Finally ... out of Lurkdom ...

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Thought it was about time I said Hi.

The name's Helen, I'm the webmaster for actor Doug Jones, who played 'Abe Sapien' in HELLBOY, and who plays all the 'Imps' in DOOM and 'Pan' in Guillermo del Toro's indie fantasy PAN'S LABYRINTH, currently filming in Spain.

Been lurking for a while and finally plucked up the courage to stick my toe in the water and introduce myself.

I LOVE the forum here! Youse guys know your stuff!


EDIT - and, of course, noodnik that I am, I ended up putting this in the wrong section, and I can't delete it and put it in the RIGHT place, for some reason. Forgive me, oh wise and tolerant ones ...

wasent the guy who palyed abe in nemesis i got a magazine nad he said he played a bug thing well any way nice to meet you

hey welcome to the forums!!!! looking forward to reading some of ur posts. and the moderators should get this thread moved to the Welcome forum shortly. thanks and have an awesome time here!

A converted lurker eek! wink

Welcome in our house in the middle of our street welcome2

Welcome, PM me sometime and take care.

Darth Mantis
Welcome to the point of no return. w00t

Hi! welcome2 to KMC big grin

Why, thankin' you kindly!!

b-dan ... Nemesis. You mean ST:Nemesis? Nope - Dougie wasn't in Nemesis, but the guy who played Hellboy, Ron Perlman, was in ST:Nemesis - he played the Viceroy.

As for playing a bug ... well, you name it, Doug's played it - a bug in MIMIC, various aliens, a kangaroo (twice - WARRIORS OF VIRTUE and TANK GIRL), a fish-guy (Abe), the creepiest villain in BUFFY, the LEAD GENTLEMAN in the episode 'Hush', a satyr in PAN'S LABYRINTH ... sheesh, lots of different things big grin.


Welcome happy Ask anyone and they'll probably help you around when you need it. stick out tongue

Darth Nauj
Welcome big grin

eekwave2 Hi there.

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