Harry Potter & The Elan Vital's Departure

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Warning: The things in here continue after the sixth Harry Potter book. If you haven't read it or finished it, I advise you not to go to far into the story.
Carrying on...I haven't thought of a title yet. I'm trying to be creative with it, and none has popped in my head. Additionally if you figure out stuff that you think will happen, please don't post them on here. And all comments are welcomed...good or bad.
Occasionally I might ask for help. But please don't give any suggestions until I ask. Thank you.

Chapter One

"Severus..." a man was pleading. He was weak, too weak to defend himself. He laid on the ground pleading with the man who held his wand firm. "Severus please..." the man continued to plead.
"Avada Kedavera!" shouted the man known as Severus. The pleading man was dead. His eyes no longer had the usual gleam. A single tear trickled down his face. His half-mooned spectacles were dangling near his crooked nose.
Then their was cold laughter. High cruel laughter that filled the room. This man was pleased that the deed was done, but he was also angered that the one he wanted to finish the deed did not, but his faithful servant did. He was pleased about that, but he had to punish one of them. What one he did not know.
He was staging this whole affair on purpose. He knew that someone would be watching when he would talk to the two, he planned on this happening. Nothing could go wrong, because the young Harry Potter would go running to the Order about what was going to happen. He sat down in his chair waiting for the two men to enter his room.
The door swung opened slowly. A boy of seventeen entered. His face was paler than usual, his usual well groomed blond hair was untidy. He no longer wore his fancy clothes, but dirty muggle clothes. He looked worried, he was horrified being here. His wand was held loosely in his right hand. He bowed deeply, and then went up to kiss the hem of the man's blond.
The other man was tall, and wore plain black robes. His black hair went about to his chin. He too had a wand, but held it firmly, prepared for what was to come. He too bowed deeply and kissed the hem of the man's robe. He didn't look as worried as the pale boy. In fact he was calm, which did seem unusually strange, but the man in the chair thought nothing of it.
"Severus, Draco, thanking for coming on such short notice." said the man.
"It is our honor of being able to be in your presence Master." said the tall man.
"Severus, why lie to your Master anymore? Haven't you learned enough from when you worked for Dumbledore?"
"Master, why would I lie to you?" asked Severus.
"Because I found out who really killed the old man. It was not who I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be young Malfoy over here. Yet you stepped in and killed him. Now you are no longer of use to me." said the man. "If you have followed the orders that were given to you, then you would have lived for a little while longer."
"Master, I understand what I've done wrong...but Malfoy was following for Dumbledore's trick. He was lowering his wand. Surely you didn't want Dumbledore to find out that Malfoy was the one who let the Death Eaters in."
" Why is that Severus? Do you like defying me? Do you wish to anger me? Do you think for a moment that I would believe in your troublesome lies?" the man rose to his feet, wand out in hand preparing to use the Cruciatus Curse.
"M-master, it is not h-his fault. My m-mom f-forced him to make the U-unbreakable Vow. It was the only way for him t-to keep h-his role as a teac-teacher at Hogwarts." said the boy cowardly. He usually sounded proud, but now these days, he had nothing to be proud of.
Severus had a scornful look in his face. He didn't dare say anything, especially in front of his Master. Severus was losing control of this meeting. His plan was for him to do all the talking and Malfoy was to keep his mouth shut. If he did, then his Master wouldn't know of any of this. Now that his Master knew, then he would start to ask more questions. And Severus didn't like answering to the Dark Lord, Voldemort, the most feared man in the world.
Severus was trying to think of a way to get out of the mess that Malfoy had gotten them into. He had nothing to help him, and his Master would wonder if he used Occlumency against him. Their was no way of hiding it now. He might as well give him the information that he had. It would be worse if he read his mind.
"So Severus, an Unbreakable Vow, is that correct. You swore to Narcissa that you would finish his job if he wasn't able to. Why would you take this length to protect Mr. Malfoy? He would have been capable if you haven't been trying to help him throughout the year. He what he was doing. I am thoroughly disappointed with you."
"Master it isn't like I had a choice. If I hadn't taken the vow, then I would have never found out what Dumbledore was up to all year. He knows of a way to defeat you. He was showing young Potter how you became to be the most feared man. He told him of the Horcruxes."
"WHAT???" Voldemort bellowed out. "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?"
"It gets worse...Dumbledore's been able to destroy one of them, and he's found out that your diary was a Horcrux. He knows of others, but did not tell me about them."
Voldemort's face turned from normal pale grayish color to red in few quick seconds. He pointed his wand at Severus's throat. It looked like he was going to explode with anger. He was angered by the very thought of Dumbledore knowing about his precious Horcruxes. Two of them were destroyed. One by Potter in his second year. He put a part of his soul into the diary, hoping for the chance to come back. He almost did too, he almost killed a young girl, but Potter had to come and save the day. He was delayed of coming back. Dumbledore destroyed another one meaning their were five left, and he had to secure them, so Potter won't be able to destroy him.
"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS SOONER?" bellowed the Dark Lord. Severus was losing Voldemort's trust every minute. He didn't like it when people try to hide information.
"Master, I had no time. Dumbledore made me stay, he wanted me to help with the security."
"More lies!" shouted the Dark Lord. "I know that you had plenty of time. I have young Malfoy to inform me what goes on at the castle. You of course didn't know, which made it all the more easier. He's informed me about something interesting. Just before this meeting here, he as informed me that you are what you call a Half Blood Prince, am I correct?"
"I know nothing this boy speaks of. Me a halfblood, that's absurd!" shouted Severus.
"What do you mean by that, Severus? Are you saying that halfbloods are nothing but filth, because I agree with you. But when you are saying that, you are also saying that to your Master. Severus, I am a halfblood like you." then his voice started to get hoarse. "And so to let you know, I know that young Malfoy speaks the truth, for I have already read his mind. I found out some interesting things out. Like how you had a little fight with Potter, before you left the school grounds. Why is it he who provoked you, instead of the other way around. You were called a coward, and you shouted at him...nothing more. You had the opportunity to kill young Potter, and you let him live."
"Master...I thought you would want to kill young Potter. I did not know of your plans for the boy."
"Liar! You knew that I had no use for the boy, since Dumbledore was killed. You knew that he would no longer be protected by his relatives as soon as he reached seventeen, and you failed to mention this too. I am starting to wonder what side you really work for."
"Master, I serve no one, but you." said Severus calmly.
"Then if you served me, then you would have let young Malfoy kill Dumbledore. It was supposed to be a test, to see if he was ready, and now I do not know if he is capable of killing. Oh but of course, you expected to be rewarded by killing Dumbledore did you not?"
"Master, I wish not to be rewarded, for I have disobeyed you, and I am deeply sorry. I beg for your forgiveness." said Severus, kissing the hem of the robe again.
"Lord Voldemort does not forgive easily, Severus, and you do know that...and I do not think you're really sorry. Maybe I should let young Malfoy here teach you a lesson...a lesson on how to be loyal to your Master, to do what he wishes. Draco, I want you to use the Cruciatus Curse on him. Don't hold back either. You have to be angered just enough to hurt someone."
Sweat fell down Malfoy's face. He rose his wand so it was it front of Severus. His hand was trembeling, as he got ready to use an Unforgivable Curse. He had never really used one to the fullest extent. He had started to use it on Potter, when Potter used a spell that almost killed him. He didn't know if he would be able to do it. He nodded his head to show that he knew what he had to do.
Severus was as calm as he walked into the room. He was confident that Malfoy wouldn't use the Cruciatus Curse on him. He knew that Malfoy wouldn't. He wasn't capable of killing Dumbledore, so why would he be able to hurt him with the Cruciatus? But just in case he was ready. He was going to regret using his spell on Malfoy. But he had really no choice. Malfoy ruined his plan. He planned on overthrowing the Dark Lord. No he wasn't with the Order, so this isn't a favor to them. No this was personal indeed. He was still what people call evil.
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Not bad.......Dark Lord seemed to bellow alot.....and Snape seemed a bit too full of himself. but sides that it's pretty good.


