Julz and Megan's Guide on How to Become a Mage/Wizard Online (Again!)

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This is a book Ulrichs*babe*91 and I will b writing 2gether. please read and enjoy. big grin


Computers are dangerous things. So is the Internet. The Internet gives people too much power, too much access to anything they want, anytime they want it. Signing up on something like a chat room, creating a blog, or being part of a forum has its risks, which some naive people ignor. But we are here to tell you, what you are about to read can really happen (except for the part when Julz and Megan become wizard Mages, learn magic, get emails from dead guys, and have to save the world. That will probably never happen in your lifetime, so don't get excited.)

You have been warned...

Stravaganza*star: so, hows things goin
fantasy_bum22: the usual. jay's bn drivin me nuts!
Stravaganza*star: *Sigh* ah, little brothers
fantasy_bum22: so, u still comin' over 2 my house 2morrow? mom says we cn sleep in the basement.
Stravaganza*star: Ohh, so much fun, the basement!
fantasy_bum22: I'll ignor the sarcasm this time, Julz...
Stravagnza*star: yeah, yeah. I'll b there. cya, g2g.
fantasy_bum22: bye.

Megan stretched back on her bed, folding her hands together and cracking her knuckles. She was pleased with her lap top, even though it was practically ancient. It was thicked and smaller than the newer models, but it worked well, and she also had internet access, so she wasn't complaining. Plus, it had been free, seeing her dad worked with computers all of the time. Megan glanced at the digital clock on the stand beside her bed, and yawned when she saw it was neaarly 10:00 at night. Julz was right to log off, thought Megan, as she flexed her legs, which were stiff from sitting still for so long. Maybe I should go to bed as well.

She slapped the top of the power book down, plugged in the charger, and curled up under her thick coverlet, ready to go to sleep. It took moments before she acctually did. She had a lot on her mind about what she and Julz were going to do tommorow...

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After Julz logged off her brand new laptop, she ran to the kitchen for some late night snackage. As she munched down on a delicious apple she thought about her very boring day. She woke up, went online, went to the last day of camp, came home, and stayed online until eleven talking to Megan. All in all it was very boring. She decided tomorrow she'd try to find something a little more interesting to do.
When she finished her apple she trudged upstairs grabbed a book and jumped onto her purple, queen size bed. Quietly she stayed up until about one in the morning trying to avoid her parents watchful eyes as they checked to see that she was asleep. As she read sleep began to take over. Finally the book fell silently to her chest and she was asleep.

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"MEGAN!!!!!! MEGANWAKEUPRIGHTNOWBEFOREIJUMPONYAH!!!! OW!" Jason waddled backwards, trying to shake the ringing out of his ear. "Hey, that hurt, I'm gonna tell mom." Jason heaved in a deep breath, about to let all hell loose, but Megan pounced on him, and the scream of bloody murder was slightly muffled under a chambray pillow. Jason struggled under his older sister's weight for a moment, squeals of fury issuing from under the pillow. soon, Jason gave up the battle, and lay still. Megan picked herself off Jason, who whimpered pathetically.
"You had it coming to you," She said satisfactorily, as she tossed her pillow back onto her bed, and straightened her pajamas.
"Yeah, but you didn't have to punch so hard," he moaned, then instantaniously brightened at the sight of a tired-looking Border Terrier. "Critter!" Jason squeaked excitedly, as he rushed forward towards the dog. Megan caught him by his collar and dragged Jason out of her bedroom.
The rest of Megan's morning was much better Than it was just when she was waking up. She had breakfast, did the list of chores her mom posted on the white erase board in the kitchen, then sat and waited around until 12. Then, the doorbell rang.
The house practically exploded. Critter, the small brown, black and grey shagg rug galloped down the stairs to the front hall, barking like it was the end of the world. Jason rushed up from the basement, yelling, "ILLGETITILLGETITILLGETIT!!!!", and Megan fought through the struggle to get to the front door first. she opened it, and Julz stood waiting.
Jason frowned. "Oh, it's you."
Julz smiled. "Hi to you, too, jason. and hello, Critter!" she gushed as she knelt down to pet the quickly calming border Terrier.
"Hey, Julz!" Megan said enthusiastically. "You want to show me that website you were talking about?"
"Sure!" Julz straightened up, and both girls walked over to the family room computer. Jason sulked away, muttering something about legos and Star Wars.

i like the name Critter for a dog. this is getting good. star wars and legos, my favorite things.

lol, I based "Jason" on my bro, who loves Legos and Star Wars, and even has Lego Star Wars, the video game, 4 PS2. rolleyes1 brothers.

my cousin has that game and i think it is quite fun...


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Julz and Megan sat down next to Megan's new laptop. Julie typed in the website and up came a strange website that looked like someone with no grammar whatsoever. The first page was something like this.

Helllllooooooo futr wiszards. Welcom t' thhe frst wezardin zite on de wab. Her u cen sine up far thhe frst skohl fr wiszards.
Our skohl taches evrytin fram chrms to cerses. F yu whish to sine up plase clack balow.

