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This starts at Bill and Fleur's wedding, with Ginny in her bedroom. You are Ginny Weasley, so it's in 2nd person.

You sat and stared out of your bedroom window, wishing that you were still dating your ex-boyfriend-Harry Potter-, that the greatest wizard ever- Albus Dumbledore-, was still alive and that everything would be okay. You sighed and got off your windowsill, which you were sitting on, and looked in your full-lenth mirror at yourself. You didn't look at all bad, in your cream, sleeveless bridesmaid dress, with your red hair falling around your shoulders.
'Knock, knock'
"Come in," you said. Hermione came into your room and smiled at you. You forced a smile back at her, trying to be happy on your brother's wedding day, even if you disliked his bride.
"You okay?" she asked you.
"Yeah, of course!" you lied.
"Ginny, you can't fool me. You and Harry haven't even looked at each other all day. What happened?" she asked, coming over to you and looking you dead in the eye.
"We split up. He said he was putting me in danger, because You-Know-Who hurts the ones Harry loves," you confessed, biting your lip, refusing to cry, "I knew it would happen someday, i just hoped we could have had more time."
"Oh, Ginny. I'm so sorry," Hermione put her arm around you. "But you have to be strong. I'm not saying you're being stupid and weak, but V-V-V...You-Know-Who is strong, and we all need to be on our guard. Come on, come down to the party. The food's out."
You wiped your eyes, because a tear or two had fallen from them, and smiled at Hermione.
"I know. Right, let's go."
You linked arms and went into the back yard, where there was a long table filled with plates of food. You grabbed a plate and some food and sat on the wall with Hermione, both of you eating.
"Omigod," you whispered frantically as Harry came out of the house and down the pathway to the garden. "Hermione...."
"Act cool, it's okay, act like he's not there. Talk to me." Hermione looked at you and continued, "So, is your mum letting you go to Hogwarts if it opens?"
"Yeah, she says everywhere's the same now, but maybe Hogwarts is that little bit safer, I mean, most of the teachers are in the Order, and I can bet if it does open, there'll be more Aurors and spels guarding it. I'm not sure if I really want to go though, to be away from them for so long..." you said.
Just then Harry came over to you both.
"Hey. What you guys up to?" Harry asked.
"Just talking about Hogwarts and stuff." Hermione answered. "Ginny was saying it's probably a little safer, but she doesn't want to be away from her family for so long...I'm the same, really. I think I'll go back for a term but then study at home." She glanced at Harry quickly, making you curious, but you stopped yourself asking "what?".
"So what about you Harry?" you asked, trying to shake off the glance Hermione gave Harry. Fat chance. Another glance, even though Harry didn't see it.
"I'm going to Godrics Hollow, visit my parents graves, then find the Hor-crux..." he paused after 'Hor' but it obviously came out anyway.
"Did you say HORCRUX?!?!" you knew about them because you had read about a guy in the Daily Prophet who made one, and it got destroyed, and his body died of old age a few days after he was sent to Ascaban. Either that or the depression killed him. "And...that's where you went, the night he died, wasn't it?" Suddenly you understood the glances Hermione made, and Harry was so daft he told you. If it was anyone else, you would have said he was stupid, but he wasn't anyone else; he was Harry, and even though he dumped you, it was for your safety and he was still wonderful and you liked him more than anyone, or anything, in the world. Maybe even love...but no, you mustn't think of that now, when he was there talking to you. You had to forget about him, he was a friend, now. You had to remember why he did it, and think of the future. But all you could think of was settling down with Harry in the future...You dragged your mind back to the conversation, where Harry was looking sheepish, and Hermione was glaring at him for telling.
"Uh huh," Harry said, looking at his feet. "Don't say anything to anyone."
"My lips are sealed," you joked and pretended to pull a zip across your lips.
He looked up and smiled. You always felt yourself go weak when he smiled, especially your knees. Good job you were sitting down, or you would have felt your knees crumbling and collapsed or something. He had the most gorgey (gorgeous- yes i know i took this out of the Georgia Nicolson series by Lou Rennison *sticks out tongue* so what?) smile...
"Thanks," Harry interrupted your mind (which is a plus, really), and looked you in the eye. You felt yourself melt into the garden wall...he kept staring into your hazel-brown eyes with his own marvy (marvellous) emerald green ones...the sounds of your love letter to him -that you sent in your 1st year- came haunting back... 'His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad..'. You shuddered inwardly at the thought of it.
Harry tore his eyes away from you when Hermione started talking to him about something that you weren't listening. You joined in the conversation but weren't really aware of what you were talking about; you were just saying things like "Yeah", "I know", "Uh huh" etc., while gazing at Harry and thinking about every time he kissed you, whenever he held your hand and when he just sat with you on his lap or snuggled up to him in the common room...
After an hour a so it started to get dark, and everyone went inside, except you, Harry, Hermione and Ron. Hermione and Ron had been acting differently with each other all year, and they were in their best moods tonight, and you smiled to yourself at the thought of them finally hooking up. Hermione had told you she had always fancied him a bit, but when he got with Lavendar she was really jealous and she really wanted to be with him. While they where flirting with each other, Harry pulled you to one side.
"Ginny, we're friends right? I'm sorry about...stuff, but you know why it happened. And if Hermione and Ron..." he trailed off and looked at them both, the both of them laughing at something one of them had said,
"If Hermione and Ron hit it off-which I'm pretty sure they will, and tonight, by the looks of things-then you're gonna need someone who isn't all loved up to be your mate. I understand," you finished his sentence for him.
"Yeah," he smiled at you again, and you leaned against the fence, just in case, "Anyway, c'mon, let's go back."
Somehow, in the time you and Harry had been been talking behind them, Hermione and Ron had ended up so close to each other Hermione was practically sitting on Ron, and they were gazing into each others eyes, totally oblivious to the fact that you and Harry had gone from their sides.
"C'mon, let's leave them. We can spy from the window." he added and pointed to the porch window at your crestfallen face; you wanted to spy and you wanted to badly.
"Okay," your whispered brightly, if that was possible.
You watched Ron and Hermione chatting and flriting from the porch's tiny window, and after a while, they kissed. One minute they were both laughing, then gazing into each others eyes, then kissing. It made you pang for Harry, but you knew that you were over, and, even though it was tearing you apart, it was safer for you that way. You had to act tough, because you hated crying. Especially in front of Harry, and you didn't want to make him feel guilty. But no matter how many times you rolled this over in your head, you wished to be with Harry. You didn't care if it injured you.
When Hermione and Ron broke apart, you and Harry snuck into the kitchen, pretending you hadn't seen anything. Fifteen minutes and two slices of cake later, Hermione and Ron came into the kitchen. They had been holding hands, but when Ron saw Mrs Weasley looking at Harry and trying to get him to eat more, they broke apart.
"Gotta go," you said to Harry, left the table and went over to Hermione. "What happened!" you asked her, excitedly. You were an excellent lier when you wanted to be.
"Upstairs," Hermione said.
You went into your room, where Hermione would be sleeping that night, and sat on your bed.
"Well?! Spill!!"
"Well...we kissed."
"Oh my god!! Wow, good for you!"
"I know!" Hermione gushed.
"So, what else? Are you seeing him?" you grinned.
"Well, I think so!"
Just then there was a knock at your door.
"Come in," you called. Ron poked his head around the door.
"Can I talk to Hermione?" His face was like a tomato; he looked like he was on fire, mixed with his red hair.
"Sure," Hermione agreed, blushing a little.
"Er, alone," Ron hinted. You grinned, got up and left, raising your eyebrows over your shoulder at Hermione, who blushed some more. When you were on the first floor landing, Harry was sitting in the old rocking chair, polishing his Firebolt. He didn't notice you had came out of your bedroom, so you stood and watched him for a minute.