here's some more. still on chapter one.
"Crucio!" said Malfoy loudly, yet his voice was nervous.
Severus was ready though. He held up his wand and said: "Protego!" a small shield protected him. Though it didn't protect him from the full effect of the spell. He had recieved some of the damage the spell had caused. He then got ready to use another spell. "Sectumsempra" Malfoy fell to the floor, shouting with pain. His wand flew to the ground when Severus said: "Accio wand." Malfoy's wand moved into his hand.Before the Dark Lord could do anything, Severus had Apperated.
The Dark Lord shouted with rage. Never before had someone done this to him. No one ever defied Lord Voldemort and survived. Severus was a dead man, as soon as he found him. His plan was ruined, young Potter would do the exact opposite. He would keep all of this for himself. No one would believe him that Malfoy was injured and Severus escaped. They would say that he was messing with his head again, like he did two years ago.
The Dark Lord sat back down in his chair, letting Malfoy scream in pain. He did not care if he was in agony or not. He had failed for the last time too. He could kill him, but he has a better idea for him. He would have him do the biggest favor in the world. All he had to do was to make sure Malfoy was up to it. He would give him a simple test. And if he passed he would move on to the job he had in store for him. If he failed then he would die.
"Malfoy, get up now." said the Dark Lord calmly. Malfoy was bleeding so bad, if he lost anymore then he would surely die. The Dark Lord muttered something and the wounds healed."I am willing to give you one more chance.If you fail me again then I will kill you. You are to kill your mother, Narcissa. She had disobeyed me long enough. If you are to succeed then you will go on to the next job I have for you. You are to travel with one of my Death Eaters, and you are to be with that person at all times. No ammount of money will bribe you out of this job. And I will know if you succeed in your mission. Do not come back until it is done. Is that understood Malfoy?"
"T-thank you Master. I will not fail you again." he said with confidence. His voice may be confident but he didn't look it. He bowed, and moved to kiss the hem of his robe,then left.
"Avery, Macnair!" he shouted to the air. "I have a job for you." Two people Apperated in front of the Dark Lord. They bowed and kissed the hem of his robe, just like Severus and Malfoy had done.
"My job for you is to look for one of my former Death Eaters. I want you to find Severus Snape, the Half Blood Prince, and I want you to kill him. He is fairly dangerous, so be on your ground. If he refuses to give up, then call for some of the other Death Eaters. Do not rest for anything. I want him DEAD! Be off." they bowed and Disapperated.
"Mundungus!" shouted the Dark Lord once more in the air. Again someone appeared. This man smelled of garbage, and wore filthy worn out clothes. But the Dark Lord ignored this. "Mundungus, do you have the locket?"
"S'matter with you? Blimey, I don't see why you need a locket in the firs' place."
"So the Imperius Curse wore off hmmm....no matter. Imperio!" muttered Voldemort out loud. 'Now you will tell me if you have the locket...the one you were supposed to steal from the Black's house."
"I haven't been able to get it you see. 'E was their at Hogsmeade. 'E caught me stealing one o' the Black's items. I needed to hide nice 'nd low for a bit."
'You have had plenty of time to get the locket. It is very important that I get it before Potter finds out where it is. Severus is lucky though, that he mentioned seeing a Slytherin marked locket while he was there. I was able to figure out how it got their. If Potter gets a hold of it, then I will lose another part of me. So if you don't come back the next time I call for you...then I shall kill you. Now get out of my sight you worthless pile of filth." Mundungus Disapperated from the room. He still had lots to do before the day was done.
"Wormtail!" shouted Voldemort for the third time. A small man appeared before him. His silver hand was rusted. "Where is Nagini? You better have treated her better than you treat me. Which in fact is pretty low."
"Master, Nagini is missing. I cannot find her anywhere. Master I have honestly looked, but nothing has come up."
Voldemort made a few hissing noises, and after ten minutes a snake withered into the room. This snake was Voldemort's pet, Nagini. And she was very important to him, very important indeed. He could contact his snake through the nearly dead language, known as Parlsmouth. The language first started with his ancestor, Salazar Slytherin. Now very few people knew this language. He only knew one person who shared this ability, which he himself gave to him, through the scar. This person was the reason why he lost his body in the first place. And he thought he was doing the right thing. The snake made hissing sounds at Voldemort. He hissed back at her. This went on for a couple of minutes, and then Nagini left.
"Nagini just told me that someone informed Narcissa of what I had planned for Malfoy. Seeing how I held a small meeting discussing that one of my humble servants would have to be with him at all times. But you Wormtail couldn't stand it. I believe that you had feelings for her, and you didn't want her to die at the hands of her only son. So you tipped her off as soon as the meeting was over, and now she has fled."
"Master...please forgive me...she...she had the Imperius Curse on me. I fought as hard as I could, but she had enough hate to consume almost anyone."
"Why should I believe you?" asked Voldemort. "Their is a way to tell if someone was under the Imperius Curse. The only way is to either read someone's mind or to do the Imperius Curse on that person. Both alone are not enough. The combination between the two of them makes it so telling the truth is unavoidable. Hmmm...maybe I should try it on you Wormtail. Legilimens!" muttered Voldemort.
Wormtail's mind was like an open book. Voldemort could see virtually anything he wants. This particular spot interested Voldemort a lot. It was in some sort of run down shack. He couldn't recognize it at all. He saw seven people there talking. He could here that someone betrayed the Potters, and that he should've died, and that they learned that he was a rat hiding for years. This part he was keen on hearing.
"He- he was taking over everywhere!" said the voice of Pettigrew. "Wh-what was there to gained by refusing him?"
"What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard who has ever existed?" asked a man Voldemort recognized as Sirius Black. "Only innocent lives, Peter!"
"You don't understand!" cried out Pettigre. "He would have killed me, Sirius!"
Another man with grayish hair started to speak. "You should have realized, if Voldemort didn't kill you we would. Good-bye, Peter."
"NO!" shouted the voice of Potter. "You can't kill him, you can't."
The image started to fade away. Another came up this time it was Wormtail and Narcissa. She held her wand out in her right hand.
"Narcissa...you wanted to see me?" asked Wormtail.
"Yes in fact I do...Imperio!" she shouted the Imperius Curse. "I want you to go to that meeting Master has planned. I want you to figure out what he is up to." This vision faded too. Voldemort had seen enough. He was happy...so far.
"So...the only reason you are here today is because of Potter. He saved you from the fate of what Sirius Black, and that other man would have done to you. So far you speak the truth. which makes me happy, but if I find out your lying your going to get a one way ticket to death." he started out. "Imperio." he muttered. "Now, I want you to tell me...what did Narcissa want with you?"
"She wanted me to tell her what the meeting was about." said Wormtaill.
"Did you on your own free will?" asked Voldemort.
"No, she used the Imperius Curse on me, Master." said Wormtail.