Sine Up Her

After the had both sufficiently made fun of the horrible spelling and grammar, they decided to sign up. They entered everything from names to wizarding experience (which for both of them was "none"wink. Afterwards Megan showed Julie an awesome site called potterpuppetpals.com and they hung out for a couple of hours talking about T.V. shows and looking at different websites. Suddenly there was a puff of pink smoke, and a loud bang to go with it, in Megan's kitchen. Startle both girls ran to the kitchen to see what happened. Standing there was a pudgy woman who stood about 4ft. 8" tall. She said in the strangest accent, "Which one of you is Megan?" Megan hesitated before saying, "That would be me." Than Julie said shortly, "Who's asking?" The woman looked up, "Oh thats right. You two have no wizarding expierience. I am Marissa the heamistress of the wizards school which you signed up for. Apparently you two are destined to be witches, or else you would not have been able to find the website."

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"Come again?" asked Megan, blinking. Jason was down in the basement with legos, and her mom was upstaires watching a movie. Where the heck did this lady come from?
"You're witches! Are all humans as stupid as this?" sighed Marissa.
"Uh, you're a human too....right?" Julz inquired, utterly confused.
"Look, both of you," the witch grumbled, marching forward and pulling them towards the wall, "I'll just have to take you for the grand tour, because If you are just going to stand there, you're not going to get much of an education."
"Wha...?" mumbled both girls as the squat woman steared them to the wall, and kept on going. they walked through it and out into bright sunlight. they seemed to be standing on a concrete sidewalk in front of a pathetically small elementary school, with a little pathway lined with mums and daisys leading up the the double doors.It all seemed pretty normal, except for a few things. all of the windows were stain glass with intricate disigns, and there seemed to be no roof. The trees left no shade on the ground, and the grass was perfectly cut to all the same length, each blade semetrical. off the side of the brick walls were odd rooms, not like mods that could be found as added on class rooms, but green houses, and a giant aquarium.
"This is a little school I would like to call Legerdemain Academy," Marissa pronounced whistfully, a hint of pride in her voice, "This is where you girls will be attending school."
"Hold up, lady," Julz said, lifting her hands to stop the flow of information, "We weren't seriously going to attend a school! It was a joke!"
"Her idea," Megan said, pointing accusingly at Julz.
"We have our own schools anyway," continued Megan, pretending Julz wasn't hitting her hard in the arm, "And I'm starting Highschool! Public High school!"
"I'm still in eighth grade, but that's still important!" Julz added, punching Megan in the shoulder between words.
"Would you stop that?"
"You wrongly accused me!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"SILENCE!" yelled Marissa. both girls stoped bickering.
"you signed up, didn't you? And I have accepted your inexperiance. You will both become fine Witches, once you have finished graduating as Mages. Regaurdless of where you stood as far as grades in your old schools, you will both be in your first year here. I'm sure your parents will be very proud."
"Uh..." muttered Julz, looking down at her shoes.
"See, um, that's the thing...our parents have no clue we signed up." Megan winced as Marissa swelled like a balloon. "WHAT!? Your parents do not know? What is that? some kind of foolery?"
"We told you, we did it as Joke!" Julz insisted.
"Does this look funny to you?" demanded Marissa, shoving her now-purple face a hair's bredth away from Julz's nose. she hurriedly shook her head, biting her lip.
"Fine, we'll come!" Megan yelled.
"We will?" asked Julz, confused.
"Good." t

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"Megan we need to talk," Julie said as she grabbed megans arm and pulled her away from Marissa. When they were out of earshot, Julie turned to Megan, "We can't just join a school our parents have never heard of," Julie said a little mad at Megan's choice to join,"They'll never agree to it. I know mine will flip that I even went to that site."
"I know," Megan answered looking scared, "but if this is real do you think it's wise to make a witch mad." Julie understanding the wisdom of that statement simply shrugged and said, "You got a point. Guess we'll have to roll with it until we're away from her."

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"So...," Megan sighed later that day, in front of her lap top. a message appeared from Julie.

Stravaganza*star: omg, wat the heck r we gonna do?

Megan pecked at the key board. She had worried about the whole "wizarding school" thing ever since Julz's mom came to pick her up. what were they going to do?

fantasy_bum22: look, i no as much as u do, and Marissa said she would do something...
Stravaganza*star: yeah, but the question is, wat is "something"?
fantasy_bum22: I dunno! i doubt it weill b bad, tho...she seems 2 know what she's doing.

fantasy_bum22: Julie? JULIE, GET UR BUTT OUT HERE!

fantasy_bum22: we'll just...uh, tell our parents....
Stravaganza*star: what, exactly?

In another window, megan's email popped up. a new message appeared, from an unknown sender. "Huh?" More spam. Megan rolled her eyes. that's what happens when you browse online, she said to herself. she was about to delete the message, when a name flickered up under the "Sender" catagory. It said "From the Desk of Legerdemain Academy". Megan clicked on the email.