"Hey, Harry." you greeted after a while.
"Oh, hi Ginny. What do you reckon's going on in there?" he nodded his head in the direction of your door.
"I have a hunch, but let's find out for sure," you replied, pulling Fred abd George's Extendable Ears out of your pocket.
"You love your gossip, don't you?" Harry grinned and put down his Firebolt and came over to you.
"Well, of course. Now you know, come to me when you want to know anything about anyone. I guarantee I can tell you about anyone at school. Try me." you grinned back.
"Right...why is Smith (you know the one from Hufflepuff; he was in the DA) such a tosser?" Harry challenged.
"He has always been one, but it could be something to do with the fact that he's jealous of you. Well, he was before yesterday. So I heard, but I'm modest," you said. Yesterday you had split up with Harry.
"Is that true? How do you know?" Harry narrowed his eyes at you.
"Maybe, and I have resourses...old dates..."
"Man, I am so transparent. Not that I care, he told me before i ditched him. Idiot," you rolled your eyes at the thought of him. "Anyway, let's listen." You poked one end of the Ear through the door and put the other end to your ear.

nice! i like how it is from Ginny's point of view.

post more soon! smile

AHH i love it!!! POST MORE!!!!

really good ! hope you post mroe soon !

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yes yes post more

This is great!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry and Ginny are perfect for each other!!!

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This is great!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry and Ginny are perfect for each other!!!

Have to disagree there.... big grin laughing out loud


thanks! here's more:

You and Harry had been talking for quite a bit, so it was hard to tell exactly what had happened.
"So, when?" Hermione asked.
"I dunno, when's the first trip?" Ron answered.
"I'll let you know, and then we'll go," Hermione replied.
"Come on then, Harry and Ginny will be waiting."
You hastily tugged on the end of the Ear and took one huge step over to the rocking chair, that Harry was already sitting in. Wow, he was fast. Well, faster than you, anyway.
"Oh, hi guys." Ron said. "Er, you can go back in no-"
"Come down here, Ron, Ginny, your Aunt Bessie's here!" Mr Weasley called up the stairs. You groaned. Aunt Bessie was about 67 and was one of those people who was always saying stuff like "Why, you've grown!", "Come and give your old auntie a kiss!" and giving you boiled sweets. And because you were only girl in your family, she bought you horrible frilly dresses and treated you like you were six, not sixteen. You and Ron both went downstairs with forced smiles on your lips.
"Oh, darlings! You've grown so much when I last seen you! I can remember when you where this small!" she put her hand level with her hips. She was sitting down, so it was considerably small.
"Hello," you greeted through gritted teeth.
"Oh, darling, give your auntie a kiss!" she cried.
"Uh, I gotta go get a drink. You want one?" you said, hastily.
"Oh, if you don't mind, deary,"
"Tell you what, I'll help you," Ron volenteered and stood up. You both went into the kitchen. "Phew, that was close."
"Yeah, well, go upstairs and get Harry and Hermione, so we've got a reason to escape." you said, and got out four glasses and a mug (you, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Aunt Bessie), some fresh orange and a tea-bag. You poured it and waited for Ron. Then you put the tea-bad in the pot and heated it up. "Do you want a biscuit/cookie, Aunt?"
"Yes please, darling!"
"Hurry up, Ron..." you murmered as you poured the tea. Just then the trio came into the kitchen. "Oh, finally! They're for you guys, and this is for Aunt B." You carried the tea and biscuits/cookies to her and said "I'm sorry, Aunt, but Hermione has a headache, so could we be excused."
"Oh, yes, that's fine. Bye, children!"
"My God, she is so annoying." you flopped down onto the bed.

and i love this pic, even though Harry and Ginny totally dont match:

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that was absolutly fab!!!!!!! and perfect, they so absolutly belong together!!!!!! plez post more!!!!!!

keep it comin wink

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good story PinkD!

but like Hermione, i must disagree with the relationship.

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Have to disagree there.... big grin laughing out loud

Harry and Hermy forever.

thanks guys, I'm posting tomorrow or Tuesday, I'm writing it now, but i have to get off the comp. in a bit, so it's not gonna be very long. Ah, heck, I'll post what I've got and make you wait for the rest!

For the rest of the night you, Harry, Hermione and Ron talked about anything and everything. At about 2:30am you all went into your own rooms to sleep- or not, in yours and Hermione's case. You were feeling especially down about Harry, because Bill and Fleur were so loved up and Harry kept sending you darting, longing looks, and Hermione had noticed.
"Ginny, I'm not blind you n-" Hermione started, but you interrupted.
"Hermione, leave it. Yes, of course I still have feelings for him. And I know he does too. But, Hermione, it's over, and that's it. I don't care, but he does. And unfortunately, my feelings are getting stronger. He won't get back with me, for my safety, and that's that. End of." You turned over, not wanting Hermione to see the tears streaming down your cheeks. You couldn't hold it in. It SUCKED. You hated crying, it made you feel like a child. You hated people seeing you cry much, much more. Because while you were feeling like a child, they were thinking of you as a child.
"NO, Hermione. Just drop it, okay?" You sounded forceful, which surprised you a bit, as you were crying. Thankfully, she did drop it. But, one side of you wanted to go running to her, and cry on her shoulder. But you had pride, and you had to keep it that way. You. Were. Not. A. Child. Any. More.
You silently cried yourself to sleep, feeling more like a child than ever.


When you did wake up, it was 12:17pm.
You looked around your bedroom, searching for Hermione, but she wasn't there.
*She must have gone down earlier and left me to sleep* you decided.
You swung your feet out of bed and pulled open your drawer, to get some underwear. There, at the bottom of the drawer, was a small ornament of the me-to-you-bears. It was two of them, and they where drinking a milkshake. Underneath that, was a note from Harry. You grabbed them both and went back into bed, and read the note.

heres the ornament:


To Ginny,
Here's a gift I got from a muggle shop. The bears are called Me-to-You bears, and this one is perfect to represent our feelings for each other.
I just want to say, my feelings get stronger by the day. I've never felt like this before. I...I think Love you.
I wish I could spend every minute of the day with you.
Love Always,

You couldn't control yourself, the tears were falling fast and thick. You balled up the parchment and threw it to the floor. You went to throw the ornament too, but something stopped you. You just...stopped. You sighed and put the ornament onto your bedside desk, and started crying again. You lay down and looked at the ornament and sang a song one of your friends, who was a muggle-born, would sing when she was upset. (I KNOW this song isn't wonderful, but it's about breaking up and the singer's okay, I think). It was called Fairy Tales, by JoJo (I KNOW- so lame, but I used to like her, and this song is quite good, I think.)