I will post more shortly. I'm glad you like it.

nice. Wormtail and Narcissa....that would have been funny, but oh well. this definatly has a plot to it, so i very much like it! a lot of the 6th books that i read had nothing to them...but since you started out with what Voldermort was doing it was much better then the other ones i've read.

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its great, like ive said b4, i hope u can post more soon

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like it....it's going stronger than the first entry. the only part i didn't like was how Snape excaped from the Dark Lord so easily. i'm sure that Voldermort would have made sure that Snape couldn't get away so easily......but 'sides that it's good.

you said that you wanted us to be honest, so i was. i'm just saying these thing to help improve your story. it's going alot better than another 7th book that i've been reading.

you are right. you are being honest, and i appreciate that. thank you for telling me this. well i wasn't really sure how i could make him escape. again...thank you for being honest...more tomorrow...or maybe even later.

when i post more tomorrow...it will be roughly the same length, and i will still be on chapter one. if any of you have an idea for a title or a plot could you pm me. I have a plot, but it is complicated, and it won't be mentioned for a while. whoever else is reading can you please post any comments, errors, something you want to be changed, or something you don't like. I would really appreciate it...it will help me when I go to write more.

I agree with Zonko , Snape couldn't escape so easily........

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its really good keep it up, i think were gona see the partof Narcissa that is related to Sirius

