Harry Potter and the Dark Lords Return

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jason maddox
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The room was larger than any room young Draco Malfoy had ever saw but fear still tingled through every inch of his body as he walked further into the damp and dark room. He thought his heart was going to pop out of his chest because it was beating so fast and hard but finally with all his might he kneeled down on one knee and bowed his head, "you requested my precence master" he said without looking up.

jason maddox
"Yes I did young Malfoy" replied a raspy voice from the darkness, "but I believe you are aware why I have summoned you" said the raspy voice as he stepped out of the darkness and smiled at the look of terror that had crossed his young face.

"It is about that night at Hogwarts" he said as he got up but his legs were still rather shaky.

"I handed to you a great task but you still failed to do it" he said as he faced him face to face and he could smell the fear running off of him and he smiled at this. "I was very dissapointed to hear that you held off killing him when you had the oppurtunity, very dissapointing" he said as he walked around the young wizard in front of him.

"Dumbledore is dead either way" he muttered out sounding impatient.

"You dare speak to me without being addressed first" he said stopping dead in his tracks and glaring at him, "I am the Dark Lord Voldemort and yet you still show no respect" he said menacingly not moving.

"I am sorry my lord" he said in reply staring at the floor.

"I am glad for that boy, you may be of some use yet" he said as he once againg began his pace that he could tell made the boy nervous.

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jason maddox
"I originally had high hopes for you because of your father but I see now I was mistaken" he said as he climbed back up the stairs into the darkness.

"I will not fail you again" he said with fear coursing through his body as he bowed again.

"I know you will not because you are now in the service of Snape" he said as two death eaters appeared out of nowhere and escorted him out of the room.

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