You know the story
You read the books
Boy meets girl
Then they fall forever in love
But I know better
So here goes a tale
Of the realest of the real

Now once upon a time in a small world
It was everything that I dreamed of
He was my gem and I was his pearl
Nothing could come between us
A prince charming to call my own
Until the day that he broke my heart
And left me wonderin all alone
Pickin my mind and soul apart

Used to believe in love (I used to believe in love)
Used to believe in fairy tales (In fairy tales)
Since my heart's been crushed (It's been crushed)
I don't believe in much, I need help (No no no no no)
Don't know which way to turn
Figure it out for myself
I've just started to learn (La da da dee, oh)
There's no such thing as fairy tales

Is a good story supposed to end
Unhappily ever after
Just as wonderful as it begins
And carry on for a few chapters
Baby how come each time I open up
I can't seem to get past page one
I guess it's time for me to close up
And go back on the shelf because I'm done

Used to believe in love (I used to believe in love)
Used to believe in fairy tales (In fairy tales)
Since my heart's been crushed (Since my heart's been crushed)
I don't believe in much, I need help
Don't know which way to turn (I don't know which way to turn)
Figure it out for myself
I've just started to learn (La da da dee oh)
There's no such thing as fairy tales

Twinkle twinkle little star
Why do my dreams seem so far (Why they seem so far)
Up above the world so high
Won't somebody tell me why (Can you help me)
Can you help me out
Can you tell me what love is all about
Cause I never known it for myself (Don't believe in fairy tales)
That's why I don't believe in fairy tales no more

Used to believe in love (No more)
Used to believe in fairy tales (I used to believe, I used to believe, I used to believe)
Since my heart's been crushed
I don't believe in much, I need help (I don't believe in much)
Don't know which way to turn
Figure it out for myself (Oh no no no no no)
I've just started to learn (Just started to learn)
There's no such thing as fairy tales (There's no such thing as fairy tales)

Used to believe in love
Used to believe fairy tales (La da da da)
Since my heart's been crushed
I don't believe in much, I need help
Don't know which way to turn (I don't know which way)
Figure it out for myself
I've just started to learn
There's no such thing as fairy tales

You didn't sing loudly, just whispering and getting choked by your tears a few times.
You brought your knees up to your chest, and you stopped crying as heavily. You were still crying, but only a few tears were falling down your cheeks.
*Oh, great, I would have the mood swings NOW.* You thought. But you knew, deep down, that the mood swings were only part of it. But you were keeping this to yourself. Nobody sees you cry, nobo-
"Ginny, your mum wants...Ginny? Oh God." It was Harry, at the door. Oh. My. God. This was the one person who you didn't want to see right now. "Your-mum-wants-you-to-go-downstairs-and-she-sent-me-to-wake-you-up. Sorry. Bye." Harry said in one breath. You nodded.
"I'll be d-down in a minute," you said quietly, your voice slightly hoarse from crying. Harry nodded too, and rushed downstairs. You could only pray that he wouldn't tell anyone.

Originally posted by PinkDi@monds
also, sorry if this sounds horrible and mean:
(interveiw with JK)
i am so, so, SO sorry for that. i was being a dog of the female variety (wow that's cheesey)

sorry. i am sorry. sorry.

wow, that interview was kool. i liked it. but i'm not a H/Hr shipper, i'm a H/G shipper all the way(though i never thought they would actually get together! that was a shock to me).

but it seemed obvious to me that Ron really liked Hermione. the vis-versa was a bit harder to pick up, but i was so happy when JK put them together.

I like your story. it's different from the rest of them, keep it up!

Originally posted by ZonkoChick13
wow, that interview was kool. i liked it. but i'm not a H/Hr shipper, i'm a H/G shipper all the way(though i never thought they would actually get together! that was a shock to me).

but it seemed obvious to me that Ron really liked Hermione. the vis-versa was a bit harder to pick up, but i was so happy when JK put them together.

I like your story. it's different from the rest of them, keep it up! same here. I used to be a H/Hr shipper, but then I read book 6.
thanks! I'm gonna post as often as I can, maybe once every two days. I sort of have a plot line but I need to be more into the story before that can happen...anyway, Ginny's more emotional than usual because of some, er, "girl stuff", so I can make her cry a lot more. She just doesn't cry. Not in the books, anyway.

This is soooo great!!! Post more soon!!!

I will, but not today, because I really need to work on Remake Of HP. But I'll post tomorrow, probably

Originally posted by PinkDi@monds
Used to believe in love (I used to believe in love)
Used to believe in fairy tales (In fairy tales)
Since my heart's been crushed (It's been crushed)
I don't believe in much, I need help (No no no no no)
Don't know which way to turn
Figure it out for myself
I've just started to learn (La da da dee, oh)
There's no such thing as fairy tales

Just realised it's "My tiny Hell", not "Much, I need help".
Just thought you should know wink

And I actually think this story is good. That might be because it's written from Ginny's POV and its a Harry/Ginny. And I have a plot, lol

this is GOOD!!! i still kinda prefer harry/hermy but, i knew it would neva happen sadsadsad

Originally posted by PinkDi@monds
I will, but not today, because I really need to work on Remake Of HP. But I'll post tomorrow, probably
O.K., but plzzzzzz post tomorrow!!! Happy Dance

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this is GOOD!!! i still kinda prefer harry/hermy but, i knew it would neva happen sadsadsad aw, well, that happens in Remake Of HP. Muhahahahaha!!!!!!!! I'm in a strange laughing mood. AWAY LAUGHING OF A FAST CAMEL!!!!!!!! Muahahaha!!!!!!!evillaugh
In the movies, it's more H/Hr but in the books, it's not. People always go by the movies, not the books, which is stupid

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O.K., but plzzzzzz post tomorrow!!! Happy Dance i will, promise! (and I know my promises were RUBBISH in Remake, but that's that. I'm trying MUCH harder. Muahahaha!)