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Before Voldemort said anything else, he made sure he closed his mind so Potter wouldn't be able to see anything more. Maybe what happened would be useful to him. Potter would think that Snape would try and go on a frenzy, and that would keep Potter distracted long enough so he could get his Horcruxes into safety. But that would be tricky...he didn't know what ones were gone and what ones were destroyed. It was like a game of chance. If he went to the wrong spot...then he would risk everything he had.
"Everything seems to be in order...I'm very impressed with your loyalty...but my own Death Eaters should be able to break an Imperius Curse. Potter had, and I'm the most feared wizard. So I think that it's telling you and my Death Eaters something...Potter is strong enough to stop an Imperius Curse, and that is something we could use against him. He somehow escapes the Advada Kedavera, and all that is left is the Cruciatus Curse, which he'll find a way to protect himself from that too."
"That means he would be immune to the curses, and we won't be able to kill him." said Wormtail quietly.
"Wormtail...use your head. The Unforgivable Curses isn't the only tool we have. Their are other spells that cause people pain. The Unforgivable Curses are just the ones we prefer. We could use a full body bind on them and bury them alive. We could levitate them into the air at high altitudes and drop them. We could apperate them, stranded without anything. But we choose to control them, kill them, and cause them pain. Why? Because it is more effective, and it gets the job done quicker.
"Moving on...I need one of my Death Eaters to follow Mr. Malfoy, to make sure he completes his job. I need someone who is willing to do anything it takes for him to succeed. Why do I choose you? I choose you because you at some times may leave my presence, but you were always loyal. If it wasn't for you...I would not be back in my body. Dumbledore would not be dead, and I would still be weak, and helpless. I know that you will do whatever Lord Voldemort asks."
"But Master, what if Malfoy were to go to school...should I put him under the Imperius Curse, or should I disguise myself and watch over him? Even better...Malfoy would be able to dispose of Potter once and for all. Instead of killing his mother, he could get rid of the boy who ruins your plans."
"First of all...you are not allowed to harm Malfoy, nor his he to harm Potter. Second of all...I am not killing Potter until I find out what the prophecy said. I am not going to risk losing my body again to a young teenager. Yes I want you to be disguised at all times. I will have another Death Eater with Malfoy, and you are to remain hidden in case anything goes wrong. If Malfoy was to try and hurt the Death Eater, though we all know he won't be capable, but if he tries, I want you to kill him. Is that understood Wormtail?"
"Yes Master." said Wormtail. He bowed deeply, and kissing the hem of his robe. He then Disapperated, leaving Voldemort alone.
'Potter indeed will not go back to school. He is no longer safe there, without the protection of Dumbledore. He is no longer safe anywhere.' thought Voldemort to himself. 'I will always know where he is. I could always take control of one of the muggles he lives with, and make him leave before he is covered with his mother's magic.'
He got out of his chair and walked up to a cabinet. He opened it, and took something out. It was kind of like a basin with silver liquid in it. This is where he preserved his memory. This is where he could think of what he did wrong that night. He could remember what Severus had told him of the prophecy. He put the tip of his wand into the Pensive and went into the Pensive.
That night was a chilly one, he could remember walking down Godric's Hollow in a traveler's cloak. No one knew that he was in the village. No one knew that he was about to kill a family. No one knew the significance of the boy he was about to rid himself of. Voldemort saw himself walking down the narrow path where the Potter's hiding place was. He saw himself take out his wand.
"Morsmordre!" shouted the memory of himself. A skull with a snake coming out of its mouth went into the sky. This is his mark...the mark of when he is about to kill someone. Then the chaos began. Screaming was practically the only thing you could hear. People running out of their houses onto the road, running for their lives. No one noticed his memory as he said Alomahora (sp).
Before his memory opened the door he heard something. "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off-" Then he remembered laughing, because he had thought that he could hold him, while the woman ran. This was amusing just as much as now as it was then.
Voldemort's wand was raised at the man's throat. He was about to kill him...he was about to dispose of a blood traitor, and he would soon be immortal, once he killed him. He remembered thinking those thoughts that night, not knowing what was about to happen.
"Advada Kedavera!" said the memory. The man died instantly with a blinding green flash. The woman was now protecting her child.
"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" he heard the woman say. Voldemort did not feel sorry for the woman, even though he was going to spare her her life.
"Stand aside, you silly girl...stand aside now...."
"Not Harry! Please...have mercy...have mercy...."
"You do not need to die...all you have to do is hand over the boy."
"Please...don't take my Harry from me!" she screamed.
"Do you really want to end up like that husband of yours?" asked his memory.
Now Voldemort remembered what his mistake was. He was trying to spare the mother, so the magic wouldn't have any effect, but the mother just didn't want to leave him. So he had to kill her, but that meant that the magic would protect the boy. How could he...the Dark Lord make such a careless mistake. Was this how Dumbledore was able to see right through him? Was it because he made too many mistakes, and Dumbledore was able to pick them up and figure out the truth, that he knew what he was up to with the Horcruxes.
Voldemort was no longer paying attention to his memory. He had gotten what he had came for: What he had done wrong on the night of Halloween. He had made another mistake too. He had let Potter see his talk with Snape and Malfoy. Now it would make him even more determined to find his Horcruxes. That was his third mistake, and if he made anymore and he would be killed. Without the Horcruxes, then he wouldn't be immortal.
He left his memories and decided that he needed to do something to take his minds off of death. Voldemort hated the sounds of dying, and he wouldn't want to leave the wizarding world, knowing that his goal in life wouldn't be fulfilled. He wanted to get rid of all of the wizards and do what any other person in his position would do...rule the world.
Voldemort hadn't killed anyone lately...it's been three weeks since he left the Dark Mark over someone's house. He didn't want the wizarding world to get too calm. A little havoc would do the trick, and he would forget about the troubles he had at hand. But their was one thing that would never go away. How come he had let Severus go so easily. Was he getting too old for this? Was he growing too careless to even notice what he was doing. Severus shouldn't have gotten away so easily. He was the Dark Lord. He had the power. He could do whatever he pleased without anyone questioning him. No one could defy him and get away with it. But Severus Snape, the Half Blood Prince did. He had escaped, and he would know that he sent his Death Eaters to find him. Snape would be gone before he had a chance to even eat a full meal.
Severus, he had to admit, was very good in the Dark Arts. He had heared that he was the best person in Defense Against the Dark Arts, other than himself. Could it be possible that Severus would turn against him and try and defeat him himself. He had enough skill to, but Voldemort was sneakier. If Severus did manage to get back to his lair, Voldemort would already be gone. Severus would have to search for years, and by that time, Voldemort would be strong enough to take out everyone who opposed him.
After a few hours of walking around thinking, he returned to his lair and found that one of his Death Eaters was waiting in his chambers. It was Macnair. He had returned with wounds over his face. Avery was not with him at all. Macnair was missing a hand, and had gashes on his face. Voldemort could have guessed what happened.
"Master, I am sorry, but Severus, he knew we were going after him...so he hid in the nearest town, leaving a trail for us to follow. We thought we cornered him, but Severus...he whipped out his wand and killed Avery, and used a curse on me. I have never heard of it either. He told me to tell you that he shouldn't send so much weaklings like Avery to try and kill him. And that he would soon go after you, my Master." after he said that...he fell over...dead.
Voldemort was sure that Macnair didn't feel much pain. His Death Eaters were taught to endure whatever kind of pain that was brought to them. That wasn't what was troubling him though. Severus was going to go against him, so now he had a rival, and Potter to deal with.
With a whip of his wand he got rid of the body. Macnair and Avery were one of his best Death Eaters, and Snape knew that they were looking for him. Voldemort was not frightened though. All because he got rid of two Death Eaters, doesn't mean he can get rid of a whole army of them...along with giants, dementors, and werewolves. He would stop at nothing to see that Snape was dead, along with Potter and the wizarding world. Lord Voldemort will rise again as the most feared. He hasn't even begun on his mass destruction of the wizarding world. They never saw what kind of powers he had.

Happy Crazykim??? exactly 10000 characters. and that is the end of chapter one also. chapter two i need to plan out, so it will be out a little later. can't make promises when this will be out, but it will be before i logg out.

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Chapter One: The Beginning

A teenage boy was tossing and turning in his bed. Sweat covered his sheets and his face. He was having a very vivid dream. He has had plenty of dreams before hand. They were always about Lord Voldemort; the one who had killed his parents fifteen years ago. This one was no different, but when Harry woke up he realized that Voldemort wanted him to see it. Th only reason he knew was because a year ago, Voldemort had tricked Harry by making it look like his godfather, Sirius Black, was at the Department of Mysteries, being tortured by him. Harry went to his aid right away, only to learn that it was a trap. He had found something that had his and Voldemort's name on it. It was a prophecy. The prophecy was still stuck in his head, he remembered every word to it.


Voldemort was trying to figure this out for himself. He only knew part of it. he only heard the first half, saying that he would have someone who would be his equal. His source didn't hear the whole thing, so Voldemort presumed that he would be his equal, he did not know that he would be marking him. The whole prophecy was based on if Voldemort was going to try and kill the boy. The prophecy started when Voldemort couldn't kill Harry. Voldemort was supposed to kill his parents, and Harry was suppose to live with a scar, as the only mark left. The prophecy knew that Voldemort would forget the magic, and that he would kill his parents, but wouldn't succeed with Harry.

