A good sort out

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I've just done my annual sort out of my CD collection to put lost ones in thier place and sort the singles from the LP's (Mrs.MM always makes a mess of my system - I've given up trying to keep them alphabetically with her around).

I love this job cus I do it with my portable CD player next to me and I get to listen to loads of tunes I haven't heard in ages. Here's a sample of my listening pleasure.....

Kula Shaker - 303 and Tatva (singles)
Radiohead - OK computer (album)
Hurricane #1 - Chain reaction (single)
Echo and the bunnymen - Nothing ever last forever (single)
Oasis - Whatever single and Def-Maybe (album)
Bjork - Debut (album)
Gene - We could be kings (single)
Spacehog - In the meantime (single)
BRA - Bentlys gonna sort you out (single)
Death in vegas - Aisha (single)
Blur - On your own (single)
Beck - Jackass (single)
Ian Brown - My star (single)
Paul Weller - Mermaids (single)
Metallica - Unforgiven (single)
Electrasy - Morning afterglow (single)
Ocean colour scene - The circle (acoustic single)
Mansun - Wide open space (single)

Hope this lot makes you root through your collection. big grin

Thomas H
ok..I like to sort out my movies..I got everybody written down on a list and the list is HUGE!


Those are your everyday listening Tex, sort out and list all the obscure ones and have a listen. You'll be suprised. cool

Thomas H

Someone stole all my CD's.

if it was Texas his collection, I would have been happy

Same here.

I found a CD of the Smurfs sad ....actually two sad sad

"Hey kom naar Smurfenland,
het is hier heel speciaal.
Hey kom naar Smurfenland,
het land van pracht en praal.

Met de Grote Smurf, de Brilsmurf en de Lolsmurf
De Muzieksmurf, de Smulsmurf en de vrolijke Smurfin.
Met de Mopper, de Natuur en Uit je bol Smurf
En met Gargamel, je kent hem wel, die gaat er tegen in."

Great... I still now the lyrics

The Smurfs????

Mah's a freak!!!!

Thank God for Mech - I thought I was the only person who alphabetized their CD's besides my one nephew... stick out tongue

Don't alphabetize your CD's, people. That's a little geeky.

Just jam to the music you like. Once you make a rule out of every little thing, you should be smacked.

laughing out loud

All I do with my CD's is throw them in the case. I try to keep them in somewhat of sections. Like Rock, Rap, Soundtracks, but never Alphabatize!

I systemize them based in date bought.

I still like they way I do it.

Is that a challenge to a smacking contest, To ? evil face

*fires up death star laser*

Viking battle axe is ready

I've given up on that Gundy, Mrs.MM rarely puts them back in correct case, let alone the right order.

The problem is she likes my music but I reeaally hate hers, I never get to mess up hers cus I wouldn't be seen dead even looking through them. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Puts the CD back in the wrong case ??????!!!!!!!


*runs into wall, falls down*

I know, she lost my first Oasis album for over a year like that!

I also recently grabbed a CD and put it into my car CD player which was set to full blast, (near enough), expecting to hear the excellent White Stripes thrash one out when Britney-Bloody-Spears boomed out. As is my luck, at that very moment nearly everyone in the street was coming out thier front door to hear me giving it the large one to some pop-crap. embarrasment sad embarrasment

laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud

You poor bastard. You'll take that one to your grave.

Such is life....... roll eyes (sarcastic)

.........well my life anyway. Todays embarrasment was caused by me trying to move a box for someone at work and it ripped, spilling me backwards onto my arse. Great, just great. embarrasment

and you bounced back to your feet?

Well of course. Mech has rhythm and mech has stealth you know.

yerss, I just noticed you're standing on a roof. What the hell are you doing up there ?

watching the sunset

Waterloo sunset?

And no Gundy, both my rhythm and stealth let me down this time and I ended up on my ass. I did do the usual and spring up quickly and look round to see if anyone saw me, but they had so it was fruitless.

Waterloo... waterloo... now that's a good battle against france I've not heared in a long time... a long time...

Go France big grin

France sucks, apart fom their world cup squad that is.

*Mech jumps up and down*


I think I've broken my metatarsal! sad

don't think they're going to win, too much pressure
and their B-squad can't even win from Belgium on home turf!

how come you talk 'bout turf if they play on gras?

Me and my old man are going to make a few bets on outsiders this time. I'm going to see what the odds are on Portugal getting into the semi's or even the final, they're a pretty good side.

I foresee someone chopping up Bechham and him being out in the early games. Carrying an injury like that is just an invite to the rougher players to have a dig at him.

I've been going through some tough training myself for the world cup..........I been gradually increasing my alcohol content for the past 4 weeks so that I can cope with all the drinking that takes place during such an excellent sporting event. cool

argentina will win in the final against france. brazil and portugal in the bronze-final

brazil? sure? they didn't played well in qual!

David Seaman is injured as well now, I hear.

Is someone slowly taking out the entire English squad?

*starts to whistle innocently*

What does innocent whistling sound like?

Seaman injured too!! Has Sven taken Calamity James with him? God I hope not.

I feel more injuries coming too, the grounds they play on in the Far East are quite hard. Hard pitches are the curse of ankle and foot injuries, like we need more bad luck in that department. sad

Belgium has the same problem... only a tad smaller...

Joos Valgaeren (Celtic) can't go, he's our best defender
Emile Mpenza (Schalke 04) can't go too, he's our best attacker...
Walter Baseggio (Anderlecht) can't go either, he's our... bit good midfielder...

Can your mascot, "the giant dancing waffle", still go with the team? stick out tongue

actually, our mascot (tv-mascot of our team) is a giant beercan with horns ...

Kewl, I like him already!

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