Worst/dumbest Horror movies ever!

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I'd have to say mine would be Jeepers creepers, Freddy vs Jason, and Bride of Chucky. i know there's more, but I can't remember! evil face

i think that saying "make a list of the stupid horror movies" is a loaded question, hell, for every decent movie made, theres a thousand shit ones.

Ring 2, Jeepers Creepers 2, House of the Dead, Cabin Fever, Skinned Alive..just to name a few.

The Hills Have Eyes.........laughing out loud Lame, lame, lame! laughing out loud

house of the dead by far

Some I couldn't stand:

Cabin Fever(I hope Hostel is at least good)
House of the Dead
Female Vampire
Vampires 2 - the one with Bon Jovi
Kill Joy 1 and 2
Kill Me Tomorrow
Halloween Resurrection
The Haunting - remake
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I can't think of anymore, use to have a list of horror movies I didn't like but lost it, so can't remember others on it.

House of the Dead
Zombi Lake (funny but dumb)

the ring 2
house on haunted hill

house of the dead
slugsno expression

Jeepers Creepers was cool, both were good, the first was better!

But that House of the Dead is the one with the rave hey? that one sucked ass

house of the dead, return of the living dead, and when you watch it for the second time, house of 1000 corpses

Yeah, most of the movies that you've mentioned that I've actually watched or heard of are really dum! And yeah, House on Haunted House was so gory and stupid! I hate Dark Castle productions! sick deathbycorn, you liked Jeepers Creepers? I hated it! The beginning was good, but then it all just screwed up! But, hey, that's just my opinion! stick out tongue

Next Venom_girl
Project Metalbeast
Plan 9 sick

Dead and dying was awful!

Originally posted by Next Venom_girl
Project Metalbeast
Plan 9 sick

plan 9 was so crap it was great, if ya get me


Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2, The Ring 2, The Grudge, House of the Dead, The Amityville Horror (2005), and especially The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).

Scarecrows it sucked ass.

I'm sorry to the fans on here, but I am going to have to add Cursed(Craven movie) on to my list. I couldn't stop cringing through most of this movie. No no no no. Does the Unrated edition add anything new except a little more gore? Does it add any percentage of goodness to it?

cabin fever
dolly drearesr
the brotherhood
tcm 4
zombie lake

id have to say most of nightmare on elm street, freddy tries to be to comical

Being the master of evil.. I am quite profficent in B movie repitore.. so much so I want to get a camera to create my own B movie in which I'll talk about later..

If you want to check out a bad horror movie, you need to asscosiate yourself with Elves.

Not no jolly girly looking frilly men with magick spells here. No, this movie is about ONE elf, (Thus the plural in the title was already misinformation..) who is a genetic freak created by Nazi scientists, who slaughters horny teenagers in the woods. (Like any bad horror movie starts out.) Unfourtanately, this is the entire movie..

lol Spelljammer! I got to see that one! stick out tongue

The Boogeyman.

I agree Cursed was terrible, the uncut version only adds a little gore and violence, and made it no less embarrassing for Wes Craven,no amount of violence and gore could save this rancid turkey. big grin

Next Venom_girl
Most Sci Fi original horror / gore movies.
i.e. Alien Express (looks so fake), Pterodactyl Coolio stars in Sci Fi presents what appears as a gored up remake of Rodan but with even less plot or sense. hammer


is a work of crap!

THE GRUDGE!!! i mean, it was lil scary the 1st time, but i was already nervous n it was like midnight. Come on....where IS the grudge? ive never heard of a zombie havin a grudge on someone who walked into a house. and the main star was an x-vampire slayer. incase u havent noticed, u dont go after zombies like u do vampires.

I hated Split Second was a Choke and so was any Michael movie past the second one and Jason past the 7th one. 13 Ghosts and House on Haunted hill were very good.

I think seven is being a little too generous don't you think?

house of the dead. Darkness. Boogeyman. house of a thousand corpse. among others.

Dracosythe I'd have to agree with you. The first time I watched it, it scared the hell out of me, but then after watching it for the second time, I noticed all the corny special effects, especially the meowing! That was just dum! I'm ashamed that it ever scared me! embarrasment

LiL nAstY GirL
Cabin Fever no expression

I own 13 Ghosts i like it too the part where the lawyer got chopped in half was creepy but funny
....... laughing out loud

more or less all zombie movies but resident evil are extemely boring....i think they are so fake, dawn of the dead, house of the dead, shaun of the dead

Next Venom_girl
Whenever I watch 13 Ghosts I can't help but seeing the main character as Adrian Monk Obsessive Compulsive Detective (actor's other role). stick out tongue
Originally posted by deathbycorn

is a work of crap!
True but I'd sit through it again just for the cat jokes and to poke fun at the aweful acting, script, and dialogue MST3000 style... but the same goes for Catwoman. sick laughing out loud

Silence of the Hams. Worst Parody Ever.

oh man...heres some stinkers for you to pore over and try to find....
Death Row Diner(looks some high schoolers failed A/V project)
Sleepaway Camp II & III
Leprechaun(the whole series reeked of "I SUCK!!!"wink
Basket Case
god the list just goes on but thats my top 4....stick out tongue

the stupidest one i ever saw was scream

Next Venom_girl
Alien Apocalypse (though Bruce Campbell is the movie's one saving grace).

