Harry Potter and The Gauntlet Of Truth

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Hey everyone ! Saratn , potter_luver48 , and myself , will be writing in thread . If you want to join us and write in this thread you will have to PM me or Saratn .

Working for the Dark side can always be a problem , but if yo wanted to change your mind about it , you wouldn't get away easily .Especially if you work for the Dark Lord .He was back and gaining more power than ever .
It was a dark , stormy night and Draco Malfoy was running alongside his Professor's side .Severus Snape had just gotten rid of the person his master feared most ; Albus Dumbledore . Snape had betrayed Dumbledore's trust . Draco Malfoy's master had sent him out on a mission , and he had failed . He had failed to kill the old , muggle-loving fool , Dumbledore .
A dark and forbidding castle came into sight , and they ran to the entrance . There was a large picture of a serohent on the doors . The casle had peeling black paint , and an evil look about it. Snape walked up to the front doors and pulled up the sleeve of his left arm , to reveal the Dark Mark . He put his wand to the mark , and then to the picture of the serphent . With a hissing noise , the doors opened . They entered the castle , holding their breath , careful not to make any noise , They were in their Master's lair . Hardly any death eaters exited it unharmed .
" You're Late ! " hissed a cold , angry voice , from the far corner of the room . A large torch , near where the voice spoke , burst into red flames . The light revealed , the snakelike face with evil looking red slits for eyes , of Lord Voldermort .

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thanks...but you know me though Kim...i take forever to get things done. roll eyes (sarcastic)

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"Sorry Master." mumbled Malfoy.
"Speak up." hissed Voldemort.
"Sorry Master." said Malfoy louder. Malfoy voice wasn't its usual sneering self. He was always the bully at Hogwarts, but in front of Voldemort he was a coward. He didn't like the idea of working for Voldemort at all. At first he was excited, but he didn't like what he had to do.
"I have been hearing strange things flying around. One of them is that Dumbledore is dead at last. Tell me...is this true...is the old fool finally gone?"
"Yes...it is true Milord." said Severus.
An evil smile came upon his face . . He actually didn't think it was possible for Dumbledore to die. Their is rumor that Dumbledore was the only one Voldemort was ever scared of. And the rumor was proven true. Now that Dumbledore was dead...Voldemort can do what he intended to do so long ago...
"So tell me...Malfoy...how did it feel when you killed Dumbledore. Did you feel the excitement flowing through you when you killed the headmaster." asked Voldemort.
"Well Master-" started Malfoy nervously.
"He didn't exactly kill him. He was incompetent, and didn't have the guts to kill him. He tried backing out. And it didn't help the fact that Dumbledore was trying to lure him back on his side."
"So you're the one who killed him...is that what you are telling me?" asked Voldemort.
"Yes Milord, it was I who killed him...it was I who made the Death Eaters leave, or what was left of them."
Voldemort's face changed rapidly to anger. He didn't like it when somone doesn't finish their job that he assigns to them. That just proves that either they aren't capable of doing something, or that they are not as loyal to him as he thought.

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"Are you telling me , that my deatheater has failed me ?" snarled Voldermort .
"Master , Master , " said Malfy , " please give me another chance , forgive me master ."
"Crucio !" Malfoy fell to the ground in pain ."You will have one more chance.
"Thank you Master," murmered Malfoy , relieved .
" you will have to........" and Voldermort told him his Mission . When he was finished , Malfoy looked terrified , but nodded in agreement .
" And as for you Snape , For killing the old fool , you will become one of my most loyal , trusted and best Death Eaters in my ranks . I have a very important mission for you . You will have to ......" and the Dark Lord told Snape his mssion . Snape nodded , his face expressionless , and gestured to Malfoy . They both bowed out of the room . swiftly , Snape turned around to face Malfoy .
" Well , you know what to do . YOu shall fill me in on what is happening everyday . Goodluck ." And Snape Apparated , leaving Malfoy standing alone .

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"Malfoy...you are lucky that I decided to give you a second chance. Lord Voldemort doesn't like failure amongst his Death Eaters. He does not let them walk away if they fail to do what he asks. He kills them if they fail. He doesn't accept failure, so you have been warned."
"Th-thank-you Master." stammered Malfoy.
"Now get out of my sight." said Voldemort.
Malfoy quickly left the presence of his Master, and was on his way back to his mansion. How could his Master expect so much from him. He wasn't even out of school, not only that, but he wasn't even of age yet. So it would be a bit obvious if he started to do his mission so early. His Master didn't say when he had to do it. He just wanted him to do it. That is all he cares about.
But he didn't dare test his Master's patience. He can be forgiving at times, but he didn't want to push his luck. It wasn't the smartest thing to do. He would have to lie low first, wait until the right time, and then he will strike. But did he have the guts too? He had failed his last mission. He did complete most of it, but it didn't matter. You either finished the mission the whole way...or die.

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Chapter One: A Traitor's Return

The night was dark and cold , as Harry Potter lay in his bed , unable to sleep . Though of what had happened just days before flashed through his mind.He will get revenge for it though , it was his destiny , anyways.He wanted revenge , he needed revenge . A sudden , sharp pain erupted in his scar .
'How does it feel to lose your parents, your godfather, and Dumbledore?' asked a cruel voice inside his head. He knew who the voice belonged to the instant it spoke. It was Voldemort , the person who casted great damage to the magical world , to him. He was in his head again.
"Get out of my head!" shouted Harry in his mind. Fear went through Harry for a brief moment. The last time Voldemort possessed him, he almost died.
'How does it feel knowing that a certain somebody at your school betrayed Dumbledore's trust? How does it feel when you tried telling everyone, and yet know one listened? I too had similar things happen to me. I did lose my parents...my mother left me at a foster home, and my father was killed by me.'
"We are not alike." Harry said cooly in his mind. "I do not kill people like you do."
"You do not realize how close alike we are. You may not have killed someone yet, but you thought of killing Bellatrix, and you used Snape's spell on Mr. Malfoy. You are beginning to show hatred to people, and using magic on them. Soon you will begin to kill."
Voldemort's voice was hypnotizing him. Harry was slowly losing control of his thoughts , his feelings , his body , his very own soul .It felt as though Voldermort was sucking it away from him , taking control , to make himself stronger , and Harry weaker .
"I will never kill someone. I will never be like you!" Harry shouted out loud.

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