kotor 2 questions

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here is a kotor 2 question thread

my first one is this may sound silly but how do you make the NPC
DS and LS on kotor 2

Human Vader

Darth Calladus
you gotta influence them. depends on ur alignment and their personality whether they're dark of light

Darth Calladus
i gotta question

How the hell do you get a Bronze lightsaber????????????????

silver is weak

cyan is pretty cool

i like how they tried to expand saber colors, lets be real Bronze?????

thats almost as lame a black lightsaber (spits in disgust)....black lightsabers how idiotic..........

the bronze crystal is rare like the cyan and silver but why did they even make them there stupid ill have green and red any day and maybe a purple if i want a change

I really liked the silver crystal, it is a bit of a ridiculous idea but it looks cool IMO.
The more time you spend with your companions the more your alignment influences them. I took Visas with me on a few missions and her alignment quickly changed from DS to LS. The characters I didn't take along much were a lot slower to change alignment.

Clawed The Bum
wow really i never knew there was a bronze lightsabers and i beat the games 2 times. wel here is my kotor 2 question can someone please list all the colors that are in kotor 2. this is what i know. Grean, BLue, purple, red, yellow, purple, cyan, viridian, silver, orange, and now bronze i guess am i missing any.

Captain REX
You listed purple twice.

Clawed The Bum
no that is just your imagination... it was never there... damn i can't edit it.

i have a question. is there a way i can get a screenshot of my own jedi in KOTOR 2 on xbox?

Gryn Jabar
Take a pic of your TV.


Revan Souer
When you are playing the game, just taking a picture of your tv won't work

Gryn Jabar
Broken camera?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.