ok this should be good you r sam raimi

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what would u do if u were sam raimi.we r talking about spiderman movies.how many would u make?who would be the bad guys?what woudl happen in them?who would die?tell me what you would do in his shoes and u r starting the Spiderman movies.

lol I would screw up, no one matches Raimi's genius.

I would make a total of 6 Spider man movies. The first two would be what they are currently.

number three would consist of my favorite villian: MYSTERIO!!! I was glad to see Him in the Spider-Man 2 video Game. Black Cat would appear.

Number FOur, as much as people would hate me, I do this for my father, who has given his ENORMOUS Comic collection to me. The Villian would be KRAVEN THE HUNTER! Black Cat would appear again

Number Five would have Venom in it, taking MJ prisioner and Parker comeing to the rescue!!! Black Cat would die.

Number 6 would have Venom in it again, but he and Parker would Unite, because something bigger is Happening. Turns out, Carnige and Octavious are in league together, so Venom tries to take out Carnieg while spiderman goes for ock, But Venom fails, and Spidy has to take out Carnige too. He does, but The symbote saves Docter Octpus, by taking over his body, so of corse, INTENSE TROUBLE ENSUES and there's this Huge Battle Between Spidy and Monster Ock(Doc Ockw/symbote) And Spidy nearly dies, when thrown into a burning buliding, but the fire causes Spidys webbing to catch flame, so the Webbing Helps Spidy take down Ock, but alas, Ock is too powerful, and he uses his four mechaical arms to lock each of his limbs to a building, as he uses his symbote strength to kill Parker. But before he can cause much Damage, Venom come back to stop him, but Ock instantly kills Venom, causing a dead brock, and an empty symbote, Ock gloats over Eddies body, as the Symbote encases Spider-Man, giving Spider-man more strength. And In the end, They bgo into some technological building, and both fall in a supersonic machine thingy, and Die(both of them)...


As fot the actors...I have no clue.

I would make at least 6 movies, maybe more. It depends on if they can keep toby as spider-man, it would take time to find a good replacement. Part 3 would be sandman. Part 4 lizard and spidey gets the black suit. Part 5 electro and venom appears at the end. Part 6 the battle with venom. Leaving room for more movies.

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