Hulk,Darkseid,Godzilla VS Magneto and Superman

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Who Wins

Godzilla is retarded in this fight, Superman flies right up, punches it and kills it. Hulk & Darkseid vs Magneto and know...I'm gonna have to go with Mags and Supes on this one.

Godzilla Can Knock oown Superman untill the Hulk bashes his skull. Darkseid is preetty strong and could heat Vission magneto.

Darth Sparhawk
Godzilla with Hulk is pretty invincible team.

Batman Wins
But look Who they are facing.

Solidus Snake
godzilla is the weak guy on the team

hes prolly killed by accidnet in the fight

magneto defeats hulk, darkseid takes mags, and supes takes darkseid again. (sigh). o darkseid what have u become

superman and magneto win

godzilla is 90 meters and has a power that is superior from the a bomb, hulk was a man who became green because the g bomb , godzilla is an dinossaur who became that monster because of an h bomb, godzillas atomic breath can easily destroy a city if he wants.And darkseid can destroy mag easily, even super wont survive these three strong character against him

for once hoshi I agree....

Have to agree with Hoshi too. Darkseid would OWN Magneto. Then the 3 vs. Superman alone is overkill.

Superman Slaugther.

superman gets fried roasted stomped on and then what's left gets beat up by hulk....

Hulk Power
This fight isn't too specific. First of all, which Hulk is it we're talking about? Savage Hulk, Maestro, or War Hulk would be good for this fight. Also, which Godzilla is it? Godzilla 2000 can beat the crap out of Supes. That is the strongest Godzilla there is. Darkseid is really powerful. I have to say, Superman and Magneto are going down in this fight.

actually godzilla gmk and final wars godzilla are even more powerful than godzilla 2000 and far superior fighters as well....

Hulk Power
Then I'd go for those other Godzillas instead of 2000. Anyways, the thing is that Supes and Magnus are going down. No doubt about it......

seriously....doesn't matter who but darksied can omega beam whomever he wants then it's an instant 3 on 1

Superman and Magneto would kick there asses no problem.

Darkseid would eliminate. They should all be teaming up against him.

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