Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophecy

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Hi, This is my version of Harry Potter book 7, post by what you think of my story. big grin Happy Dance

- Escape from the Dursleys -

The Hogwarts Express was nearing platform nine and three quarters and not a word had been spoke from the compartment where Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny sat. Thoughts were spinning through Harrys mind, he could not believe how he and Dumbledore had waisted there time getting the Horcrux. Harry couldnt help but to think that if they hadn't had gone Malfoy would never have got tha Death Eaters into the castle, Dumbledore would still be alive and everyone would still be at Hogwarts as normal, instead of on the train home.

With a large scraping sound, the brakes of the Hogwarts express were enabled and the train came to a hault. Everyone gathered their belongings apart from the compartment which had not whitnessed a word on the journey home. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny knew how everyone would rush off the train eargaly to get home. Massive crowds of people blocked the exits of the train. There wer just a few people left on the train when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny gathered their belongings and made their way to the exit of the train. Harry was thinking to himself as he stepped of the train, was this the last time i'd ever be on the Hogwarts Express.

Harry started down at the ground as he pulled his case along the platform.

"You going to be alright Harry" Hermione asked. Harry gave no reply and there was a few seconds of silence

"Harry?" she repeated, a worried look appeared on Hermiones face.

"Err... Yeah ill be fine thanks" Harry replied, he was still thinking about Dumbeldore and didnt feel like making conversation.

"You sure you still dont want to come and stay at mine now Harry" Ron said, a worried look also appeared on his face when there was no reply to him "You know how them Dursleys treat you back there". A few seconds later Harry replied. It was if there was a delay of Ron asking Harry to Harry recieving the question. Ron and Hermione knew harry was in a bad state but they never had seen him as bad as this. It was a shock for everyone at Hogwarts to hear about the tradgic death of Dumbledore but it had came a much bigger shock to Harry as he and Dumbledore were so close.

"No... ill be fine thanks Ron, its only for a week and ill be coming to yours anyway for Bills wedding"

"Alright" Ron said with a sigh. He was hoping Harry would come and stay earlier so he could try and take Harrys mind off Dumbledore. He knew that all Harry would do at the Dursleys would be to sit in his room and think about Dumbledore. "You know your welcome to come and stay at mine anytime though, if things aint going to well back at the Dursleys"

"Ok, thanks Ron" Harry said, struggling to give a small smile.

Ginny still had not spoken a word since they left Hogwarts. She was worried about Harry, she still loved him as so did he love her but they knew they could not date each other until Voldemort had been killed. Harry did not want to see Ginny get hurt like everyone else Harry loved seemed to.

"Anyway" Hermione said " We best get going now, so ill see you all at Bills wedding"

" See you" They said. Ginny had finally spoken her first word since Hogwarts.

As Harry, Ron and Ginny left the station they noticed a fammilier blue car coming towards them. This was the same car that rescued Harry from the Dursleys when Harry had been locked up in his room. Also it was the car that Ron had crashed into the womping willow on the arrival of his and Harrys second year at Hogwarts. The car pulled up to them and a voice said

"Good to see you Harry dear, come on then get your things in and we'll b get going" Mrs Weasly had come to pick her children up. She was also taking Harry back to the Dursleys. They got into the car and Mrs Weasly started the engine and turned the corner. She made sure knowone was in sight before she turned on the invisibility mode and the car was now in the air.

"You sure you dont want to come and stay with us now dear" Mrs Weasly asked "your more than welcome to and you know we have spare rooms with Percy not living home and Fred and George away" Harry turned to face Ron and gave him a small smile for he had just asked Harry the same question not five minutes ago.

"No thanks, ill be fine" Harry said "its only for a week anyway aint it?"

"A week?" Molly questioned "Where are you going in a week dear?" There was silence in the car, Harry thought maybe Bills wedding had been called off due to what happend with Bill and the warewolf.

"Bills wedding isnt it" Harry asked curiously.

"Oh yes, of course it is. That completly slipped my mind" Mrs Weasly giggled. "Well when you come make sure you bring all of your clothes, you can stay will us for the remaing of the summer holidays"

"Thanks" Harry said "That will be great"

The car had been flying for nearly an hour now and it slowly landed around the corner from the Dursleys. It was early hours of the morning and Mrs Weasly had no trouble turning off the invisibility mode as there was not a muggle in sight. The car turned the corner as was now driving along Privet Drive.

"See you" Harry said, as he got out and grabbed his things.

"Bye" Mrs Wealsy, Ron and Ginny replied.

This is part of my chapter one, what u think so far?

its really good post more!

pottter's chick
I love your story,write more!

It's good keep going

Tangible God
I still say there should be more yellow SUV's.

It's really good!!! Post soon!!!

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