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Captain REX
Welcome to the General Fiction Section. Here members can post novels, stories, and short stories that they have written. It can be about whatever fictious thing you can imagine, or based on films or books members have seen or read. I myself am a contributor to this section, and enjoy sharing my material with you people.

But you must remember some standard rules:

--To start a story, the opening entry must have at least 1000 characters, or letters. You can check the size with the "Check Message Length" button at the bottom of the posting box. For example, this whole message is 1995 letters long. Easy to check, easy to do. All posts after the first must have at least 500 characters, not including commentary.

--No plaigarism! People get mad when you steal their creations.

--You cannot bash or flame other members or their stories at anytime, only constructive criticism or suggestions to make it better.

--If members have not made their stories interactive, please do not try to add to them. You may post your comments (only the good ones).

--If you want to have a story deleted or editted, just contact me.

--Any announcements about stories go here, in the General Fiction Discussion.

--You must have fun or else... big grin

About those explicit stories...

It is alright to post them, but please consult me before you do. Depending on the content of the story, I will either delete the entire story or edit it so that people will know. Here is how I will mark it when editted:

-- I will put the story in "Spoilers," which makes you have to highlight the story.

-- I will place a note at the top of the story and in the title of the thread that notifies the reader that it has been editted and for what reasons it has been editted.

Also, I would be glad to help you with certain things, such as spell-checking, title-changing, and so on and so forth! Just drop me a line and it will be done when I have time!



Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.