Megan, you have been accepted to Legerdemain Academy. Please gather the following, for these supplise are essential for your course classes:

more later


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fantasy_bum22: OK, don't tell me u didn't get a freaky email.

fantasy_bum22: look, Julie, I no ur there, so just answer.
Stravaganza*star: Fine, I did. so did u read it?
Stravaganza*star: Dont yellat me! =(
fantasy_bum22: srry. its just...all so weird.
Stravagnza*star: thats wat u say bout Jason. : p
Whodaboss: Hello, girls.

Megan jumped back from her lap top, shrieking. was it...?

fantasy_bum22: Marissa...?
Whodaboss: yes, Megan. It's me.
Stravaganza*star: OK, this has officially freaked me out.
Whodaboss: and it's so nice 2 hear from u, 2, Julie.
Stravaganza*star: pleasure. xp
fantasy_bum22: lol!
Whodaboss: that's very rude!
fantasy_bum22: y r u here, Marissa? this is a private chat here...
Whodaboss: oh, I just thought that you 2 would want to know how you would still go to Legerdemain w/out ur parent's knowing.

Stravaganza*star: how?
Whodaboss: simple, really. u 2 go off to school, catch the bus as u would normally, but instead, the bus will transport you to LA as opposed 2 ur acctual schools. u will arive home at normal times, and when ur parents ask about ur day, u just invent a story.
fantasy_bum22: Thats gr8 and all, but Julz and I could have done that by ourselves. what about when Rainfield calls home andasks my mom y i haven't been 2 school? or when st. Stehan's calls 2 ask y Julie isn't at her school? our parents will think we r playing hookie or worse. and we'll get in tons of trouble.
Stravaganza*star: Yeah, what she said.
Whodaboss: look girls. how stupid do u think I am? we will take care of everything. the schools will think that both of u have stopped going there, and we will b sending fake report cards home.
fantasy_bum22: what about REAL education? u no, Algebra, science, art, English, and such?
Whodaboss: we will have school days and mage days at LA. school days, u learn about the "normal" things, and on the mage days, u learn our things. happy now?
Stravaganza*star: Yes.
fantasy_bum22: No. I don't like this.
Whodaboss: that's ur problem. u have signed up, now all u have 2 do is get the stuff and catch the bus. Good-bye.
Stravaganza*star: wait!

Stravaganza*star: Marissa? dang, she left. Megan?
fantasy_bum22: huh?
Stravaganza*star: how r we gonna get the supplies on this list?
fantasy_bum22: wat list?
Stravaganza*star: The EMAIL LIST, stupid! here, lemme post it...

Megan gazed at what seemed like the never-ending list, filled with things like wands, cauldrons, herbs, granola bars, Mr. Waldon's Quick-Easy Pack-Shrinker, frawasai, 100 sheets of loose leaf, a hyrgarsh's shoe lace, and on and on it went ending with three balled-point black-ink pens and a pack of Crayola's Washable markers. it all seemed so utterly surreal.

fantasy_bum22: I dunno, but we'r gonna have 2 think of something.
Stravaganza*star: and ending on that happy, note, I'm going 2 bed. 'night.

Julie and Megan signed off, both pulling their covers up to their chins, wondering what would happen next.

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four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal
we are now engaged in a great civil war testing wether that nation or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure
we are met on a great battlefield of that war we are here to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those sho here gave their lives so that that nation might live. it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this
but in a larger sense we can not dedicate we cannot consecrate we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men living and dead who struggled here have consecrated it far beyond our poor power to add or detract. the world will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can never forget what they did here. it is for us the living rather to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work that those who fought here have so nobly advanced. it is for us to be here dedicate to the great task before us--that from these dead we take further devotion to the cause for which they gave the final measure of devotion--that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under god will have a new birth of freedom and the government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth...


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Julie slept late the next day since it was a saturday. (Not to mention the fact that she had pounded her alarm clock to a pulp) She got online as fast as she could. Since Megan always got up early to see one of her many shows Julz figured she'd be online. Which of course she was with a bright away message:

Captain REX
Just a question, but does this have more than one writer? confused

two people. Mermorgan02 and Ulrichs*Babe91. I'm their offical supporter.

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fanatsy_bum22: So...school tomorrow.
Stravaganza*star: we still need the school suplies!
fantasy_bum22: Fret not, my dear. I have the solution. ;-)

Julz gapped at the screen.

Stravaganza*star: do I really want 2 know what the solution is?
fantasy_bum22: sure ya do, if u want to go through with this!
Stravaganza*star: I can picture u in my mind's eye with an insane glimmer in u eyes.... :-(
fantasy_bum22: lol! no, just go back to the website, and look to the links on the left side of the page... and u will c the answer...

Julie rolled her eyes. was Megan serious? she can't be...could she? Julie bit her lip as she pulled up another internet Explorer window. into google, she typed in 'Magick', which brought up the page. on the left side, along with numerous links, was one link that read "Click to order School Supplies'.