Tonight was by far the strangest. He saw Snape and Malfoy in somesort of building. In there was Lord Voldemort, which he wasn't too pleased. Dumbledore was dead, but he had wanted Malfoy to kill him. He, Malfoy tried using the Cruciatus Curse on Snape, but he used the shield charm, and then the spell he invented, Sectumsempra. Malfoy was bleeding badly, and Snape Disapperated.Voldemort just sat there, fuming with himself. He didn't care that Malfoy was bleeding. After awhile he had cured him, and told him that he had another job for him. He was to kill his mother, Narcissa. That was all their was of the dream. Why would Voldemort show him this? Why would he...unless. Harry had the answer. It was hard to figure out at first, but it was simple. He got out of bed, turned on a table side lamp, took out two pieces of parchment, ink bottle, and a quill.

Can't tell you too much, incase this letter is intercepted. I had another one of my strange dreams. It had to do with Snape. I will explain everything when I see you. Yes, we are still going. I hope you weren't expecting me too.

Remember what I told you what I wanted to do? I decided after my birthday, when I become of age. We are to go the following day. If Hermione is with you, make sure she uses some spell to stop your sister from coming. Even if you have to tell your mother.. And make sure the other two, Neville and Luna dont come as well. I will Apperate to your house. This will be the only bit of magic I will do illegally.
Hope you are doing well-

He made another one, identical to the one he wrote to Ron. He labeled it to Hermione, and rolled up both letters, and tied them around Hedwig, his snowy owl's leg. He had gotten her in his first year as a first birthday present from the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid. Now he has someone to keep him company when he was at the Dursley's, his only remaining living relatives. He told her who to deliver the two letters. With a soft nibble in the ear, and she was gone in the night sky.

Harry went to his bedside table to look at the alarm clock. It read two o'clock. In a few hours time Harry would be awaked by his aunt's usual rants about Harry doing nothing around the house, letting her and his uncle doing all the work around the house. Harry personally didn't care. He slid back into his bed, and went back to sleep. What was the significance of the dream he had? More questions always entered his mind, ever since Snape killed Dumbledore.

The next morning, he wasn't woken up by Aunt Petunia, and when he reached for his glasses his alarm clock read twelve o'clock. He quickly got dressed and ran down stairs. It was odd that he wasn't being yelled at for sleeping in. He first went into the kitchen where he thought the Dursley's would be eating their so called lunch. Harry didn't care what his aunt called it, but it wasn't a meal at all. They usually had a single fruit or vegetable, because his overweighed cousin needed an extreme diet. But it was the exact opposite for Harry. He was very thin for someone his age, and it didn't help the fact that the Dursley's always gave him the least amount of food.

He walked up to the kitchen table where the mail was lying on. Looked liked bills and advertisements. Nothing he hadn't seen before. But two things caught his eye. One was a letter that had his uncle's handwriting. It read like this:

Boy, you are not to touch anything at all until we return by the end of the weekend. Aunt Marge is very sick, so we are with her to keep her company. If I find out that you caused mischief, I will wring that scrawny little neck of yours. The only thing you may have to eat is the smallest carrot stick. AND after that, you are not allowed to watch tv, or to play with Dudley's computer. We will be Sunday afternoon. Your aunt expects everything to be clean. And make sure that ruddy owl of yours doesn't leave any of its dinner around the house.


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Harry personally didn't care what his uncle did or didn't want him to do. He had more important things to worry about than the computer or the tv. He had to plan out what he was going to do at Godric's Hollow. He's been thinking about it, but hasn't really planned out what he was going to do. One thing was for certain though...he was going to take a look at his parents grave. It would indeed be hard, but he had to see their grave, for the first time.

A few hours later, and Harry was in his room, wishing that Hedwig was there with him. Though he knew that Hedwig only left this morning, he wished that she would be back with him. She was the only company he had at Privet Drive. Since Harry wasn't allowed to do anything he decided to pace around the room thinking. After awhile Harry gave up and went to bed.

He had the same dreams about Dumbledore dying...Sirius dying...and more importantly his parents death. Those were the things that haunted him the most. Occasionally he would visit the site of Ceddric Diggory's death. This was still painful to him. He still wished he could've done something about it.

It was in Harry's fourth year and someone had entered him into something called the Triwizard Tournament. He had to go through three tasks. He managed to survive the Hungarian Horntail, and being underwater for over thirty minutes, getting past a sphinx and blast ended skrewts, but he barely lived through facing Lord Voldemort. He had regained his body, but before he did, he had Wormtail kill Cedric. The Triwizard cup turned out to be a portkey that brought the two of them to a graveyard.

Voldemort had forced Harry to duel him. Voldemort used the killing curse, the Advada Kedvera on him, but Harry and Voldemort's wand had done a peculiar thing. Their wands were connected and a tiny bead was forced to Voldemort's end. It brought out the last people he had killed, blocking the path to Harry. He had managed to escape...barely. He had grabbed Cedric's body, by his command. But then he had to face an impostor...someone he had trusted for a whole school year.

Harry woke with sweat over his whole body. But the thing is that he didn't wake up because of the nightmares, but because he had heard something from down stairs. Someone was in his house. His first two thoughts were the Order of the Phoenix, bringing him out of here, but why would they? His second thought was Death Eaters.He went to his night post and grabbed his wand and glasses.

He carefully made his way down the stairs, avoiding the last stair that creaked. Whoever entered the house must have entered through the door in the kitchen. Their was no other room after that, but the way into the parlor. Harry moved quietly to the wall, feeling his way to the kitchen door way. He had his wand raised, ready to take action. He put his left hand out and pushed the door open quickly. The person in the room was perplexed which left Harry plenty of time to disarm the person. He held their wand in his left hand at the person's throat.

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"Who are you, and why did Voldemort send you here?" asked Harry through gritted teeth.

"Must you speak his name?" asked a very familiar voice. It was Tonks from the Order. So the Order is really taking him to the hideout.

"Tonks?" Harry asked disbelievingly.

"Wotcher Harry." said Tonks. Harry handed back her wand. C'mon, you need to get your things together. Hurry which way is it to your room again."

"I'm not going." Harry said flatly. "I am not going with you Tonks. I am sorry, but I have things to do."

"I'm sorry Harry, but I must do this for your own good. I have very strict orders. If you weren't to come with me, I would have to force you." she said.

"Force me? Tonks you aren't-" Harry started out. He didn't have enough time to finish what he was going to say.

