Harry Potter and The Green Flame Torch book 7

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After reading all these great novels, reading all of these great books, I decided to write my own. I,ll try to post a chapter a day until school starts. After that, mostly on the weekend. --Please no criticizm
--Ill gladly take any suggetions
--Hope you enjoy!
--I am not trying to copy any of JK's work. i just want to be close to hers.
--This book wont make sense unless youve read the 6th book.

!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 1!!!!!!!!!!

After a long, hot, day Harry Potter stared up at the grey ceiling of his small room. It was only a few weeks into the summer vacation and Harry was already longing to go back to Hogwarts. This year, the Dursely's had been worse than ever. Harry had more than 15 padlocks on his door because the Dursely's thought that Harry was some sort of phsico maniac. Even though the Dursely's knew that Harry was safe at ttheir house and that Lord Voldemort would never be able to get there, they were still their stupid oldselves.

Because of Dudley's "wieght problem" he and the rest of the Dursely's went on a diet, including Harry. While normally he hardly got any food, now, he was lucky to get a crumb a day.

Luckily, he had a massive supply of Honeydukes sweets hidden in the bottom of his trunk.

Harry was forced to study under the covers at night with a flashlight.

AUTHORS NOTE- Sorry its so short. im tired and going to bed post more tomorrow.

here it is 1:00 AM

While it is 5:30 PM in Utah.....Seems like a good start KP smile

Well, it's kind of rushed, and the facts are a bit jumbled. You jumped from Harry wanting to go back to Hogwarts (Didn't he say he wasn't going to go back at the end of HBP?) to Dudley's weight problem to Harry having to study in the light of a flashlight.

It's kind of confusing so far. My suggestion: slow down, write good descriptions, and keep your ideas monitered when you're writing. What I mean by that is, sometimes as a writer, you'll get ideas of the things you both want and need to write down in order for your story to be logical. When you begin writing the ideas down, make sure your paragraphs flow nicely, and your current topic fits in, relative to the topic of paragraphs before hand.

As Barka said, it's as good a start as any. There are two things that confused me a bit:

1) Didn't Harry say he didn't want to return to Hogwarts? And I hope you explain how Harry knows that it is open for sure. Remember, it was being debated as to whether the school would re-open.

2) Make sure you remember that Harry's seventeenth birthday represents two things: He is legal to use magic, and he can leave the Dursley's, as Dumbledore's magic will have no use when Harry turns seventeen.

I'll make sure I continue to read. Good luck! big grin

well...Harry wasn't really sure now was he...and why would it be called year seven without Harry going to school. I personally believe that he will go to Hogwarts for a short amount of time to say good bye to everyone in person...or something like that.

ive alredy brainstormed and it will reveal itself

I dunno.....I don't thing he'll go back to school , And I agree that it is a bit confusing .

But apart from that , It was Great !

thanks for all the suggestions! ill post more in the afternoon

AUTHORS note-here's the end of the chapter.

As all of these thoughts swirled around in head, he quickly fell asleep.


It was dark outside. Harry was in the Gryffindor common room. He was the only sign of life around. No Ron. No Hermione.
All of a sudden, the fireplace burst into dancing, emerald fames. Out stepped a large, shaggy man none other than Harry's Godfather: Sirius Black.
"Yes Harry, its me."
"Sirius... is it really you?"
"Yes Harry, its relly me."
Harry was overwelmed with joy.
"Now listen to me very carefully. Voldemorts forces are growing. He is trying to hide something very powerful from us. After your 17th birthday, go to the Burrow. Youll be safer there than here. All of the enchantments that Dumbledore put on it lastyear are still in effect. Mrs. Weasley will take you to your apparation test. You really need to pass.
I dont know if Hogwarts will be reopening this year, but if it does make sure that you go. If you go, there is a way to get Dumbledore back to life. You, Ron, and Hermione need to find out how to get to the object that Voldemort is hiding from us."
...Neither can live while the other survives...
The fire burst into emerald flames once again.
Snape stepped out.
"Just remember Harry, I will always be with you and I will see you very soon."
"Oh shut up you insufferable fool," said Snape
"You dont talk about my godfather like that! Cruci-!
"No Unforgivable Curses from you on my watch!" inturrupted Snape.
"You just leave Harry alone," said Sirius
"Well, lets just see how you take this: AVADA KEDAVRA!"


Harry quickly sat up in bed breaking out into a cold sweat.
"Was that real?" he thought. "Will I see Sirius again? Can I really bring Dumbledore back to life?"
Harry new one thing: he was going to listen to the dream.
Harry looked out into the sunset and spotted 2 owls coming towards him.
As the owls came closer, Harry recognized one of them as Pigwidgeon. The other looked like a ministry owl.
When they arrived, the minisry owl stuck out its leg and Harry removed the letter and dropped a Knut in its pouch. It quickly took off.
Pig also stuck out his leg and quickly left too.
The first letter was from Rufus Scrimigeour, the Minister of Magic.

To Mr. Harry Potter

Dear Mr. Potter,

This is to inform you that Hogwarts School of Whitchcraft and Wizardry will be re-opening this year. You are required to come as well as all of your fellow classmates. Enjoy the rest of your holidays, and best wishes on your apparition tests.

Rufus Scrimigoure, Minister of Magic

The next letter was from Ron.

Dear Harry,

Did you get the letter from the ministry too? I hope your holidays are going well. Mom says that youll be here for Bill and Fluer's wedding. Ginny kepps asking about you too. Hope to see you soon!


AUTHOR'S note: end of chapter. opinions?

Nice, so far. Not many errors, although Witchcraft is spelled without an H. stick out tongue

Just thought you'd like to know. smile

Plus, I'm pretty sure that Scrimgeour is spelled wrong. I don't have my book, so I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure you spell it like I did...

Anyway, keep it up! thumb up

Not bad.....i like the vivid dream.....sounds like the kind of thing that would happen to harry.

It was a rocky start but this story is rapidly progressing. keep it up!

chapter 1 is called THE DREAM

its great , plz continue!!!

sorry i havent been writing lately, imgetting ready to go back to america. i will definetly post more tonight

auh... there goes definitely sad

im REALLY truly sorry i didnt write. im coming back to america tomorrow and ive been busy with packing and every other little thing. but, i will be traveling for about 18 hours and i will write a lot. my next post should be wed. or thur. blow

OK. so i didnt write wednesday or thursday. its a long story. ill post more tomorrow

More PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bunny *begs*

lol nice work keep it coming whenever that is

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