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Twilight Janick
Here are the three ideas:

Will-One Kenobi I :Prequel Trilogy
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
Episode 1
Shattered Peace

The Galaxy has reached a golden age of peace
With beings feeling safe all over the Galaxy knowing that
The Jedi Knights are keeping the peace and protecting
The innocent with their ancient knowledge of the force.

But suddenly the peace was shattered by the unexpected
Presense of Massive space stations orbiting the peaceful
Planets of Naboo and Alderaan,These space stations are
Demanding funds from the peaceful worlds in order to create
An enormous droid army.

The Jedi Knights on the planet Courasaunt realise that
If the Droid army is created then dictatorship and war
can not be far behind, In a desperate attempt to stop
the creation a small team of Jedi have been sent to
bargain with the Blockade and defend the Galaxy from
Impending Doom...

Will-One Kenobi II : The Legions of Darth Plaugeis

Can I start an RP? I have an idea but its around the clone wars, is that all right? Anyway, here is the idea, A group of Jedi are caught in an asteroid field and are swept off course by the asteroids. They land on a planet which has been removed from the Jedi Archives and are seperated with their clone army destroyed. Though thats not what the Jedi are worrying about, their worrying about the secret legions of Sith Warriors being created on this strange planet, being created by the very much alive Darth Plaugeis...

Twilight Janick : New Republic RP Episode II (a.k.a. Project Utapau)


Here's the plot: It is set a year after the fighting in Episode I (a.k.a. The Battle of Capinar) and both sides are resting in their bases, doing raids and small pitched battles. Two compulsory pilots can play: one Imperial, one New Republic. The rest may fight on foot if they want, they may use Clone Wars hardware if they want. Grand Admiral Ackbar, the New Republic chief of staff, launched an attack on Utapau, where an important base and large shipyards of the Empire are located.

1 Imperial pilot (your pick within Imperial craft)

New Republic:
1 New Republic pilot (your pick within the list of New Republic craft) (me)

Any extra character fights any way they want to.

Imperial craft:
TIE fighter
TIE interceptor
TIE Advanced X1
TIE bomber
TIE hunter

New Republic craft

You may vote only once.

i'd do shatered peace, but i would really, really like it if i could maybe a prototype clone commando sent out before the rest of the army of clones was discovered.

Will-one Kenobi
You can be a prototype clone, come to think of it that would be really cool

yeah, like if kamino was doing a "field test" of the commandos. but i dont know what i should be, a commando or an ARC trooper, both are really cool.

Twilight Janick
Knowing that few field tests were actually made and none were novelized or made into comics, you can set any of your field tests for either commando clones or ARC troopers (the ARC troopers were personally activated by Lama Su, Prime Minister of Kamino, during the defense of his planet) prior to Geonosis, because clone commandos were used first in non-experimental basis on Geonosis to assassinate Sun Fac.

Will-one Kenobi
Yeah but I can change that because the whole point of the RP is to rewrite things to our advantage

yeah, thats one of roleplayings basic points; you can rewrite your favorite stories to your liking

Twilight Janick
My own project uses Clone War hardware/troops, like clone troopers, with much different clone templates, officers of elite troops (who are generally a little more elite than the elite troops themselves) for instance, like your character in Episode 1, and I think there would be ARC-170s versus AT-ATs or X-Wings versus hailfire or crab droids.

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