"Stupify!" said Tonks. Harry was knocked out cold.

Harry woke up dazed. He could not believe what just happened. Tonks had just stupified him and kidnapped him from his house. Harry was indeed awake, but could not move, for he was in the full body bind spell. His wand was not with him, and he was in a room that he had never saw before. His head was throbbing, his scar burned his forehead. He had felt this sensation once before, when Voldemort was really pleased. This was one of those moments. He was glad that he was captured by Tonks, and that he was finally able to get rid of Harry. His birthday was in a weeks time, and the magic that protected him would be gone. He was now helpless, and with Dumbledore dead, no one could save him.

He did not know how long he had been gone from the Dursley's, but Harry hoped with all of his heart that his two best friends had gotten his letter. He was sure that if they didn't hear from him in a couple of days, then they would contact the Order, and they would come to Harry's rescue. His hopes were soaring at an unbelievable rate. Tonks would pay for betraying the Order of the Phoenix, even if Harry died, she would still pay.

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Hours went by (or so Harry had thought.) and no one came in or out of the room. His stomach was growing hungry. but food was not the thing that was bothering Harry. It was the fact that he was kidnapped out of his home, and it was by someone Harry had trusted. Someone who had understood what he was going through, and she betrays him. He tried to move, but the magic was still in effect. Their was no way that Harry could break the spell. No way at all, and how could anyone find him? He was stuck here, and their was nothing he could do about it.

He heard a door open from his left. A man with a ragged beard walked into the room. He wore tatthered muggle clothes, and he held a wand firmly in his hand. He kind of reminded him of McGonnagall. He looked like he was just like her, but more fierce. Harry, tried as hard as he could to turn his gaze elsewhere but it was hopeless. He could help looking at his captor.

"So, finally brave enough to show yourself after all." said Harry through gritted teeth.

"As hard as it is...yes I have. And I am afraid that you will have to remain here until after your seventeenth birthday." said the man. "We are doing this for your own protection."

"Protection...yeah right...sending me to Voldemort is really going to help me." said Harry sarcastically. "Because Voldemort knows that I am no longer safe after my seventeenth birthday."

To Harry's surprise the man did not flinch at Voldemort's name, like basically everyone else he knew. Harry didn't even know any one of Voldemort's supporters who were brave enough to even say his name. Maybe he wasn't one of his supporters. He sure didn't look like one, but Harry knew well enough not to judge what people look like...he had learned that with plenty of people.

"Harry, Voldemort knows that the magic wears off after your birthday, so do I...Dumbledore told me a while back, and he told me what I had to do if he were to fail."

"You-" said Harry casually. "You were in contact with Dumbledore...before he died?"

"Yes...he wanted me to take good care of keeping an eye on you whenever he was gone. I've been in disguise as a student's pet at Hogwarts."

Harry was stunned at this bit of information. He was someone's pet? This was getting hard to understand. He was in contact with Dumbledore, he was the one trying to save him, but to save him he was forced to be a hostage in a twisted sort of way, and that he was watching him from a disguise. Harry tried to think what animal he could've been.

"You were someone's animal?" Harry asked perplexed. "How could you be someone's pet?" asked Harry.

"I was a pet of a very good friend of yours. Dumbledore, and a man whom I think is your godfather arranged for me to become an owl...by what his sister had named me-"

"Pig...you were Pigwidgeon..." muttered Harry.

"Indeed..." he said softly. "Indeed I was Pig. I was against it, but Dumbledore insisted that I were to watch over you with care. He knew what Snape was up to the whole year, and he was prepared to die."

"He knew that he was going to die?" asked Harry. "He knew, and he allowed himself to be killed?"

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"Hmm...that is the very thing that I was hoping you could answer." said the man.

Harry was becoming uncomfortable around this man. He didn't know much about him...let alone his name. But somehow he trusted him. He couldn't explain how he trusted him, but he just did. Was it because that he knew Dumbledore, and Sirius, or was it because he hasn't many any effort to harm him. The only thing that puzzled Harry was how was he supposed to know why Dumbledore knew his time was coming...

"Sir, I don't know why Dumbledore let himself be killed by that traitor." he said, forcing himself to remain calm.

"Sir? No need to call me that Harry, the name is Brethon Jr. Just call me Brethon, don't really prefer my first name...kind of like Tonks. Foolish name, so I like being called Brethon."

"Brethon, what are you doing with the traitor Tonks anyway?" asked Harry.

"Harry you misunderstood what Tonks was doing." started out Brethon. "I had ordered her to use extreme measures if you wouldn't come on your own will. Sorry about that Harry." said Brethon. He indeed sounded sorry.

So Tonks was just following orders from Brethon. This cleared everything up for Harry. He was relieved that Voldemort didn't have him as a prisoner. This man...Brethon seemed like he knew what he was up against. He wasn't afraid of Voldemort like most people were. He was like a younger version of Dumbledore, and more. He had the power to comfort people, because before he came he was filled with grief and anger, and now he...felt...normal.

"So since you told Tonks what to do...I guess that makes you the new leader for the Order of the Phoenix." Harry pointed out.

"I guess it does...but I have more than that as a job. But that is something you do not need to know right now." he said ending the subject. "Well I better go...I have to attend a meeting. And you can go to the place called the Burrow is it? Your friend's mother said that she would like to see you for the remaining of the summer...said something about a wedding."

Harry wasn't too excited about going to the Weasley's house. It would be harder for them to escape, and he didn't think he could bear seeing Ginny again. He did just break up with her, so how is she really going to take it when he sees her? But then he thought of what his life would've been if it wasn't for the Weasley's. They had done so much for him...especially Mrs. Weasley. She had treated him like he was part of the family. Which made Harry feel good on the inside, but what if she found out of his plan?

Bethron got up getting ready to leave. He didn't notice the change in Harry's mood. He, by the looks of it, had better things he had to attend to. Harry couldn't blame him either. Who cared about how people felt these days when Voldemort was causing mayhem? Harry knew he wouldn't if someone else was in his place right now. But would he try to stop someone trying to do something like what he was doing?

"Brethon, would you mind letting Mrs. Weasley know that I'm not coming?" Harry asked casually. He didn't want his voice to betray anything.

It took a few moments for Brethon to answer. He was searching his face, to see if it told him anything. He relaxed a little, cleared his throat and said: "Not going over there for the summer? Something I would never thought possible. But of course I don't want to force you to go, but if I have to I shall. The Burrow is one of the safest spots in our world right now...it has all the things the Grimwauld place had and more. And of course we had to choose the new Secret Keeper, which is...you."