O.K. I'll PM like crazy if you don't, though!!!

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Hey, Hermione202, I made this for you. You don't have to use it, it was just for fun. Thought I'd show you.

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here we go...

there's supposed to be another harry and hermy in the corner...but you can't see it very well...ah, well, never mind smile

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realy likeing your story keep posting please Happy Dance

Pink Diamonds???

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Pink Diamonds??? girl, you are obsessed.

here we go:

"Hi Ginny. What's up?" Hermione smiled at you when you walked into the kitchen.
"Not much, you?"
"I got this brilliant new book, look, I'll show you..." Hermione started digging around in her bag, looking for her book. While her attention was otherwise occupied, you looked at Harry questionally, code for 'Did you tell her?', and shook his head at you.
"Thank you," you mouthed. He shrugged, code for 'No problem'.
"Here it is, look, I'm up to chapter nine, and its fab..." Hermione started told you all about it for fifteen minutes straight, untill your mother came in.
"Ginny, are you okay? You slept in quite late, are you feeling okay?" she fussed.
"Mum, I'm fine, I was pretty tired last night, busy day and stuff, and going to bed late didn't help. I'm fine. But starving. What's to eat?"
"Come into the kitchen and choose."

more later, I need to write it first stick out tongue

Yeah!!! You wrote more!!! I know I am obsessed, but all of my PMs made you post!!! Post more soon!!!

Skip: it's now the middle of July, you haven't had anymore crying attacks and nothing has changed between you and Harry.
For the last two weeks, you, Harry, Hermione and Ron played two-a-side Quidditch with enchanted apples and old cleansweeps from your broom shed, that your parents and older brothers used. You played for hours on end, until you were all tired and hungry. On the 20th, when you went inside, you were told that your letters had arrived and you would all be going to Diagon Alley the next day. You all needed new robes (again), because you had all grown loads over the last year (again), as well as books.
"Great, I want to pick up a few new books, too," Hermione said after Mr Weasley told you that you would floo there.
"MORE books?" You, Harry and Ron said in usion.
"Yes," Hermione blushed a little, "I'm going to shower."
"Yeah, me too..." you all murmered and trooped upstairs.
You were last in the shower, as usual. The boys were always in before you and Hermione, and you always came out of your room too late, unless Hermione wasn't as muddy and sweaty as you- then she would come in. Would you EVER learn?
You stepped out of the shower, thinking about how normal you were feeling around Harry. Don't get me wrong, you were still crushing on him like mad, but you didn't get that uncomfortable feeling around him anymore. You used to be like this around him, after your second year and before you and Harry broke up. You sighed as you towel dried your hair the best you could.

Nooooo!! Please tell me they still like each other!!!

wow. great job. i love the pov!

write moor of the story

Originally posted by HPRox90
Nooooo!! Please tell me they still like each other!!! "you were still crushing on him like mad". I wrote a few sentences and that reveals Harry's and Ron's feelings on the matter. Hey, now I sound like my Writing teacher! How sad.

You fully dried yourself and got dressed, then walked across to your room, brushing your hair.
"She seems to be acting normal again, which is good." you heard Hermione say; your door was open a creak. You paused outside your door and listened some more.
"Yeah, I felt really, really guilty around her," Harry said sadly. They obviously hadn't heard you turn off the shower and unlock the bathroom door.
"It was for the best, mate." Ron said. You rolled your eyes to yourself. Ron had done an exremely bad job at hiding the fact he was pleased about the break up.
"Mmm, maybe. I know you really don't want to hear this, Ron, but I still fancy her like mad."
"Great. Whatever, it's done now. She knows why. That's the end of it," Ron said, trying to convince himself more than Harry, it sounded (to you anyway).
"Will you two shut up? She has to be out of the shower by now!" Hermione shushed. Silence. You tip-toed back to the bathroom andslid the lock about, then walked back to your room and stepped in.
"Oh, hi, guys. What were you just talking about?" The guys umm-ed and err-ed but Hermione came out with: "Who the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher'll be. What do you think?"

I'm trying not to leave you lot with cliffehangers, because they're evil. Well, not yet, anyway.

I love it!!! Post more soon!!!

post more please

cool stuff. i really like the whole second person thing. it puts an interesting side to the story. Just try not to leave me hangin,lol, gets me alittle annoyed. i guess it keeps people guessing. well, keep up the good work please post somemore as soon as u can.

yeah, I hate cliffhangers myself, but there is one part where I plan to say "Ginny, there's something we need to tell you." (or something like that) and finish, just to be a b.itch.

*crying* w-who voted "worst thing I ever read"? P-please crying

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*crying* w-who voted "worst thing I ever read"? P-please crying

This story's the best!!! Who would vote it horrible???

Dunno. I'm not giving up though, the sod can stay away from here if s/he hates it

I think that dude is just mad because he dosn't have the wighting talent that you have. Glad to know your not giving up too. I can't wait till you post some more


yeah, post more!!

yay that was great!!!

