The Book of Dreams

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riku harada

you did terrific with the beginning. do you mind if i add something a little later?

Augustus Rouge
ooc: The was an amazing intro! Really, I'm gonna add some now:

Errol thought for a moment that he was going to be caught but he began to run to save his own life. As he was running so many thoughts ran through his mind. For instance, the fact that he was almost caught. When opening the window he had an exciting yet terrified feeling in his gut, something he never truely felt before. But that feeling was taken away from the running. The running had taken every single emotion from him and left him bare and dimmed to the world. Finally when he arrived near an abadoned building and looked around him, there was no one in sight and he climbed up one of the semi-opened windows. He jumped to the floor and then found his way toward a blanket lying near a small wooden table. He laid himself down and felt that sting of falling back into conciousness. For the first time in a long time, he wondered if his life would change...was he to be a theif and assasin all his life? He closed his eyes and slowly began to fall asleep.

Augustus Rouge
I can kinda relate to what happened to you finding a random notebook like that. I'm doing something similiar. I'm writing a diary in runic, I hope you know what runic is. Once I finish the complete diary I will leave it somewhere for someone to read. Within the diary is a letter. The envelope has many of my favorite quotes written on it. Inside is a letter on why I chose to make that diary and the alphabet to translate the runic letters. I want to make people realize many things in life from my diary. I also like the feeling of hidding a treasure for someone to find.

nice story . I'll keep checking for more .

riku harada
wow. you guys really like this? anyone is welcome ti write, even if it's just once.

Augustus Rouge
I want to write more, but I was hoping that you or someone else can join in before I continue. LIke that it won't only be me....

riku harada
okay. new character introduction:

I don't see why Errol gets all the credit for this book. It was my idea in the first place. In reality i'm his twin, but in this book i'll be his worst enemy. My name is Tsuki (suki) Luna and i am a high born lady, heir to the kingdom's throne.

Tsuki received the report from a palace guard and was unfazed by the news. Another break in, a failed one this time. The idiot of a theif was still free to roam the city. She needed someone right to catch this theif. Some clever and quick. She would do it herself.

Returning to her suite, Tsuki ordered her maids out and, using the key that hung around her neck, opened a side pannel. Hidden within the wall was a secret passage. She stepped into the corridor, letting the door swing shut and moved down it until she reached a room. There she lit a couple of candles and opened a chest. The secret spy network was about to see their leader for the first time in three years.

Augustus Rouge
Within the chest was a costume. A black leather costume and a mask. The mask was red and had not real shape to it. It was magical. Three years ago she had been a theif herself. She had stolen the mask from its mysterious owner and when she put the mask on it toke the shape of what she wanted it to. Of what she wanted to so that no one would regonize her. She slipped into the costume and put on the mask. She looked into a broken mirror on the all and saw how different she was. She took a scronchie and hair clip and put her hair up in a bun. No one will regonize this woman. She stopped herself before going back into her suite. She remembered why she had become a theif...she wanted adventure. She wanted that alive feeling----and then she knew that wasn't the way.

She realized it when someone confronted her. It was her fifth robbery in a month, and no one suspected her with the mask of hers. She was swift enough to get whatever she needed. But what changed her was something she was never going to forget. It was a month later, after she stolen the mask from the mysterious owner. She was breaking into an museum to steal an ancient sword but was cornered by her brother...(can come up with a name riku)

Augustus Rouge
(Riku is not hte only one writing)

Saotifk was the swords name. After she had stolen it she pocessed great power, but too much. It was like a drug. Sure, she became most powerful on Earth but after a few days she realized the sword was draining away her life---her soul. She was sick in bed for weeks and months, but she never told anyone why. Only one person knew, and she didn't even know him. She was stealing the sword when a man appeared. He was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. For a moment she thought she was caught, but when the man toke the sword so very easily and handed it to was as if she was---in love. She never saw that man again. The last thing he told her was a name...his name.. "Dominiq."

(sorry forgot...)
Years she had searched for Dominiq, but had found nothing. She needed to find him and...and...she didn't know what to do from there...time passed and she slowly started to forget about him. She vaguely remembered what he looked like, but she knew that she would never forget him completely. She slowly got her strength back by training herself harder than ever. She barely slept nor ate. She wanted to be herself of the best theives ever. She needed to train so she would never get caught. She was lucky that she didn't get caught that night, but was also fortunate. She had another goal in her find out who this Dominiq really was...but now was not the was to stop the thief lord from stealing from another place. She couldn't completely understand why she stopped being a thief, but something had hit her, that she would never forget...