Harry was stunned at this last bit of information. He was the Secret Keeper for the Weasley's? Harry couldn't understand why they needed a Secret Keeper, but it was for the best he was sure. But why him? Wouldn't Voldemort suspect something like that? Or was he Secret Keeper for another reason?

"The reason that your Secret Keeper is simply because you have had...encounters with Voldemort, and you know how he kills people, so I thought it was best for you to be the Secret Keeper. From what I have been told is that you got an O in your O.W.L.s for Defense against the Dark Arts, and that you are the best in your year, so what better then to have an Auror in training to take up the position?

"But I wouldn't be a very good Secret Keeper, because Voldemort is a master Legiliment, and I don't know how to do Occlumency. Voldemort would be able to read me like a book."

"Not if you had a Pensive of your own he won't." said Brethon. "It will be waiting for the moment you get at the Weasley's. And it is my advice that you don't leave the house either until you go back to Hogwarts." said Brethon.

"I-" started out Harry, but closed his mouth. He was about to say that he wasn't going back to Hogwarts. But then he would ask why and all sorts of other questions.

"Well good-bye Harry. It was a pleasure to meet you in person." said Brethon. He headed towards the door. "Oh, and guess I forgot." he whipped out his wand and performed the counter-curse and left the room.

Harry spent the remainder of the day in the room. He didn't feel like exploring the place he was at, he just wanted to be left alone. Brethon knew more than he was telling, Harry could tell, and that their was something strange about him as well. He all of a sudden came out of his disguise, after Dumbledore died. If he was like a younger version of Dumbledore, then he could have helped him, instead of being an owl.

Tonks stopped in once or twice to check in on him. She didn't seem her normal self after that night, and Harry couldn't blame her. She was ordered to force Harry to come. He had tried to comfort her, but nothing worked. Lupin stopped in one day and assured Harry that Tonks was alright, and that she hopes that you forgive her.

"Of course I forgive her." said Harry rather too quickly. "I mean she was just following orders from Brethon. I can't blame her for doing what she was asked."

Lupin looked relieved and he was about to go, but then turned around. He took a seat on the floor with Harry, "You do know why we are doing this don't you?"

"Of course I do! You are doing this because you don't want Voldemort coming after me after my seventeenth birhtday. I understand fully."

"Brethon didn't tell you about the letter?" Lupin asked nervously.

"What letter?" Harry asked uncertainly.

"The letter-" Lupin started. "The letter that you sent to Ron and Hermione. The one that said that you were going to Godric's Hollow."

Harry felt a knot form in his stomach. They wouldn't...they simply wouldn't give the letter to the Order. They were with him...they said that they were going with him...how can it be that they betrayed him? Now he wouldn't be able to go to Godric's Hollow, now he wouldn't be able to find the missing Horcrux. Maybe he could contact Bethron and ask him for help...but he hardly knew the guy.

"Harry you know how serious what you are doing is right? I mean I don't want to be harsh or anything, but what if Voldemort is suspecting you to go there? I mean...you never actually mastered Occlumency...and Voldemort could have read your thoughts."

"I'm the best Defense Against the Dark Arts student in my year!" Harry shouted. "I don't need someone to tell me what is dangerous! I have survived Voldemort quite a bit, so I think I can fend myself thank you very much!"

"Harry...listen to me...this is more serious than ever before. I will have to make you stay at the Weasley's if I must, so you better listen to me. I do not want to lose my best friend's son, the very son that they tried to save! I believe we have had this talk before." Harry remained silent.

He knew that Lupin was right, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it. He had suffered too. He had lost Sirius and James, two of his best friends, Dumbledore, he trusted Lupin enough to let him work at Hogwarts, and his mom.

"Now you listen to me." started Lupin. "I want you to promise me that you will stay at the Weasley's unless you are instructed to leave. Got it?"

Harry didn't need to answer Lupin's question, because at that moment a letter came in. Harry couldn't read who it was from, but he could tell that it was urgent. Lupin took out his wand and Disapperated. Harry was left alone...again.

Harry was alone again for about another hour, which he spent thinking of how his two best friends had just turned against him. He never would've dreamed that they would tell Lupin and the rest of the Order about his plans to go into Godric's Hollow. Tonks came in once more, but this time much happier.

"Thank you so much for understanding Harry." bustled Tonks. "I thought you would hate me for sure, but anyway...you need to get ready to go to the Burrow. Your things are already there, so you just need to get something to eat, then we can be off."

"Er..I'm fine..." Harry lied. He was in fact hungry, but he didn't think he could manage to eat anything.

"All right then." said an unsure Tonks. "Ok...since you cannot Apperate yet, we are going by floo powder."

Harry didn't like taking the floo network, but it gave him an idea. He could slip away from Tonks by saying that he needed to grab something, and for her to go on without him. Then he could go to Godric's Hollow alone by floo powder. Harry thought that this plan was fool proof.

"Go on Tonks, I will be right behind you, just need to get something." said Harry mischievously.


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"I'll wait for you Harry, don't worry" said Tonks.
"That's ok you don't have to wait I'll go after you go"
said Harry geting a little worry because Tonks wouldn't go first.
"Go get what you had to get Harry I'll wait."
"Ok then I'll go get it" said Harry.
I can't go to Godrics Hollow which means I just have to wait. Harry came back a few minutes later to seeTonks
still standing and waiting for him. He was hoping that she would have gone because he took so long getting the thing he had to get. But to his bad fortune she still wasn't gone.
"Harry you took long, how come?" asked Tonks hoping to get a very good explanation for why he had taken long.
"I couldn't find it thats why"
"Oh I see...hurry up then lets go they must be waiting for us to arrive"said Tonks.
"You go first Harry" said Tonks.
"Ok," Harry walked over and got some floo powder and said
"The Burrow" very clearly. Seconds later he was standing in the Weasleys home. The home he loved so much to go to, but not this time it wasn't the place he wanted to be at the moment. His two best friend had told the order that he would be going to Godrics Hollow which ruin his plans completely , or maybe not. He had been of on his thoughts for a while that he didn't notice that Hermione was hugging him so
hard he was almost out of air.
"Hermione let him go you are letting him out of air." said Ron
"Sorry Harry' said Hermione turning red on the cheecks.
Harry wished very much she wouldn't let go of him . He felt his stomach do a flip while he thought that , but wait he was still sort of mad at her for telling the order.
"How are you mate, listen we have to talk." said Ron
"Harry dear go up stair to Rons room and see where you are going to be sleeping, while I prepare dinner.
" Lets go Ron " said Harry.
Ron and Hermione followed Harry up stairs.
Once they were up stairs they were all silent. Hermione was the one who spoke first.
"Harry we wanted to tell you that we.......

