: out in the outer rim, there's an old temple there.
Cora: how are we going to find him out there?
Vall was silent
Vall: im sorry................. but this is where adventure together ends
Vall: i cant bring you with me, i need to be alone at this temple........... I must have perfect concentration.
Cora: how long will you be gone
Vall: a month maybe 2
Cora: what? what im gonna do?
Vall: i dont know, thats all up to you.
there was a silence, then she began to fuss
Cora: what are you trying to accomplish there, in all that time?
Vall: you wouldnt understand
Cora: so make me understand
Vall: NO, these are jedi matters.
Cora: so your just going to blow me off?
Vall: Cora dont make this complicated
Cora: your leaving for some distant planet in the outer rim, your not telling me what you have to do, when am i going to see you again, i cant stay here, what about us, whats gonna happen to US?
Vall: listen, in order for me to handle this threat, i have to go out and meditate, i have to train hard, i have to learn more about the force...........about myself
there was a slience
Cora: so thats it? thats the end?
Vall: i dont know
Cora: you are unbelieveable
Cora turned to walk away........she stopped
Cora: ever since we have been traveling together i have always tried to keep you from danger, to keep you from getting hurt, but no you jump headfirst into dager, you dont care about what you're getting into, whats at stake, who your leaving behind.
Vall: why are you making this difficult for me
Cora: you promised me you would'nt leave me, you promised to protect me, but lately i've been doing all the protecting, i've been the one watching over you, looking out for you. but do you even care, have you even stopped to notice?
Vall: what do you want from me!!?!?
Cora: love!!!
Vall was speechless
Cora: I am so in love with you...... but it dosent matter anymore
Vall: Cora......I
Cora: go.............. do what you must............. for yourself
Cora walked away.

All night Vall thought about Cora, the next morning Vall geared for his trip. he looked for Cora before he left, he searched all throught the temple, but she was gone. a random jedi walked up to him

Jedi: if your looking for your friend, shes gone, she took a ship this morning.
Vall: do you know where she went?
Jedi: no, we didnt log her flight trajectory, seeing as she isnt Jedi
Vall: what ship did she take, she dosent own a ship here
Kyle: she took my ship
Kyle Katarn walked into the hangar
Vall: sorry
Kyle: dont be, i was gonna sell it
Vall: ohh, well im leaving, i wont be back for sometime
Kyle: where to?
Vall: im sorry, but i cant tell you
Kyle: no problem, take care, and may the force be with you
Jedi: may the force be with you
Vall: thank you
Vall loaded his R4 unit onto an X-wing
Vall waved goodbye and took off

Leaving the system.........

Vall: were heading for Chandrila R4
R4 bleeped and blooped
Vall: no she isnt coming

Vall's X-wing blasted into hyperspace Destination: Chandrila

Tengu Man
Darth Celstra with Double-bladed lightsaber big grin