The Legions Of Darth Plaugeis- Character Creator

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Will-one Kenobi
Welcome to the Character Creation for my upcoming RP The Legions Of Darth Plaugeis. Here is the Character Template.

Force Powers:

Name- Your Characters Name.
Specieis- Human, Wookie, Gungan, Ewok, Twilek etc
Sex- Male or Female
Rank- A Jedi's ranks are Padawan, Knight and Master while a Sith's rank is Dark Jedi, Sith Apprentice and Sith Lord.
Weapon(s)- Lightsabre, Blaster etc ( If your Lightsabre has an strange hilt, Double Bladed, Curved, Dual etc mention it)
Force Powers- Whatever Force Powers Your Character has.

My Character in my next post

Name: Tido Tado
Specieis: I just have to try Ewok ^.^
Sex: Male
Rank: Scout
Weapon: Two short bladed sabres (Yellow and blue
Force Powers: Force Jump (Jump high and far), Speed (Run fast), Push (Can push items or persons) and Hide (Makes Tido seal his precanse to nearby persons. He even shut down the force aura, making even highly skilled warrior miss him when he is hiding. Briefly: He cannot be sense by force when using this) and he also can Force pull (Pull items or persons) He has a strong forcepower.

Name: Osiris, Darth Exitium
Species: Force Anonamally
Sex: N/A
Rank: Sith Lord
Weapon: Lightsaber (Double ended yellow)
Force Powers: Osiris is a void in the Force, to live he shares other living creatures Force. He can draw in negative emotions to perform feats of the Dark Side. His enemies die positive. He can absorb a Jedi or Sith's Force though. In a mass scale battle, with a massive amount of people, he can perform massive attacks. A one on one battle would mean smaller attacks but his "Force Sharing" would put him on equal power of any Force User. Against a Jedi, Osiris would become calm and would use Light Side powers instead.

OMG.. then your character is very powerfull/unstoppable.. sweatdrop

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.