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Harry really didn't care what she had to say at the moment. She had given him away. Even though he did wanted Hermione to still have her arms around him, she had betrayed him, and he didn't like that at all.

"I don't care what you have to say." Harry spat.

"Harry, we never got the chance to read your letter. The bloke, Brethon took them from us as soon as Hedwig came. He then ordered Tonks to get you, and we couldn't write to you. Mum doesn't know...thank god, or she would have my head."

"Wait...you know Brethon?" asked Harry puzzled.

"You know him too?" asked Hermione relieved that Harry was no longer angry.

"Yeah, I know him. He told me loads of things, like he was in contact with Dumbledore, but that isn't important right now...what is important is why he took the letters, and how much he could learn from them."

"Well, Fred and George have a general idea." said Ron.

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"Ok so what is their general idea?" asked Harry curious.
"Tell you later mate?" said Ron

"So you two didn't tell them about my plan?" asked Harry.

"No we didn't Harry, like we told you, they got the letters before we read them. We wouldn't tell them what you were up to, and you know that we would never betray you." said Hermione grabbing his hand in hers.

"Yeah I know, you guys have always been there for me." said Harry
The three of them stayed quiet for a few minutes until Mrs.Weasley called them from down stairs that dinner was ready.

"I think we should go down stairs cuz I'm starving" said Ron going down stairs and leaving the two alone.

"Harry, I just wanted to tell you that I'm there for you if you want to talk to someone about what happened at school." said Hermione.

Harry knew that she was talking about Dumbldore.
"I know Hermione thanks." said Harry.

Hermione then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips, and went down stairs with a smile on her face.


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Harry was glad that Ron wasn't there at the time. He didn't want him to see what was going on. Harry had a ping of guiltiness, but also he felt remarkably happy. He couldn't stop showing excitement in his face, and Ron took noticed as he walked into the bedroom.

"What are you happy about?" asked Ron.

"Oh you know...seeing you and Hermione again...that's all...so Fred and George reckon that they know whats going on?"

"Yeah, but it is basically what we know already. And Snape hasn't been seen either. They have all of the available Ministry workers looking for Snape. Even dad is looking for him."

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ahhh but Jkrowling made it so clear they wont be together! o well its your story KEEp going!

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ahhh but Jkrowling made it so clear they wont be together! o well its your story KEEp going!

who knows they might get together in the last book it might not work out beteween ron and Hermione

Who said they would be 2gether wink .

ha ha its soo stated clear and well everyone can tell its gonna happen! it might not work between ron and hermione(which i doubt) but it is stated clear he wont be with hermione..well enough with this ! get going with the story pls someone!!

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"I'm wouldn't be surprised if Voldemort had already killed him." Ron as usual flinched at the sounds of his name.
"RON...grow up!" Hermione bellowed out at him.
Harry had to come up with a way to get out of the Burrow without having anyone following him. It was near impossible.
"Night." Harry said.
"Night? It's nearly twelve o'clock. How can you-"
"Night." Harry said again. "I will sneak down in my invisibility cloak." muttered Harry in an undertone.
"Right..." Ron muttered back.
Harry climbed the stairs and went into Fred and George's old bedroom. He had to be careful though. One false step then Harry would get caught. His plan was to escape with the invisibilty cloak, and Ron and Hermione would Apperate to the wizard village nearby. Harry had left a note for them to read it. And knowing Hermione she would've read it and they would be gone already.
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"I have to get going" said Harry.
He grabbed what he needed and was off.
"I have to be very careful and not make any noise, or someone might come down stairs and see me. Then I won't be able to go to godrics hollow." said Harry.

He went down stairs very quietly making sure he wouldn't wake up anyone. As he passed Ginny's room he remembered all the good times he had with her. Now he was over her and was in love with his best friend Hermione. Or was he?He still wasn't sure of what he felt for Hermione. He wasn't that sure that he was really over Ginny.

Who would of thought he was going to fall for his best friend, but now wasn't the right time think of that. There were things that had to be done. He had to get going.
"Wonder if Hermione, and Ron are already there?"said Harry.

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sorry...didn't know you posted...i will post tomorrow...promise...

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lol. if i forget, do what you do to pink diamonds...

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He started to pace back and forth, getting anxious for they were late. He then heard the usual small 'pop' and Hermione and Ron appeared at his feet. They had worried expressions on their face. Harry looked at them quizzically.

"What took you so long?" Harry asked with a mix of anger and worriedness.

"They know..." started Ron.

"They know that you're gone Harry." finished Hermione. "Moody was under his invisibility cloak watching you the whole time. We managed to get away from them before they found out more. We need to leave if we are going to Godric's Hollow."

"Well, our best bet is to hold off our trip to Godric's. We should probably lie low somewhere for a bit...and return to Hogwarts for a month. They are bound to find us sooner or later. And it is easier to lose someone in Hogwarts, for we have the Marauder's Map." said Harry uncertianly.

"Are you sure Harry, mate?" asked Ron, "I mean, it isn't exactly safe at Hogwarts, without Dumbledore..."

"But the new Headmaster seems really good, and he knows Dumbledore very well." said Hermione calmly.

"I don't know, but we might want to get the Knight Bus." said Harry. "It's getting late, and we need to get to Diagon Alley.

So they rose their wand in the night sky, and the bus immediately came to a stop. It was still the same old Ern driving the bus as Harry remembered from his last two trips. But Stan was no where to be seen. As they sat down on the bus and told him of where they wanted to go, they hadn't realized that something was going on that had to do with the Dark Lord hundreds of miles away...
(more tomorrow from me since it is short.)

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that won't be good...i will try and get it done now...

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nice but u do no that the headmaster isn't a he anymore, right. Its head misstress now.

it is called a fan fiction...it is completly made up, and i have plans for McGonnagall anyways later, which makes her way too busy to take the positioin. i know tons of things about HP, and this isn't your story to tell us what to do. It is mine and Hermionelover's. (sorry if that sounded a bit harsh. i was trying to say it as nice as possible.)

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