Battle Of Heros

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right its a all out battle between heros of games all have there weapons

Master Chief
Duke Nukem
Solid Snake
judge Dredd
The Arbiter
Frank Castle

ok i know this thread wont get much attention sad mine never do but just pick 1 or 2 from the list and debate with others why your 2 could beat there two if you would like to add anymore heros/villians in just say there name and i will say if you can have them

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say Duke would be in the top heroes. (this bourd seems to be on a Duke kick lately) but some of those heroes I dont even recogninze, but at least this will get the thread started.

Master Chief - Duke wins, see the thread
Duke Nukem - Duke's toughest fight
Solid Snake - Duke can out gun Snake
Dante - Im not a master of Dante lore, but from what Ive played he is one of those high level anime-esque beings. Duke probably loses, Ill need to know more info.
Sev - dunno who this is off the bat
Boss - Big Boss maybe? Dunno who this is
Fixer - Dunoo
Scorch - Who?
Templar - I know of a few Templars, specific please?
Luger - who?
Rico - The pro wrestler? I think this is a FF character maybe?
Hakka - Who?
judge Dredd - This I know, very impressive arsenal, not familar with the game version, I think Duke can take him
Terminator - Id like to see a fight like this, if Duke can take the chief, he can take terminator
The Arbiter - Similar to the chief, although his stealth/sword combo gives him more of a chance.
Frank Castle - Similar characters, but I think Duke can win on B-A scale.

I dont know who most of these people are, either they are from obscure games or Im just out of touch.

sev fixer scourch and boss are delta squad of star wars republic commando and rico templar hacka and luger are are the team you play as in killzone and as for dredd well i was hoping i wouldnt be th game one even though this is a game forum dont use the game dredd the sucked

Don't know who most of these guys are. Frank Castle I assume is from Castlevania, it probably will come down to him, Dante, Snake, Judge Dredd, Terminator, and Nukem anyway.

The three humans (and I use the term loosely..) form a temporary alliance seeing as they probably all witnessed Dante kill the rest of those scum buckets first hand and in a five second period. Castle and Snake try diverting Dante's attention so Duke can get a clear shot with his bazooka, but despite martial arts, stealth, and expirience with the underworld. Duke still has to kindof wing it because thier bodies quickly fall dead to the ground. Dante being half-demon, is going to take alot more then some panzy missle to end him, comes out of a brim smoke pissed off. Nukem says "Damn.." and the lights go out. Dante is the winner..

Dredd and Terminator died a long time ago, thier heads exploded trying to figure out the space-time paradox from them traveling back and forth.

frank castle is the punisher

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Dante has my vote. Dante is a Half Human and Half Demon fighter and can turn into a Devil hisself. Dante has fought alot of bosses stronger and faster than he is and still overcame all of them. If you shoot Dante in the head like three times with bullets, he won't die. He would just be talking instead of falling in defeat. Dante can reflect back energy blasts with is eyes which was shown on DMC 1 if he was really angry at Mundus for hurting Trish and his eyes turned red as a result. When Dante turns into a devil, he moves faster and is more powerful than he was before. He also obtain new abilities like flying, lighting, fire, ice, and other items. Dante also has a Second transformation of his devil form. When Dante is in this form, he is INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!! Nothing can hurt him not even a bosses most powerful attack. Instead of using his trusty sword, he uses these sabors which are already in his hands kinda like Baraka from Mortal Kombat when you think about it. Dante can shoot out huge red blasts and also has two special attacks which do MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!! One is where he shoots a huge blast from his chest to destroy his enemies and the other one is where he looks like he explodes, but he doesn't. He destroys all of the enemies around him with this special move. Onikirimaru, let me know if that was good enough information about Dante. Oh one more thing, Dante also has a twin brother name Vergil and he is just as good as Dante in every way even with guns, but he doesn't like to use any guns, but his trusty sword. big grin big grin

Originally posted by darth-yoda
frank castle is the punisher
Even better, Punisher I consider beyond Ash level of badassness cause he doesn't talk he takes action..

But Dante still wins. And I'm not even going to bring up that Marvel Knight abomonation of a Punisher..

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Indeed. Dante is the WINNER!!!!!!!!! big grin big grin

can dante survive being cchopped in half if o then he wins but if not the the arbiter has him beaten

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In DMC 1, Dante was hit by the Alastor weapon and it looked like he was killed, but nope. He slide upwards looking like he cut himself in half, but it never happened.

But its common knowledge MC pistol whipping someone in the back of the head is instant KO, even if its Dante.


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Dante can get shot in the back of the head or the front and will still do no good.

Originally posted by Sonic x 20
Dante can get shot in the back of the head or the front and will still do no good.

Funny when I played the game, I went in the other room for 3 mins to make a sandwhich, and Dante got owned by some puppets. What kinda B-A hero is he suppose to be if he cant take care of himself without me for 3 minutes!

but if i slice him into with a big blu and pink glowin sword will he live

tuff one

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Originally posted by Onikirimaru
Funny when I played the game, I went in the other room for 3 mins to make a sandwhich, and Dante got owned by some puppets. What kinda B-A hero is he suppose to be if he cant take care of himself without me for 3 minutes!

That's gameplay your talking about. When we seen Dante in DMC 3, he was stabbed by alot of reappers and all he did was just continue walking like he didn't feel a thing. Lady shot him in the head two or three times and he continued talking right after that. Dante has alot of Special abilities, even in his human form. Dante possess Superhuman strength. He even picked up a motorcycle with one hand making it look like it was a weapon.

Can he be so tough when he is an inch tall after getting shrunk by Duke's shrink ray? Hmm? Food for thought.

Dante is just one o them uber anime untouchable heroes. He can kill most these people in his sleep. At least Duke could whip out a few catch phrases for a cheap pop before jobbing.

Unless Dante gets shrunk.

okay here gose cause dante is overpowered for this take him out that will get more argument come on now pick another 1

Ok, if Dante is out of it, then I go back to Duke. Most those character I didnt know about ended up being forgettable characters. I think Duke (as well as Snake, MC, and other heroes) can take out some storm troopers. And, although I lost interest in Killzone and havnt played it to the end, they didnt seem TOO tough, that Duke/MC/Snake couldnt takem' out. Snake would probably have the most trouble in these fights since he has to fight higher tech.

So I guess my synopsis it breaks down like this
God-Tier: Dante
Top: Duke
High: MC
Medium: Snake, Dredd, Castle (judging from comic books, not games)
Low: Everyone else

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Dante was my first pick though. Since Duke is right after Dante, I would say him as well. big grin big grin big grin big grin

To Duke's credit though, I once left him to make a sandwhich, and came back and he was gone. I heard a knock on my door and it was Duke nukem and he started beating me up. He was all like "Why you leave me all alone in there man an alien snuck up on me" and I was like "Sorry man i thought I killed them all, you cant handle yourself?" and then he said "I trying to save the world and you got me all standing around in an alien war zone while you make a sandwhich, you suppose to have me back".

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