Stravaganza*star: figures it was that easy.
fantasy_bum22: ;-D

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! evil face


Ulrichs*babe's turn. wink

stravaganza*star: I've been thinking this magick thing is gonna get us killed right
fantasy_bum22: I don't..
Stravaganza*star: So we might as well go along with it after all our school right now suck and i could be whatever i wanted. I COULD GO GOTH IF I WANTED TOO!!!!!!
fantasy_bum22: but you wouldn't right
Stravaganza*star: ummmmmm....
fantasy_bum22: JULZ
Stravaganza*star of course not Meg!!!! I'm not that physco!!!!!! wink wink
fantasy_bum22: julz you're scaring me. alot.
Stravaganza*star: don't worry I'm not like that phsyco Saratn from our forum!!!

Julz stepped away from the computer for a minute as her dad yelled at her for being a lazy fat bum and went running. When she had run like a mile she stopped and meditated on what exactly she was doing. As she reached a calm spot in her head she heard something. The woods was warning her. Something was behind her, she couldn't tell whether it was a nice presence or not. She reached out with her senses and sensed it was a peaceful person so she turned around. And who was there but the head honcho herself.
"I see you have developed your phsycic sense. that's impressive for someone with no expieience at all." Melissa said in a monotone
"whatever you say boss lady," Julz answered sarcastically.
"For some reason I've been sensing your a rebel who doesn't lie authority."
"Really how could you tell ma'am"
But she wasn't talking to anyone Melissa had pulled a hoodini and dissappeared. So Julie went back and ordered her supplies figuring if Mel knew what her meditation did she wasn't all that bad.


OoO and julz pulls one on Saratn! OK, my turn...

A loud buzzing hammered the side of Megan's skull. her alarm clock fizzled at her in the untuned tone of the jazz radio station. She slapped it once on the snooze button, and silence filled her bedroom. but only for a short while.
"OOGALABOOGALA!!!" Jason screached as he pounded down the hall, flung Megan's door open, and pounced on her in her four-poster bed. "Get lost, jerk!" Megan yelled, kicking ferociously. Jason whimpered, then backed away to a safe distance, regaining his gusto.
"You have school today and I don't! You have school!"
"MOM!" Megan yelled.
"Jason, leave your sister alone," Megan's mother called from the other room. Jason grummbled something about "not fair", but marched out of the room, defeated. Megan quickly got changed, then grabbed her back pack. Where were the school supplies? they had to be coming soon!
"Megan! There's a package here for you." Megan ran downstairs. "Really?" she gasped, for a large cardboard package sat at her seat.
Megan's mom laughed at Megan's agast expression. "It might be the outfit I ordered for you on Amazon," She said, tantalizingly. "You know, the pink one?"
Megan rolled here eyes, then proceeded to open it. inside was a small box, this one made of wood ("Mahagony, by the looks," Megan's mom whispered) and a piece of stained glass set in the top. the glass was a deep saphire blue, and cut so that in the light, shades of blue, indigo, purple, and aqua danced off of it. on it was a sticky note that read, "Enjoy your new school. This might help. Marissa."
Megan let out a long breath, giving her mother vauge answers to the questions of "Who is Marissa?" and "What's in the box?".
Megan slipped the box into her back pack, then ran upstairs again for her lap toip, which she manuvered in, trying not to shatter the mahogonay.Once she had had breakfast, she ran out the door to her bus stop.

"Julia, hon, wake up, or you'll miss your bus," Julz's mom called as she swong open her door, letting in light from the hall. Julz groaned, rolling over. Today's the day, she thought, that i start school! I WAS gonna be an 8th grader at my old school. wonder if there's grades at the Acadamy?
She clambered out of bed, got dressed, and tossed so random items into her back pack (tape, glue, a bottle of gatorade, and extra pair of socks just in case, a foldible umbrella, and a pencile case filled with pens). Julie hurried downstairs, had a quick breakfast, ignoring the nearly empty house (her siblings where already at school and her dad was off at work), then kissed her mom good-bye.
"have a wonderfull first day of school!" Her mom sighed, hugging her.
Julz broke away. "Yeah, yeah. cya later, mom." She skipped out the front door and almost fell flat on her face, for she almost tripped over a huge card board package on the front step.
"What?! These are the school supplies??" Julz kicked the box, and it rang hollowly. "Megan, I blame you," she muttered as she pried open the box. inside was another box, made of a white-colored wood. on the top was an turquiose prism of stained glass, glowing in the early sun light. it sent slivers of aqua, blue, and green light all over. the sticky note preched on the top fluttered to the ground as Julz plucked up the box, hefting it. she spied the note, and read, "Here are your school supplies. Good luck. Marissa".
"Marissa, huh?" she murmured, slid the box in her bag, then walked towards the curb, dragging the cardboard box with her. once the bus came, she hopped on, leaving the cardboard to be picked up by the recycling.
"So this is the bus?" she asked tentativly to the grisly busdriver. he turned his head slowly, then gave her a sarcastic look. "Well, it looks like a bus to me," he said haorsely.
"Nonono, you missunderstand me. Is this the bus to the...you know...magic school?" She whispered. What was she doing? This could just as easily be the bus to mars than a bus to a "magic school"!
But the busdriver didn't seem to care. "Yeah. you got a problem with that?"
"Good. now get in your seat, and stay seated, or I'll asign you a seat."
Since noone was on, Julie had her pick of seats. She ran all the way to the back of the bus, and sat down. She pulled out her new iPod, and listened to her favorite song happily. This would be an interesting day...

