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hi i am starting to write a harry potter story. i am not very good at making up fings but here it goes.

chapter 1 - McGonagalls visit.

McGonagall sighed. Hogwarts welfare was in her hands and she diddnt have a clue how to go about things. Was she to re-open the school and let the few children who would return in danger? Or was she to close Howarts for good and let it be forgotten. She didd'nt know. Far too many people were too wrapped up in their own lives to care. Half the teachers had resigned. The truth was without Dumbledore she diddnt know were to begin.
'No', she said to herself 'Hogwarts will reopen, Dumbledore would have wanted it to'
She summond Fawkes the Phoenix who was until Dumbledores will was recovered, in her command.
'Fawkes I need you take us to the smallest bedroom of number 4 privet drive' she said clearly
Fawkes stuck out his tale and McGonagall grabbed it. With a flash of light they were gone.
There was a loud crash and Harry Potter woke up starteld. Professor McGonagall was lying in a heap in the middle of his bedrrom floor with Fawkes sitting happily on harrys desk eyeing hedwig with interest.
'Proffesor Mcgonagall!?'he uttered
Proffesor Mcgonagall stood up and secured her hat back in place.
'Hello Potter I have come to ask for your help'
'My help?' he asked in surprise

Decent, but this isn't the right place to post that....

I found that first chapter to be quite interesting. Good Job!

'Yes Potter you see since Dumbledores passing i have been in a lot of diffulcultiy decideing wether or not to re-open Hogwarts and I have decided I will but I will need help to start again.'
Harry was extremily tempted to say no straight away for he Ron and Hermione were planning to go and find the last of the Horcruxes but he decided that could wait.
'Ok proffesor I will help you a bit but then i have some work of my own to do.' He said.
McGonagall looked as if she was going to ask what harry was going to do but then decided against it she noded.
'Thank-you potter and you are welcome to bring as many friends along with you to help i shall see you when you are ready.'
She turned to leave
'Oh and by the way Potter Dumbledores will shall be coming through soon and i expect he will have left somthing for you.'
'Right' said harry not really wanting to talk about Dumbledore to her.'
'Bye Potter' she said grabbing hold of the phoenixes tale. There was a f;ash of light and they were gone.

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