electric blue superman vs. savage hulk

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who takes this

supes way 2 easy

Originally posted by supremthor
supes way 2 easy


How strong is EBS anyway ??

He didn't have "super strength" per se. He suspended the weight of what he was "lifting" by creating an electromagnetic field around it.

Supez PoCr vs. EBS, who would win ??

Well, it's hard to say. Post Crises Superman is getting more powerful and less weak to his weaknesses everyday.

Electro Supes was supposed to be more powerful and faster than the previous one. (Not more powerful and faster than the modern Supes but the one before he became Electro Supes.) But Electro Supes didn't have complete control over his powers.

I definitely go with Modern Supes. Unless Electro Supes could use his powers to drain PC Supes. Which I'm not completely convinced he couldn't.

Draining Supes is never an easy task, though. (Some people here don't understand that. A VERY small amount of times has he been successfully drained.) But Electro Supes had superspeed, so it's not implausible that he could drain him.

One cool trick Electro Supes did to Kyle Rayner was disrupting his electromagnetic impulses in his nervous system which caused Green Lantern to be unable to focus and made Kyle's "image" he made with his ring disappear.

I believe he may be able to do that to PC Supes or Hulk. Causing someone not focus can give you an upperhand at least for a little while.

Well, he could control EM so he could probably control sunlight !!!

Well, yeah that's very true.

I had to edit my post.

Yeah, it my give ya advantage............ but not if your opp can move a planet, or wrestle a fallen-archangel !!!

Don't forget that Electro-Supes wrestled Asmodel. JLA #7 I believe. I'd have to search through my comics to be absolutely sure. But I'm pretty sure he did.

EDIT* Yep. Just found it. JLA #7.

Don't forget about the violent absorption/redirection technique Electro Superman used on Wonder Woman in that same comic. wink

(He was training to become a part of JLA because of his new powers, he wanted to be re initiated.)

He absorbed her power punch and power kick and then redirected the force knocking her flying away from him. (It was kind of like Bishop's power. Well, kind of.)

You might even be able to consider him intangible at the point when he was absorbing her punch and kick. Well, Maybe.

wasn't there a red one too? did he have the same powers or not? i'm not sure

Energy Supes was "the most powerful being in the omniverse".

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