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Since Julz and Megan lived nowhere near each other it was relatively impossible for them to be on the same bus but, the world is screwed and ten minutes later who should climb on the bus but Megan. Julie stuffed the ipod into her favorite gray hoodies pocket as Megan sat down. Megan quickly filled her in on the morning's events with a five minute interlude of how annoying her brother was. When she got to the part of finding a box on her doorstep Julz stopped her. She pulled the box out from behind her the white wood contrasting deeply with her blue jeans but, the turqoise colors looked good with them so it was a good match. Megan pulled out her beautifully carved Mahogany box and showed it to Julz. Megan continued to the part that her mom had ordered a pink dress for her online and Julz laughed hysterically. She didn't like dresses, particularly pink ones so it was extremely funny that her best friend might have to wear one. After that they arrived at the school. Though it seemed like only minutes had passes it looked like they were in Ireland or something. A dark castle sat upon a giant hill with what looked like some kind of stadium on the right and a sheer fifty foot drop to the ocean on the left. Altogether it looked frightening. Julz in all her casual glory strolled off the bus into the huge crowd on the left and noticed the huge line that was forming behind a huge floating desk. She marched her way to the front towing Megan by her right wrist. She promptly asked if this is where they sign in. It was so they did much to the anger of the some fifty people who were waiting in line. With that done Julz shoved her white box into her backpack and grabbed her and Megan's schedule and a map and started figuring out the places. Megan and Julz had three of their classes together and Lunch. Which was horrible considering their were ten classes in one day. So they hugged each other and headed off in different directions. Julz sat down and started scoping immediately. She found two possible boyfriends and three possible friends but that was only by look and book*so she wasn't sure yet. So the day began when Julz Elizabeth Millan would become the next great soceress or whatever they called it at his school!

look&book=the look of them and the books they had and how they were decorated

ALL DONE!!!!!!!!!


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Megan paced the hall slowly. it was musty, and the windows were small and high up, letting shadows melt down the walls like wet and dirty paint. she glanced down at the piece of loose leaf on which her schedule was scribbled. no doors were down this corridor, but the lady with the cocky smile at the front office had told her that's where her first class would take place.
Megan jumped as the bell rang, announcing first class beginning. She shook herself, then turned around, determinded she had taken a wrong turn. but there was no exit. The hall had branched off behind her before, coming to a fork; one path led to A tightly curving stairwell that reminded her of being inside the Statue of Liberty, and the other, the one she had come from, let out into a blue-shaded corridor that seemed to be slowly steeping up, no matter which way you walked across it.
The fork was gone. the hall she was in ended abruplty with a wide mirror over a table. Megan spun around again. a wall met the end of the corridor. she was trapped! but how? This had no logical explination!
suddenly a door swong open right in front of her. Megan screamed in surprise, making the class beyond the door laugh cruely.
"Miss...um?" asked the teacher, who was standing on a slab of concrete high near the cieling, which was 30 ft. up.
"Uh, it's Megan..." she answered cautiously.
"Well, don't stand in the doorway, bumbling like that. get in, get in, and take a seat next to Humari over there, now that's a good girl..." The teacher wore a normal attire, a sort of sweater vest over a button-down collared shirt and slacks. his shoes were tapdancing of their own accord on his desk, and he clapped his hands, and the concrete slab lowered him to the ground, where he jumped off and began to lead Megan to her seat.
Humari turned out to be a very tan-looking boy, his mop of black hair tossed in an almost careless way. his almond-colored eyes and simple clothing made him almost look handsome, but he had an almost aristocratic air to him, and he appeared very athletic.
he looked carefully at her from behind his glasses, then nodded, moving over on the bench. Megan sat down, the gazed around. The cieling was panneled with stain glass of many colors, held together with strips of wood, reaching high up almost like a church. the walls, except for the one directly in front of Megan, was lined with oak benches, as if it were a stadium and a cathedral smooshed together. on the front wall, was a book shelf reaching up to the top of the cieling. it was completely empty.
"Welcome, class," Said the teacher,m in a rin ging voice, once he was back in the middle of the room, " to Magical Worlds and Realms 101. I am you're teacher, Mr. Hazelwood. Let clas begin!"