Originally posted by jlee17xoxo412
I think that dude is just mad because he dosn't have the wighting talent that you have. Glad to know your not giving up too. I can't wait till you post some more

Signed:JLee exactly. I'm not saying I'm anywhere near as good as JK, but I bet s/he can't even spell or something. I'm confident about my writing, and I'm not confident on much, so one or two people are not gonna stop me, no way, jose.Originally posted by nick1811
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"No idea. What should it matter to you guys anyway, I thought you weren't coming?" you asked.
"Well, we decided that Hermione's gonna go after us. We're going, then coming back for the Halloween party. Then two days later we're leaving," Harry explained.
"How often will you visit?" you gulped. This was freaking you out. Hermione was your best friend. Harry...well, Harry was your crush, your ex-boyfriend, your friend. Ron was your brother. It was going to be so weird, not having him watching out for you, not talking to Hermione in the evenings, not being able to see Harry about the castle, not sitting with them at lunch, not seeing Hermione in the library...it was too much. You didn't hang out with them all the time, but still, you talked to them and seen them in the corridors and such. It was weird.
"About once a month for now. We might come back and stay, for when we just need to sit down and study stuff," Ron said. You noticed Hermione had gone very quiet, and when you looked at her, he head was bowed, her curls falling across the sides of her face.
"What about Mum?"
"What about her?"
"Have you told her?" you rolled your eyes as you said this; Ron could be so stupid.
"Um...Uh, well..."
"You haven't, have you?" you asked loudly, "Ron, you idiot! When do you even PLAN on telling her?"
"I dunno..."
"You are such an idiot. I'm going downstairs, play Exploding Snap with Dad, or something." You wandered downstairs, mulling over what Harry and Ron had just told you. You couldn't help but feeling happy yet dissapointed at the fact that they were coming for Halloween. You were happy because you would see them then, and that they would be back so soon. You were dissapointed because it was the dance; should you go with someone, or not? What about Harry? Would he go with anyone? Would he go with you? No, of course he wouldn't; he broke up with you. Ron would be with Hermione, of course, but what about you? You decided to ask Hermione for advice, later on.
"All right, who wants a game of Exploding Snap?!" you called cheerfully once you were in the kitchen. "Oh, hi Tonks. Wanna play?"


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yea... sure. by the way my name is jasmine. i usally go by the name jazz or JLee. cool

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WOW! I love you all! I never thought so many people would appreciate my writing. If anyone ever wants a chat, PM me. I wanna be seen as a friend, too

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The next day you all set out for Diagon Alley, via Floo Powder.
"Right, we're going in groups of three. Harry, you're with Moody, Ron, you're with me, Ginny, you're with Tonks, and Hermione, you're with Lupin. Right, everyone grab some powder!" Mr Weasley announced when everyone was waiting in the kitchen, ready to go. You watched everyone go, untill only you, Moody, Tonks and Harry were left in the kitchen.
"Right, this is us. C'mon, Gin. Grab your powder." Tonks smiled.
"See you there," Harry said, looking at you in a way he hadn't since your first kiss with him. EEK! Help!
You stepped into the crate, so quickly Tonks looked a bit confused, waited for Tonks and threw down your powder, screamed Diagon Alley, and began to spin.

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"Oof!" you yelped at you landed with a thud, and your knees buckled slightly.
"Come on, Ginny, I don't know how far away Harry and Lupin are, and you don't want to find out the hard way," Tonks smiled. You stepped out of the grate, quickly.
"H'ya," Ron said. Once again he and Hermione looked as if their hands and shoulders were glued together.
"Ow!" Harry had just staggered out of the fireplace and into the room in which yu were all standing. You looked around, and saw that it was Fred and George's stock room.
"Hey," you said flatly to Harry, then; "Where are they, anyway? Fred and George, I mean." To you father.
"Here. Hey guys. What's up?"

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"Not much. Just come for everyone's school things," your dad replied. "Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Tonks, you four go and get the stuff. We-" he gestured around at everyone else "-will be around and about the Alley."
You looked around at everyone, and saw Hermione, Ron and Harry mutering together.
"C'mon, guys!" you called, as cheerily as you could. You knew it was about you, especially after last night, when you overheard them all, in your room.
As you walked out of the shop and into the street, you could see Harry out of the corner of your eye, looking at you, but you ignored it. It felt weird, but you didn't want to stop Harry. You couldn't see his expression; he was too far to your right, but you could just see him, and feel him, staring at you. You felt hollow inside, yet somewhere in there, you were happy. Then, in another place, sad, because you couldn't look back. You felt his pain all of a sudden. It wasn't anything surreal, but you understood how he felt. It just hit you, like a warm bath. He hated not being allowed to hold your hand, all because he was who he was.
You turned your head at him, and, for some reason, you whispered: "I know, Harry, I know." You didn't know why, or how, but you felt like he understood. He knew that you knew how he felt.
Your turned your head forward once more, and continued walking.

