Jin Kazama Vs. Rocky

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hahaha this ones for fun who would win jin kazama or rocky the legendary boxer

i think Rocky would win

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Jin Kazama. Don't forget, Complete Devil Jin, remember. big grin big grin

yer but remember rocky true form.... The ITALIAN STALLION. He beat MR.T, and T could beat any tekken fighter. The Devil gene is nothing compared to the T gene in MR. Also memberable deads included beating up a hudlem in the streets and The russian machine.

Jin is just totaly out classed.

Sonic x 20
Complete Devil Jin has hidden abilities to unleash.

devil jin wins as teh mishima and kazama family are allnearly imortal and rocky shud die soon

hmmm. noone expresses a victory quite like rocky can. ADRIAN!!!!!!
I'd have to say Jin

Jin and rocky didn't originate from a game

yeah, but Jin is more known for the games than the movie. And as for Rocky...ADRIAN!!!

Rocky is a punk ass. He goes down in the first round, gets up and tries to say "I didnt' hear no bell". but gets knocked on his ass again before he can finish his sentance. He miraculously gets up again even though both his legs are broken, than gets punched, once, and falls down again. THis continues on until Jin wins by TKO.


lol rocky balboa

well, lets face the truth, jin is way to much... i love the rocky movies, and dont like rocky to lose, so i have writen a story about rockys victorysmile

Jin kicks Rocky so he smashes against a mountain. it sounds like jin has won. then rocky stands up and the rocky music plays, while he runs towards jin to get kicked away again... and again... and again... rocky is nearly impossible to kill! but unknown to jin, rocky had eaten breakfast before the fight, jin hasnt, so after some days wher rocky doesnt die because of his will, jin would die in need of food and rocky would scream "ADRIAAAAN!!" as he stands over his dead opponent, when the music from his victory over apollo plays... end of storysmile
hahabig grin

Sam Z
By the way, i heard rocky 6 is coming soon.

yeah, its going to be good with a new rocky filmbig grin

*points to the rules*


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