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Julz growled in frustration. The door in front of her was a plain one, just a hunk of wood on hinges, as far as she was concerned. the only problem was, that it was the door to her first class, and it wouldn't let her in.
She hammered on the door, hoping someone would come over and unlock it. the door giggled.
"What's your problem???" she yelled at the door, kicking it.
The door stuck out it's tongue at her, laughing hysterically.
"UGH! You stupid door, lemme in, I need to get to stupid class!" Julie kicked the door hard, but hopped away, moaning about the pain in her foot.
"Sticks and Stones, duckie. Sticks and stones," the door chuckled in a light-hearted English accent
"I'll sticks and stones you, you-"
Julie froze in mid-tantrum, turning slowly. A girl with cute pixie-cut hair and wide aqua eyes stared at Julz, a look of confusion on her face.
"Are you trying to get to Sylphomenotrie?"
Julie brushed her hair out of her face. "Yeah. But the door won't let me in..."
The girl's face shone with understanding. "Ah. that would be because that's the wrong door."
Julz frowned. "How?"
The girl pulled open a door to the right of the devil door, and it swung open, filled with a class of students and a strict-looking teacher.
"Oh." Julie blushed, kicking the door one more time for save measures.
"OK. Thanks. I'm Julz."
"I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you."
"Yeah, same here."



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Sylphomenotrie is really not that bad, Thought Julie, as she settled comfortably in her seat next to Sarah. It was basically about weaving magical fabrics on the verge of existance by music. The teacher wore a fuzzy pale blue cartigan and a grey and blue plad skirt. Her eyes had a beautifulShe was elderly, with silver hair, and as many wrinkles as a turtle. in fact, many people were refering to her as the turtle. But that didn't hold true to saying her class was as old and wrinkly and slow as she was.
She was Ms. Flannigan, and she had the most beautiful voice anyone had every heard.

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She came in sat down and picked up a heap of thread and sat it on her lap. "Now watch and pay attention [email protected] it!" she said in a level devil incarnate voice. Everyone shutup very very quickly. She started humming a very soft low note and than slowly rose up in a scale. The strings untangled and ordered themselves in straight lines. As she sung a sweet melting melody about a rivers strength and peacefulness the strings wove together and made a picture of a waterfall that had no foam at the bottom. When she finished she had a beautiful hand towel. She pointed at Julz and said to grab a handful of thread and play a song on her flute. Julz grumbled but did it. She didn't know why but before she started she settled into her meditative being and pushed her will upon the string. She did the same as the teacher but used chromatics to untangle the string. Than she began a soft melody in the begginning about a young deer venturing into a valley for her first time. Than getting bored Julz added a couple hunters and the mother died. Slowly she closed her eyes and put herself in the deers spot and played her feelings and forgot about everything. When she was finished she had a beautiful picture of a young deer in a meadow ringed in fire with a mature female deer lying on the ground. The young deer was nosing the one on the grounds cheek. The beautiful thing was that this scene was inside a tear drop with a deers coat around the edge. Everyone stared in amazement as Julz brought herself together trying not to cry herself. God what the matter with me she thought. I should be used to this stuff by now I've been doing it with grass for a long time!! Oh well she thought as she opened her eyes and tear dropped from her eye. She picked up the fully threaded rug and handed it to the teacher. Than she looked at the class and noticed that there wasn't one person without tears in their eyes. She walked slowly back to her seat and as soon as she sat everyone stood up and started clapping. She nodded her head and wiped her eyes as she pulled her hoodie over her eyes and got control of herself again. The teacher placed the rug on her desk came up and hugged Julz and told her to leave the classroom and take the rug. She said to bring it to the Sylphomenotrie Level Five room on the fifth floor. So Julz took the rug and walked out of the room to wild clapping and many tears. I wonder how Megan's making out Julz though as she passed the devil door with a friendly tap and apologized and started looking for the stairs.

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"Your home work, class," Mr. Hazelwood said, ignoring the groans of the students as the bell rang, signifying class change, "will be a three page report on the realm you are from, and name three important magical figures of that area. due to me next week, same time. dissmissed!"
"So which realm are you from?" Megan asked Humari, as they gathered their books (which had magically sprung out of their boxes) and stuffed them back into the wooden contraption.
The tan boy brushed his black hair out of is face. "Casviniro, in the fourth quarter. And you?"
Megan blushed. "I don't know what realm. I mean, I know where I live, just not the realm's name."
Humari laughed. "That's going to make doing Hazelwood's assignment pretty hard, eh?"
together, they walked out of the room, up the corridor, and followed the flow of srudents up the main stairway. on the third landing, Humari paused.
"Tell you what. What period do you have lunch?"
Megan rifled through her backpack, pulling a slip of paper loose from the mess within. "At 12:45. Why?"
"Great. it's the same time as mine. Come to the library, and I'll show you how you can look your realm up. OK?"
Megan brightened. "thanks!" Then she flashed on a memory. "Uh, would it be OK if I brought a friend with me?"
Humari turned, a curious look on his face. "Yeah. why?"
"Because we have lunch together, and she won't knw where I've gone."
"OK, then. see you!"
"Same. Bye!" Megan called as he waved, then turned to continue up. She went to the right and slipped downa hall way, carefull to make sure it didn't close up on her again this time.