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"Got everything?" your father was asking everyone, when you were all gathered in Fred and George's stock room once more.
"Yeah," everyone replied.
"Come on then, back to the Burrow."
Everyone repeated the flooing process, only this time, you were first.
When Ron (who was last) stumbled out of the fireplace, you were all sitting around the kitchen table (and you on the table, since there wasn't enough room), chatting.
"Hey, Hermione, come here," he said, ambling over to the table. Hermione blushed and got up. "Gotcha!" Ron cried and took Hermione's seat.
"Hey!! Get off," Hermione mocked anger, "Or I will sit on you." She looked at him with narrowed eyes.
"Be my guest," Ron grinned, and pulled her onto his lap.
"Aaaaaw, look at the love birds!" you smiled sweetly.
"So beautiful," Harry grinned.
"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss," you chanted quietly. Hermione's face was bright red, almost luminous. Ron whispered something in her ear, and she got off his lap and went to the back of the chair.
"RUN!!!" Harry yelled, seeing Ron jump up a nano-second before you. You did so, around the kitchen then out of the back door into the garden.
"AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!" Ron roared as he jumped on you and held you down onto the grass. He sat on your legs, lifted up both of your arms with one hand and tickled you with the other (highly effective, trust me). You were laughing so much you thought your insides would burst.
"Ron - get- off!" you gasped between laughs.
"No way!" Ron laughed, "You must face the wrath of the Evil Hand Of Tickle!"
You screamed in mock fear.
"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not the Evil Hand Of Tickle!!!"

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"Muhahaha!!! YEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ron roared.
"Help - me!" you gasped.
Harry ran over and started shoving Ron then tickling you himself. Hermione stood in the sidelines, laughing, clearly wondering whether to help her boyfriend or her best friend.
"Girl Power, Herm!!" you cried, and she ran over and started pushing the boys off you. Well, trying. Harry was clinging to your shins and tickling your feet, while Ron was above your head, holding your hands above your head and tickling your armpits (again) but he wasn't on your legs this time, because of Harry. This made rescuing you difficult.
"Switch!!" Ron yelled, completely confusing you, and Hermione. In about three seconds, Harry took Ron's first position (sitting on your legs and holding your hands, tickling you with the other) and Ron did the same to Hermione. Now both you and Hermione were laughing so hard you were nearly wetting yourselves.
*Aha!* you thought, supressing an evil grin
"Harry get - off! Need- loo! I'll pee - on - you!!" you gasped inbetween laughs, once more. Harry got off pretty quickly, and you took up his position in a nano-second.
"Death," you grinned.
"Wha-" he started, but you had begun tickling. Let me tell you, with your long nails and Harry's thin T-shirt, you were doing some seriously good tickling.
"HA!!!!" you screamed at him. "You shall DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!"
Harry was shaking his head about, and laughing really hard. He stopped after a while, realising how daft he looked, probably. Well, he was still laughing, but not doing the shaking anymore.
"Look," he muttered in Hermione and Ron's direction. You looked at them and raised an eyebrow. Ron was still sitting on Hermione, but instead of tickling her he was kissing her.
"Oi!! You two!" you called, "Get a room!"
They stopped kissing and looked up at you.
"We have one," Ron grinned, "You're in it."
"This, I believe, is a garden," you smiled innocently.
"And you, I believe, are going to die," he said in an innocent, little girl voice.
"Oh no. Not this time."
Before you even realised you were doing it, you were running around the garden with Ron chasing you, and Hermione and Harry leaning against the giant oak tree in your garden, that you used to climb when you were small. You ran around the back; the easiest way to climb. You jumped up, grapped a branch and hoisted your self up. You began to climb the tree as high as you trusted yourself. When you looked down, Harry, Ron and Hermione were climbing up towards you.
"No way are you tickling me up here."
"I know. Humpf. You just think your soooooo smart," Ron said, pretending he was eight again, and you were having a fight. You stuck your tongue out at him.
"Na na na na na, Ginny's a swot!" Ron sang.
"Not as much as your girlfriend," you grinned, going back to your normal ways. You started to climb down a bit, where the branches were stronger and were more comfortable to on and lean on. You found your favourite place to sit and settled down there.
"Thanks, Gin," Hermione smiled, rolling her eyes.
"No problem." you answered. "So, what's happening tomorrow?"

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that was really good. i can't wait to see what she got on her o.w.l's though. *cough*morethanron*cough*

"Ginny, come downstairs!"
You tripped your feet down the stairs then turned into the kitchen.
"Yeah, Mum?"
"Your OLW results."
*OMIGOD* you thought frantically.
You gulped as you opened the letter.