Augustus Rouge
(Its alright)

That night she came back to her chamber with the costume in one hand the the mask in the other. She didn't know if she should begin her search for the Thief Lord just yet. Her mind was flying with so many thoughts and so many memories. But the saddest one was that she knew who the theif was. He was once my friend in our childhood days. Then he began to take the wrong road. Sure, I tried as a friend to help him but nothing worked. But that wasn't my saddest memory either. It was the fact that he was my friend and that he didn't listen to me. He left me one day just like that to start a pathetic theif life. I tried so many times to help him, but by the young age of thirteen, I gave up. I never saw him again. Then newspapers came in talking about the "Thief Lord', and how he stole form innocents. Then I began to track down who he stole from---it was a certain pattern that delighted me in the most repulsive ways. He stole from those who really weren't innocents! I began to walk back and forth in my chamber.

(don't really think we really need a name for him right this what she was thinking? we need to be careful with the point of view. but it really isn't a big deal...((great job)))
(back to Errol for a bit...unless you have an objection?)

Augustus Rouge
((Not at all, go ahead. I was just giving a little more history to the thief. Back to Errol.)

((would you like to go first? the history was good, we should add to Errol too. say how he became a thief...))

riku harada
good job guys sorry i haven't wrote. school's started for me.

Errol lay on his cot long after the sun had rose. He stared up at the ceiling he had painted. it was a night scene, one of the best he had ever done. But that was before in a life he barely remembered. He had use to paint, for fun, for his family, for the girl he loved. Tsuki, his best friend in the world an the heir to the throne. They had had so many adventures together; before, before the masked man had come and his parents had died.
It had just happened that one day Tsuki had ran into this guy. Actually, it had been Errol 15th birthday and he remembered it clearly. She had come running straight to him to tell him the new. 'The most wonderful man in the world' she called this stranger. Errol had been heart broken. It was on that day that he was going to confess his love but he never had the chance. She had belonged to this 'Dominiq' the moment she set eyes on him. He of course had said nothing about himself, but smiled and agreed to help find this man of her dreams. The day afterwards, Errol's parents were murdered and Errol Black, the son of the most well-known artisans in the kingdom, vanished.
Here he was now, inside of what had once been his rich home. It had all gone downhill from that moment Tsuki had broken the news to him. Errol didn't blame her, nor did he blame Dominiq, but somehow it seemed justified that he become a theif. The same profession that they had worked...

i really love the story so far guys!

Augustus Rouge
Her closed his eyes and pictured Tsuki clearly in his mind. Sure, he hadn't seen her in quite awhile, but he was still in love with her. She was the most beautiful and different person he had every met. There was a rose in his hand that day he wanted to confess his love for her. A red rose. Her favorite. He never got the chance to give it to her and the rose still remains in his jounal...dead and broken, just as his heart. He didn't want to hurt her by leaving...but so many things happened at a time that he had nothing else to look foward to in his life. He became a thief because it gave him a sense of direction. It made him feel that emotion of happiness that he hadn't felt since he met her... He stood up and retrieved a blank drawing notebook. He began to draw her...

riku harada
new character:

Hey! my nam's Justin. that's my real name. i don't know why Chris over here is so afraid to put his name down in here. i mean how many ppl in the world are named Justin and Chris? a lot! neat story so far. i don't know why the twin didn't let me in on this before. this is really cool!

well.... i'm actually Lisa's boyfriend, but i don't like the name Dominiq. I guess i'll be he betrothed. hahahahahaha! that's gonna be fun! my name is.... Yama. Garrett Yama and i am a prince from the neighboring kingdom of Reya.

Garrett had just returned from a morning horse ride and decided to invite his brothed to lunch. Prehaps a picnick in the meadow. just some time alone for the two of them. He gave a half smile thinging of it, but knew there was nothing there. It was a political marriage. there was no love, well love between them at least. No, he loved her, but she - she belonged to someone else. His foresight told him that. But he had gone along with his father's plan anyways. Turning back around, Garrett headed to his room to wash up instead of going to Lady Tsuki's. Maybe later they'd spend some time together...

feel free to introduce new characters when ever and how ever.

Augustus Rouge
Garrett Yama???? lol!

I'll post sometime later, gotta think.

riku harada
huh? i just opened a book and pointed at a name, it was garrett, and Yama is the name of a rp character i use.