Julz was walking towards the steps her good mood gone when the rug started feeling a little heavier. She got a better hold on it and started up the steps it got heavier and heavier till finally she was stuck dragging it along the ground with all the energy she had. Than an extremely hot boy (tall with blackish hair not to long but long enough. Wearing a hoodie and loose fitting jeans.) walked over and flicked the rug with his wand. It immediately was a ton lighter and Julz flew foward. Something stopped her in midair and hovered her safely to the ground. When she sat up she saw that the young man was pointing his wand at her. She put her hands up for cover as he yelled, "INCONSPINITA" as a blue blast flew at her she ducked but the blast flew left and she heard an impact five feet behind her. She turned to find five boys a year or so older than her frozen all with their wands pointing right at her. "Sorry bout the trash they'll be cleaned up later," he said behind her. but when she turned to look their was no one there. So she turned back to her rug and it wasn't there either. She looked the up the hallway and saw him walking with her rug. He looked cooly over his shoulder and in a sarcastic deep voice said, "Well are you coming nimrod or are you just gonna stare at me the whole next period." So she jogged till she was a couple paces behind and followed from a distance basking in his hotness.

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Megan hurriedly followed her course schedule throught the morning. Classes were amazing, and the teachers were if anything, more than. Mr and Mrs Rhinne taught Arinthology, "Magical Math" as they called it. Both of the Rhinnes were centaurs, who took pleasure in giving the class huge heeping mounds of homework, because"MATH IS FUN!", as they screamed so often at the top of their lungs. A girl seven feet tall with a long magenta braid down her back had murmured to Megan during class, "It's best to not say anything. Arinthology is mostly reapplied in astronomy and in APM classes."
Megan turned her a quizical look. "APM?"
"Advanced Portal Making. You need to pass all of your Magical Transportation classes and Arinthology with flying colors to get into it, as well as SPM. Even SPM is hard to get into- oh, sorry. That's Standard Portal Making." She said all of this with a flip of her hair and her cat-pupiled lavendar eyes narrowed.
"Oh. Thanks. But how do you know that?"
The girl bent down to look her in the eye. She had a gentler look about her. "I've already graduated. Oh, I'm still here because I'll be student teaching for a while, then I'll be taking over the Cultural Wing next October," she continued at Megan's confused look. "By the way, I'm Cerceasa. Who are you?"
"Megan. Em, nice to meet you," she struggled through her surprise.
"Yes," Cerceasa answered airily. The bell rang and Megan moved to her next class room.
After Arinthology, there was, ironically enough, Magical Transportations taught by Ms. Issuad, an excentric sprite who more enjoyed bouncing around the room than teaching, although she did eventually get to the point of class. Megan tried hard to concentrate, but it was basically "Magical Math" all over again, with figures and strange numbers that weren't supposed to exist but did anyway and formulas endlessly listed on parchment and tacked up on the walls. For some reason, she felt determind to make it to APM classes after what Cerceasa had told her. Was it really that big of a deal?
The last period before lunch was Fine Arts & Crafts, which was more or less nothing like what Megan had expected it to be. There was no drawing or weaving or anything of the sort. It was carving staffs and wands, crystalizing powerful gems, and sculpting creatures that came to life. Some Spell Singing was included, as Mrs. Barns had dictated in a clear and crisp voice from under her cloud-puff hair which was somewhat tied down by a doo-rag. She wandered around the class, constantly rubbing down her hands on the front of her large, well worn and thoroughly stained smock, and glared down her nose ruthlessly, although her love for the arts showed through when she gave demonstrations of painting landscapes that came to life and adding them on to other demenssions. She later mantioned that that would be a graduation project for her Advanced Placement classes, and that we would be starting on growing crystals next class. The bell rang, and everyone rushed out for lunch.
The cafeteria was huge, with simple wood tables and pull-up straight-back chairs with pulmp velvet coushins. Megan wandered around aimlessly, just soaking it all in, then saw where a luch line had been established, and hurried forward.

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Julz went through all her classes and unsurprisingly the mysterious hottie was in none of them. How dull she said as she sat through a "You're a new student and have to understand how your image reflects on our school"lecture which she was actually reading a book during. Who really cares how this school is reflected? I bet a total of twenty people know it actually exsists not including staff students or kin. After two more periods she had lunch so she got in line for lunch after wandering around for a while. As soon as she got in line she saw Megan hurrying towards the line. Julz called her over and they discussed their travels during the day. Then Julz started looking around the room as they were talking and she saw the hottie. She quietly told Megan to turn around and look at the guy in black hoodie and jeans. Megan spied him immediately and though she didn't find him all that cute she did think he would be a good match for Julz. After they got their lunch Megan sat down at a table with an older girl and Julz sat next to her. Megan introduced her as Cerceasa and they started talking about Arinthology and portal making and all the other stuff Julz was going to learn about after lunch, when suddenly the hottie got out of his seat and with a nod at his friends started walking towards them. Julz who was facing away from him and didnt notice was looking at Megan like she was insane as she bobbed her head and flicked her straw until her drink fell over. Then Julz felt a hand on her shoulder, "Hey nimrod how'd that rug go over in AP?" the hottie said. "Well," Julz said swallowing back a yelp of surprise, "The teacher thought i was totally gifted or something. Thanks for the help in the hallway too. I really appreciated that." "It was no problem," hottie said, "by the way my name is Kyle, Kyle Tresbond." "Nice to meet you hot... I mean Kyle." Julz said her cheeks turning a deep shade of red. He laughed and patted her shoulder, "For some odd reason i get that alot," he said,"but...never mind. Just make sure you don't let anymore guys play pranks on you. Just remember that spell I used in works wonders in annoying situations."