Ginerva Molly Weasley
O.L.W Results:

Defence Against the Dark Arts (practical): E
Defence Against the Dark Arts (written): A

Transfiguration (practical): O
Transfuguration (written): E

Charms (practical): A
Charms (written): A

Herbology (practical): A
Herbology (written): A

Potions (practical): A
Potions (written): A

Care of Magical Creatures (practical): A
Care of Magical Creatures (practical): A

Divination (practical): D
Divination (written): A

History of Magic (practical): A
History of Magic (written): A

Astronomy (practical): A
Astronomy (written): A

You grinned as you handed your mother your results. You were very pleased with your marks: you had done better then Ron had, which had been you target at the start of the year.
"Oh, Ginny, that's wonderful!" your mother squealed, hugging you. And crushing your ribs, I might add.
"Thanks, Mum," you couldn't help but grin like a, er, grinning thing.
Just then Hermione walked in.
"Hey! What's that? Your results?" she asked, pointing to the letter.
"Uh huh. I got eight OLWs!!" you smiled like a loon.
"That's great!" she cried, also hugging you, but not breaking your ribs like your mother did. "Harry, Ron! Ginny's got her results!" Hermione shouted in the direction of the hall.
"How many?!" Ron shouted back, and the sound of trainers was heard coming down the stairs.
"Eight! HA HA!!!!!" you shouted.
Ron and Harry appeared in the kitchen.
"Congrats," Harry complimented, smiling.
"Yeah, but it's practically all As." Ron butted in, whilst reading the letter your mother had handed him.
"Oh, and yours weren't? Anyway, it was one more than you!" Of course, you had read Ron's results. They were pretty similar to yours; mostly As.
"Whatever. Mum, what's for lunch?"
"You only just had breakfast an hour ago!" Hermione said, clearly quite discusted at the amont of food Ron could hold. You were pretty jealous; he ate so much, yet he stayed skinny as a rake. You were a cross between your mum and dad: tall, but eat too much and WHOA, fatty alert (me: lol).

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"So? I'm a growing man, Herm!"
"Yeah. Right. Your arms are so tweedy they look like they could brake," you teased.
"What, and yours aren't?"
"I'm a girl, Ronald, I don't need muscles,"you retorted.
'Ha. Take that. He hates that name!' you thought.
"Yeah, well, you're just, um, you-"
"Are the best at clamping you." you finished his sentence for him.
"No. Mum, I'm hungry," Ron moaned.
"Shut up, Ron," you muttered to yourself (loudly).
"What's to eat, Mum?"
"You know, I should start calling you Ronaldo. Yeah, I like that. Ronaldo! Ha!"
"Ginny, stop teasing your brother. I could whip up some fish, if you like," Mrs Weasley said.
"Why is everyone in this house obsessed with meat and fish? And birds?"
"I refuse to eat it! I've told you, I'm going veggie," actually, you were going on a diet, but your mother would probably explode if she found out.
"Shut up, Ginny! Nobody cares about you turning into a stupid vegitarian," Ron snapped.
"Nobody cares about your fish, Ronaldo!"
"I do!"
"Well I care about going on a- I mean veggie!"
"SHUT UP!!!! Both of you! I've had enough!" Molly shouted, "Ginny, upstairs, Ronald, sit down and eat."
She plonked the fish under his nose, onto the table.
"No fear. I'm outta here, nobody wants to see him eat," you eyed Ron and his fish before turning on your heal into the hallway.


It's now the 30th of July, the day before Harry's birthday.

"Whazgoinon?" you asked when you walked downstairs to pandemonium at 8am that morning. You'd gotten up early (well, early for you) because everyone had been clattering around making a racket.
"It's Harry's birthday tomorrow, and we need to find the presents we've hid so well we can't find them, wrap the presents, keep Harry occupied, find a spell to make the food and keep it 100% fresh until tomorrow, get the perfect decorations, which Fleur's choosing so it's gonna take a few years for that, and find Pig, who's gone missing," George explained to you.
"And we're making a surprise," Fred winked at you as he walked past, carrying some huge, weird shaped...thing.
"My God..." you murmered.
"And Mum's gonna rope you in, so get dressed and put your game face on. Chop chop," George finished, patting your face as he said "chop chop".
You dragged yourself back up the stairs and into your room.
"Get out," you said to Harry, who was sitting on your bed.
"You're friendly," he smiled.
"Whatever," you mumbled, "I need to get changed."
"I'll just hide under your bed. Everyone seems to be avoiding me and telling me to go somewhere else. Your mum said to wake you up and stay in here."
"Um...okay...just sit in the wardrobe..." you said, a little confused (hey, you'd just got up!). You had a wardrobe/closet fitted into the wall, so it wasn't taking up room. You realised how awful you must have looked at his time in the morning, all groggy and stuff. You pulled your tightest black jeans and red off the shoulder top and pointed to your wardrobe.
"What?! I'm not going in!" Harry obviously thought you'd been joking. You hadn't.
"Well, you're certainly not staying out here," you said.
"Just...turn around."
"Can I not just stand in the corner?"
"Fine," you agreed, pulling a pillowcase of one of your pillows.
"What's that for?" Harry eyed the case warily, as if you were going to strangle him with it.
"To put over your head. Gimme your glasses." He handed them over reluctantly. You yanked the pillowcase over his head and steered him to a corner in your room.
"No peeping." You pulled a strapless red bra out of your drawer, slipped off your PJs and slipped on the jeans and tee.
"Can I take this off my head now?"
"Uh huh, " you couldn't help but smile at him. When he pulled off the case, his hair was even more messed up than usual, and he just looked so cute. "Here's you glasses."
When Harry slipped them up his nose, and he could see properly, he nearly gasped out loud at you. You looked fabulous, who wouldn't gasp?

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