Augustus Rouge
I know. I just think the name is funny.

riku harada
now that i think about it, so do i laughing out loud

Augustus Rouge
Yama was in his room and began to think. He thought Lady Tsuki was truely beautiful, but he wasn't in love with her. He began to think if he should go to meet up with her when a knock came from his door. "Due come in." It was the Lady. "Lady Tsuki, yes I know I am quite late for our picnic." She gave a large smile and sat down on a chair. "Not to worry, I have business to take care of. I won't be able to picnic with you."
"That's quite alright with my, Lady." She seemed to realize he was only calling her 'Lady' and not 'Tsuki'. "
"That is not my name."
"Clearly noted Tsuki...I was just being polite to your royalty."
"I have no royalty. I am a person just as any other...Yama?"
"Yes, Tsuki?"
"Do you love me?"
"Of course I do."
"Do not play little games with me and tell me the truth and nothing but the truth."
"Good, nor do I...I am in love with another soul who which I have no notion of who he is." She thought of Dominiq, it had been a long time since she had seen him and now his image was blurry.

OOC:Is Yama, Dominiq? Because that's what I'm thinking.

that would be quite iteresting. perhaps.

Augustus Rouge
I don't need a perhaps, I need people to write with me in this shit. Am I the only the one?

no. my mom made me get off before i could write.

Errol put down his sketchbook, he had bearly finished the head of tsuki's portrat and he had grown restless. There was a prince in town, or so he had heard. what an excellent way to make up for last night's failure. He washed and changed into regular clothes before going out on the street. It would be a good day today, he could sense it.
Reaching the palace walls, Errol watched for guards before climbing up the wall. there was a festival going on, so he knew that few would notice a skinny form scaling the palace gates. Upon getting to the top, errol flattened himself against the stones and took out two daggers from their wrist sheathes. flipping overand climbing down was b far the hardest tasked, even for an acclompish theif as him. one would be unable to watch his back during the process. choosing a spot covered by the banches of a tree, errol began his descent.

Augustus Rouge
That's when he saw her. Tsuki. He noticed that she was even more radiant than she had been before. Her skin seemed softer and her hair was longer and quite wavy. She wore no excessive amount of make-up, nor did she wear a large dress. She was sincere and lovely. He clutched his stomach and noticed that he had pointed a dagger to himself accidently. He quickly removed the daggers from his hands and continued to stare profoundly at her her beauty. He intended to climb back out and not steal...not when she was there. What will she think? She knew the path he chose, and he knew she was after him. He couldn't risk being caught by the woman he loves....loved. As he slowly walked away, she looked over at him. There was a soft expression of surprise and happiness upon her delicate face. He wondered wether he should smile or just run, instead he looked away and began to climb. "I'll catch you Errol." She mumbled to herself as he left. But for some reason she had a certain feeling in her stomach and she clutched it until she noticed she had pointed her fan to herself.

laughing out loud pointy objeccts.

Upon reaching the top of the wall, a guard noticed Errol and shouted the alarm. Panicking, Errol threw himself off the other side he caught a hold of someone riding out of the castle and lucky was able to hold on as the horse began to gallopthrough the city. clinging the the rider's waist, errol managed to stay on until the horse finally stopped.

"Would you mind letting go of me now? the rider removed Errol's hands. Jumping off the horse. Yama caught the reins and looked over his surprise guest. A skinny boy, well-built. It was probably a street rat. Some no- good petty-theif who had hoped to throw him from his mount. but from the dazed expression on his face, Yama suspected that the boy, whom he guessed was his own age, hadn't planned for anything like that.

"M'sorry, sir," Errol carefully fell into his stable boy's act. The person standing in front of him was most likely nobility from his clothes. "I didn't mean it sir. I just feeel off the wall where the master found me taking a break..." He let the words spill from his mouth as any scared stable hand would. Under the rider's eyes, Errol may himself look as small as possible and as frightened as a mouse cornered by a cat. "m'sorry..." Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Just come down boy," watching him, Yama was unsure abou the kid. he seemed younger suddenly as if conciously doing so. sighing, he hehelped his passenger down and haned him an apple. "Now, why don't you tell me what exactly you're in trouble for."

Augustus Rouge
Errol stared at the noble man and his tears dried. "You see, if I were to tell you then you will call the guards. I'm not stupid." That was when Tsuki appeared. " Let him go. He will come with me to my chamber, I shall speak to him."

Killer Terror
Ummm, can other people write in this story too? Or is it just certain people only?

Anyone who wishes to.

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