Megaman X

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so, did anyone else play these games when they were younger. i used to love them. i would always rent Megaman X3 from the video store but one time... they just didn't have it. i looked and looked but i couldn't find it anywhere. finally i wised up and went to a used game store but it turns out that the game is super rare and it costs $60 used. i was pissed.

what are your guys' thoughts about the game and the megaman series in general?

I like the Megaman series from what I remember... I played it a little bit when I was younger, but Mario and Sonic kept pulling me in and I just couldn't resist! Now it's too late for me to go back and play them...

i love the megamanX series i'm working on the megamanZero series now

i have the Megaman Zero and Zero 2 for GBA. they are pretty awesome. seems like they just wiped out like 4 of them in about a year. 1 and 2 are cool though. 2 is a lot harder than one but i beat the whole thing on the car ride home form the warped tour.

i got all the suits in the 2nd game and just started the 3rd one

wow, isn't there like a jillion different armors in the second one? i only have like 4 embarrasment
are the new ones any good? i figured they wouldn't be that great because normally if they go on a mass production of game sequels then they tend to suck. like what happened with the new Megaman X's (i.e. X7 and X8). but i could be wrong

I have Mega Man X for SNES and i thought it was pretty hard. embarrasment

yeah the games are pretty hard. mostly when you get to the final sigma levels. i can't beat Megaman X, i can get to the last boss but i can't beat him....... plus, i haven't played in like 3 years.

I love Megaman!My favourite was Megaman Legends.

Wolf Dog
Megaman X is one of my faves, the best videogame music in my opinion.

back in the day they were fun to play, but now they're just old news...

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