Thanos VS Cyttorak

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The all-time favourite and usually picked as a winner Thanos versus the deity that powered Juggernaut , considered above Odin - CYTTORAK!

I personally think Thanos will fall...

Of course Thanos will fall. This was poorly thought out. Thanos falls to Odin and Cytorrak is at least on th esame level as Odin

I kinda thought Thanos stalemates Odin..well I might be wrong

long pig
Odin is at most equal, but it's doubtful.

Why you ask? Well I'll tell you my theory.

Dormmamu is by all accounts>Odin, yet Dorm' still have to beg Cyttorak for power and call on his name to use the bands.

Dormmamu has even said "Thank Cyttorak that worked!", kinda like saying "Thank god.", soooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Cyttorak is a bit above Odin and Dormmy.

Thanos would need a lot of prep time to win this one, and a plot device. Got to go with Cytorak(sp?).

if james howlett can take cyttorak so can thanos.....

prep time shmep time thanos is going down like china town. thanos didnt beat odin, he just stood up to him. i only give him mad props that he forced the god to break out his channleling staff thingy, and gave him a challenged unlike any he's had in millenia. but at the end of the match it was thanos slwoy getting up off the ground all tattered and beaten. you must realize that the only reason he wasnt more seriouslty injured is becuase of his barring from death's realm.

anyhoo, back to the battle....when it comes to cyttorrak wu-tang clan aint nothing to f **** with(strangely ive been saying that a lot lately). he's the guy that mytics like strange and baron mordo chant when they need a killer spell..lets not forget the fact that he has an avatar(who only weilds an infintisimle fraction of his power) who can take on anybody. so if a guy can create someone like that imagine what he could do himself.

I am sorry show me where thanos fell to Odin?

He fell............... but rised again @@!!

The blood and Thunder cross-over, Odin almost killed Thanos but the Infinity watch stopped him.


check this out

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