Silver Surfer, Thor, Iceman, Juggernaut and Doctor Strange invade DC Earth

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Can DC's heroes (no Spectre or any cosmic beings) stop the Marvel team?

Hulk Power
Why the heck is Iceman in there? He's way too weak to be in that league. You should have put Pheonix or Thanos instead of him....

HigH ScholaR
seriously iceman wtf

HigH ScholaR
why not

count nefaria
sentry blackbolt

I wanted to have a interesting battle, not a completely onesided battle

or else I could've just had Silver Surfer, King Thor, Tyrant, etc

you guys are underestimating Iceman, he is very very powerful now that he's mastered his abilities, and besides he's more durable than savage hulk since he can revert to mist form in which physical attacks are useless

HigH ScholaR
what reverting to ice mist doesn't make him more durable..........there's nothing physical to hit.

but i say you don't wqnt to make your team alll powerful lets see

ice man gets k'od just by evey elemental and fire type and theres alot in dc

thor deciedes to go find dc asgardians so he won't be alone.

silver surfer joins the jlaand goes surfing

juggarnout is trapped in the phantom zone

doctor strange thinks it's beneath his duties and leaves


doc strang wipes half of them out and makes doc fate his b***h

ice man freezes most people like martiian manhunter and reverts to mist form and enters peoples bodies freezing them from within until he meets an fire type

jug keeps on moving taking out so many of them but then stops when he meets joker

thor deciedes he will start his religion

HigH ScholaR

i like your second scenario much better

HigH ScholaR
me too

Solidus Snake
a JLA/JSA/JSE combo could take them out

upon opening a portal to the dimension, the GL Corps are sent to investigate.
Game over.

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