Unicron vs The Borg

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Darkstorm Zero
Since they both appeared in comics, I thought it would make a pretty interesting thread, I'll do the stats for Unicron to clear up inconcistencies and size issues

He is roughly about the size of Saturn (Thusly about half the size of cybertron according to Dreamwaves size comparisons.)

Weapons and abilities:
Energy weapon batteries x tens of thousands
Missile batteries x thousands
Optic energy projectors (Eye lasers)
Plasma Flame Breath
Hydra Cannon

Special rules and stipulations:
I'm changing his weaknesses, since the G1 versions only real vulnerability was to the Matrix, I am making him vulnerable to damage from conventional weapons, but to make up for this, I am giving him an extra weapon, and an extra power, he is equipped with the Hydra Cannon from his Armada version, and I am giving him his limited self repair system from his armada version.

Same deal as with the Imperial Fleet, but this one is more interesting because of the Borgs ability to adapt and Assimilate. Will The Borg aquire a new Unimatrix in the form of the Chaos bringer? or will the unstoppable Monster Planet prove too much for one of the universes worst plagues?

Darkstorm Zero
Please post, don't jusy vote on the poll, I like to hear peoples oppinions.

Darkstorm Zero

Batman Wins
Is unicron that big ass transformer thing ?

Darkstorm Zero
Indeed he is

unicron very easssy

Too easy, not worth debating !!!

Unicron doesnt even need a reality too exist !!

Darkstorm Zero
Ah, but I'm only talking about him in a physical sense. Remember, I changed the weakness stipulation. he's not completely invulnerable now.

grey fox
He sucks them all in and then converts them for fuel

Darkstorm Zero
Hmm, I would have figured they'd transport somewhere aboard him and start assimilating...

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.