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Megan shifted over and elbowed Julz a little harder than was necissary for the situation. "Who's this guy?" she hissed in a sharp whisper.
Julz smiled. "Kyle Tresbond."
Megan elbowed Julz again. "I accuse you of being a parrot. I know that already, he just told us!" Kyle raised a delicate eyebrow in curiousity. Megan gave him a wry grin, then continued with the whispering. Meanwhile, Cerceasa plucked up a conversation with Kyle. Apparently, they had some class together.
Julz sighed. "I met him in a hall. some rug attacked me, and he helped me out of a tight spot. Now will you stop elbowing me?"
Megan frowned, but stopped. Julz animatedly inserted herself into the converation, a little timid at first, but brightened up when she found shehad so much in common with Kyle. Megan was getting bored quickly, so she picked up her tray and turned to return it when...
Megan had walked head-long into Humari, who had been heading over to the table where she sat. Both people fell, while the tray did numerous turns in almost slow motion in the air, then landed, splattering the poor boy with the orange jello Megan had rebelliously left untouched on her tray. Humari spluttered, Megan gasped, Julz, Cerceasa, and Kyle spun around in their seats to see what had happened, and plenty of kids laughed. Megan blushed crimson, hurriedly gathering her tray and appologizing too many times than was needed.
Kyle came over and helped Humari up, magically vanishing the jello. "I'm sorry," Megan murmured again. The boy laughed.
"It's OK. I didn't expect that, but...." he trailed off, laughing again.
Cerceasa snickered quietly, then pulled a magazine she had had with her over her face. Julz hurried over, made sure Megan was OK, then elbowed her harder.
"OW!" Megan whimpered, "What was that for?"
"Two things," said Julz triumphantly, "you elbowing me before, and I want to know who that guy is."
"His name is Humari, and he's in one of my classes. He offered to take me to the library after lunch to check out where our realm is." Megan said this, just remembering the reason Humari was here.
Julz smiled mischeviously. "Ah-ha! Yeah, sure, he's just showin' you...."
Megan made a face at her. "You're coming too, don't make such a big deal out of it."
Almost as if on cue, Humari walked over to Megan, sweeping his hair off his face. "So, are you coming? Is this your friend?"
Megan smiled at him. "Yup. Humari, this is Julz. Julz, we're heading to the library. Wanna come?"
Julz gave the expresion that clearly stated, as if I had a choice in the matter, gave a regretful look at Kyle, then mumbled yes. However, she brightened up greatly when Kyle said he'd head over with them, since he had work to do. Cerceasa said she could care less, flipping her magenta braid carelessly. And the foursome were off.

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Kyle walked next to Julz and Humari walked next to Megan. The whole time they were heading to the library Kyle was completely silent, but Julz kept feeling this annoying buzz in her head. She kept shoving it away as best she could. Eventually she started hearing someone shouting her name. "Megan whats up?" she asked, "Why do you keep shouting to me I'm right behind you." Megan gave her that outlandish "whatchu talking bout woman" kind of look, "I didn't say your name Julz," then promptly she turned back to Humari who was discussing the missuse of the unicorn's horn for purposes of magic. She contributed to this for a couple seconds by adding that she had seen the movie "The Last Unicorn" when she was five and had always held a fond spot for it in her heart. They both looked at her like she was stupid and turned back to serious talk. Then the buzzing came back. This time however it was laughter. 'Jerk,' she thought and started walking faster to see if she could out run whomever was in her head making fun of her. 'Calm down,' said the voice,'its me, Kyle, I'm using Acinetion to talk to you without words. You'll learn it after lunch but Mr. Eguidalos is not a teacher you want to go near unprepared. Now listen carefully we are going to study this way. I want you to send to me images of pain like this.' Suddenly tortured people were streaming through her mind and a fierce pain shot up and covered her body. He stopped and so the pain stopped. 'That,' she said in Acin, 'was horrible. I felt hopeless as if the whole world had left me to wallow in pain and misery.' 'Such is the feeling of torture,' he sent back. Then she felt a warm palm take hers and envelope it in softness and care. 'Never lose hope, even in those time when you feel completely alone.' then he released her palm and she realized she hadn't been breathing since he had grabbed it.

After a long walk through numerous halls a corridors, including the door that had earlier given Julz a hard time ("We meet again," Julz had snarled so that everyone looked at her oddly until she explained the entire experience.) they wound up in an atrium. It was a huge, circular room that seemed to go up forever until it brushed the moon and stars, which spun continueously around above in a hypnotic pattern. Off the atrium branched forty doors.

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