I cant believe boogeyman....they put it in the HORROR section??!!

I thought Cabin Fever was ok, why does everyone hate it so much?

I love how everybody mentions House of the dead. It makes me happy to know I'm not alone. Also, any pg-13 horror movies over the last 2 years have more or less sucked.

Originally posted by papabeard
I thought Cabin Fever was ok, why does everyone hate it so much?

I agree with you pops. I thought this movie was pretty entertaining.

i'd have to say jeepers creepers

Scifi has manged to produce another piece of s**t (big surprise right?) Dracula 3000 and it has Coolio in it... nuff said

So many names coming to head,cant think.............

Cabin Fever has got to take the cake. Sure I was sliding down in my theatre seat, and i did cover my eyes a couple times. But give me a break! That movie had to have **** and ass to make up for badly mad movie. Sure it had all the gore and blood we all crave and need, but it was lacking something. I'm still at a loss as to what. It COULD have been a great horror movie if not for the teeny bopper actors, and extremely stupid punch lines. Cutos though to the make up artist!

House of the Dead had some wicked head shots, some of the best ive seen, and they wasted a [email protected] load of zombies in the scene going towards the house ( shame about the matrix style nonsense), other than that it was worthless

There's too many bad horror movies to even name. It's more like good horror movies are a rare thing. Two really shitty ones that come to mind are Don't go in the Woods, which I think was made for a total budget of $115 plus the name alone should tell you something. Another was The much overrated Blair Witch Project. Hell, I could run around in the woods yelling **** **** ****, which was basically all this movie was.

i thought the first ring movie was really bad and made me laugh. tw, shaun of the dead was really, i think, supposed to be a comedy, not horror. and i think it was a pretty good one.


The Ring 1&2, Jeepers Creepers 1&2, Cabin Fever, The Grudge, House on Haunted Hill, The Haunting(remake), Oh yes I cant forget the Psycho remake with Vince Vaughn...sickly terrible.

i liked jeepers creepers cuz the creeper had pretty wings. apparently it was supposed to be like the mothman. when me parents told me about the real mothman, there was a huge resemblance.

Tomb of the Werewolf takes the cake of any horror movie.


Director: Okay, I have this gothic porno pitch for you.
Movie studio exec: Please, Fred! There is enough pornography circling around to pay the bills for the next decade.
Director: Ummm... okay. *walks to the next room, makes a few adjustments*
Director: I have this <i>werewolf</i> movie for you!
Movie studio exec: Let's make your movie!

Jason X

scary movie 3 and cabin fever

Final Destination 2

i kinda liked jason x cuz the part where he took the 2 sleepin bags with the 2 teenagers & smashed them together was HILARIOUS!!

Yuck Dracosythe You are seroius that is revolting sick

??ah whatever, human. i dont care if those teenage holograms bein smashed together was gross.....they deserved what they got,real OR not. >...Bsides they were LAUGHIN when they were b'in hit against eachother.

HOUSE OF THE DEAD BY FAR. worst movie ever made. it was on foxtel a little while bak. that movie made me cry so . so . so shit

I know House of the Dead was awful, especially the screen shots from the game that kept appearing. It was a [email protected] sham.

Good exploding heads though.

Originally posted by Aini
the ring 2
house on haunted hill

...just wanne add dark water (the original)

I liked Dark Water, gave me nightmares.

really? I think it was boring. nothing really happened. nothing unexpected. and that lil girl looked like a potato.

the imagery and ideas connected with me and affected me on some level. I thought it was quite chilling.

The original Dark Water was wonderful, excellent, even enjoyed the remake.

I watch I watch alot of stupied scary movies just becaues they're so dumb it's funny. I would have to say the worst are: 1. may
2. demonic toys
3. teeth
teeth is sooo horiable, its about this girl with teeth in her vajayjay. laughing

Best: Halloween II (1981)
Worst: Hannibal Holocaust

Hannibal Holocaust may be the worst movie ever, regardless of genre.

Scream was the worst. It was dull and unoriginal. All the stuff it did had already been done in the early 80s. Comedy horror, 'rules' films, films within films were done to death years before and done better. It achieved nothing.

Do list these films that incorporate all that Scream did, that were done better.

scream was awesome, you want to see a bad movie how about the remake of nightmare on elm street, or the Halloween remakes.

I don't really watch Horror movies but I argee with the Chucky movies being lame and so is "Children of the Corn" the remake but the old one is lame but good.

The Grudge is terrible.

The Gate. It's a pretty hilarious little horror movie... so bad it's good.

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